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Friday, February 8, 2019

a trip to canada

Nelson waved to his children and went to board his plane back to America. He almost smiled, but couldn’t. His children didn’t know what they were in for. He only hoped thing’s happened the way he expected
It has not been easy convincing his wife. She was scared that their children will be damaged and they will never forgive them. He believe differently. He knew they might cursed them if they grow up spoilt and life has to train them through tough ways
He had made his decision to send his children to Nigeria after he had caught Brian experimenting with Marijuana. He had gotten weak in his knees and knew he had to take extreme measures when Brian’s excuse had been
“But dad,everyone is doing it!”
Brian was only fourteen
Nelson wondered what else everyone would be doing and Brian would have to follow, or what Christiana will decide to do when she starts noticing everybody doing something wrong.
He couldn’t take the chance’s on the life of his kids.
“But we can train them from here. We only have to be more firm and careful”
His wife Chioma had argued.
“We don’t have to send them to Nigeria”
“You know the methods used here is not what made us responsible adults today. I’m not saying it’s ineffective, I’m only saying we don’t know how to use it, and it’s affecting the kids”.
Nelson argued back. He was afraid.
“But they are our children, God gave them to us, we can train them ourselves…”
“And we will! Let them just go there and see another facet of life, then we will bring them back”.
Chioma was quiet, Nelson knew she was thinking
“How long will they be there for?”
Chioma finally asked
“I’m thinking three years” Nelson replied back. Chioma bit her lip. Nelson had to give her a chance to think: They were also her children.
“Okay I agree” She said.
That was three months ago.
As Nelson sat down, waiting for the time of his flight. He hoped he made the right decision.
“Dear lord please let this turn out good”. He prayed, just as they annouced his flight.
Brian woke up with a start. He looked at his wrist watch, it was only 5 am. Who was singing so early? He plugged his ears with his earpiece and tried to go back to sleep.
“Brian! Christiana! It’s time for morning devotion”
His grandmother called out.
“Morning what?”
Brian thought. His dad didn’t tell him about this. He hoped this was not going to happen every morning
“Brian! Christiana!”
His grandfather called out this time.
Brian quickly got dressed and ran downstairs, meeting Christiana on his way down. She also look surprised, but not angry. She didn’t say anything. The devotion lasted for forty-five minutes making Brian angrier.
As they stood up to go back to their rooms and catch up on some sleep, their grandmother called them back.
“Brian, Ifeanyi, can’t you greet? And you Ozioma, where are you hurrying back to? In this house you greet your elders, so it is morning, and you should say good morning”
Ozioma got herself first
“Good morning”, and Ifeanyi followed
“Good morning to you too. Next time you say good morning ma or sir as the case maybe. Now go and greet your grandfather and come back for your morning chores”.
The duo stopped on their way to greet their grandfather.
“Morning chores?”
They echoed. They had chores back in America. But they did them when they liked.
“Yes morning chores. Hurry up!”
They hurried up and before they knew it, the sleepiness was gone from their eyes. By 7am, Ifeanyi had swept the compound and watered the plants while Ozioma was setting the table for breakfast. She had just learnt how to make akara.
They soon discovered they had afternoon and evening chores also. For the first time in a really long time Ifeanyi slept off the moment his head touched the pillow. He had to wake up by 5 in the morning.
The next morning after devotion, Ifeanyi decided that there won’t be a replay of what happened the day before. He had rights too. So when he was told to do his morning chores, he went back to sleep dragging Ozioma along.
“We are going to get into trouble”
Ozioma warned. She didn’t want any punishment.
“What will they do? Send us back to America? Isn’t that the best thing?”
Brian said, he had never like the idea of coming to stay in Nigeria.
“They may do something else”
Ozioma reasoned.
“Something else like what? Go back to bed. At least I am” he said as he entered his room and went back to bed.
“Ifeanyi! Ozioma! Come down here now!”
His grandmother called. Ifeanyi ignored. He feigned sleep. He had to be strong or he knew he’d be doing this for the next three years. There was silence.
“Didn’t you hear your grandmother calling?”
The voice of his grandfather sounded behind him tight inside his room. He quickly turned. When did he get here?
“Before the count of five I want you downstairs with your sister doing your chores. One!”
He looked at his grandfather and saw him staring at him calmly. There was a daring look in his eyes
Ifeanyi quickly got up from the bed and went to fetch Ozioma who was already waiting for him at her door, fear written all over her.
“Don’t worry”, he told her, “I will find a way to stop this. Even if…”
“Are you downstairs yet? Four!”
“Lets go”
Ifeanyi concluded, rushing downstairs with Ozioma close behind him. As he watered the plants, he told himself he had to do something.
“Tomorrow is another day”, he thought as he begans weeping “I will win this”.
The next morning, Ifeanyi decided that he wouldn’t go back to bed. After devotion, where he was sure his grandmother was talking directly to him, when she say’s ‘The bible warns children to respect elders and obey their parents’, he went behind the house and sat down playing his Nintendo.
“Brian, go and do your chores! You are going to piss off granny and grandpa”. Ozioma warned. She didn’t see anything so wrong in doing chores. She loved peace.
“That will be okay. I hope to piss them off well enough so they will send us back”. Ifeanyi responded without looking up from his game
“I don’t think that’s going to happen”. Ozioma said and left him to go and do her morning chores.
“What are you doing here gbo Ifeanyi?” His grandfather asked. But Ifeanyi ignored him and continue playing his game.
“It’s rude to ignore someone talking to you especially when the person is an older person asking you a question”. His grandfather asked again. Ifeanyi ignore him again
“Okay young man, hand over the game”.
“What? I will do no such thing!”
Ifeanyi shouted and turned back to keep playing.
“Hand the game over now, and get to your chores, or I’m going to have to show you that you are not too old to be disciplined”.
“You won’t dare lay a finger on me”, Ifeanyi shouted standing up and facing his grandfather “I know my….”
Ifeanyi didn’t get to finish the sentence, as a stinging slap from his grandfather stopped him mid-way. He didn’t believe it
“You slapped me? You are going to regret it. You will….”
Another slap on the other cheek brought immediate tears to his eyes, shutting him up in shock.
“Good. Now you are silent you will listen to me. I am taking your nintendo and you have to write a letter of apology before you show up at the dinning table for breakfast. Don’t make me look for you again”.
Ifeanyi angrily wiped away tears as he swept the compound. He didn’t expect his grandfather to slap him. He quickly finished his chores and took his bath. He remained silent throughtout the meal, only saying thank you after he finished eating.
He walked back to his room, wondering what to do. He wished he could call his mother, but they refused to get him a phone, saying he was too young to have one. He was fourteen for goodness sakes. Fourteen!
He remembered he had an apology letter to write, so he got down to it. A knock on his door drew his attention. It was christiana.
“Come in”, he invited. She was the only person he wanted to see.
“What are you writing?” She asked as she came into his room.
“You looked gloomy at the dining. What happened to you?”
“Grandfather slapped me. Twice!”
“Ouch! That must have hurt. I’m sorry, but I heard you threatening him. That was not so wise. You know he is bigger and older and stronger than you”, Ozioma was in her lecture mode. Ifeanyi hated her when she lectured him, though she was usually right.
“Is that all you have to say? Just forget it I’m going to find a way to end all these”.
“Don’t do anything stupid. Grandpa and granny are not so bad. Anyway, I came to let you know that we will be starting soon in two weeks time. I have to go, it’s time to start preparing lunch”.
Ifeanyi was shocked.
“You are enjoying this right?”
“At first I didn’t, but there’s nothing to it. I’m just learning. And I enjoy grandma’s company”.
“Yeah. Whatever. Leave my room”
“Yes sir” Ozioma said, bowing mocklingly as she left.
Ifeanyi processed the information. He got back to writing his letter as he made another plan.
