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Friday, June 5, 2020


We got to church quite early, as it is our usual tradition. The compound was already bubbling with life. Different brands of cars packed around, reflecting the social status of the parishioners.
The entire compound was saturated with human activities, hawkers and petty traders displayed their wares anywere it would be visible.
People walking to and fro the walk ways, dressed in different attires. Some were simple and elegant like me, others were extravagant and flashy. Some modest and decent, others wild and provocative.
This was a typical Sunday service, the good, the bad and the ugly all meet here, some to worship the lord, some for entirely different reasons.
Which group do I belong to? I wasn’t sure anymore. I used to be a good girl, but the thoughts that have preoccupied my mind for the past two days, makes me doubt my own self.
Normally, everyone will go his seperate way as soon as we arrived. My mum and dad would find a seat, Osas will meet up with the man servants, while i join the alter girls. Ighalo was always a freelancer.
As i alighted from the car, i made towards the entrance to the church hall.
“did you not hear what i said this morning”? My dad said rather loudly.
“you are sitting next to me hence forth”
I did not want to cause a scene, so i stoped and waited for them.
My parents had a knack for picking seats at the front. This means i had to walk almost the entire length of the hall. The different eyes staring at me made me shy. I notice men, old and young staring at my butt, or looking up at my cleavage. I scanned through the audience hoping to catch sight of Ehis.
Mid way through the hall, i spotted Ruth among the crowd. I fixed my eyes firmly on her, hoping she would turn towards my direction.
She sighted me from her position. I’m very sure she would have come towards me, if my parents weren’t in front of me. My mum hated Ruth and Hannah. They weren’t the most decent of girls anyway.
She made a sign with her hand, to notify me that she will get in touch.
I marched along with my parents, with my head up high, trying not to notice the eyes starring at me.
We got a seat at the front row and settled in, waiting for service to start. Friends and wellwishers stoped by to greet my parents. I was really uncomfortable sitting beside them.
My eyes kept roving about the hall, hoping to see Ehis. He was nowhere to be found.
I turned round, to look directly behind me, i scanned face after face discreetly.
A little tap on my shoulder brought me back to my senses. I turned round to see who it was.
It was Osato, my little friend. Though just 10 years old, he was a little too smart for his age. His mother is a friend of our family.
He greeted my mum and dad, and sat quietly beside me. Osato has always been fond of me. We had developed quite a bond. His sitting close to me did not raise any suspicions.
I could feel him nudging me with his arm several times, so thought the space between us was too tight for him.
I tried to move away a little. Just then, i noticed his palm outstretched, between our tights. There was a neatly folded sheet of paper on it. This has to be a message, i was sure of it.
I looked side ways towards my parents, they were deeply involved in a discussion with the catechist.
I snatched the note from Osato’s palm, and hurriedly tucked it inside my bible.
Osato got up, and hopped away. His mission had been completed.
I opened my bible slowly, looking for the page were i had hidden the note.
I spotted the white paper, and pretended to be reading my bible. The message was short, but It’s very content excited me.
“Behind the house of Mary, please wait till service starts”
I became impatient after reading those words. I couldn’t wait for the d--n service to start. I kept adjusting myself on my seat.
Although there was no name on the note, it was Ruth’s handwriting. The “house of Mary” refers to a small building at one corner of the church compound. It had a statue of Mary built inside. People usually go there to pray.
The sight of the reverend father walking up to the alter made my heart beat faster. The time to leave is gradually coming.
The reverend welcomed everyone to the day’s service. People scrambled to find their seats around. The entire hall was rowdy for a while.
Slowly, normalcy was starting to return. Everyone sat down, and the day’s service was opened with a hymn.
My heart and soul were completely detached from the church. All i could focus on was how to leave the hall without arousing my parent’s suspicion.
I got up from my seat, and moved closer to my mum. I bent down and whispered into her ear.
“i want to buy sanitary pad, my period has suddenly started”
“didn’t you know it would start today? Are you a small child, she answered in a rather irritated tone.
“it happens unexpectedly sometimes”, which was a lie.
My mum put her hands in her purse, and brought out a #500naira note
“hurry before you stain yourself”
I get to accomplish my mission, and also get paid for it, I thought to myself as I made my way out of the hall.
A feeling of eagerness, and excitement coupled with a little guilt dominated my heart. I wondered if Ehis was waiting for me there.
The church compound was much quieter now. The walk way was nearly devoid of people, save for a few people who were probably on a mission too.
I headed straight for the house of Mary. I could see a car parked almost behind the house, a black, Toyota camry, it had tinted Windows making it impossible to see who was inside.
Ruth was standing right next to the car as I approached. She opened the door to the back seat, and waved at me to go in.
My heartbeat raced as i saw Ehis inside the car. A smile enveloped my face. I could barely hide my excitement. He smiled back at me, and hugged me really tight.
He held my chin, and drew me closer to himself for a kiss. I closed my eyes, anticipating the taste of his lips.
A hard knock on the car window sharply interrupted our kiss. It was Ruth, she was trying to warn us of something.
I looked around, and saw my mother walking towards the house of Mary, with fury and haste, clutching on to my bible.
It suddenly hit me, i left the note in my bible. My mum must have found it. God, I’m in trouble again I said to myself.
Ehis saw the troubled look on my face. He smiled, and told me to calm down. Ruth will take care of this.
I doubted him, my mum was quite a detective.
The 6’o clock alarmed buzzed with It’s usual disrespect and insolence. I hated that alarm. It seems to go off during the sweetest part of my sleep.
Unlike most people though, i loved Monday mornings. It meant going back to school. It way my getaway, my only chance of leaving this cell.
Today was a special Monday, i was going to do something i had never done before. I was excited and scared at the same time.
My day began like every other day, i jumped out of bed 5 minutes after the alarm, and dragged myself to the sitting room for morning devotion.
Once again, order than mumbling a few unintelligible words, i had no active participation in the prayers.
My mind was solely focused on getting to school. As soon as the prayer ended, i greeted every one, and headed straight for the kitchen to do my chores.
I finished up quite early, the zeal and speed with which i finished my chores surprised my mum, i was fond of lingering on chores.
I bathed swiftly, and got set for school. My white shirt and blue skirt were properly ironed. There was not a single stain on my stockings.
I looked as neat and tidy as possible, everything was in order. I came out of the house, and sat inside my mum’s car waiting for her to take me to school. She took me to and from school every single day of my 6 years in secondary school.
As i sat there, my mind began to wander. I was about to do something strange and unfamiliar. How ll this day turn out? Where exactly is Ehis going to take me? I was unsure of myself, but i just couldn’t wait to find out.
My mum joined me in the car few minutes later, it was already 7:45am. She started the engine and we zoomed off. My day was just about to start.
The usual traffic in Benin city ensured that i was almost late for school. My mum Droped me off exactly 2 minutes before 8 0’clock. She handed me a hundred naira note for lunch, and zoomed off.
As i walked through the gate, i took time to examine the entire school compound. And kept wondering how i would be able to make it out without being noticed.
The entire compound was tightly secured. The perimeter fence was high, and lined with barbed wire. It was impossible to jump over.
The school had 2 entrances, and 2 security posts. One in front and one behind. Each had stern looking men manning the gates, with strict warning not to allow students out of the compound till the school closes.
The security arrangement in the school, coupled with the hostile nature of the gatemen made the school look more like a federal prison than a learning center.
I walked straight to the assembly hall with my bag firmly hung on my shoulders, as i was already late.
The morning assembly was like every other one. We sang some hymns, recited the national anthem and performed other daily routine.
The principal made an announcement, reminding all SS3 students of the commencement of waec and JAMB registration, we were to part with the sum of 25thousand naira in all.
The annoucement was greeted with some happiness, it meant we would soon be out of secondary school. I can’t wait to be in the university, it would mean one thing…..Freedom!
We marched to our various classes, singing along.
As soon as we sat in class, i moved to Ruth’s seat. I couldn’t contain my excitement. I wanted all the details of the escape plan. How exactly I’m i going to leave this school compound?.
Ruth and Hannah looked at me with surprise and laughed hysterically. My naivity must have amused them. I looked like a curious lamb perhaps.
” Did you bring extra clothes?” Ruth asked
“why? What for?” I asked, genuinely surprised.
“Haba you can’t be walking outside with your school uniform na, you want to tell the entire Benin that you escaped from school?” Hannah replied, a little irritated.
“i didn’t know i had to, so what do we do now?” I asked, with a worried look
“Ruth will give you her own”
“will you?”
Ruth obliged, she always comes in handy for evil deeds. She was like the devil’s assistant to me.
I was about to ask other questions, when the class suddenly became quiet. Our class teacher had just walked in.
I turned around and headed for my seat.
“last period before break” Ruth wispered to me. As I approached my seat.
The morning lessons went by slowly. I barely understood anything that was said in class, thanks to the fear and excitement building up inside me.
The bell rang, to signify the end of the third lesson of the day, and the beginning of the last lesson before break.
The subject was geography, which i don’t offer. I got up and hurried left the class before the teacher arrives. Ruth and Hannah were right behind me. They were both holding their school bags, mine was still on my seat.
They led me towards the security post behind the school. I kept wondering how we were going to walk past the gateman.
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Friday, April 12, 2019

