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The holiday trip to an unknown destination

He’s tall, slender with bears. Dressed in a white suit while his soon to be wife was fully clad in her beautiful white gown adorned with diamond stones.
Her heels gave her an extra height, as she is the petite type with a beautiful face. Her red lips and round hips are her best features.
While her husband had brown eyes she had blue eyes which could light a whole room of darkness. They always teased each other about their features and made fun of who was taller and shorter.
‘Grissel do you take this man as your lawful wedded husband’ the priest asked again for the second time.
Grissel was deep in thoughts.
“Babes are you okay?” Tom her husband to be asked with a shoulder tap.
He was every lady’s dream but that morning he belonged to his shy and gentle heartthrob.
“Huh!” she exclaimed.
‘The priest asked a question’ he announced with a frown.
‘I’m sorry’ she apologized to no one in particular.
Among the crowd were murmurings as to why she was so lost in her thoughts.
“We can continue”, she quietly announced to the old priest reading the vows.
They wrote their own vows but Grissel told him that morning when she sat beside him during the service that she had forgotten what she memorized.
Tom didn’t want to sound angry on his long awaited happy day so he quickly arranged for the church vows.
Tom glanced at her with an expression that informed her she’s in for a lot of trouble. She was already having troubles picturing their honeymoon as she’s not sure what to expect.
She was still in her thoughts when the smooth voice of the priest jerked her out.
‘Do you take this man as your law…..?’ The priest was cut short.
Her red small lips went apart quickly. “Yes I do.”
Soon enough the church came to an end and the second part began. She found it difficult to blend in as her husband was giving her faces.
Like earlier on the dance floor, he totally ignored her when she asked what he was doing he could only manage a sigh.
‘Were you having second thoughts.’ he finally asked when they retired to their chair.
The noise and cheers from friends and family gave her headaches, she managed a frown.
‘That’s what I thought’, he concluded for her.
‘No I wasn’t Tom’, I just wa….’
‘Tom can you tell us how you met this Angel.’ The M.C asked while the crowd cheered.
He hesitated for a while but Grissel gave him a slight touch on the thighs and he feigned a smile.
‘Don’t do this to me?’ She whispered
Tom picked up the microphone and cleared his throat. ‘So there was this day my car broke down in the middle of nowhere. I called up my family and friends who were all far from where I was. Then Austin’s call came in.’
The crowd murmured. ‘Smile Tom.’ Grissel whispered.
‘Okay my wife just whispered I love you.’ Everyone laughed and as usual the boys in the far corner were making noise.
Tom was lucky to have both American and African friends, so his normal day as a man full of dreams who had lots of girls flocking around him wasn’t boring.
‘Go on.’ The MC encouraged.
‘Austin said he had a friend who was closer so he was going to send the person to pick me. He forgot to mention it was a female.’ He paused and feigned a smile. ‘About some thirty minutes, this black beauty with her shades on pulled up and asked me to join her ride. I bluntly told her I wasn’t waiting for an escort then she mentioned Austin sent her.’
‘So at first sight you thought she was a call girl.’ The MC interrupted.
‘Yes, I mean she wasn’t dressed as one but she was a beauty.’
‘And you assumed every escort is a beauty.’ The MC scoffed this time.
‘Aren’t they all beautiful?’ There was distance laughter from within the crowd.
‘But mind you, my wife is the prettiest.’ He feigned a smile at her and looked straight at the MC who was standing in front of his table.
‘So what happened after that?’
‘The drive home was quiet and I figured she was the quiet type.’ Tom grinned. ‘I’m not sure if she noticed I was stealing glances and was sweating. I felt ready for marriage that very moment, you could call it love at first sight.’
‘Love at first sight huh.’ The MC stressed.
‘When i alighted, I had to apologize for thinking she was an escort. She just smiled and drove off.’ Tom grinned at this point. ‘I remember calling my aunty about this girl giving me sleepless night, she just laughed knowing how flirtatious I can be.
She didn’t believe me when I told her this one is for real.’
‘So you had a lot of girls huh.’
‘Trust me, more than you can think of but all that changed in Grissel’s car. I was attracted to her and wasn’t sure if it was her beauty because she didn’t speak a word in there with me.’
‘And you didn’t take her number Tom?’
‘I knew I would meet her again and luckily some few weeks after, Austin invited her for one of our usual drink ups.’