“Do you think I acted too hard by slapping him?”
Joshua asked his wife of fifty-five years as he got ready for bed
“I’m too old for this. I feel like calling Nelson to come and take his kids. I was hoping to have fun with them, but Bri..Ifeanyi is proving to be a handful”.
Salome smiled at her husband. The husband she knew would have been ready to slap an insolent child and here he was, wondering. If he was to hard in disciplining one. Truly they were getting old.
“Maybe you shouldn’t have slapped him, maybe you did right. We won’t alway’s know, but what is important is that we do everything in their best interest and off course ask the holy spirit to lead”. She replied sounding like the counsellor she was.
“I pray for them. I do. But I don’t want to repeat the mistakes I made with Nelson. He thinks we trained him well, but he has no idea how much to his training was done by the holy spirit. I almost lost him with my hot temper”.
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my best friend is a witch

“My first day in C.H.S was partly fun and
boring, the teachers only came into the
class to
introduced themselves and their subjects,
day was fun because I was doing the
answers to
the teacher’s questions and that had made
more popular and known by the teacher.
The bell
was rang for closing time, I picked up my
polythene bag and hurried to the bus stop, I
entered the bus only to find out that I was
next to the give I mistakenly decanted her
earlier that day…
“Hello scholar.” She greeted smiling.
“Hi.” I replied faking a smile.
“Where are you heading to?” She asked as
moved closer to me.
“Home, of course.” I replied feeling
“Oh, I am also going home. But where are
living?” She asked smiling.
“Starlab Road.” I replied smiling.
“Oh! I also live there.” She replied
“Really?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes..”She replied gladly.
“Make una pay your money, no change o, I
you before you enter o.” The conductor
announced with some kind of gruff and
voice which I guess is due to smoking.
“Can I pay your transport fare?” I asked
“Sure, it’s your duty.” She replied jovially.
“My duty?” I asked confusingly.
“Just pay.” She replied as she hit my
and I paid the transport fare of the both of
“Scholar, can I know you more than this?”
requested with a humorless impression
on her face.
“Sure.. but can I request for two things from
you?” I questioned smiling.
“Okay, hope it is something I gave give?”
replied showing some kind of puerile
and movements.
“Dirty mind.” I thought as I gave out a
“Can you please stop addressing me as
‘scholar’?” I requested facing her.
“No…” She replied laughing.
“But why, it is something you have and you
grant me.” I riposted immediately.
“Because you are indeed a scholar, don’t
know those girls in the class are already
you?” She replied looking eyes in eyes with
“Oh God!” I exclaimed unhappily.
“You second request?” She asked smiling.
“I’m sorry for what ha…” I tried to beg but
restrained me from coming down with my
“Sssshhh… forget that please.” She paused.
could notice the change in her mood
“What’s wrong?” I asked astonishingly.
“Nothing (smile)… can I know you more?”
replied as she gave out a wonderful smile.
“Okay… (clear throat), I am Olamilekan
Jeff…” I
paused unwillingly.
“Oh, so you’re my father’s namesake.” She
“I am Jeff Cynthia.” She replied smiling.
“Oh! Nice knowing that.” I replied jollily.
“You welcome.” She paused.
“Less I forget, what about your friend? He is
in the bus, or he is not living…” Cynthia
pragmatic but I barged into her statement.
“We live in the same street; he is even my
neighbor…” I paused.
“But why is he not here?” Cynthia asked
“He has to branch at his mother’s shop,
that means there is no Lunch for him this
afternoon. I suppose to wait for him but he
is a
kind of a lethargic guy, beside, he has a
crush for
a girl around that vicinity, I guess he is
will have to stay with his mother till evening
because of his crush.” I concluded and I
see that Cynthia is really engrossed by my
“Okay, that’s not bad; it is just that I hate
guy at first sight.” She blasted showing
kind of disgusting face.
“Then you have to hate me too.” I darned.
“No o… okay I will like him later.” She
“This girl is funny o, you will like someone
I replied smiling.
“What about your girlfriend or let me put it
plural form, ‘your girlfriends’?” She asked
“Hmmm… hmmm.” A commuter mewed.
“Weldone o.” The commuter sitting next to
greeted in parable.
“Oga, una no tell me say person we don
two love bird for this bus…” The Conductor
uttered jokingly.
“Audu, can you please shut that gutter you
call a
mouth, leave them alone. Don’t you know
was how met my wife inside a bus, so
can happen they are now big boy and girl.”
driver cautioned Audu but the whole bus
rented with laughter at the concluding part
the driver’s statement.
I was speechless and dumbstruck, I looked
Cynthia; our eyes collided, she smile and
look at
another direction.
“Driver, I am dropping at the last bus-stop.”
broadcasted loudly.
We got to the last bus-stop and we all
from the bus, I look around the vicinity and
seems there is light.
“Cynthia, I have to go now, it seems there is
light.” I uttered facing Cynthia.
“Okay, where is your house?” Cynthia
“You can’t know my house it is a bit far and
it is
really hard to portray.” I replied faking a
“Okay, no problem, since you don’t want me
know your house.” Cynthia replied with a
“Not like that, it is just that…” I tried to
but she barged in.
“Yeeee! I’m finish today, my uncle.” She
expressed serenely.
“I looked at the direction she was looking
and I
saw a hefty man in armless and a three-
jean, he was walking towards us.
“Go!” Cynthia barked.
“No I’m not leaving, let me greet him?” I
“No… just go, I know what I’m saying, please
leave.” She begged wailing.
“Cynthia!” I exclaimed surprisingly when I
that she is in tears.
“Cynthia, what are you doing here?”
uncle barked with a heavy and deep voice.
“G..oo..d a..f.f..f….” She stammered looking
“What are you doing here?” He roared. I
staggered backward on hearing his loud
“Good afternoon sir.” I greeted kneeling
“How’re you?” Cynthia’s uncle responded
“I’m fine sir.” I responded smiling.
“What’re you doing here with her?” He asked
facing me.
“Sir, she’s my classmate and we boarded a
together, we just alight from the bus and I
about taking my leave when she told me
you’re coming here…” I responded boldly and
“Thank you, Cynthia meet me at home.” Her
uncle commanded and left.
“Okay sir.” Cynthia replied smiling.
“Ola… you really save me today, I own you a
thanks, let me take my leave before he
his mind.” Cynthia concluded and took to
heel eastwardly.
Cynthia seems to be bad at first sight but
she is
indeed a friend. She is funny, jovial, lively
vivacious. She is very beautiful and pretty;
prettiest in my class, she is a gem, a rare
gem of
its kind. She is light in complexion, she has
rounded face and pointed nose, and her big
eyebrow is something to be talk about, they
her face a beautiful and attractive look.
“Ola! Ola!!” A faint, velvet voice called from
behind. I turned back only to find out the
was A faint, velvet voice called from
behind. I turned back only to find out the caller
was Anita.
“Anita!” I called surprisingly from a distance.
“Ola, I have been running after you for a while,
you don’t even notice I was trailing you.” She
explained heaving a heavy sigh of relief.
“I’m so sorry about that, so what up?” I
apologized and also bring up a discussion.
“I’m fine, you?” She questioned smiling.
“Good, how was school today?” I requested
returning the smile.
“Boring and dreary…” She paused, moisturizing
her cracked lips… “Ola, my joy knew no bound,
word can’t express how appreciative and
thankful I am to you. If not for you, I doubt I will
pass my WAEC exam, and you also prepare me
well for my entrance examination desp…” She
expressed happily but with a teary eye, I barged
into her words and restrained her from
concluding her statement.
“All thanks belong to God, Anita. I know God
doesn’t do something without a reason but I
think it is my duty to help you academically,
beside you are also helping me indirectly
because it was proclaimed that ‘anyone helping
other is indirectly helping himself or herself’ so, I
see no reason why you should thank me, we are
friend and what’re we friends for if I can’t help
you.” I riposted smiling.