The holiday trip to an unknown destination

He’s tall, slender with bears. Dressed in a white suit while his soon to be wife was fully clad in her beautiful white gown adorned with diamond stones.
Her heels gave her an extra height, as she is the petite type with a beautiful face. Her red lips and round hips are her best features.
While her husband had brown eyes she had blue eyes which could light a whole room of darkness. They always teased each other about their features and made fun of who was taller and shorter.
‘Grissel do you take this man as your lawful wedded husband’ the priest asked again for the second time.
Grissel was deep in thoughts.
“Babes are you okay?” Tom her husband to be asked with a shoulder tap.
He was every lady’s dream but that morning he belonged to his shy and gentle heartthrob.
“Huh!” she exclaimed.
‘The priest asked a question’ he announced with a frown.
‘I’m sorry’ she apologized to no one in particular.
Among the crowd were murmurings as to why she was so lost in her thoughts.
“We can continue”, she quietly announced to the old priest reading the vows.
They wrote their own vows but Grissel told him that morning when she sat beside him during the service that she had forgotten what she memorized.
Tom didn’t want to sound angry on his long awaited happy day so he quickly arranged for the church vows.
Tom glanced at her with an expression that informed her she’s in for a lot of trouble. She was already having troubles picturing their honeymoon as she’s not sure what to expect.
She was still in her thoughts when the smooth voice of the priest jerked her out.
‘Do you take this man as your law…..?’ The priest was cut short.
Her red small lips went apart quickly. “Yes I do.”
Soon enough the church came to an end and the second part began. She found it difficult to blend in as her husband was giving her faces.
Like earlier on the dance floor, he totally ignored her when she asked what he was doing he could only manage a sigh.
‘Were you having second thoughts.’ he finally asked when they retired to their chair.
The noise and cheers from friends and family gave her headaches, she managed a frown.
‘That’s what I thought’, he concluded for her.
‘No I wasn’t Tom’, I just wa….’
‘Tom can you tell us how you met this Angel.’ The M.C asked while the crowd cheered.
He hesitated for a while but Grissel gave him a slight touch on the thighs and he feigned a smile.
‘Don’t do this to me?’ She whispered
Tom picked up the microphone and cleared his throat. ‘So there was this day my car broke down in the middle of nowhere. I called up my family and friends who were all far from where I was. Then Austin’s call came in.’
The crowd murmured. ‘Smile Tom.’ Grissel whispered.
‘Okay my wife just whispered I love you.’ Everyone laughed and as usual the boys in the far corner were making noise.
Tom was lucky to have both American and African friends, so his normal day as a man full of dreams who had lots of girls flocking around him wasn’t boring.
‘Go on.’ The MC encouraged.
‘Austin said he had a friend who was closer so he was going to send the person to pick me. He forgot to mention it was a female.’ He paused and feigned a smile. ‘About some thirty minutes, this black beauty with her shades on pulled up and asked me to join her ride. I bluntly told her I wasn’t waiting for an escort then she mentioned Austin sent her.’
‘So at first sight you thought she was a call girl.’ The MC interrupted.
‘Yes, I mean she wasn’t dressed as one but she was a beauty.’
‘And you assumed every escort is a beauty.’ The MC scoffed this time.
‘Aren’t they all beautiful?’ There was distance laughter from within the crowd.
‘But mind you, my wife is the prettiest.’ He feigned a smile at her and looked straight at the MC who was standing in front of his table.
‘So what happened after that?’
‘The drive home was quiet and I figured she was the quiet type.’ Tom grinned. ‘I’m not sure if she noticed I was stealing glances and was sweating. I felt ready for marriage that very moment, you could call it love at first sight.’
‘Love at first sight huh.’ The MC stressed.
‘When i alighted, I had to apologize for thinking she was an escort. She just smiled and drove off.’ Tom grinned at this point. ‘I remember calling my aunty about this girl giving me sleepless night, she just laughed knowing how flirtatious I can be.
She didn’t believe me when I told her this one is for real.’
‘So you had a lot of girls huh.’
‘Trust me, more than you can think of but all that changed in Grissel’s car. I was attracted to her and wasn’t sure if it was her beauty because she didn’t speak a word in there with me.’
‘And you didn’t take her number Tom?’
‘I knew I would meet her again and luckily some few weeks after, Austin invited her for one of our usual drink ups.’
‘And there you got your moment.’
‘You should have seen me that day. I told Austin look man, I hope this girl isn’t your wife. He replied with a smile and my world fell apart.’
‘You thought you lost her?’ He asked.
‘Yes, he should have just given me an answer to my question. I finally had to talk to him again and he said she’s all mine but I wouldn’t like what I see.’
‘What does he mean you wouldn’t like what you see? Was Grissel some sort of hard nut to crack?’
‘A very tough one, it took me two years and here we are today. It turned out she’s just the gentle and stubborn type who probably have met some blockheaded men along the line so she chose to be reserved.’
Tom hadn’t noticed Grissel was pushing her tears back at that moment.
‘So how do you feel today?’ The MC and everyone’s eyes were fixated on him.
He looked around confused.
‘Tom, how do you feel after cracking the nut?’
‘Wait for it. I’m looking for the right word.’ He laughed.
‘Listen everyone, I think the man of the moment has something up his sleeves.’ The crowd cheered.
‘I can call you Danny right?’ He asked the MC.
‘Yeah sure.’ He replied
‘When you were a child you always wanted a toy right?’
‘Yes at some point.’ Danny replied and wasn’t sure where Tom was going with that.
‘Do you always get your toys that easily?’ Tom looked Danny straight in the eyes probably to find out if he was telling lies.
‘Not a chance, it takes a miracle to get my desired toys.’
‘How do you feel any time your parents deny your request?’ Tom asked again.
‘I cry and make a scene.’
‘Great, and now that you are of age how do you feel?’
‘Gosh I can get the whole d--n world if I so wish.’ Danny responded smiling.
‘There you have your answer. Not to say my wife is a toy but I used to cherish my toys back then. My family can attest to that.’ He glanced at his family.
Julia and Melisa smiled from the front where they sat. ‘That’s true.’ Julia shouted out.
‘I can buy the whole dam world with Grissel by my side.’ He turned to Grissel who had supported her jaw with her hands watching Tom speak.
‘Aww, that’s a nice one.’ Danny blushed.
‘And wait. This is to Austin, I would cherish this toy you brought into my life and I promise never to make her cry so you can stop doing due diligence anytime you and I quarrel.’
‘I will boss.’ He shouted from the far right corner while everyone else laughed.
‘Grissel do you have anything to say. I mean your husband just promised you the whole d--n world.’
She just broke down with tears. Tom wasn’t sure if he should hug her at that moment because aside the nice things he said which were from his heart he was still confused about her reaction in the church auditorium.
‘OMG, he just made her cry when he promised earlier never to make her cry.’ Danny teased.
He knew Grissel wasn’t the Public display affection type so he wiped her eyes with the back of his hands and held onto her tightly.
‘Austin, don’t come for my head yet, that wasn’t me. I guess she meant to say I love you.’ Tom made everyone laugh with tears at that point.
‘Now, isn’t that Love.’ That came from someone from the crowd.
‘Grissel congratulations,’ her elder sister came hugging her.
That was the last time they spoke before the party came to an end.
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Deji the toughest student in campus