‘And there you got your moment.’
‘You should have seen me that day. I told Austin look man, I hope this girl isn’t your wife. He replied with a smile and my world fell apart.’
‘You thought you lost her?’ He asked.
‘Yes, he should have just given me an answer to my question. I finally had to talk to him again and he said she’s all mine but I wouldn’t like what I see.’
‘What does he mean you wouldn’t like what you see? Was Grissel some sort of hard nut to crack?’
‘A very tough one, it took me two years and here we are today. It turned out she’s just the gentle and stubborn type who probably have met some blockheaded men along the line so she chose to be reserved.’
Tom hadn’t noticed Grissel was pushing her tears back at that moment.
‘So how do you feel today?’ The MC and everyone’s eyes were fixated on him.
He looked around confused.
‘Tom, how do you feel after cracking the nut?’
‘Wait for it. I’m looking for the right word.’ He laughed.
‘Listen everyone, I think the man of the moment has something up his sleeves.’ The crowd cheered.
‘I can call you Danny right?’ He asked the MC.
‘Yeah sure.’ He replied
‘When you were a child you always wanted a toy right?’
‘Yes at some point.’ Danny replied and wasn’t sure where Tom was going with that.
‘Do you always get your toys that easily?’ Tom looked Danny straight in the eyes probably to find out if he was telling lies.
‘Not a chance, it takes a miracle to get my desired toys.’
‘How do you feel any time your parents deny your request?’ Tom asked again.
‘I cry and make a scene.’
‘Great, and now that you are of age how do you feel?’
‘Gosh I can get the whole d--n world if I so wish.’ Danny responded smiling.
‘There you have your answer. Not to say my wife is a toy but I used to cherish my toys back then. My family can attest to that.’ He glanced at his family.
Julia and Melisa smiled from the front where they sat. ‘That’s true.’ Julia shouted out.
‘I can buy the whole dam world with Grissel by my side.’ He turned to Grissel who had supported her jaw with her hands watching Tom speak.
‘Aww, that’s a nice one.’ Danny blushed.
‘And wait. This is to Austin, I would cherish this toy you brought into my life and I promise never to make her cry so you can stop doing due diligence anytime you and I quarrel.’
‘I will boss.’ He shouted from the far right corner while everyone else laughed.
‘Grissel do you have anything to say. I mean your husband just promised you the whole d--n world.’
She just broke down with tears. Tom wasn’t sure if he should hug her at that moment because aside the nice things he said which were from his heart he was still confused about her reaction in the church auditorium.
‘OMG, he just made her cry when he promised earlier never to make her cry.’ Danny teased.
He knew Grissel wasn’t the Public display affection type so he wiped her eyes with the back of his hands and held onto her tightly.
‘Austin, don’t come for my head yet, that wasn’t me. I guess she meant to say I love you.’ Tom made everyone laugh with tears at that point.
‘Now, isn’t that Love.’ That came from someone from the crowd.
‘Grissel congratulations,’ her elder sister came hugging her.
That was the last time they spoke before the party came to an end.
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Deji the toughest student in campus

Please sign right here, Deji,’’ Jennifer, one of the cashier, asked placing an opened register on Deji Adelowo’s desk.
‘’Are you done with the drafts issuance now?’’ Deji inquired as he append his signature on the draft register.
‘’yes please.’’ She confirmed closing the register and walked to her desk.
‘’Alright people, let’s balance up real quick and get out of here.’’ Deji, the branch manager of Loyalty Bank’s branch at Computer Village, urged the cashiers.
Like every other Fridays of every week, the banking hall was so busy that Deji could barely eat throughout the day. Though he had two assistants, but that was still not enough to make him work less due to the location of the branch. The banking job was tasking, but he preferred it to managing one of the many companies owned by his late father. A decision his mother was totally in agreement with.
Rising to his feet, he made his way to Amanda’s cubicle. He had noticed how unsettled she was and knew something was definitely amiss.
’’What’s happening?’’
‘’I’m not good. I’m having a deficit of three hundred and sixty thousand.’’ She explained worriedly.
‘’Have you checked all the transactions properly?’’
‘’I did, but I still can’t figure out where it’s coming from.’’
‘’Let me take a look at it.’’ Deji said siting on the chair in Amanda’s cubicle while she stood behind him .