“Ola! You always amaze me, you’re truly one in a
million, you’re such a darling and you are unique.
Thank you for being my friend and thank you for
always been there for me.” Anita spoke softly as
she moved closer to me, I moved an inch
backward but she held me by my hand and gave
me a hug. I was shocked at first but on feeling
that her chest on mine, I was lost in thought. I
closed my eye slowly and I left this world for the
world of imagination.
The sun was shining to her glory and the breeze
from the ocean could be felt on the body, the
nature was dearly beautiful and inviting. I could
see Anita and myself playing soothingly at the
Suddenly, an earsplitting voice could be heard
from a distance. ‘What’s going on there?’ Behold
it was my mother, she questioned surprisingly in
an alarming tone, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
Her alarming and disquieting voice brought me
back from the world of imagination. I swiftly
disengage myself from Anita like a greased
lightning. I felt cold instantly, I was shivering and
shaking at a spot, I was motionless and
speechless. I don’t know how my brain knew
that I am in the midst of trouble that it
summoned the sweat gland to discharge as
much sweat as it can, my school uniform was
shook with sweat.
“My God, Ola…” Mama uttered in agape.
“Good afternoon ma.” Anita and I greeted in
“What’s good about the afternoon? Tell me,
what’s good about this afternoon. You’re here at
hugging each other at your age…” Mama blasted
“Mama, is not like that…” I tried to defend but I
was restrained by two thunderous and deafening
slaps from my mother {you know those kind of
slap that when received one will be seeing
stars}. I held my cheeks in pain.
“Meet me at home.” Mama finalized as she
angrily leaves for home. I ran after her and she
succeeded in forcing into the house. There, I
received the beating of my life. I couldn’t eat
that afternoon. Even if I am to eat, who will give
me the food? I was also force to sleep with a
rumbling stomach. I could feel the worms in my
stomach wrestling each other for the leftover
particles in my stomach. They was like ‘bro, this
is unfair o, since morning we no see anything
from you’
I wake up earlier than before; 4:20am. I say my
prayer and take my bath. Mama was sleeping. I
polish my sandal with water and I wore my
uniform. By 6:00am, I am ready for school, I left
my room for Mama’s room, I wake her up and
she responded, I greet her but she replied half-
“Mama, I am so sorry for yesterday. Anita is just
my friend, we are just friend and nothing more.
Mama, I hope you can forgive me.” I paused with
teary eyes.
“Ola, I understand your stands. I know Anita very
well, she is a very good girl and she love
learning. She may not be academically upright
but she is morally brilliant. Ola, I am just doing
my duty as a mother, if I did not correct you
yesterday, you may feel you are doing the right
thing, you’re no more a kid, you’re a teenager
and I am very sure you must be noticing some
changes in yourself, including your feelings and
behaviors. You will find it really hard not to love
girls. You will love you do things your friend and
age mate are doing. You will love to have a
girlfriend and feel on-top of the world. You will
love you to be more neat and efficient to arouse
and attract girls. But all this are of no gain or
benefit, everything is with time and I know you
know about the adage that says ‘do the right
thing at the right time’. Please, my dear, don’t let
my effort be in vain. I understand everything
yesterday but please caution yourself, and don’t
fall a victim of love like I do.” Mama explained
and finalized. She embraced me.
“Let me warm your food for you.” She said
I rushed the delicious rice and fish stew, I picked
up my bag and I remembered the money the
principal gave me yesterday, I gave the money to
Mama and I explained how I got the money. By
7:00, I left the house for the bus-stop, but on
getting to the bus-stop, I saw what really
amused and surprised me I left the house for the bus-stop, but on getting
to the bus-stop, I saw what really amused and
surprised me.
I saw Anita and Cynthia talking, chatting and
“Oh! My God… so they know each other.” I
exclaimed opening my mouth in agape, but was
forced to close by a flying insect that want to
make my mouth its rest point.
I thought for a while and I conclude to hide so
that they can go or separate before I leave. I
was about turning when I heard Daniel calling
“Ola… nawa for you, you can’t even call your
friend that you’re ready for school.” Daniel said
in Pidgin English.
“Which kind intrudant be this naw.” I thought
angrily but faking a smile.
“No mind me jare, u no say if I come to your
place, you may still be eating or doing something
and I won’t want to leave you, I will have to wait
but it is quite unfortunate that I can’t be a
perpetual late-comer like you.” I replied in pidgin
but concluded in English and jokingly.
“Daniel, look at that witch with my girlfriend.”
Daniel uttered pointing at Cynthia and Anita.
“Girlfriend?” I asked in disbelief.
“Not like that, I love Anita wholeheartedly but
she seems not to like me, she doesn’t even like
talking with me…” Daniel paused reading my
seriousness but he was surprised because I
heaved a heavy sigh of relief which he interpret
as something else.
“Are you dating Anita?” Daniel asked
“You’re not serious… Anita is just my friend and
you know that.” I defended but not sincerely.
“But why did you heave when I said that I am not
dating her?” Daniel questioned distrustfully.
“emm… I don’t pray she fall in the hand of player
like you; you know Anita is my best friend.” I lied
faking a smile.
The truth is that, I really love Anita but I don’t
know how to tell her, I am not courageous with
that but I am also beginning to have feelings for
Cynthia. Cynthia is prettier than Anita in
appearance but I love both of them. Now the
equation is totally unbalance because I guess
Anita and Cynthia are friend and I sense they
both have feelings for me. Hope I am not in the
midst of trouble?
“Okay… I accept you lies o, but please if you
have feelings for Anita, please, keep it to yourself
because I can’t afford to lose that damsel to
anyone not even you. I must date that girl.”
Daniel replied and cautioned faking a smile to
cover his moody face.
“You’re not serious.” I replied trying to be
“Let wait for a minute, that witch (pointing to
Cynthia) is entering that bus, and I can’t be in
the same bus with her.” Daniel uttered showing
her hatred for Cynthia.
“She is friendly and lively, she just appeared to
be bad at first. We entered the same bus
yesterday even we sat next to ourselves; we talk
on a lot of things…” I tried to defend but Daniel
barged in.
“I sense love things o, be dating Cynthia and
leave my Anita alone…” Daniel uttered laughing
but unfinished.
“Can’t you be serious once?” I asked angrily.
“Don’t you love her?” Daniel asked laughing.
“Love… I know you can’t be serious.” I replied
and I hit Daniel playfully.
“Let go, you girlfriend has left with another bus.”
Daniel riposted laughing.
Daniel and I boarded a bus going to school, the
bus was speeding hazardously at 100km/h, the
commuters were complaining about the driver
recklessness but he turn deaf ear to their nags.
Shortly, the driver parked near a broke-down bus,
the bus Cynthia boarded earlier. The other driver
pleaded with our driver to help to transport some
of his passengers. Luckily, Cynthia was among
those that were able to secure a sit inside our
bus. Unfortunately, she was sitting next to Daniel
at the second role while I was at the third role.
“Good morning Daniel.” Cynthia greeted with
smile all over her face.
“Hold your greeting, greet you guy, he is at your
back.” Daniel replied angrily.
“Daniel… you’re such an irritating guy.” Cynthia
“Na you sabi.” Daniel riposted facing another
side. Cynthia turned backward and greets me. I
answered her greeting earnestly.
“Ola, what’s wrong with you, your eyes are
swollen.” Cynthia observed keenly.
“Daniel, see your life, and you call yourself a
friend, a friend that doesn’t know something
happened to his friend, shame on you.” I blasted
but insincere. I was formulating the lies to give
to Cynthia to cover the truth, just then a lie
bounce into my brain and it happen to be the
best out of all the lies I formulate.
“I was working overnight and I had little sleep.” I
replied smiling.
“I’m very sure you read overnight… scholar.”