Please sign right here, Deji,’’ Jennifer, one of the cashier, asked placing an opened register on Deji Adelowo’s desk.
‘’Are you done with the drafts issuance now?’’ Deji inquired as he append his signature on the draft register.
‘’yes please.’’ She confirmed closing the register and walked to her desk.
‘’Alright people, let’s balance up real quick and get out of here.’’ Deji, the branch manager of Loyalty Bank’s branch at Computer Village, urged the cashiers.
Like every other Fridays of every week, the banking hall was so busy that Deji could barely eat throughout the day. Though he had two assistants, but that was still not enough to make him work less due to the location of the branch. The banking job was tasking, but he preferred it to managing one of the many companies owned by his late father. A decision his mother was totally in agreement with.
Rising to his feet, he made his way to Amanda’s cubicle. He had noticed how unsettled she was and knew something was definitely amiss.
’’What’s happening?’’
‘’I’m not good. I’m having a deficit of three hundred and sixty thousand.’’ She explained worriedly.
‘’Have you checked all the transactions properly?’’
‘’I did, but I still can’t figure out where it’s coming from.’’
‘’Let me take a look at it.’’ Deji said siting on the chair in Amanda’s cubicle while she stood behind him .
Deji was loved by the cashiers due to his kind-heartedness. He wasn’t the type of branch manager who will leave a cashier who was having trouble balancing to sort him/herself out, nor was he the type who will be quick to ask the cashier to pay for the deficit he/she had. He always try to get to the root cause of either the deficit or surplus of any of his sub-ordinates.
After over an hour of going through Amanda’s transactions for the day, Deji still couldn’t find the error. He decided to take the next available option. He got in touch with his own superior through mail to get an approval for him to close the branch account with the deficit for the night which was granted. He informed his two assistants and Amanda to be in the office the next day and make sure they detect the error before leaving.
Stealing a glance at the time on the monitor, Deji noticed it was fifteen minutes past eight. He ensured proper closure of the branch as he shut down his CPU.
Aremu quickly opened the door as he sighted his boss stepping out of the mantrap door. Deji hopped in instantly.
‘’Are you going in this Ankara outfit?’’ Aremu asked as he sat on the driver’s seat.
‘’I don’t get? I’m going to where?’’ Deji responded innocently as he unbuttoned his shirt.
‘’Mrs Williams’ pre-xmas party,’’ Aremu reminded him starring at the mirror.
‘’Oh my!’ the enormity of situation hit him. He had forgotten tonight was the pre-xmas party he had promised his mother he would attend. Deji knew exactly what his mother could do if he was absent.
‘’I need to change into something better. Let’s get home real quick.’’
‘’Off we go boss.
Deji emerged from the crowd at the front door and immediately caught his friend’s gaze just behind the crowd. Kola smiled and waved.
Some ladies stared at him as he walked towards his friend. He was used to that.
He had a clean low haircut and scythe-shaped eyebrows. His aquiline nose and half-dome cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His mellifluous voice, his brown eyes, his manly physique, with the fact he was six feet were enough features to attract the opposite S£x.
Since their days at Oxford University years ago, Kola and Deji had been good friends.
Kola was not as tall as Deji, but his punk hairstyle didn’t make it obvious. Kola was burly and round faced.
‘’You’re early this year. I was already on the bed when you arrived last year.’’ Kola Williams teased his friend.
‘’Yeah. i don’t want a remix of mother’s last year reaction.’’ Deji said, picking up a filled glass of wine from a footman’s tray. ‘’When did you get back?’’
Kola has been on a business trip for three months.
‘‘Now that you’re here. I want you to meet someone,’’ Kola Williams said eagerly.
‘’Female?’’ Deji asked with slight scepticism.
‘’Yep. My cousin and she’s one for the eye. I must warn you, Deji. She might tempt you away from Nike.’’ Kola raised and lowered his eyebrows in a devilish manner.
Deji gave him a doubtful look as they made their way through the hall, where sophisticated and fashionable dressed people swarmed about. A cool music played at one end of the elaborately decorated room and couples danced in the centre. It was the former Commissioner for Women Affairs’ party and she was renowned for her lavish and extravagant entertaining. Her informal style and manner were often imitated but never matched, for no one could host a party quite like Mrs Williams.
Tonight was the kick-off for the Pre-Xmas Party. A lot of activities await the fortunate guests who were extended an invitation.
Deji truly, didn’t even wish to be at this party in the first place. He has made a promise to his mother, as well as Theresa, that he would attend, and he could not break it.
His mother’s wishes were not easily foiled, she had wrangled this particular promise out of him when he had been overly distracted with work and he had seen no decent way out of it. If it had not been for the imbalance of one of his cashiers last night, he actually might have enjoyed this get-away on the island. He wouldn’t worry much about the work as he had two assistants to back him up.
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Thursday, March 14, 2019

The island gist and discussion (Lifestyle Story)

Wednesday 10:00am Victoria Island, Oscar Video
editing store Luke and God-Eye arrives at the store
in search of Sarah as they got in the store and met
a lady by a computer “Good morning miss” Luke
said; God-Eye was busy observing the place as
people were moving about their works and then he
noticed a lady looking at them but pretended not
to see her “Good morning sir, how may I help
You?” she asked Luke “Please I am here to see
Sarah Oscar” he said “That’s our chief Editor, do
you have an appointment with her” “Yes we do”
Luke said; God-Eye then watched as the lady
quickly moved to a back door and exited place
“Luke go to the front, she’s gone through the back
door. I will follow her” God-Eye said and then Luke
went out to the front and God-Eye went to the
back, she thought both of them would follow her
through the back so she can go to the front and
escape but she was wrong. As she got to her car
and opened the door to go in Luke grabbed her arm
“hold on, where’re you going?” he asked and she
became scared and tried to struggle her way out
but couldn’t “hold on, am not here to hurt you”
Luke said “there you are, you think you’re smart
huh?” God-Eye said coming from the back “Who
are you guys?” she asked ‘your life is in danger,
we’re here to help you” Luke said “I don’t believe
you guys” she said with fear as she looked at their
faces “Some other men are coming here to kill you
today but if you come with us, you are safe” God-
Eye said “So you are coming with us” Luke said
“ok I will” she said but wasn’t of that. They took
her to their car and carried her to Zeus’s place
They arrived at Zeus’s place ‘What place is this?”
she asked “A safe place” God-Eye said; they
entered the sitting room to meet Ade and Jameel
“Ade where’s Zeus?” Luke asked “Am over here”
Zeus said coming down the stairs “Is that Sarah
Oscar” Zeus asked “Flesh and Blood” God-Eye said
“She’s quite pretty” Zeus said “Who are you guys?
Why have you brought me here? What do you want
from me?” she asked “hey relax honey, one
question at a time” Zeus said “Who are you
people?” she asked “I am Zeus” “(Chuckles) so am
I to bow to the greek god” she said mockingly
“that’s Luke and God-Eye and this is Ade and
Jameel” Zeus said “Why am I here?” she asked “I
need you to be here” “And what do you want from
me?” she asked “you have something I want” he
said with a straight face “And what could that
be?” “The video record of Dr. Jason Heineken’s
murder” Zeus said and she was silent “I don’t
know what you’re talking about” she said “Look, I
hate lies and I don’t have time for one” he said “I
don’t know what you are talking about” she said
“Come on dear, don’t make this hard” Zeus said “I
know the president sent you guys, so you can kill
me because I am not giving you anything” she said
“I like your guts but the president is not our alley”
“I am not handing anything” “I am the first son of
Dr. Jason Heineken and this is my sister Jameel
and Ade my brother” Zeus said and she was
speechless “But Dr. Jason’s son is in Abu Dhabi”
“That was 5years ago; I have been in the country
for 5years now and I have taken my time to plan
our the killing of everyone associated with my
father’s murder” he said “I knew it” she said loudly
“What” “When I went through the video again I
then noticed that everyone there was dead except
two persons” “I have a list of all the men present
there and the last person on the list is the
president of Nigeria” “But what about Saheed
Ganiu, the minister of information” she asked “He
was not on the list” Zeus said “He was on the
video and he supported the killing” she said “Then
he must be killed” “Ade do a quick research on
Saheed Ganiu” Zeus said and ade left “Where’s the
Video” Zeus asked “I’ll send you a copy” she said
“How many copies do you have” Zeus asked “10” ‘I
want you to make more” “And who’s paying” she
asked “I will” “Ok how many” she asked “Countless
numbers” he said “why do you need so much?”
she asked “I have plans” he said “take her to her
home; I will keep in contact with you” Zeus said
and they left “Zeus I have something about
Saheed” “He lives in Abuja, he’s the present
Minister of Information and looks like he’s a friend
to the president” “Prepare a profile about him
immediately, Hades will take care of him”

Two days later… As Luke drove to the gate of Zeus’s compound he saw 7 articulated
Lorries parked outside the compound, he drove into the compound and parked his car then
went into the house where he met Zeus discussing with two men, he walked to Zeus and
Zeus introduced him to the men and told him that they were hired to drive those trucks into
town and that he had also hired some ladies who would go into town with them to
distribute the items in the lorries. And after some time they left and Luke asked Zeus what
was in the trucks “The seven lorries are carrying different items like bags, phones, bags of
rice, electronics, kitchen utensils. Toys and drinks” “It’s a good thing to give out like this”
“Yes and we need the people in our favor so as to bring down the present government” “I
smell revolution” Luke said “Your sense of smell is fully active” “I have waited for the
moment when someone rise up against this corrupt thieves and stand against the
plutocratic government and bring real change to the people” “That time is now Luke… that
time is now” Zeus said smiling… Two Days Later… As Luke arrived at Zeus’s house Ade
informed him that Zeus was out to meet some persons to discuss creating a political party
“So what are up to?” Luke asked Ade “Nothing much, am just doing studies” “Come on give
yourself a break and do something else; go have fun” “There is no time for fun and besides I
have more information on Saheed Ganiu” “Tell me” Luke said “He has a Swiss account” Ade
said “Good, how much is in it?” “Approximately 400 million dollars” “God damn” “Guess
what?” “What” “I can hack into the account and get the money” Ade said “Good, so do it” “I
can’t from Nigeria unless I go to Switzerland” “That’s not a problem?” Luke said “Yes, so
I’m leaving for Switzerland tomorrow” “Good, does Zeus know?” “Yeah” “Alright, I need a
drink” Luke said standing up and walked to the wine bar “I’ll be right back, let me round up
something in my room” Ade said and went upstairs Luke sat by the bar and after about
5mins Jameel came down “Luke?” she called out and he was a little bit startled at the
sound of her voice, he then turned to look at her “Jameel” he said and smiled as he
dropped the glass on the table; she then walked to him and sat on a stool facing him “How
are you?” she asked as she looked into his eyes with a little smile “i… I am fine” he couldn’t
hold his gaze “What’s the problem?” she asked “Nothing” he replied and raised his head
“You have been avoiding me for weeks now” “Nah” “We used to chat online but now you
hardly come online and you even ignore my messages, when you come here you try your
best as to avoid me” “Jameel please… you know why” he said “No I don’t” she said
immediately “I don’t want Zeus to find out about this and besides we have been very busy
lately doing thing together” “Things that are more important than your feelings” she asked
and he was silent for 3secs “My feelings for you are very much important but so are other
matters” he explained “I see” she said as she looked away “Please Jameel don’t put words
into my mouth” Luke said “Everyone has the right to love, you better start realizing that
before somebody else takes what belongs to you” she said and stood up and walked away
“Jameel?” he called but walked away It then dawned on him that she was almost out of his
life and he felt bad about it; he couldn’t stay anymore so he left…