Deji was loved by the cashiers due to his kind-heartedness. He wasn’t the type of branch manager who will leave a cashier who was having trouble balancing to sort him/herself out, nor was he the type who will be quick to ask the cashier to pay for the deficit he/she had. He always try to get to the root cause of either the deficit or surplus of any of his sub-ordinates.
After over an hour of going through Amanda’s transactions for the day, Deji still couldn’t find the error. He decided to take the next available option. He got in touch with his own superior through mail to get an approval for him to close the branch account with the deficit for the night which was granted. He informed his two assistants and Amanda to be in the office the next day and make sure they detect the error before leaving.
Stealing a glance at the time on the monitor, Deji noticed it was fifteen minutes past eight. He ensured proper closure of the branch as he shut down his CPU.
Aremu quickly opened the door as he sighted his boss stepping out of the mantrap door. Deji hopped in instantly.
‘’Are you going in this Ankara outfit?’’ Aremu asked as he sat on the driver’s seat.
‘’I don’t get? I’m going to where?’’ Deji responded innocently as he unbuttoned his shirt.
‘’Mrs Williams’ pre-xmas party,’’ Aremu reminded him starring at the mirror.
‘’Oh my!’ the enormity of situation hit him. He had forgotten tonight was the pre-xmas party he had promised his mother he would attend. Deji knew exactly what his mother could do if he was absent.
‘’I need to change into something better. Let’s get home real quick.’’
‘’Off we go boss.
Deji emerged from the crowd at the front door and immediately caught his friend’s gaze just behind the crowd. Kola smiled and waved.
Some ladies stared at him as he walked towards his friend. He was used to that.
He had a clean low haircut and scythe-shaped eyebrows. His aquiline nose and half-dome cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His mellifluous voice, his brown eyes, his manly physique, with the fact he was six feet were enough features to attract the opposite S£x.
Since their days at Oxford University years ago, Kola and Deji had been good friends.
Kola was not as tall as Deji, but his punk hairstyle didn’t make it obvious. Kola was burly and round faced.
‘’You’re early this year. I was already on the bed when you arrived last year.’’ Kola Williams teased his friend.
‘’Yeah. i don’t want a remix of mother’s last year reaction.’’ Deji said, picking up a filled glass of wine from a footman’s tray. ‘’When did you get back?’’
Kola has been on a business trip for three months.
‘‘Now that you’re here. I want you to meet someone,’’ Kola Williams said eagerly.
‘’Female?’’ Deji asked with slight scepticism.
‘’Yep. My cousin and she’s one for the eye. I must warn you, Deji. She might tempt you away from Nike.’’ Kola raised and lowered his eyebrows in a devilish manner.
Deji gave him a doubtful look as they made their way through the hall, where sophisticated and fashionable dressed people swarmed about. A cool music played at one end of the elaborately decorated room and couples danced in the centre. It was the former Commissioner for Women Affairs’ party and she was renowned for her lavish and extravagant entertaining. Her informal style and manner were often imitated but never matched, for no one could host a party quite like Mrs Williams.
Tonight was the kick-off for the Pre-Xmas Party. A lot of activities await the fortunate guests who were extended an invitation.
Deji truly, didn’t even wish to be at this party in the first place. He has made a promise to his mother, as well as Theresa, that he would attend, and he could not break it.
His mother’s wishes were not easily foiled, she had wrangled this particular promise out of him when he had been overly distracted with work and he had seen no decent way out of it. If it had not been for the imbalance of one of his cashiers last night, he actually might have enjoyed this get-away on the island. He wouldn’t worry much about the work as he had two assistants to back him up.
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The debt of love and hatred (Episode 1)

Sandra was downcast, Roy was in prison just because of her, she felt guilty for being the reason Roy was put behind bars. She pleaded with her dad but he only tell her if she would agree to marry lex that Roy would be set free. She didn’t love lex, she can’t marry him Roy was the love of her life, she hated her dad for what he did to Roy.
Mr Williams and Nina went to Roy place of work, they haven’t seen him in weeks and his number was not going through, they decide to visit him to know of he is okay.
They nock at the gate, about few minutes later the gateman opens the gate..
“who are you looking for “the gateman asked.
” we came to see Roy” Nina replied.
Sandra who sighted the people at the gate quickly called the gateman ..
“who are they looking for ” Sandra asked.
” they say they are looking for Roy “Peter the gateman replied while Sandra walked to the gate..