Cynthia replied buying my lie.
“If you say so.” I replied laughing.
Shortly, we got to the school around 7:34am.
The assembly has commenced and the National
Anthem had been sung. Daniel, Cynthia and I
were the first three late comers caught by the
gate prefects, we were asked to pick the litters
and garbage round the school premises. It was
Tuesday so late-comers are either beaten by the
disciplinary teacher or they are asked to pick
litters and debris. I disposed the litters I picked
into a dustbin and I carried my bag and left for
the classroom. On getting to the class, I met
Daniel and Cynthia sited in the class, I was
confused because I saw their bag at the gate, I
did the holy trinity, and I mustered some courage
to go into the class. Mrs. Frank Anita {the class
teacher} was already in class calling the daily
register. I greeted her and she asked me why I
came late to the school. I can’t say this is the
exact reason why I came late, it appear to me
that the angels incharge of time deliberately
swift the time faster than before.
The class teacher rains some abuses on me.
“You’re the monitor of this class and you are
coming late to school, what nonsense?” She
barked on top of her voice.
I pleaded with her and she later concurs with my
pleading. She asked me to go to my sit and
prepare the list of noise maker she asked me to
write the day before today, I shiver in fear
because I don’t write list.
“Ma, no one make noise yesterday, so I couldn’t
write any name.” I responded showing some kind
of sorry face.
“Just go and sit down, unserious element… you
can’t last with your post, I will make sure I give
it to a more reliable student” She blasted and I
ran to my sit cautiously.
Shortly, a pretty damsel came into the class, she
was neat in her well-ironed uniform and white
and stainless socks and her glowing-polished
brown sandal. She greeted the class teacher and
she respond to her greeting intently. She jokingly
asked the girl why she came late and the damsel
give excuses that she has been in the school for
a while but she couldn’t locate the class. The
girl smile and her dimple were exposed and a set
of white and well-brushed teeth which I guess
can be an advertisement for Close-up.
“Class…” Mrs. Frank Anita yelled softly so as to
gain the attentions of the students.
“I am using this medium to introduce a new
member of this class to everyone of you. She is
John Princess by name. she came all the way
from Lagos to school in this great school, she
was the best in her school during her junior
classes days, scoring at least eleven distinctions
in her exams of twelve subjects.
“Ehn!” Some students murmured in doubt. And
the whole class was turned into market place
because they doubt the teacher statement.
“Quiet!” The teacher screamed loudly, restoring
the class back to its calmness.
“As I was saying, so I guess she is the most
brilliant student in this class, so respect her and
emulate her… You (pointing to Daniel) stand up
from there and sit with those girls (pointing to
the two girls sitting behind me). Princess go and
join those two at the front sit (pointing to me
and Anita)… you can ask her anything you don’t
know concerning your primary assignment in this
school (wholly directing her statement to me and
Anita but partly the whole class)… see you later
and face your study.” Mrs. Frank elucidated,
commanded and concluded.
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why i dont like friends

Today is the day, I don’t care what anybody has to say or think about me especially Kala, Victor or Kala’s friends, I escaped from him, and found a new life for myself, he’s only bitter because he couldn’t succeed in getting me to bed, that’s his own lost, because with God on my side i can scale a wall. I know he will want to get back at me any way he can but i wasn’t scared of him one bit,
I stood there like a waitress just as Victor has instructed me, the mini party turns out to be a large party, as friends who has being looking for a way to come to Victor’s house trip in like ants,
eating, drinking and even demanding for more food after the one i prepared with the help of Joe got finished, ladies were around too, some even came with their swimming wears, to swim at the pool,
I tried not to look at Kala who was surrounded by two ladies, he later beckoned on me, I pretend not to notice him, one of the staff tapped me and pointed at him, I sighed and went to answer him, he asked me to go and get food for one of the ladies who he claims hasn’t eaten, I told him politely that the food has finished but there’s drinks and meat, he asked me to get the meat, I left to do that.
I wish the madam of the house was around, she traveled since yesterday with her daughter Ujunwa, if she was around all this partying and noise everywhere, with almost naked ladies and guys at the pool doing rubbish wouldn’t have happened, Victor knows better and host his friends when his mom was away, I always feel safe and confident when she’s around, Victor also limit the way he treats everyone when she’s in the house,
now, I have no saviour, just Joe and others who kept helping me out when i need help.
As i left to get the things he requested, I noticed he stood up and followed me, I called Joe who was looking out for me to walk with me and he did, Kala hurried up to me as i entered inside, and ask Joe in an angry tone to step aside, Joe hesitated and moved away, he stood where i can always see him,
“you actually think you are smart… In your mind you were very smart by escaping from me right? Coming to work for my friend behind my back, without even a thank you for accommodating you.. And everything, You are an ungrateful fool, so you are working as a cook here…hmmm, who even thought you how to cook, which cattery school did you go or you lied to them that you are a caterer, look at you working for the wealthy and famous…a club girl like you…prostituting yourself at the club…you see…you are right here in the palm of my hand…i can go out there and tell Victor that you are my w---e…and tell him all the lies i can think of and he will believe me, and you will be back to the street where you belong..scumbag like you… I asked you politely to give me what i wanted…next time i won’t be polite i will take it by force…that will be your payment for the period i accommodated you and i will even lie that you stole my money… I called you severally and you were ignoring my calls, a whole Kala…i knew i will see you soon, is just to initiate a friendly meeting here and i never stop disturbing Victor until he agrees and here we are… No hiding place for you…Tracy or whatever your name is, I heard you stole a huge amount from the club where you use to work and they sack you and your identity was revealed as a village mbeke feeling funki, your friend ejected you from the house and you ended at mine and wanted to outsmart me…i met your friends at the club and, the one they call Ada told me everything, your total history.. Is just for me to walk up to Victor and tell him all about you and you will be gone, is even better now that his mum and sister are not in the house so no one will save you… You will be gone by the time they return and you will end up in the street where i will do whatever i like with you…
“Kala, number one thing you need to know is that my name is Obianaujunwa and yes I’m a village girl feeling tush, very proud of it, number two thing, this one is very important, is that I’m not afraid of you…Your threats are empty to me…or it pained you that you didn’t succeed with me like you do with other girls…sorry oo… I know how pained you are but if you can’t bear it anymore you can go and hug transformer…i don’t care, and take this message back to Ada and the rest, tell them to find any hard intertwined rope and hang their self and you can follow them and do the same…i don’t care…you are a loser Kala, and I’m not scared of you or anybody…idio…
Before i can complete my last insult he held me so tight with one hand, his nails was digging into my flesh, he raised the other hand to slap me but just as Joe who had being watching us from where he stood try to rushed to my aid, a strong voice came from the door and it was Victor, Kala on hearing Victor’s voice lowered his hand to my face and pretended as if he was romantically picking pimples from my face still holding me so tight with the other hand and pretending to be in a romantic conversation with me, he brought his face closer to mine and i pushed him off and try to take my wrist that was already on fire from his hard hands
“what’s going on….can some one explain what’s happening here…
“yes sir….i can explain…your friend is trying to hurt Uju….he was trying to attack her…
Joe said still looking at Kala who was smiling sheepishly….i shouted for him to let go of my hand and he dogged even deeper and looked at me with those wicked eyes of his while still smiling…
“Kala, you heard her, let her go now… And you shouldn’t be here…you supposed to be outside Kala…
He quickly released me at Victor’s warning… And turn to face him, I tried to massage my hand he just released with my other hand as i rob it trying to suppress the pain,
“uuuhh….forgive my manners Victor, I have missed her so much and was just asking her why she walk away without a goodbye after she proclaimed her love for me and promise never to leave me I was only heart broken that she could leave me shattered….nothing else…. What you saw was just a romantic gesture, just trying to hug her…it was only misinterpreted by the young man over there….sorry for crossing My boundary…Victor….i will just leave now
“Kala, the show doesn’t look so romantic to me, whatever you want to settle with her should have waited until her off day, not now.”