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The music of love (New Emotional Story)

The music coming from the club could be heard just few metres away from where Helia stood.  The atmosphere was all choking due to the strong smell of both alcohol and cigarette smoke.  She covered her nose with her left palm trying to meet up with the security guard. The invitation card Benedicta had given her was still stuck in her jeans pocket.  She had a quick glance at her wristwatch to ensure she was right on time.  Yes she was.
"Your face doesn't look familiar. Are you some new girl here? " He asked just as she showed the card.
"I am no new girl here.  I am just here on invitation. Will you let me in or not?" She asked impatiently.  The guard teased her silently and opened the door wide.  Though she couldn't make out what he had said due to how low he had mumbled to himself but she definitely knew it wasn't good. Her hands itched to give him a slap.  She hadn't slapped anyone that week so she doesn't mind slapping him first.  Controlling her anger, she removed her gaze from him toward the club.  The man issue wasn't what was bothering her that moment.  She had other stuffs to think about for crying out loud.
"Hey baby girl.  You made it at last. I almost thought you threw away that card as soon as I turned my back toward you. I am so happy you're coming out if your shell" Benedicta told her with a naughty smile on her face just as she approached her.  She had lifted her glass of champagne to her lips afterwards.
"I don't have time for this and you know it. We both know who I came to see" The young spinster nodded in frustration.
"Mr Blackface isn't here yet.  I spoke to him few minutes ago.  He will be here in an hour" She confessed still sipping her drink.  Helia opened her mouth in shock and banged the counter almost spilling the champagne bottle.
"Benedicta you lied to me! " She barked out at her in annoyance.
"Chill girl.  You don't have to fall the bottle.  I am sorry I lied okay? If I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have showed up early"
"You should not have done  that.  You know well I don't stand places like this"
"I don't need to be reminded on that over and over again.  I only felt you work too much and you needed a little rest.  You need fun girl.  You don't have to drink.  Just hang around "
Hello had already made up her mind not to stay.  Nothing in this world would make her stay one more second there, not even her best friend.  She rose up without saying a word, grabbed her bag and tried heading toward the door but Benedicta caught her hand.
"I know how important that property is to you Helia.  I know how much you'll love to fulfill your mum's last wish. I know how hard you're trying to impress your lawyer just to proof you're responsible but that doesn't stop you from living your life.  Due to this conditions placed on you, you have gotten so boring. You've stopped drinking, partying like old times.  You've stop flirting with men.  That's a miracle I must say because everyone knew you could drink like hell.  You were mostly known as a complete drunk.  Maybe that was why your mum places this conditions on you" Helia nodded at what her friend had said and sat back down.
"My elder brother is after that property.  He won't be of any good use to it if he gets it.  All he would do is squander it and end up back to square one.  He can't even take care of himself talk of handling such a big responsibility.  Since my dad died, my mum has been my only support.  Her hospital has been of great help to me and my brother. She worked and toiled for years just to erect it.  I will just prefer it if I run it myself and try investing in the hospital. The chance of the hospital collapsing is high "
"I understand you friend.  We have been friends for long but I will prefer it more if you patiently wait for the lawyer and have some fun meanwhile your mum didn't place that strict condition on you just to stop you from having fun.  She only wanted you to be more responsible.  Come on, a cool music is playing.  Let's dance" Benedicta said trying to pull her off the chair she sat.  Helia withdrew her hands immediately.
"No.  Not at all.  I will rather watch you dance " She replied trying to send her off.
"Seriously?! You are boring" She nagged before rushing off to join the others. Helia heaved a sigh of relief as soon as the lady was gone.  She was certainly something else. She stared at her watch and grumbled realizing there was forty five more minutes to go.  Was she just going to sit at a place while such time elapsed? As she chose to take a thorough inspection of this uncomfortable environment, Her eyes fell on a handsome figure who gambled with some wild guys at the corner of the bar smiling the whole time.  She got a little confused seeing him and stared on having a feeling she had seen him somewhere before. But where? She tried recalling but couldn't.  He threw his last card and laugh maniacally as he hit  the jackpot.  The other gamblers gave him a despised stare.  They nagged under their breaths and reluctantly released the money.  His friends came from no where and drew him closely for a group hug singing songs of victory.  Their voices went higher and higher disrupting the peace of the club.  Helia watched with a frown wondering if they were the only one in the club.  They had no respect at all.  One of the guy's friends rudely snatched the money from him greedily but he didn't react negatively.  Prostitutes lingered round them with their usual seductive look greedily eyeing the bundle of money they had.  The boys grabbed hold of one not thinking twice having in mind to spent the night with them. The one who had won sneaked out from their mist and approached the counter where Helia sat trying to get away from the prostitutes. He signalled for the bar man and ordered a bottle of rum. She got surprised wondering why on earth he would want to drink something that hot.  How was he even going to drink that? If he doesn't end up leaving for his home using his head and not legs,  she would surely ban all rums. Watching him gulp down his third glass, she heard him bulge out loud making her irritated. His eyes was blood shot and his breath stunk. Shook her head at his stupidity and checked her wristwatch one more time praying her lawyer comes in a zip.
"Why are you watching me? " He asked her just as she grumbles realizing she still had twenty more minute to go.  She threw him a stern look and ignored him.
"O! Boy" he exclaimed. "Please bar man get her a shot.  I'll pay" He ordered for bar man taking a sip of his rum. She turned back to him startled.
"Who? " she wanted to know hoping he wasn't referring to her.
"The lady beside you " he joked letting out a laugh.  She frowned. "Which other lady is here aside you? Even if there is a lady here aside you, I would prefer ordering you a drink and not her" He sounded so friendly to her. She didn't like that at all.
"I don't drink.  Sorry" She refused the offer politely. The barman brought the drink anyway and placed it before her.  She gave him a cold stare and pushed it off rudely.
"Come on Benedicta,  where are you? " she said in her mind feeling restless now.
"You are one strange lady.  Other ladies come to club to drink an waste away time but you come here to act holy.  You should be an actress" He drained down his fifth glass at this statement.  "But it's alright.  I deal with indoors ladies like you.  You should know well how many ladies I have come across.  I know them all pretty well.  Both the crafty, wise,  naive, boring. Come on,  I know ways to handle each and everyone of them. You aren't an exception dear" She rolled her eyes without interest. The guy seemed to be a parrot.  He had no shame to say all those things about himself. He was not the guy she wanted to meet anyway.  "Anyway, you seem to be a fun girl. I am very sure you'll make my night.  How many shots can you take tonight? I am sure you can't take up to ten.  Girls are so lazy when it comes to stuffs like this "
"You are silly.  Who do you think I am anyway? A boredom?  I can even take fifteen shots right in front of you.  I am very good at drinking " She finally showed her true colors with a boastful stare.  He opened his eyes wide and smirked.
"Let's make it twenty.  If you win,  you'll get twenty dollars" She laughed at his offer.
"I don't need your money and you can't tempt me either cause I don't drink anymore. I don't also make stupid bets" She snapped at him and stared at her watch wondering what the hell was happening to her.  She had almost given in for crying out loud. "There is fifteen more minutes to go"
He lets out a giggle and mumbled something under his breath which sounded like an insult to her. She got annoyed at this.
"What did you just say? " she asked harshly.
"What did you think I said loser?," She twisted her nose and gave in finally.
"Alright.  I accept your challenge.  I will drink seven shots only because I don't want to get drunk. My lawyer will be here soon" He nodded at her terms.
" Fine but the last shot will be decided by me. No one ever ends this game with a happily ever after" She smirked and asked for a vodka. It was brought toward her immediately. Her eyes rolled back and her heart beat skipped. She was having a second thought about this but her mind was being stubborn. She knew she could do this. It had been a long time since she had last ordered a bottle of alcohol and she had also given up drinking. Drinking this now would be like going back to square one.  She sighed and calmed herself knowing she would drink responsibly.  She will try as much as possible not to get drunk.  She poured out the first glass and threw him a smile before gulping it down.  Her throat seemed to have rejected it at first.  She coughed out loudly but tried not giving up.  She turned toward her best friend and caught sight of her swirling round and round a pole. She went ahead and took the second,  then the third, then the fourth.  As soon as she took the fifth,  her head got drowsy.  She got worried and thought of stopping but this strange young man annoying stare prevented her. She knew she couldn't give up. She got a grip of herself and took the fifth and sixth. The guy smiled and poured out some of his hot rum in a tumbler urging her to drink it all.
"You don't mind having some of my hot whisky do you? " he had asked pushing it toward her. Her eyes were already shutting and her vision git blurry.  Her head was spinning.  She began seeing things that weren't even real. Grabbing hold of the tumbler with shaky hands,  she tried gulping it down her throat but someone grabbed it from her immediately coming to her rescue.
"Helia,  what have you done? Don't you realize what you have caused now? You can lose your inheritance due to this stupid mistake of yours. The lawyer will be here any minute"
"I am not drunk.  Let me have the last shot and win.  Please " she pleaded trying to grab hold of the glass cup but Benedicta spilled it contents purposely.
"you have ruined yourself.  We have to get you out of here before he comes. We can't let him see you like this" she suggested helping her up  but the lady was so dead drunk to stand properly that she'd slumped before they moved an inch.
She wasn't really sure of how she felt that next morning but she'd feel her hand banging so hard as if someone was trying to escape from her skull.  She let out a cry of pain and sat up opening her eyes slowly.  Looking round her,  she caught sight of her room furniture all round her. The room looked so familiar.  Her family portrait was hung on for wall adjacent to the bed. Her memory got clearer now.  She was actually in her own room.  Slipping her legs in her slippers, she walked down the stairs and caught sight of Benedicta setting the table for breakfast.
"You weren't well so I decided to make you something to eat" She explained knowing she would ask anyway.
"It's okay.  My head is hurting so terribly and I feel so much pain all over.  What happened? " she asked sitting one of of the dining chairs massaging her temple.
"You got drunk yesterday night" Her eyes lit with surprise.
"What? "
"And unfortunately you lost it. Sorry Helia. It's over now" Her friend had informed her in a low tone with her words mixed with emotions.  Helia felt tears flow down her eyes and she sat slowly on the staircase
"No! This can't be"

