Monday, June 3, 2019

Hunter Jackson(episode 1)

ahhhhh” idris said as he woke up. His whole body was aching him. He was held captive inside a dungeon. He looked outside through the windows and saw people moving about. The whole place smelt terrible and his hands and legs were both chained together.
The king and the captain were both discussing.
“hmmm, i still doubt that the young man you captured was able to kill the great serpent and retrieved the immortal knife from the guardian” said the king
“yes but believe me, he is very strong. The strongest man or should i say boy i have seen” the captain said
“so young, i am not sure if he is up to nineteen years of age” the king said.
“you are right but the strength he possess his beyond imagination. Didn’t you see the men he killed in less than seven minutes” the captain asked.
“yes you are right. Five able bodied strong men died in the twinkle of an eye, he is very good with his bow” said the king
“what shall we do with him?” asked the captain.
“He shall remain our slave. We need his strength especially on our farms” replied the king.
“good idea” said the captain, he wanted to say more when the chief priest appeared inside the palace.
“you dare not do such unless the anger of the gods be upon you and your people. Young idris travelled from a far away land and he succeeded in his quest. He is now the rightful owner of the immortal knife and he is a free man. If you want to keep him as a slave, then he shall be made to fight one of your best man in the arena. If he wins, he is free but if he loses, he will be your slave. Only one man shall he fight. Failure to heed to the gods will bring death to you and your men”
the chief priest said and disappeared.
“what, who is he going to fight?” the captain asked
“jack-jack”replied the king.
“though Jack-Jack is very powerful, he can’t fight the slayer of the serpent” the captain said.
“cool down captain, i have a plan” the King said smiling wickedly.
Idris was brought out into the arena on the seventh day to fight jack-jack.
The arena was around and in the middle of the arena was an old abandoned ship. The people of the village sat on high grounds because the arena was surrounded by lions, hungry lions.
If you mistakenly fall from the ship, then it is over.
“Bring in young idris” shouted the king with a smile
idris was brought in with the help of young men.
“bring in Jack-Jack” shouted the king.
Jack-jack came in. Lo and behold, he was a human-giant. So big with big arms and very strong. He was very taller than Idris.
“let the guards leave the ship” the king said and they left.
“FIGHT” shouted the king.
Jack-jack rushed towards idris with a blow, idris duck and dodged it. He came with a kick, idris dodged it again. He was furious and dived at idris.
“oooohhhhh” shouted the crowd as the big man dived idris.
He started punching him while the crowds were counting.
He threw idris towards the other side of the ship. Idris was covered and blinded by blood. His hand touched something like a spear.
He took it and throw towards jack-jack. The spear flew with speed but jack-jack caught it..
He rushed towards idris and continued beating and man handling him with heavy punches.
Idris was at the verge of death. Jack-Jack left him to go and pick a heavy wood.
He rushed towards idris with the wood but idris quickly did a forward roll and dodged him. Before jack-jack could turn, idris jumped up and gave him a deadly knock out punch.
Jack-jack fell down bleeding across his nose while idris fell down bleeding from his head to toe.
“Jack-Jack” the crowd shouted for him to stand up but he couldn’t.
Idris stood up and was about to rush at Jack-Jack when his vision started getting blurred. His bones were weaken
And his vision was blurry. He tried to move but he couldn’t. He fell down and groaned in pains. The hunger and canes he received were now affecting him.
“Jack-jack” the crowd were shouting.
“grrrrrrrr” the lions were roaring waiting impatiently for their food.
Jack-Jack stood up and saw that idris was stunned. He rushed at idris with the heavy wood and gave him a deadly blow across his head.
His head was cut open because of the blow and blood was busy rushing out.
He fell down and couldn’t move. He looked up to the sky and began to see the images of his mum, dad and his little sister that was held captive by the dragon.
He was so close to death and he could feel it.. His head was cut open and his brains could be seen from outside.
“if i am going to die, then i will die with somebody” he said weakly but Jack-Jack didn’t hear him.
“Kill Kill”
The crowd were busy shouting and praising Jack-jack.
Jack-jack was happy and he didn’t look at idris but at the cheering crowd.
“i told you my plan will work the king” said and laughed
“yea you are” said the captain.
the crowd were busy praising him.
Idris used this opportunity and removed the little dagger in his boot. The little dagger that was always inside his boot.
“time to finish this” Jack-jack said and moved towards idris.
He grabbed idris by the collar and drew him to the edge of the boat. The lions were busy jumping and jubilating.
He raised idris up and showed everyone, as he was about to throw idris into the lions den, idris used his dagger and stabbed Jack-jack deep inside his stomach.
“argghhhh” jack-jack groaned in pains and let go of idris.
Immediately idris came down, he gathered all his strength, jumped up and used his two legs to deliver a powerful drop kick across the face of jack-jack.
Jack-jack loosed his stamina and fell down into the lion’s den.
Without wasting time, the lion started to eat him. Tearing him into shreds.
The crowd were busy hailing a dieing IDRIS.
“i shall not be humiliated” the king said
the king shouted and the guards rush towards him

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