I’m leaving now, I will probably see her on her off day…..please sweetie try and call me during your off…..i have really missed you” Kisses”
He turned to me and said the last thing with a frown and blow me a kiss with his mouth, as he held to the door, i faced Victor who just stared at me for sometime, he tried to say something and quickly stopped, he looked at Joe before turning to leave, leaving me and Joe standing there,
I didn’t serve again as Joe decided to help me finish, I went straight to my room without a single scare of Kala the only person i worry about was Victor, i still remember the way he looked at me I don’t know what that means for me but his looks makes me feel butterflies spark in my stomach,
I wish his mum and sister were around….i know he can’t do anything to me except maybe scold me for not heeding to his warning…..
I’m just waiting as i tried to freshen up, I was seriously tired, biko let me rest, I will continue work tomorrow i know Joe will take care of things for me.
I warned you before hand…I told you i don’t want you and him acting any romantic movie around this house, you should focus on what you are asked to do…. But you disobeyed…the food you made wasn’t enough after i asked you to make enough food that I was expecting my friends..what is wrong with all of you in this house…you all hardly listen to instructions…you are being paid enough money and yet i will still be repeating myself every time… I don’t even know what my mom sees in you before employing….you, you suppose to be professional at what you do…you have three years experience…you told me that yourself..for crying out loud, you don’t need to be told what to do…
“but sir..your friends where more than the expected…and the…
“shut up, I’m still talking…don’t ever cut me off when I’m still speaking.. Don’t ever try it… Let this be your last warning…all of you in this house are just so annoying…
He waved me off to leave, this was after his party, the next day when he asked me to report to his room for questioning, I already knew what awaits me so i was prepared, after the whole shouting and scolding I returned to the kitchen,
The next day the mother came back and the house was hot, I don’t know how she got to know about all that has being going on in her absence but i wasn’t the one that told her, although i would have love to anyway, is probably Joe that filled her in, I was hearing noise coming from down stairs, I have retire for the night so i was in my room about to hit my pillow, the noise was sounding like a quarrel, I quickly wear back my night rob and ran down stairs
“…I have practically done everything for you Victor…everything a mother could do…i gave you the best education and sent you out for your master degree so that after everything you will be ready both mentally and Physically…what haven’t i done for you….no tell me..answer me Victor I’m asking you a question…is this how you want to live your life…after all your education and personality you still will not have sense…those your friends you hang out with tell me any positive thing they have contributed to your life…you go out anytime you like and comes back at your own will…you care less about anyone except your self….i didn’t dedicate my life raising a fool.. I raised a son who will fear and love both God and humanity, who will be willing to serve others and accept everyone and anyone, treating the poor and the rich alike…I didn’t raise a son who treat his workers like slaves and ignore those that need help…i raised a son that will be humble, patient and forgiven…that’s the way i raised you after your father died…do you think he will be proud of your life style if he was alive…why are you so different from the boy i trained so well with my hand…look at your sister…she has never given me reason to worry.. What happened to you…because you are not acting like a man i bore, the boy that suckled from my b----t…you are a total stranger…i was also told one of your friends harassed Uju…after you made her act like a waitress… You over stressed the poor girl as if that wasn’t enough your so called friend harassed her in this house and you didn’t do anything or even show remorse…the innocent girl didn’t mention anything to me…probably she was afraid of what you will do to her because you are gradually turning yourself into monster that everyone should be afraid of… God have mercy on you for giving me reason to worry all the time…i call for prayer every morning…you will not come down from your room and join the morning devotion, just because you are probably bigger than the God that gave you life ..yes… If you respect God you will be part of the people worshiping him every morning…i raised a better son not this prideful, unrepentant, unforgiving, unloving man standing before me…
“mom…I’m sorry…it won’t happen again…please calm down, I’m a man and i can make my own decisions…please mum stop shouting the staffs are watching you talk to me in this manner…i..
“shut up..don’t tell me to calm down because i have being calm for too long…i have watch you treat everyone around you like they are trash…i have listen to you question me on my decision to be nice to people…those staff as you call them all has a name…and is high time you learn their name and stop addressing them by what they do…the cook, the one your useless friends harassed is your sister name sake…i haven’t heard you before address any one here by name and you should start doing that and I know you are a man start acting like it and stop acting like a spoilt boy because i know that i raised my son better than that… I don’t want to see those your unreasonable friends here again, they were all lucky because i wasn’t around…
I just listened as mummy shouted and scold i saw that she was disappointed and angry with Victor who just sat there with his head bow…the sister Ujunwa was also there but was obviously angry with his brother too.. When his mum was done she asked him to leave her presence he tried apologizing again to her but she waved him off, he passed me with an angry face but never looked up as he went to his room…the mum turned and called me to come, she asked me if i was hurt from the attack by Victor’s friend, I told her no that i wasn’t hurt, she apologised to me on behalf of Victor even Ujunwa came and hugged me..
I looked at Joe and knew he was the one that told her, Joe looked at me and smiled as he ordered other present staff to go to there quarters
I was happy for the scolding…i was loving the way she handled Victor’s arrogance…i felt no mercy for him…he deserves it, someone need to call him to other and the mother was a disciplinarian when it comes to that.
I went back to my room with my name sake, Ujunwa who followed me and we sat on my bed and gist for sometime before she went to her room,
I just hope Victor change for good this time…for the first time i prayed for him before sleeping that night I also prayed for mama and Papa and also my siblings, i can’t remember when last i did that,
if only mama knows that the way she calls my name no longer annoys me but makes me proud, I missed them all but I’m determined to work hard to make them proud, I’m saving up for the future.
I’m no longer bothered about anything, I concentrate on my job and try to be more better everyday
i’m sitting down outside gisting with Joe when Victor passed and just glance at us as we greeted him, He smile and raised a hand in response to our greeting before heading to his car, he has being more quiet since after the mum’s scolding, he stays in his room often and sometimes come down to watch the TV in the big sitting room, or go outside to the pool side,
He has also being joining us for morning devotion and also goes to check out the family business which he sometimes does with his mum ,
he stopped going to hang out with his friends, he even speak to the staff with a calm voice and a smile too,
there’s a lot of change in him that even the other staffs noticed, they can’t get enough of it, he still hasn’t spoken to us or talk much or even asked who told the mum about the whole incident with his friends, But he didn’t relate harsh or arrogant with any of us.
Today after the morning devotion of which he was the one that lead us as he was instructed by the mum, he stammered through prayer just to show he hasn’t being so much involve with it, after his prayer and worship song he looked up at me, and when i thought there was a spark again he looked away and looked at other staff before saying
“…please everyone, permit me to use this medium to thank everyone first, for there hard work and total devotion to my mum and this household as a whole, I understand how difficult i have made your work for you all, I understand how over demanding and bossy I have being, I sincerely apologize for all that. I will try to be the people’s person, I’m better off than what i use to be, don’t really know what got into me…I’m working on myself to be better everyday, continue to do your work and be selfless, continue in your diligence and total dedication, I love the way the you all never allowed my negativity to affect or take root in your heart, I know there’s always a reward for every good work….and you will all receive your rewards,
thank you all for always taking this family like yours…. Mum, I’m very sorry for causing you much pain and sadness, I love you mum, I only become what i was out of ignorance, you are the best mother any child can have, I have watched you care for all the staffs like your own children. I watch as you pulled in strength in running our business empire, employing capable hands to manage it and you do the follow up, I know i was supposed to be doing all that, I just felt unconcerned, I just believe that the employees can do everything, you opened my eyes to really see how self centered and foolish i have being, no matter the education, home training or age we all are bound to make mistakes, I’m not trying to make an excuse for mine….I’m sorry and thank you mum for everything….i know Dad will be so proud of you if he was alive because you are a true definition of a strong woman, I love you mum and i say thank you once again. To Ujunwa my sister, I’m sorry for not being the loving big brother i was to be, I’m sorry for not always making you proud or happy, I promise to do better dear, i promise to love and protect you in any way i can, I will always be here for you if you need me…i love you always. Joe….hahaha..i know you must have wondered what planet i fell from to have treated everyone differently and opposite from my mum and sister, I’m sorry for making your work difficult for you, I’m sorry for being a bully, thank you for always taking charge of  the staffs and making sure things are in place here… I don’t know everybody’s name but with time just gradually i will learn all your names and another thing, There will be a raise of salary for everyone…with the permission of mum I’m increasing your salaries…and you can meet me or mum if you need anything, if you want to learn a handwork or further your education or anything you will like to add to yourselves you are free to do that…we will employ extra staff, to take your place while you are gone but be sure of this you will always be family, because your efforts can’t be denied, family you are today family you always be….