A young woman in her fifties drove into a compound which was surrounded by a small afforestation cutting it from other homes.  The area was cold and silent. Only the sound of her engine could be heard that late afternoon. As soon as she alighted, she walked into her building and dropped her car keys.
"Hello mum.  You came early today" Her son has said jogging down the stairs.
"Yeah!  I have to leave for Lara's baby shower and as well as check on Helia.  Is she upstairs? " He hissed.
"That's the last place she will be.  She is out clubbing with her friends, getting high and smooching men.  That's what she loves. I also think she is hanging out with that Jamaican guy... "
"You just shut up!  I beg you just shut up! " His mother urges with an angry look.  Sweat sprinkled down her forehead.  Why Helia again? What is she needs from her?  Drowning in her sorrow, she eyed her phone which was already ringing non stop.
"Hello" she greeted with a dull tone.
"Hi Miss Kim. Actually the baby shower has almost began. Where are you? " She asked impatiently.
"I am on my way. Sorry" she apologized politely.
"No need to apologize.  I just wanted to ensure everything is fine"
"Everything is alright" The line went dead.  Dropping it in her bag,  she felt her head ache and her brain vibrate.  She sat with her eyes tightly shut trying to calm herself down.  She felt just as if her head was about to explode that moment. She felt herself half dead already.  The pain she felt was unbearable.
"Mum are you okay? " Chris asked with concern.
"Yes. Yes.  I am fine"

"Helia, how many more bottles will you drink? You're gonna go crazy you know " Benedicta warned feeling worried for her.
"Come on girl,  let me drink.  That's the only thing I get to do anyway" she explained opening another bottle of China.
"Hold on! Isn't that Sterlyn with Deborah? " Her second friend Maddy had asked staring at a tall young you grinding a lady.  Helia frowned at their sight and chose to ignore.
"Yes it's them. We have both broken up anyway since he refused to but a condom " She explained.
"O! That's lame. Why will you break up with such a handsome guy just because he refused to get a condom? " Maddy asked with shock.
"You see how stupid you are Maddy.  He wanted to get me pregnant lady. You think I am that naive? "
"I know you aren't naive but why will you dump a guy as handsome as he is? Don't you know how many ladies are yearning to have him? "
"That's one of the reasons I hate him. I don't want a lady's guy" She took a sip of her drink. "I am actually thinking of taking a break from men. I don't want a guy in my life right now. I am not ready to fall sick. If I fall in love with a guy and try all I can to keep him, I might end up getting myself in trouble or have you forgotten Florencia who got Aids just because she refused to stay away from that tout?"
"No I haven't.  I am sure she has learnt her lesson" Helia nodded.
"Yeah she had but unfortunately the hard way" She replied pouring out her drink again. .
"About your mother,  I thought she wanted you to spend time learning more about her business.  Why do you spend all your time clubbing rather than helping her? She entrusted this responsibility to you" Helia hissed.
"That's shit. I am not ready to take over anyone's business.  I am not even interested in running anyone's business.  I want my own business.  I want my own company. That fascinates me more"
"The hospital is your mum's hard work. She has been running for years"
"Yes I know but can't Chris do it? He is a guy anyway and men do it better.  I am not interested in running any business for now.  I want to just party man!!!! I want to be free like a bird! I want to have fun and feel useful to myself.  I prefer it this way"
"Helia... "
"O! Please drop this topic already.  If you want me to do this then I will but after five years time or more.  She can handle the business by herself for now not that she will die tomorrow" She told her friend stubbornly before catching sight of a wealthy looking guy approaching her.  She smirked and pecked him lightly on the cheek before walking off with him.  Benedicta and Maddy watched on.
There was a huge bang on the living room door just as the family settled down for dinner.  Mrs Kim weakly asked her son to start his meal and approached the door. She had been taking her medications and eating on diet as instructed to her by the doctor but her health was getting no better. She felt herself die slowly everyday.  She knew her end was near that was why she did all she could to bring the family together and ensure all would be fine when she's gone but Helia kept making things difficult for her.  She wasn't even sure if to call her prodigal son responsible.  Her two matured children showed no sign of responsibility at all or interest in whatever she does.  This baffled her a lot.  Since she discovered she had cancer. She tried introducing Helia to her employees and had also tried making her realize how important it was for her to run her hospital when she was gone but how wrong she was. The young lady can't do it.  She had no interest at all. Anyway back to the door, she slid it open and there was the spilt brat drunk as usual waving at her like child with a big grin.
"Good evening mommy.  I am back home" She announced her arrival still looking unnecessarily happy.
"Helia! " Her mum roared out causing her heart to leap a bit.  "Where have you been? "
"Well I... I... I... went to hang out with my friends and...and... and....afterwards... I... I... I...came home and... and... and... my mum won't let me in"
"I am so disappointed in you.  I don't blame you anyway.  I blame myself.  I gave you just too much freedom. My mum warned me against pampering you two but I never listened.  I trusted my kids so much. I never knew I would be the cause of your ruin"
"Huh... Mum,  I understand what you mean but you shouldn't see me as an irresponsible person. That's not right at all.  I am very responsible mother.  Very responsible.  Really" They both exchanged a long stare.  Chris threw into his mouth a peanut  before rushing upstairs tired of the family drama.
"Alright.  Let me agree with the fact that you're responsible.  Tomorrow my administrator will be coming to show you some few things. No partying. No getting drunk.  Nothing except work" Her mum instructed.
"O! Come on mother.  I don't want to work.  I don't want to... " she declined walking with a wobbly pace into the house.
"You will definitely realize the relevance of this soon dear.  I promise"
The next day stacked with a lots of files, Helia was instructed by the administrator to make out the amount of bills owed by the hospital for the government according to the memorandum.  Due to her intelligence she got it easily but her heart wasn't actually in the work.  She wasn't even paying full attention.  While hallowing in self pity, she got a message from Benedicta telling her the rich guy she had made out with the previous had come around asking for her.  This baffled her.
"Helia I will like you to go through this files.  The hospital have been in debt for years and we have contacted these few banks for some loan just to cover up the debt.  We have successfully paid part of it but not all. According to these documents, you should be able to know who we're in debt with and those we aren't so as not to be cheated later in future by fraudsters" Her mum explained.  Helia only nodded.
"Yeah I understand but i will prefer you keep it.  I don't want them" she confessed lazily.
"I can't keep them Helia.  These should... "
"Why do you keep arguing mum? You're acting as if you will die tomorrow.  Don't worry,  handle the business for now.  All will be fine" She said rudely to her mum before picking up her cellphone.  "I am going out with Benedicta today "
She turned toward her mum and day her acting a little bit strange.  Blood began oozing out of her nose.  This got her nervous.
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Saturday, February 16, 2019

how miracle fell in love(love is blind)