” good afternoon “Sandra greeted as he approached them.
” afternoon!, I am Nina Roy’s girlfriend and this is Mr Williams his dad, he are here to see Roy “Nina said while Sandra drew back in disbelief.” so Roy had a girlfriend “she thought to herself
” do you say you are his girlfriend” Sandra asked.
“yeah anything “Nina asked with a raise of eyebrow. She could see the shock on Sandra’s face.
” where is Roy “Mr Williams asked after minutes of silent.
” when did you guys started dating? ” Sandra asked ignoring Mr Williams question.
” since two month now, and I am even pregnant for him “Nina said this time not only Sandra was shock but Mr Williams also.
” pregnant? ” Mr Williams asked amidst incredulity. While sandra was dumbfounded.
” how could he be a cheat?,” she asked herself, he was angry and Confused, the only guy she had ever loved was a hypocrite, a cheat and a liar.
“Roy is in prison my dad locked him up ” Sandra replied without any feeling of sympathy, her mind had suddenly became cold.
” why!! ” they both asked in unison with their voices full of surprise.
” my dad found out we were having a affairs, ” Sandra replied.
” Roy was dating you ” Nina asked in astonishment.
” yeah, he never spoke of you, I never knew he was such a cheat and a liar. “Sandra answered.
” Is your dad in “Mr Williams asked ignoring the girls and their cold stares.
” No! but I will direct you to were he was locked up, ” Sandra replied giving the man the address to Roy’s station.
They hurriedly left Sandra not until Nina gave her a lethal look.

Sandra could not help but whimper as she thought of Roy, how she had been used.
She couldn’t believe the gentle Roy was capable of using her, she hated herself for falling for him.. She made up her mind to marry lex after all there was no hope with Roy because he had gotten someone pregnant.
Roy was in prison, he had been in prison for the past one weeks, he had become the shadows of himself.
The guys in prison had thoroughly dealt with him, his face was full of scars due to the beating he received in the hands of his fellow prisoners.
“hey Roy someone is looking for you” one of the police man said to Roy while stared at him with hope, this was the first time someone would be looking for him the past 1 weeks he had been in prison.
Mr William and Nina went to Roy cell she stared at Roy with a dejected look, he had change, the handsome Roy was looking so lean and unkempt, he truly look like a prisoner.
” hey love how have you been ” Nina said with concern well written on her face.
” I am fine ” Roy replied gloomily.
” what happened ” Mr Williams asked.
” my boss kept here for having an affair with his daughter ” Roy explained starring at Nina who was indifferent she had already heard the news from Sandra so she was not surprised.
” We’ve come to bail you ” Mr Williams said while Roy shook his head gloomily, you can’t bail me, he had bribe the police to denied me bail, him alone could Set me free from this enigma.” Roy explained to them shocking them with his words.
” we have to go plead with him, that’s our only option ” Mr William said.
” I don’t think he will listen to you, ” Roy replied.
” we have to try, we can’t leave you, only one weeks you’ve stayed here you are looking so disheveled “Mr Williams said.. Nina could not break the news to Roy she felt pity for him.
” by the way Nina told me she is pregnant for you ” Mr Williams said as they were about taking their leaves .
Roy was dumbfounded he was shock to reply, his mind suddenly drifted to the day the find himself unclad on her bed, he had knew Nina for years and he knew for sure that she can’t lie to him..
He let it slip away , he had more problems to face, first he had to find a way to remove from this cell.
“we will be heading to Sandra dad house to go plead with him, please take care of yourself, ” Nina said while Roy nodded.
” are you truly carrying my child? ” Roy asked steering at her.
” yes ” Nina replied..
” I love you Roy and I will do anything to get you out of this disgusting place ” Nina said with a reassuring smile.
They left Roy who was battling with his thought, he couldn’t help but thought how his life would be after he left this pit hole , Nina is now pregnant for him, he knew the chances of being with Sandra is now slim, he thought of Sandra, she had not come to visit me since her dad put him behind bars.
Mr William and Nina went to Sandra father’s house in other to plead with him, him alone could get Roy out of here .
They nock at the gate while the gateman open the gate.
“who are you looking for” he asked scrutinising them.
“we are looking for Mr Johnson ” Mr Williams replied.