The cheering and thanks was coming from everyone, all the staffs where all happy, they couldn’t hold back their joy, mummy was also happy that her real lost son was finally home, I was equally happy, my happiness was so large that i wanted to go and hugged him, but held unto my emotion, I know i can start my part time school or full time depending on the one i want, I have being saving up plus the increment, I can start the journey towards going back to school since they will be employing a kitchen assistsnce, I was so happy and was so much in love with this family, when i thought he was done with his speech he suddenly turned to me, he looked at me without blinking, as he focused on me i thought i was going to melt under his gaze, I looked away and bow my head so he won’t see through me he then called my name for the very first time and said
“Uju, I saw how hard working you have being, feeding us everyday, we are more than 10 in this house yet you manage to make sure we don’t go hungry, mum wanted to get an assistant for you long time ago but I turned it down because i was self centered and didn’t want her to start spending on another staff, I thought that when one person can do the job what was the point of spending on another, I know it hasn’t being easy waking up early and sleeping late with just little assistance from others, that was a total foolish thinking of me, I know how difficult i have being and never thought you were also human, I just want to say I’m very sorry, sorry for allowing my guest harass you without tendering an apology, no matter who he was or is to you, he has no right to hurt you, I could have asked the security guards to throw him and others that he came with out but i allowed him to join the party and i ended up angry with you for reasons i don’t even understand, I’m sorry, so sorry for everything, we are getting a chef for you and a kitchen assistant, you will be able to do other things for yourself, thank you for accepting us as family……so can i get a hug or handshake from you all?
Everyone was happy to hug and shake him and when it got to my turn i was shy, but he opened his arms beckoning me to come forward, I slowly went into his arm and he wrapped me with his, I felt so glued that i don’t want him to let me go and he didn’t he allowed me to stay as much as i wanted before i finally released him, I remembered the first time i was so happy after he told me at Kala’s house that i can apply as a cook in his house i was so happy that i threw myself to him and wrapped my hand around him and he pushed me off and warned me not to ever do that again, hugging him now was a memory i will forever cherish.
We later all departed to our various duties, I always wake up early and refresh before morning devotion after which i will go straight to the kitchen to make breakfast for the house and start preparing for lunch which Joe always assist me, with few others who are less busy,
Today i was so happy as i prepare for breakfast today, I sang different songs as my voice echoed in the kitchen, I was singing and smiling when i turned he was standing there, I almost dropped a plate that i was carrying in my hand as i saw Victor standing by the kitchen door and watching me, I don’t know how long he has being there but he was smiling, I have always wanted to see a smile on his face and he has being doing so much of that over a week now since his last encounter with his mum…he was just by the door standing and not saying anything..i stammered through words as i didn’t know how or what to say.
Did i forget to tell you i was innocently twisting and wining my waist while singing, and my voice was echoing…when i saw him alot of thought crossed my mind, I was wondering if I was causing a nuisance or distracting him from whatever he was doing and he came to tell me to tone down my voice, but looking at him he was obviously not angry as he kept smiling, could it be he has been watching me whine my waist all this while…i was totally embarrassed and shy too but i managed to ask him
“sorry, I didn’t notice when you came…ahh… do you need anything…i mean…i can i help you with anything…
“ooh…I’m sorry to have started you….i was actually enjoying you sing and…dance happily, I didn’t want to cut you off from your joy….but I’m here for a request…I have a guest at the pool and wanted to ask if there’s something eatable for her, like food…she said she will like chicken soup…please hope i won’t be asking for too much from you…can we get chicken soup please, three plates…
Immediately i hard that he has a guest who is a female i started feeling bad unexpectedly, I felt bad but still manage to respond with a smile, he turned and left, I started wondering what was wrong with me, how can i be developing feeling for somebody like Victor with class and fame, I’m just ordinary cook who can’t boost of anything, what is wrong with me, I thought to myself, but the more i thought the more i felt my heart will break, I took extra time to prepare the chicken pepper soup, just the way he likes it, i still manage to sing but this time it wasn’t like before, I sang so that he won’t think it was because of him i stopped singing, the song wasn’t making any sense any longer instead it was sounding so sad in my ears, so i stopped,
Joe came into the kitchen and noticed my dull face and asked me what the problem is I lied and told him i missed my mother, which was a fat lie, I was only sad because Victor’s girlfriend or fiance was by the pool waiting for me to cook chicken soup for her,is sad to say but I’m jealous, a guy that has never showed interest in me, a guy with class and fame, how can i even think in my wildest dreams he will have something to do with me, I must be foolish to ever imagined such fairytale,
As i lied to Joe how i missed my mum, the sadness was written all over me, he told me everything will be fine and gently draw me into a hug, I hugged him too, I was love struck and was acting like a baby, we were still hugging when i heard Victor’s voice, he was by the door again and we didn’t hear when he came, he cleared his throat loud startling us both, I stammered but Joe was bold and said
“my apologies sir, we didn’t notice your presence sir, Uju was down emotionally, she missed her people so was just hugging her to calm her down…
“is fine Joe, I’m not offended…although she looked so happy to me earlier, she was singing and dancing whatever it is that changed your mood, I’m sorry…but you can actually take some time off to go and see your people, let me know when you want to do that, I actually wanted to check if the soup is ready….
“thanks you, is Almost ready sir, I will send it right away…
He stood for sometime, Joe was still there trying to help me out. He just watched us and later turned and walked out, I was hoping the hug between me and Joe in the kitchen will not be misinterpreted, why do i worry so much about Victor’s opinion on me, his own fiance is outside there relaxing by the pool so why I’m i killing my self emotionally,
I finished up the cooking and Joe called a staff to go and serve, I later left the kitchen and came outside just to see Victor’s girlfriend, I saw a fine lady with another man and Victor sitting and talking, I went back inside feeling worst than before, I wish i have stayed back inside, because the lady looks so beautiful and wealthy too, they later came inside and i saw Victor’s mum hugging her and the other guy, telling her to greet her parents, she hugged Victor and gave him a peck, she did the same to ujunwa, I thought to myself that the whole family loves her, the rich and the rich walks together not the rich and the poor,
I went back to the kitchen and sat down there, I wanted to make dinner but i was feeling sad for reasons i don’t even understand,
Victor later came to the kitchen again and saw me sitting, I quickly stood up and he asked me to sit back down, i did and he sat with me. then he said
“my cousin and her husband said their thanks to you, they both enjoyed the chicken soup… Is being a while they came down here, they are both base in UK, I also enjoyed it too, you have totally become a professional chef, that’s lovely and I’m proud of you….you know that right…. So what makes you sad…please tell me….you really missed your people….I’m sorry Uju…i know how hard it must be for you, just take sometime off, although i will miss you and your cooking….