My name is miracle am called Mimi by many
Am not pretty u know not that am ugly am just me
Am average
In school I don’t have friends my only companion is Lizzy.. We go to school together do almost everything together including excreting don’t laugh alone
Am from a family of 4 my dad mum bro and me
Yes I love my family we are happy
I didn’t tell u my age right am not telling you don’t bother am a not a virgin if only my mum knows am not from the constant preaching.. Oh well am sorry mama
Back to the present I need Fred to notice me he is the new guy in my neighborhood. In my class too. Yes I just broke up with Collins he sucks such a loser..story for another day.. I think am in love but I wish he just sees me like I am..
I have never jogged before but I have been doing it like 2 weeks just to gain his attention no he doesn’t
Out I go I think she’s not coming out today please God wake her.. is she sleeping should I throw a stone at her window which one in particular is her own
Here she comes…
Good morning Fred
Eeemmm morning.. how did she even know my name?
I kept my face straight I didn’t want her to feel like am soft..
You are In my class right welcome to the neighborhood hope u like this place.. I overheard ur dad telling my dad the part of the country u lived b4 was cold but here is hot right?
I just looked at her I kept my face straight.. I like the way she keeps her lips I feel like grabbing her and kissing. What if she slaps me.?
Miracle part
This dude is mean look at the way he looks at me like am stupid.
Jeez I forgot to brush now he will tag me with a bad breath. OMG
Here comes the b---h….Lydia
She’s a pain in my a-s..she thinks because she has that super body she can take whatever she want.. She stole my boyfriend Collins now she’s coming for Fred. Why is he even smiling sheepishly at her.?
Good morning Fred
Good morning Lydia
Aww I like ur sneakers u smell so nice
Her hands on his chest and arbs then she grabbed him and whisper some thing into his ears.
Bye Mimi he said.
.for the first time he said my name it sounds so sweet
He followed Lydia jogging as they held hands smiling with Lydia making faces at me loser
From then I was determined to have Fred to myself am gonna prove to them am not a loser Hi girlfriend …Lizzy I told you to stop showing up like a ghost..
Why that face you lost to Lydia again right?
You love him? Oh my baby girl is in love
Can you just stop all I need now is a good bath and sex
Yeah I didn’t tell u I love sex whenever am stressed out I f--k that’s just me and I know you all are surprised sometimes me and Lizzy do f--k each other we suck chew bite our p---y like a lesbian thing but I love dicks too..
Come on babe let’s go home
We got home had our bath together in bathroom Lizzy was so hot kissing my neck down to my a-s all my body was on fire she knows my the right button to press to turn me on turn fingers in my p---y and lips over my n-----s so hot
Ouch girlfriend u are killing me mmmh oh yeah just like that she increased her speed when it feels like about to c-m she stop.. Kissing me on the lips down to my p---y she started tongue f-----g me I want holding her head tight pressing it hard on my k---y like am gonna suffocate her till I finally came
Then I heard my name Mimi are u OK?
That’s my mum she might have heard my scream
Am OK mummy Lizzy ran a very hot bath for me that’s why I shouted it all good
OK baby am on my way out you and Lizzy food is in the kitchen
Be safe you hear
OK mum
We came out after eating we decided to take a nap
By the time we woke up it was 5 pm
We had a birthday party to attend so we decided to prepare.. We both settle for bum short and crop tops I never had a date for the party Lizzy boyfriend Eddie was already at my door step by 6 horning like a psychopath. And my dad came out telling him I heard him already that’s why I love my dad.. You be wandering how I will wear my bum short showing my cheek a-s passing him..
Hi dad we are heading for Mr Williams daughters birthday party I won’t be late.
I like ur dress it’s fine.. Thank you dad
I had to wear a dress on it same with Lizzy..
We got into the car and Lizzy and Eddie kissed each other am sure my dad saw
Off we went…
Here we are finally
Wow massive turn up everywhere lively.. I was happy I came around.. Drinks pls.. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I know my limit.. Everything was going fine till I saw her b---h she is here guess who is with her my Fred my very own Fred..
I felt like breaking her head that very moment but I held myslf..look at the way she held him to her self like a possessive witch.
Do u wanna dance wow I turned this is the most handsome dude I have ever since he was way more cute than Fred.
I stood there looking at him for what seems like ages like a dummy .. He cleared his throat are u OK
Am sorry am fine.. Sure why not let’s dance.. He hold me close to him self I inhaled all him sweet scent. The he whispered into my ears I am melody Williams. brother to the celebrant… If you don’t look closely you will think he kissed me .
Knowing melody was so much fun I can see Lizzy winking at me.. Looking at the the other side is Lydia her face looks like a serpent ready to spit its vermon I don’t care u can have Fred I like willing to date him. Fred has this kind of look on his face like he is jealous or angry but why
The party was going smoothly till I felt tipsy and pressed so I told melody to escort me to the rest room..
Getting to the restroom so many moaning from each door finally I got to the last one thank God it’s empty so I just entered..
Fred’s part
Mimi can’t be with that dude who the hell does he think he is? Where is she I was keeping a close eyes on her now.. Where did she go to.?
Lizzy hands all over me now down to my trousers
I just wanted to say B---h get u filty hands off my d--k.. I gently excused myself straight to the restroom room.. At the extreme end I saw melody
What is he doing here hope he is not with my Mimi?
I will kill him I swear.. Immediately Mimi can out she hold melody and their face was just an inch far from each other I can see melody d--k growing in his trouser.. Boom Mimi kissed him. He didn’t hesitate at all carry her up and drop her on the base of the toilet mirror.. The kiss was so intense..mimi stop and told him to stop but melody won’t he started forcing her that he was so hot
Mimi;s part
I think am drunk. Melody stop he wont. He was already hurting my wrist I was bleeding already blc of his nails Mimi’s part cont
Nobody was paying attention to us some where having 3some.. All where busy f-----g.. I prayed someone should save me an angel should come before this monster rapes me. Really all that guilters are not gold..
Fred parts
I watched melody was struggling with Mimi I wanted to help but she kissed him first why is she complain
Immediately she started screaming someone should help her.. I knew I needed to do something. I took the wooden chair behind the door and rush towards him I hit him hard and punched him several on the stomach he couldn’t get up when he tried getting up again I kicked him below his d--k.. immediately I carried Mimi I love the way she Cling to my shirt like I was some kind of superman. ..
Carring her outside it wasn’t hard for me to locate Lizzy and Eddie I told them am driving her home she said she’s coming too but I told her not to worry I don’t wanna stop her fun.. I have finally gotten a space to a talk to her and be with her alone..
Lydia came there and ask Fred how could he ignore her.. That he is even going home and driving me home.. I felt like giving Lydia 1 hard punch to her face but I couldn’t because I want to be a gentleman in Mimi’s front..I just told her to leave me alone only my tone was enough to Scare her away.
Mimi’s part
I was enjoying everything all I have ever wanted is here holding him so close to myself..inhaling all his beautiful scent.. I wanted to make faces at Lydia too
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Friday, February 15, 2019