“about 15 minutes the gateman open the gate and ushered them in, they walked to the sitting room with the gateman leading the way. They met Mr Johnson who sat down on the couch with his wife.
They greeted him while he asked them to sit.
” I know you came for Roy, the good thing is that I will be setting him free, due to my daughter pleads, she had finally agreed to marry the guy she is betrothed to, if not for her Roy would have rote in jail.. ” Mr Johnson said while Nina and Mr Williams heaved a sign of relief.
” thanks you sir ” Mr Williams muttered happily.
” don’t thank me, I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for my daughter, and again, I don’t wont to see Roy near my daughter, except he his ready to meet his end, what I did to him was just a tip in an ice bag. His salary would be transfer to his account, he no longer works here ” he explained.
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The day I kissed my crush

After the party,  Sandra went to her room antagonize over lex proposal,  she know she shouldn’t be angry but she find herself totally mad for what lex did,  she  knew he used the opportunity to make her concede to his request…
Lex quickly followed her to her room..
” what happened love ” lex asked innocently..
” you are asking me what happened? ” Sandra replied in a high pitch voice..
”  tell me please because I don’t know what I did ” lex said still with the innocent look,  Sandra stared at him in furry and  scoffed..
”  Please tell me ” lex beseeched for the umpteenth time hold her hands…
”  why would you proposed to me without even informing me,  you know I am not ready for marriage and you still went ahead  ” Sandra said starring at lex who shrugged and stare back at her .
”  what’s the different love, we are going to be married very soon, so while prolonging it,  we are pledge to be together,  I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  That’s why I did it,  and I don’t see anything wrong for what I did ” lex replied nonchalantly irritating Sandra with his words…
”  Just! go ” Sandra murmured to him, trying her possible best not to argue with him…
Lex peck her on the cheek and left while Sandra laid on the bed,  thinking how miserable her life would be when she finally married lex…
The next morning….
Sandra was been woken up my her mum {miss Naomi) ..
” good morning ” she murmured to her mum and she stretched from the bed…
”  morning dear,  I think you’ve slept enough ” her mum replied and remove the blanket..
She left her daughter who went to the bathroom to freshen up,  immediately she was done,  she join her mother in the dinning.
” were is dad ” Sandra asked as the sat opposite her mother..
”  he went for a business trip her mum replied.  Sandra quickly served herself breakfast which was bread and tea…..
” lex told me you were not happy about his proposal. ” Mrs Naomi said breaking the he silence..
”  Yeah!!,  I think he his just rushing things,  for God sake I am 24,  and marriage is the least of my problems ” she explained to her mum who stared at her suspiciously..
” do you have any man in your life ” her mum asked starring at her daughter while she shook her head negatively…
”   do you love him ” her mum asked while Sandra breathed and shrugged…
”  I don’t love him ,  and I don’t think I can ever love him ” Sandra blunted .
”  don’t say that,  when I married your father I didn’t love him,  but with time  I found myself loving him as if my life depends on it ” her mum replied while Sandra scoffed…
”  you are betrothed to lex,  you should start seeing yourself as his wife” Mrs Naomi said while Sandra angrily left the  dinning..
” Sandra!!!!!
“Sandra!!!!!!  ” her mum voice out her name but the paid deaf ears,  she went to her room and cried out her eyes…..
Roy who was at home because today was his off day ,  he decided to visit Nina,  he had not told her about his job.
He went to her house and nock at the door.
“Roy!! ” she exclaimed excitedly as she opened the door..
”  hey Nina ” Roy smiled. She ushered him in while Roy sat down on the couch,  she went to the fridge and brought out hollandian yogurt,  she served him in a breakable cup and sat close to him..
”  thanks ” Roy murmured and gulped a little content down to his stomach…
”  so where have you been,  I had looking for you since yesterday,  but you were not at home ” Nina asked cheerfully…
”  I am currently working now ” Roy replied..
”  and you didn’t bother to tell me.” she asked in disbelief..
” Sorry! ,  but that’s why I came here  to tell you ” Roy replied..
”  So what is the nature of the job,  “she asked..

”  it’s a security guard ” Roy murmured….
” You deserve better than that” Nina said dejectedly..
” I know ” Roy replied gloomily..
She held Roy’s palm  and stared directly to his eyes,  there was a fire burning in their eyes,  suddenly their heard started coming close while she planted a kiss on his lips,  they  kiss for about two minutes before Roy broke the kiss..