All my sadness quickly disappeared when i heard cousin” I became normal again as i blush and said a smiling thank you to him with my hand folded in front of me, I told him I will call my people on phone …then the next confusing question came
“I’m not suppose to be asking but i can’t help it…you really love him right?…i know the question sound stupid seeing the way two of you bond together… Is just that I…. never mind, just ignore the question…
“I don’t understand sir…who do you mean…who are you talking about…?
“I mean Joe, he is always helping you out and I’m always seeing you together with him.. But is cool…Joe is a nice person, he is a good guy…
“we are not dating, we are just cool friends, no emotion attached, is not what you are thinking, there’s nothing between us sir…
“really…wow… I thought… Are you in…mmmh… Don’t mind me… So what do you want to do next….
“to prepare for dinner sir…
“please enough of the sir, call me Victor, i want to help you in making dinner hope you don’t mind…even if you mind I’m insisting….please….i want you to teach me how to cook so that i can at least help out sometimes…
I laughed so hard and he laughed too, he took my hand into his and look up at me and this time i knew that spark was real, he looked at me, then looked at my mouth, then back to my eyes, I know he may probably kiss me if i don’t stand up, the way our emotions was running with speed…i gently remove my hand from his and stood up, he robbed his head before standing up to join me
“so tell me what to do, or what to say to keep you company or should i start singing because i know you love singing….
“hahahaha….i laughed he also joined me, we started dinner together acting like old friends…..
could this be love

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

bed of roses(emotional)

The national stadium was overcrowded with people and many more are still struggling to get a space inside the stadium, some already gave up and just decided to cling around outside the stadium. So long they could hear his voice and see him on the projector tv, it was okay for them. With the kind of crowd seen in and outside the stadium, one would think it was a football match between two heavyweight clubs that was going on inside the stadium. Who else can gather so many people all around the continent and even the whole world if not the great minister of God, Apostle Williams Iruoha.
He is indeed one of the greatest men of God in the whole world. The great miracles and wonders that God has done through him speaks a lot for him not to talk of his humanitarian works, he is greatly loved by all which will make people all around the world do anything just to attend his annual crusade. The crusade is more of an interdenominational program since the Apostle doesn’t actually have a church of his own,he only goes about attending different seminars organised by other churches because he believes he is not meant to deliver the gifts and teaching of God to limited people. Many pastors from different churches all over the country are in attendance alongside their members since they knew the Apostle had no church of his own hence he doesn’t pose a possibility of stealing their members away.
“God saved me from the claws of death, His mercy rewrote my life and the same God is ready to save you right now” The Apostle said as he closed his bible which signified he’s about to round up his preaching for the day.
“But for him to save you, you have to submit yourself to him” He said walking down the high pulpit mounted in the middle of the stadium.
“For the word of God according to the book of 2nd corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 made us to know that If any one is in christ he is a new creation; the old has gone and the new has come. The bible didn’t say if some special kind of men neither did it say that this particular men rather it said if any man. Regardless of all you have done, irrespective of all the things you might have been through, the bible says you can be a new creation. Let old things pass away” He paused and starred around to see if he was really hitting the multitude with his message, when he realised they were moving with him he continued.
“Brethren, I beseech you right now, if you are yet to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and saviour, I want you to come out here right now to surrender yourself on to him, give him your life and let him rewrite your life, come out here and be a new creation” he said while the choristers began to sing some worship songs.
The Apostle walked up back to the pulpit, picked his bottled water to have a sip and then walked down to where the people who came out for altar call are now standing. The people that came out for altar call were closed to a thousand in number, he looked at them and smiled. He was glad that he was leading so many people to christ. As he was looking around, he noticed something strange. He saw that most of the people standing in the front roll were putting on green tops and they were all looking weird, he immediately signalled for his bodyguards to come around. As soon as the bodyguards surrounded him and he was about to give them some specific instructions, sounds of gunshots rocked the stadium. There was pandemonium, the whole stadium turned upside down in a twinkle of an eye.
Students ran away without looking back as they saw them approaching, even lecturers driving by had to speed their cars away in fear of what would happen in a matter of minutes. There is no way someone won’t be killed today because whenever the members of the Arch Angels were seen around the campus with their green jackets on, that surely spells death for either a student of the school or a staff. Three men putting on Identical green Jacket and same brown pencil chinos are walking down the path that leads to the faculty of law, the only significant difference between them is that only one of them is putting on a Green Beret while the other two are putting on green baseball caps.
Immediately the law students in the lecture room saw the boys approaching their class, they all ran off. Some escaped through the window, some squeezed through the door, the students including the lecturer in their class ran away in fear. Within a minute the whole lecture room was empty but one of the law students stayed back. He kept his gaze fixed on the handout on his table pretending like he wasn’t bothered about the arrival of the three guys that just scared all his course mates away. After a few minutes, he kept his handout aside and raised his head up as he adjusted his nerd glass. He starred at the three of them that were now standing right in front of him, he kept on looking but didn’t utter a word, the silence was broken by the guy that had the Green Beret on.
“You are really as brave as they say” the guy with the beret said after clapping for a period of time.
“Kong, table his f--k up” He said again.
“Undermining the powers of the Arch Angels” Kong replied.
“Hey mister, do you have any objection to what he just said about what your f--k up is? ” the guy with the green beret asked and waited for the guy sitting to reply but when no answer was forthcoming, he continued.
“Nazaretha, pass his Judgement”
“If thou undermineth the powers of the double A, thou shall be killed anytime thou art apprehended” Nazaretha replied.
The guy with the beret smiled like he always do anytime Nazaretha speaks in his funny old English.
“You still don’t have anything to say yeah” He asked the guy sitting again as he brought out his revolver from the cross bag hanging around his neck.
“This will be your greatest mistake and even of it takes a thousand years, my boys will hunt you and drop you” the guy replied staring at them blankly.
The guy didn’t bother replying him but rather he gave him three shots. One to his forehead, and two to his right and left side of his chest which clearly signified the signature of the Arch Angels. Immediately he finished taking the shots, he walked towards the board and picked the Tempo lying in front of the door.
*Slimmy was here* he wrote on the board.
“For they know not that Slimmy is the angel of death” Nazaretha shouted and walked out right behind Slimmy and Kong. They walked back with the same style and slow speed in which they came in with not minding that the people around might have alerted the authority of the school, they had no course to fear because they are the authority.
In a very short while after the incident happened, the news had already spread like wild fire. Most students in the school had started packing their bags and heading for their respective homes. They need no prophet to tell them that another war is imminent, the last war that happened in the school some few years ago claimed more innocent lives than the lives of the cultists that were directly involved in the dirty dealings. Before evening that day, the whole school including both hostel and off campus buildings were practically empty. Most people ran to save their dear lives, the only people left in school were cultists and some students who really wanted to have first class gist about how the White Tigers will want to avenge the death of El Salam who was one of their prominent member that was murdered by the Arch Angels. Days went by, days turned to weeks and weeks were beginning to turn to months and there has been no news of killing or even a single gunshot being fired. Students began to resume one after another, gradually lectures started again and everything went back to how it was.
“Make una come inside” Kong said as he ushered Rofiat and Hadijat inside the Arch Angel’s mansion.
Rough walked in majestically while Hadijat just followed behind trembling at the faces she was seeing around, the house was filled with a lot of guys who were busy playing different types of games, some were seen smoking indian hemps, some were busy with their phones while some came to have a gist with Rofiat, Hadijat kept mute all through and kept her gaze fixed on the tv until Gentle walked in to join them in the sitting room.
“Rough da Rough, what’s up na” Gentle said as he greeted Rofiat in their traditional arch angel’s way.
“Am good brodaly, how you dey” Rofiat replied.
“I dey, So you know this woman” Gentle pointing towards Hadijat who was now standing on her feet.
“Am so sorry about yesterday, I really don’t know what came over me. Please forgive me for just this one time and I promise never to cross your path again” Hadijat recited one of the lines she read on Internet yesterday after Rofiat told her to check for apology speech, it’s really hilarious that she actually did surf the net for an apology speech.