the hatred of a family

A young juvenile reacted on instinct, threw off his warm, comfortable covers, jumped up from his bed and put his clothes on. All of this was done in one breath.
At this time most of the family sect disciples and even some of the servants, still slept……
This young person was around 13 to 14 years of age, with a slim body and a childish face. He wasn’t super handsome, but he was still good-looking.
Especially his eyes, they were clear and full of fighting will.
“Just a bit longer and I can reach the 2nd rank of the Martial Path, then I’ll have all those other Zhao family sect disciples shut up.”
This young person’s name was Zhao Feng. Half a year ago, he came from the Green Leaf Village’s Zhao family (side branch family) to the Sun Feather Zhao family sect, relying on his superb performance.
At the Green Leaf Branch, he was a genius for his age and was the first to reach the 1st rank of the Martial Pathway. From then on, he left the life of mortals and stepped into the gateway of cultivation.
At that time, every old person in the village praised him for his talent, saying his future could not be measured…..
His family sect, parents, they all had high hopes for him…..
However, only Zhao Feng knew how many more times the effort he put in compared to his peers, allowing him to become the genius of Green Leaf Village……
Green Leaf Village family…. was one of the main Zhao family sects’ side branch. Every 5 years, there would be 2 people recommended into the main sect.
The person who came with Zhao Feng was “Zhao Xue”, a girl who reached the 1st rank of the Martial Pathway only 2 months after him.
After leaving Green Leaf Village, Zhao Feng was full of fighting will, determined to go to the main Zhao family sect and show off his skills.
However, only after he went to the main Zhao family sect did he realize that he was just a frog at the bottom of a well……
In terms of population, Green Leaf Village Zhao family only had 100 people, with only 7 to 8 people around his own age.
At the main Zhao family however, there were tens of thousands of people, and they controlled large portions of land, mines and resources. Compared to the Zhao family of Green Leaf Village, this family was over a 100 times larger!!!
In the side branch in Green Leaf Village, he was considered a talent, even a genius for some….. Here at the Zhao sect however, he was considered to be one of the lowest level of cultivators for his age, a lowly outer disciple.
In the Zhao sect, there were many youths his age who had broken through to the 2nd rank of the Martial Path. There were even some who were talented, having broken into the 3rd rank. And according to some rumours, some of the families’ geniuses had already broken through to the 4th rank…..
Confronted with this reality, Zhao Feng started to realize that he was nothing compared to them. He was innocently ignorant and small in comparison.
Also, “Zhao Xue”, the beautiful girl who came with him from Green Leaf Village, she slowly became distant from him after entering the Zhao sect. She also interacted more and more with one of the top 3 disciples amongst the outer disciples.
Looking back, when “Zhao Xue” was still at Green Leaf village, she looked up to him in awe and even adored him. However, at that time, Zhao Feng only focused on cultivating, and ignored her
From then on, he became more and more desperate and put in more effort into his cultivation after feeling despair.
He made an oath: that he would take a spot at the top at Sun Feather City in the Zhao sect.
Otherwise, he would never go back to Green Leaf Village!
After washing up, Zhao Feng took a deep breath and then ran towards the family sect’s martial arts field.
“Hah! Hah!” ……..
Zhao Feng took a half step with both fists carrying the wind, and practiced the Zhao sect’s “Flaming Metal Fists”.
“Flaming Metal Fists” was only a core martial art, but Zhao Feng practiced it carefully, polishing it beautifully.
In laymen’s terms, normal martial arts were put into 5 categories: Core, Low, Middle, High, and Peak.
Core martial arts, the lowest of martial arts, were used to strengthen one’s body and blood, the damage dealt by them was very restricted.
Normally, the higher the rank of a martial art, the higher the damage dealt by it would be and the better it would be for cultivating.
However, with Zhao Feng’s side branch identity, as well as having no exceptional talent, it was very hard for him to learn martials arts of a higher rank.
“I have been staying at the 1st rank of the Martial Path for a long time. However, to break through to the 2nd rank, I still lack some time.”
After practicing for a while, Zhao Feng’s face was raining with sweat, and his breathing rate was quick.
Zhao Feng’s talent wasn’t considered bad, the reason why he couldn’t catch up to the others was because he didn’t have martial skills of a higher rank. He also wasn’t rich, like the main family disciples who could buy precious pills to increase their cultivation speed.
Some say a few disciples of the Zhao sect would use these precious pills from birth to strengthen their bodies. Before reaching 10 years of age, they had already broken through the 1st rank of the Martial Path, gaining a certain advantage compared to others.
At the starting line, Zhao Feng was already separated too far from them. Half an hour later, the sun slowly rose into view.
At the martial arts field, some of the Zhao sect disciples slowly but steadily came, and some laughed and played with one another.
However, when their visions landed on Zhao Feng, their eyes suddenly became cold, and some even showed disdain.
This attitude wasn’t just pointed at Zhao Feng alone. The Zhao sect disciples looked down upon everyone who came from the side branches. In front of those who came from the side branches, they felt a certain amount of power!
When Zhao Feng was lost in his thoughts, a sound came whistling from this back: “Little broomstick! Stop there!”
A hand as strong as metal hit him hard on the shoulder.
“It’s you….”
Zhao Feng was caught off balance and almost fell. Luckily, his core skills were good so he steadied himself.
The guy who came was a youth dressed in black. His body was fit and muscular, and he had thick eyebrows. His eyes had a tinge of playfulness inside of them as he looked down upon Zhao Feng who had just steadied himself.
“Zhao Kun! What is the meaning of this?” Zhao Feng had a face full of anger and wanted to hit Zhao Kun.
When Zhao Feng first came to the Zhao sect, the two of them had a little conflict. This was because Zhao Kun was mocking those who came from the side branches and Zhao Feng was dissatisfied with him.
Zhao Kun was a person who took revenge at every possible opportunity, and from then on, when he found Zhao Feng he would humiliate him in every way.
“Zhao Kun! With your strength, if you cannot take this side branch disciple in ten moves, then it would not be cool!”
“Ten moves? Zhao Kun is already at the peak of the 2nd rank of the Martial Path, to fight that kid, I think three moves will be enough!”
“Three moves? If they fight straight on, it will not be that easy!” The disciples nearby said, ready to watch the show. Most people did not care about what happened, so they spoke without restraint.
“Three moves? Hahaha……” Zhao Kun raised his head and laughed with a look of disdain on his face, “You are all looking down on me, Zhao Kun! To beat this kid, I will only need one move!”
Only need one move!
The disciples who were present had looks of shock on their faces.
“One move?”
Zhao Feng’s eyebrows crunched up and his face changed. The anger in his heart also rose again.
He and Zhao Kun only had 1 rank in difference between them. If Zhao Kun did well, maybe he could win in 3 moves. That was true.
However, just 1 move…..
This was a humiliation!
Facing Zhao Kun‘s provocative eyes, Zhao Feng calmed down soon and thought, “I cannot fall into this trap. Even if I live through this one move, he will still humiliate me after.”
Having been at the Zhao sect for half a year, Zhao Feng had been beaten a few times and had learned to bear with it.
“I am quite tired from training today. Let me rest a few days, and then I will fight you.”
Zhao Feng’s face was expressionless and he then left without another word.
His performance gave Zhao Kun who was the same age, a pause.
“Ok, kiddo, I will let you off the hook today, but the next time we see each other, do not forget about today’s ‘1-move battle’.” Zhao Kun’s eyes gave off a cold and cunning feel.
1-move battle?
Zhao Feng’s heart sped up once more, and thought: “It looks like Zhao Kun isn’t going letting me off the hook.”
“I must reach the 2nd rank of the Martial Path soon. Only then can I fight Zhao Kun.” Zhao Feng’s heart tensed up once more.
After leaving the martial arts field, Zhao Feng returned home.
Since Zhao Feng managed to enter the Zhao main family sect, his parents also gained a bit of his “fame” and entered the Zhao sect.
This was supposed to be his parents’ fame.
Zhao Feng however only felt ashamed because his performance at the Zhao sect might make his parents feel disappointed. He might also disappoint those of the older generation who had high expectations of him at the village.
“I am back.”
A deep, calm man walked out. It was Zhao Feng’s father. Zhao Tianyang.
“Feng’er, come quick and have some food!” This was his mother, Zhao Shi, who had a caring look on her face as she brought out some food from the kitchen.
Every time Zhao Feng came home, he was able to feel the warmth and love here.
“Thanks mom….. This tastes so good!” Zhao Feng mumbled through his mouth, which was full of food.
When they ate, Zhao Tianyang and Zhao Shi didn’t speak, as if there was something on their mind.
“Father, Mother, what are you….” Zhao Feng saw that his parents had solemn expressions and looked as if they had something to say. Zhao Tianyang and Zhao Shi looked at one another, and then they took a long sigh.
“Let me say it. Just not long ago, the sect’s higher level sent some people over with a letter.” Zhao Tianyang paused for a moment.
“The sect’s higher level?” Zhao Feng didn’t understand.
Zhao Tianyang had a solemn face and said: “The sect has now made some new rules. If the side branch’s youths cannot break through to the 2nd rank, they will have no right to participate in the ‘family sparring contest’. If…. before the age of fifteen, they cannot reach the 3rd rank, they will be sent back to their branches.”
Zhao Feng’s heart stopped for a second and his face changed dramatically.
The family sparring competition was where all the youths fought to show off their skills. The ones who won would get rich rewards and have a chance to become an inner disciple, who would be fully trained by the family.
Thus, the family sparring competition was a chance to turn into a dragon from a fish for the outer disciples.
If they lost the chance to enter, it was considered to be the same as being thrown away by the sect!
And the rule that made Zhao Feng’s heart cold was the last one – Before the age of 15, those who are not able to achieve the 3rd rank of the martial path, will be sent back to the branch families.
“No, no, this cannot be true….” Zhao Feng’s voice was soft, and both his hands clenched together.
He and his parents wouldn’t have the face to be sent back to the Green Leaf Village.
“This rule is only set towards the side branch disciples.” His mother Zhao Qi had a look of dissatisfaction on her face.
“Mother, Father, it is ok. I will train even harder and reach the 2nd rank of the Martial Path before the family sparring competition.” Zhao Feng clenched his teeth and said while trembling.
“There are still two months left, and to register, you need to sign up a month earlier. To break through to the 2nd rank in a month is probably not easy.”
Zhao Tian Tang shook his head.
Only a month’s time?
Zhao Feng’s eyes were dim as if he fell into darkness.
If there were 2 months left, and he doubled his efforts, there was a 20 to 30 percent chance of success. To breakthrough in a month however, he didn’t have any confidence at all!
After staying silent for a long time, Zhao Shi wiped the corner of her eyes and spoke softly: “Feng’er, it doesn’t matter if you fail…… you still make us proud…. The most that will happen is us returning to Green Leaf village and living a normal life.”
“Yeah! If we return to Green Leaf Village, you will still be the most talented one there – I would rather have you be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix!”
Zhao Tianyang nodded his head in agreement.
Being parents, they would rather have their children be safe, even if their lives would be normal..
Return to Green Leaf village?
Zhao Feng shook his head furiously, “I am not going back to Green Leaf Village to lead a normal life!”
He once swore an oath. To perform well, earn a spot in the Zhao sect and in Sun Feather City, and own his own land.