Roy broke the kiss while Nina sheepishly looked away, she was kind of shy….
“I am sorry ” she calmly apologized..
” it’s not your fault, we are just carried away Roy replied..
They gisted for about an hour before Roy left to his house, he met of the his brother (abducted brother) “hey Roy I heard you now work” he smiled to Roy.
“yeah Phil ” Roy waved at him and left to the room where he laid down on the bed and drafted to dreamless slumber, he woke up the next morning as early as 6;00am to prepare for work , he did his normal routine and went to work…
10 am….
Lex came to Sandra’s house, he greeted her mother and sat on the couch waiting, while her mother went to Sandra’s room to called her..
“hey dear!, lex is waiting for you in the sitting room ” she said to her daughter who breathed a sigh frustration..
She reluctantly went to meet him in the Sitting room.
Immediately lex saw her, he quickly stood up and hugged her.
” hey how are you doing ” he asked as they disengaged..
” fine ” she replied trying her best to sound polite..
” I came for us to go shopping, you know our weeding is a month from now ” lex smiled while Sandra stared at him in astonishment..
” a month from now? ” she muttered sounding perplexed..
” yeah “lex answered with a reassuring smile…
” How is that possible, or do you think I had accepted to be your wife, I only did that to save you from embarrassment and you went on fixing a date to our wedding without my approval ” Sandra poured out to me..
” is not actually I want ahead, our parents had agreed for us to get married and I think that’s great, see Sandra i love you more than you can ever imagined, I don’t really know what’s wrong with you , but I know so many girls would kill just to be my wife, you are just behaving childish ” lex fired back at her while Sandra stared at him in disdain..
” thank God you said so many girls , well I am not so many girls , I am Sandra Johnson and I am not sure I will be getting married to you ” Sandra bluntly said and walked out while lex stared her in awe…
” weather you agreed or not we are getting married” lex said inwardly and left to his house, immediately he got to his house, he called one of his concubine who came as fast as possible,..
About 30 minutes later
” hey lex ” she greeted as she walked up to him..
” hey Tracy ” lex waved at her while she came to where he was, she sat on his leg..
” what’s the problem ” she asked sensing he was not happy..
” it’s that stupid girl I am about to marry ” lex replied.
” what happened again ” Tracy asked. because lex do complained of her attitude to her, so she knew about their relationship..
” she kept behaving saying she is not ready for marriage, our marriage is inevitable, ” lex breathed.
” do you love her? ” Tessy asked surprising lex with her questions…
” hey enough with Sandra, ” lex waved at her while she shrugged.
” Okay, “she murmured and planted a kiss on his lips. Soon enough they both found themselves in Wonderland devouring each other like hungry lions.
[IS LEX IN LOVE WITH SANDRA ??] time will tell…..
Sandra was having problem with the air condition in her, she needed help and only the male can assist her, she went to the gate post, she met Roy and Peter sited on a plastic chair discussing..
” hey did any of you know how fix an AC?? ” Sandra asked the both of them as she approached them..
” nah, I don’t have an AC, ” Peter replied..
” what about you, what’s that your name again ” she asked referring to Roy ..
” Roy !, maybe I can help.”Roy replied and stood up from his sit. They both walk to Sandra’s room, while she showed him the AC which seems faulty, Roy went there and fixed it, it was a minor thing which any male could do…
” it’s done ” Roy said and switch the AC on..
” so quick! “she exclaimed in surprise
” it’s actually the socket, you didn’t plug it very well. Lex explained..
She went to where the AC is and put her hands to feel the breeze rather cold which was emanating out..
” you seem very young and intelligent ” she told him while Roy smiled ..” it’s just a minor thing ” Roy replied..
” it’s not that, I have been watching you, I noticed you are always calm and reserve, are you graduate “she asked while Roy shrugged…
” nope, I am not he replied dejectedly ” and was about leaving, she held his hands” thanks ” she breathed inaudible and let go of his hands..
She watched as Roy disappeared to the gate post..
” such a nice guy ” she said inwardly..
She was busy starring at him before her mother walked up the her..
” who are you starring at like like,” her mum asked jolted her..
” noth_ing “Sandra stuttered ..
” I hope it’s not the security guard, because I noticed the way you look at him “her mum asked while she shrugged..
” mum I am not starring at anybody. ” she replied vehemently and left her mum
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