“Apology not accepted” Said Slimmy as he walked into the sitting room clad in only a towel tied around his waist. Immediately he walked in, most of the guys hanging around in different corners of the large sitting room walked out one after the other.
Rofiat stood up immediately and kept her face to the ground knowing fully well that Slimmy doesn’t take it lightly when a lady stares into his face directly, Hadijat on the other hand couldn’t take her eyes off Slimmy’s abs.
“Don’t mind my brother, your apology is accepted” Gentle spoke after a long moment of silence.
“Rough” Slimmy called out.
“Yes boss” Rofiat replied.
“Who is she to you” He asked.
“My little cousin” she replied.
“Should I forgive her ?” Slimmy
“For my sake, please do boss” Rofiat.
“Rough da Rough” He said and smiled a for a while l “Okay I forgive her” he added.
“Thanks much boss, thanks so much Gentle” Rough said and signalled to Hadijat that they should start leaving.
“Leaving so soon?” Gentle asked.
“Yeah I have to drop her on campus for lectures very soon” Rofiat replied.
“Okay then, safe” Said Gentle to them as they walked out of the room.
“Kid bro, I think you like that little chick” Slimmy teased
“I have always told you I am your elder bro, I came out before you mennh” Gentle teased back.
“That’s because I sent you on an errand to see what the world looks like bro” Slimmy teased again but Gentle just walked away smiling knowing fully well that if they continued, he wasn’t going to ever win the argument about who is older between the both of them
Awww!’ Hadijat gave a loud yawn as she sank into the three seater sofa and laid face flat. She buried her face into the throw pillow and began to murmur what sounded like a quick Thanksgiving prayer.
‘Halimat!’ Rofiat shouted as she flung open the door and bounced in. ‘Halimat!’ she shouted one more time.
She sat on the sofa by the left side and began to untie her shoe lace. She looked up while at it and saw Hadijat still in her prayer mood.
‘You want to start a vigil in the morning?’ She teased as she took off her shoe and relaxed back.
Hadijat sat up and let out a deep breath. ‘Thank God it’s all over’ she said, breathing into her palms.
Rofiat glanced at her and smiled. ‘You’re indeed very lucky, the Slimmy I know would not let things go like that.’
Halimat walked into the lounge from behind just as Rofiat stood up. ‘Oh! You’re back. How did it go?’ She asked, placing her hands on her waist, already switching herself to gist mode.
‘Where you go since?’ Rough answered Halimat with an irrelevant question, even when it was obvious that Halimat was coming out from her room.
‘I went to check for something in class and I returned few minutes ago’ she replied and joined Hadijat on the sofa.
‘On Saturday? I was expecting to come here and find breakfast already prepared’
‘I’ll start preparing rice now, we have stew already’ Halimat said.
‘I can’t wait’ Rofiat said. She stood up and straightened up her clothes and picked her shoes up. She began to proceed towards her room. ‘I’m going out now.’
‘It won’t take long, you know. The gas cooker heats up very fast’ Halimat tried to convince her, standing up to go to the kitchen.
‘Maybe I’ll come back early’ Rofiat said as she walked out of their sight.
She came back two minutes later, after adding more powder to her face and changing her shoes to a leather slippers. She was putting on her wristwatch and staring around the chairs, looking for something. She found it, her phone. She unlocked and swiped down to check the notifications.
‘Hadijat’ she called, still looking into the phone as she turned. ‘Why didn’t you bring my phone to me when it was ringing?’ She asked but got no response.
‘Mtcheew. It’s even this funny boy’ she muttered to herself as she deleted the notification and locked the screen. She turned back to the seat to see if anything was forgotten, none was. She turned back again and was about proceeding towards the door when she noticed that Hadijat was lost in thoughts and smiling sheepishly to herself. That explained the reason she didn’t answer Rofiat’s earlier question.
Rough walked closer and waved her hand across Hadijat’s face, startling the girl. ‘What the hell are you thinking about?’ She asked, giving her a contorted look. ‘I thought you were making Thanksgiving prayers some minutes ago.’
Halimat walked back into the lounge, drying her hands with a towel.
‘Nothing,’ Hadijat smiled and got up from her seat. She switched on the television socket and picked the remote before returning to her seat. Rough was still standing in the same position and staring at her awkwardly.
‘You better watch your sister. She might be developing fever too’ Rofiat warned Halimat playfully before walking out of the house.
‘How did it go?’ Halimat who was now seated asked, few seconds after Rough left.
‘Fine, wonderful’ Hadijat gave a quick glance at Halimat, flashing her teeth.
‘Fine, wonderful?’ Halimat repeated in a surprise tone.
‘Yes, it was wonderful’
‘Interesting… What made it so wonderful? I can’t imagine how an apology session could turn around to be wonderful’
‘They accepted our apologies’ Hadijat stared back into Halimat’s face, spreading out her hands and palms to add effects.
‘Is that all that happened?’ Hadijat raised her eyebrows.
‘Yes’ Halimat stressed and returned her gaze to the TV. She took the remote control by her side and increased the TV volume.
‘And you guys did not stop anywhere else?’ Halimat asked, half shouting now as the sound of the music video being aired now filled the air.
Hadijat picked the remote control again and reduced the volume. She stared at Halimat for her to repeat her question. ‘Did you guys visit any other place?’ Halimat repeated.
‘No, we didn’t. Why are you asking?’
‘It’s strange that you’re looking so happy’
‘Don’t you want me to look happy?’
‘No, not that. But I know you hate apologizing to guys, especially with your bad history of dishing out slaps to them. So I’m surprised that you’re happy after this.’
Hadijat hissed briefly. ‘The guys seem nice to me’ she began, narrowing her eyes. ‘Especially the slim one’
‘Yes’ Hadijat rolled her eyes and licked her lips. ‘You need to see his abs, his body perfectly defines the word sexy’
‘You’re silly’ Halimat said and got up. ‘So his abs are what makes him nice?’ She asked without waiting for a reply and walked to the kitchen.
Three Weeks Ago**
‘D--n!’ OJ cursed and smashed the six inches block on the floor angrily. He got took out the wrap of weed from his mouth and let out a huge mold of smoke.
Two other guys were with him in the uncompleted building, each seated on the window at the perpendicular walls. Both of them also had wrap of weeds in their mouths and were dispensing huge quantities of the smoke to relief themselves of their grief.
‘The Arch Angels have really dared us and we’ve got to show them the stuff we’re made of’ OJ said as he inhaled deeply. The silence continued for some minutes until a lanky guy came joined them.
‘How far?’ OJ said. All eyes turned to the new guy, one of those seated on the windows jumped down.
‘The police have refused to release his body, not even to his parents’ the guy replied.
‘Hahaha’ OJ gave a scornful laugh. ‘Heads would roll, I swear’ he threatened with a frown on his face and puffed out some smoke again. He moved back to the wall and erected another six inches block. He sat down and took another drag.
‘Small, where were you guys when EL salam was dropped?’ OJ directed his question to the guy seated on the window opposite him
‘We were out of town to do the job for the Honorable,’ Small replied. He came down from the window, his joint had been used up already. His name was a perfect description of himself, he had a very small stature and a small bald head. Except for his face, one could take him for a young teenager judging from his body alone.
OJ was of medium height, a rigid body and a dark skin. His body clearly displayed the several benefits of using the gym. His face was rough, he was not good at smiling. Even when he tried, he always got the person he was smiling to scared.
‘You know they would not try such if we were together na,’ Small added briefly.
OJ heaved a sigh. ‘Baba would not like this at all. He’s gonna be mad when he returns,’ he said. Baba was the nick they used for the head of their cult, Screw, when conversing together. ‘What’re their names again?’
‘Slimmy, Nazaretha and Kong’ small answered him.
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