His heart yearned towards the 9th rank of the Martial Path and the land that lies beyond in the outer world….
How could I be willing to lose and return in this manner?
Zhao Feng restrained himself from crying, screamed, and merely ran out of the house.
“Feng’er! Don’t be stubborn……”
His parents called out.
Suddenly, thunder and lightning howled in the sky and it started raining outside. Zhao Feng kept the despair in his heart, howled back at the sky and ran into the rain. At this time, the lightning shone everywhere, making Zhao Feng’s face light up.
“Not good!”
Zhao Feng felt a pressure bearing towards him, and so, as he looked up he was shocked by what he saw.
From birth, he had never seen such lightning, closely packed together, like a spider’s web.
At that short moment, the lightning above seemed to be under some kind of power, which caused the dimension to crack.
“Sheeeeeeew ——————-”
A black streak came from outer space. It passed through the lightning and caused beautiful ripples to appear that seemed like a dream.
It was impossible to imagine what that “black line” was, it was even able to ignore the power of lightning.
“Pah! Pah!”
Zhao Feng felt his feet go numb, his hair and clothes turn black, and thunder rang in his ears nonstop.
The whole world suddenly went dead silent.
“This is……”
His face was white, looking down at his feet he saw a weird black marble, like an eyeball. It was this item that caused the black line.
“Peng! Peng!”
The eye-like marble seemed like it had life, giving off a thumping sound as it “stared” Zhao Feng right in the eye.
However, the eyeball’s thumping seemed to thump in sync with his own heart, giving Zhao Feng a friendly feeling.
At this moment, he felt some kind of summoning.
“Does this item have life?” He held his breath, ready for any signs of danger. However, before he could move.
The eyeball-like marble turned into an afterimage as it shot into Zhao Feng’s left eye.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!………………………..” Zhao Feng screamed and then fainted.
Before he fainted, he only had one thought: “I’m screwed……… my eye has been blinded!
Not knowing how much time had passed, Zhao Feng started to regain his consciousness, but he was not able to feel his body.
The only thing he felt was the pain coming from his left eye.
Left eye?
Zhao Feng turned cold, and suddenly remembered what happened. Before he fainted, the weird eyeball shaped marble stabbed straight into his left eye.
If there wasn’t any accidents, my left eye might’ve been blinded and can probably be compared with those ugly and berserk “One-eyed dragons”.
When he thought up to here, Zhao Feng had the urge to cry.
There was a sound similar to that of a heartbeat, giving off a familiar and kind feel, resonating from the left eye, which had been punctured.
He thought about his left eye and in that moment, his consciousness merged with his left eye.
His brain suddenly shook and Zhao Feng consciousness went into a pitch black dimension.
“This place is…..”
Zhao Feng had fear for the unknown, and seeing such a weird place was completely outside of his knowledge.
His consciousness was attracted by the faint green light given off from the centre of the pitch black place.
That faint green light seemed so mysterious, and infinitely deep. It slowly spun, as if it had survived from the Ancient times till now, giving people both a feeling of life and eternity.
Zhao Feng consciousness was fully absorbed by it, and was so absorbed that he would not awaken, not until the sky turn old or when the dimension was destroyed.
“The Ancient is broken, and the Ancient Gods slain will turn into a trillion dust…..”
The sigh that came with it seemed so ancient and sad. It reverberated around the pitch black area, as if it came from the Ancient times itself.
“Who’s there!?”
Zhao Feng consciousness swayed, and his whole body turned cold. He surveyed the area but could not see anyone.
That sound seemed to come from the space itself.
“There is a soul in the universe that is perfectly in sync with me? Is this destiny?”
The mysterious voice said to itself.
“Who’s there sneaking around!”
Zhao Feng suppressed his fear and shouted.
“To continue my bloodline of the Eye, you will Rule everyone, control every race. You lucky youngster, do not disappoint me….”
The pitch black area suddenly poured out an Ancient consciousness, which then faded away.
Everything remained calm…….
Zhao Feng took a long breath, but before he could think more, a painful feeling came from his left eye.
Within the room.
The burning sun came through the window.
“Ahhhhh….. My eye.”
Zhao Feng screamed and clutched his left eye which was now swollen red and burned with pain.
At this time, Zhao Feng suddenly woke back up into reality.
This was his room.
Zhao Feng laid on the bed, and his body still had charred pieces from when he was struck by lightning.
At this time, the pain coming from his left eye made him sweat and toss around in the room.
It was good that, as time went, the pain eventually faded away.
“My eye……”
Zhao Feng had a face full of worry, and slowly loosened the grip around his left eye.
He was certain that his left eye could still see the light.
However, when his left eye saw the first ray of sunlight, the strong burn in his eye made him squint, but it still made Zhao Feng let out his breath.
His left eye eventually adapted to the sunlight and could finally see the outside world.
However, the thing that came after made Zhao Feng go into shock.
At that moment, the whole world seemed to have become one of tens of thousands of different colours.
The vision of his left eye made everything seem perfectly clear and beautiful.
Zhao Feng even saw the particles in the air, which certainly wasn’t what normal vision could see.
He even clearly saw ants on a tree 100 metres away, and the veins on a leaf.
“What is going on? My left eye can even……”
Zhao Feng thought about it after the shock passed and revealed some happiness on his face.
He was certain that his left eye had undergone a series of changes and was at least 10 times, or more, stronger than the original eye.
Zhao Feng took out a mirror and looked at it closely, the left eye’s size was the same as before.
The only difference was that the centre of his eye was darker than the original.
And when he fully used his left eye, the eyeball would give off a faint glow of green light.
These changes, although not very obvious, sped up Zhao Feng’s heartbeat.
“Did….. did that mysterious eye merge with my left eye?”
Zhao Feng’s heart was happy but also worried at the same time.
After a while he took a deep breath and walked out his room.
“Feng’er, you did not wake up for one day and one night, do not make me feel worried.”
Zhao Shi saw that her son was all right and was super happy.
“Mother, I am all right! I might even have gotten lucky from this disaster.”
Zhao Feng laughed.
However, his face soon turned, “Wait! Mother, did you say…. That I was unconscious for one day and one night?”
“Yes, that day you were hit by lightning, but the alchemist said that you were just unconscious.”
Zhao Shi wiped her eyes and felt scared by what might have happened.
When they talked, Zhao Feng’s stomach growled, only then did he feel the hunger.
“Come! I will make you some food to eat.”
Zhao Shi went to the kitchen and busied around.
At this time, Zhao Feng kept on using his left eye to observe everything and felt that his body also went through some changes.
The most obvious change was his reaction speed.
When they were eating, Zhao Feng eyes landed upon a fly.
His left eye saw the fly’s flying route, he could even differentiate the gender and he also saw the stripes on its wings.
He waved his chopsticks on instinct.
Suddenly, the humming stopped.
Zhao Feng looked at the fly killed by his chopsticks and laughed deep in his heart.
That felt good!
That felt d--n nice!
Because of his left eye, Zhao Feng’s reaction speed and senses had far surpassed that of normal people.
After eating, Zhao Feng felt full of energy so he walked towards the martial arts field.
He had a feeling, that the change in his left eye could possibly change his life……
His left eye gave off sizzles of heat and after that, also gave off a “peh!peh!” heartbeat sound.
He didn’t know that as the mysterious eyeball merged with him, his bloodline and body was slowly changing.
Martial Arts Field.
Zhao Feng was the same as normal and started to practise his fist core martial arts.
“Hahaha! Zhao Feng, you’re finally here, I thought you’d be a turtle hiding in your shell…..”
A laugh came from the other side of the martial arts field.
D--n it!
Zhao Feng said d--n in his heart and then looked at the muscular Zhao Kun, who was taking big strides while coming over.
He then remembered the “1 move battle” with Zhao Kun.
With Zhao Kun’s laugh, many sect disciples in the martial arts field came gathering around.
“Looks like it cannot be avoided……”
Zhao Feng could only walk over.
“Zhao Feng, get ready. One move! I’ll only need one move to make you go down!”
Zhao Kun’s massive body seemed like a tiger and pressured towards Zhao Feng.
As soon as his words finished.
Using a weird stance, his two hands and body contracted, then like a poisonous snake, gave a dark and creepy feeling.
Zhao Feng felt a chill, as if he was locked onto by a poisonous snake.
“Whoa, it is the high ranked martial art Thirteen changes of the Poisonous Snake!”
From the crowd came an excited shout from someone who recognising Zhao Kun’s move.
“High ranked martial art, how is this possible! Most 2nd rank disciples can only go to the “Martial Arts Library” and get middle rank martial arts, how could Zhao Kun get a high ranked one?”
“You might not know this but Zhao Kun’s grandfather is one of the sect elders……”
“No wonder Zhao Kun has confidence in winning with one move, it is because he’s learned the Thirteen Changes of the Poisonous Snake!”
The disciples around the area all felt chilly, even some of those whose cultivation exceeded Zhao Kun gave him a solemn look.
“It is a high rank martial arts skill.”
Zhao Feng took a cold breath.
At the Zhao sect, disciples under the 4th rank of the Martial Path could only learn low or middle ranked martial arts.
As for Zhao Feng, since he had not even achieved the 2nd rank of the Martial Path yet, he could not enter the sect’s “Martial Arts Library”, so he could not even learn low rank martial arts.
Thirteen Change of the Poisonous Snake was a high rank martial arts skill, and the damage dealt by it was way higher compared to low and middle ranked martial arts, not to mention core rank martial arts.
At this moment, Zhao Kun’s moving hand even gave Zhao Feng a huge pressure, as if he just needed to move and the poisonous snake would attack.
“No wonder Zhao Kun has confidence to take me down in a single move!”
Zhao Feng’s heart sped up, as he knew that, under normal circumstances, he couldn’t take one move from a high rank martial art skill.
And even then, Zhao Kun’s cultivation was higher than his own by 1 rank.
Under the pressure, Zhao Feng felt his left eye move, this gave him an excited feeling.
Zhao Feng now put all of his power into the left eye and set the target on Zhao Kun.
Not one realised that, at this moment, Zhao Feng’s left eye gave off a faint green glow……
Zhao Feng felt like he had gone into super-vision mode. In his vision, Zhao Kun’s body was enlarged, and every change, including his breathing rate, heartbeat, the body’s muscles, veins, they were all seen with his left eye.
And at that moment, the world seemed to slow down by many times.
However, the speed of the world didn’t slow down.
The change was Zhao Feng’s own reaction speed!
Under the pressure, Zhao Feng’s heart felt extremely peaceful and calm.
His opponent, Zhao Kun, got an unknown shiver and had a feeling as if all of his secrets had been seen.
“3rd Change of the Poisonous Snake!”
Zhao Kun had a face full of dimness and used his strongest strike without hesitation. His body was like a poisonous snake, and like lightning, had both extreme speed and power.
In a flash, Zhao Kun 2 fingers were together, and like a poisonous snake’s teeth, slashed through the air as they stabbed towards Zhao Feng.
So fast!
Many of the sects disciples thought.
Many youths of the 2nds rank of the Martial Path did not even manage to see how Zhao Kun moved.
Just as Zhao Kun’s teeth like fingers were about to to hit Zhao Feng.
Suddenly, a strong fist punched through the air, hitting Zhao Kun’s arm, making him fall.
“What happened?”
Zhao Kun felt his mind shudder as his body turned stiff due to shock, his arm turning numb.
His fingers, which were only half an inch away from Zhao Feng’s chest, could not move forward another bit.
Zhao Kun’s stomach suddenly felt pain as he was sent flying out with a scream.
“What happened!?”
All of the disciples shouted in shock.
“One move, you’ve lost…
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