Thursday, March 14, 2019

The island gist and discussion (Lifestyle Story)

Wednesday 10:00am Victoria Island, Oscar Video
editing store Luke and God-Eye arrives at the store
in search of Sarah as they got in the store and met
a lady by a computer “Good morning miss” Luke
said; God-Eye was busy observing the place as
people were moving about their works and then he
noticed a lady looking at them but pretended not
to see her “Good morning sir, how may I help
You?” she asked Luke “Please I am here to see
Sarah Oscar” he said “That’s our chief Editor, do
you have an appointment with her” “Yes we do”
Luke said; God-Eye then watched as the lady
quickly moved to a back door and exited place
“Luke go to the front, she’s gone through the back
door. I will follow her” God-Eye said and then Luke
went out to the front and God-Eye went to the
back, she thought both of them would follow her
through the back so she can go to the front and
escape but she was wrong. As she got to her car
and opened the door to go in Luke grabbed her arm
“hold on, where’re you going?” he asked and she
became scared and tried to struggle her way out
but couldn’t “hold on, am not here to hurt you”
Luke said “there you are, you think you’re smart
huh?” God-Eye said coming from the back “Who
are you guys?” she asked ‘your life is in danger,
we’re here to help you” Luke said “I don’t believe
you guys” she said with fear as she looked at their
faces “Some other men are coming here to kill you
today but if you come with us, you are safe” God-
Eye said “So you are coming with us” Luke said
“ok I will” she said but wasn’t of that. They took
her to their car and carried her to Zeus’s place
They arrived at Zeus’s place ‘What place is this?”
she asked “A safe place” God-Eye said; they
entered the sitting room to meet Ade and Jameel
“Ade where’s Zeus?” Luke asked “Am over here”
Zeus said coming down the stairs “Is that Sarah
Oscar” Zeus asked “Flesh and Blood” God-Eye said
“She’s quite pretty” Zeus said “Who are you guys?
Why have you brought me here? What do you want
from me?” she asked “hey relax honey, one
question at a time” Zeus said “Who are you
people?” she asked “I am Zeus” “(Chuckles) so am
I to bow to the greek god” she said mockingly
“that’s Luke and God-Eye and this is Ade and
Jameel” Zeus said “Why am I here?” she asked “I
need you to be here” “And what do you want from
me?” she asked “you have something I want” he
said with a straight face “And what could that
be?” “The video record of Dr. Jason Heineken’s
murder” Zeus said and she was silent “I don’t
know what you’re talking about” she said “Look, I
hate lies and I don’t have time for one” he said “I
don’t know what you are talking about” she said
“Come on dear, don’t make this hard” Zeus said “I
know the president sent you guys, so you can kill
me because I am not giving you anything” she said
“I like your guts but the president is not our alley”
“I am not handing anything” “I am the first son of
Dr. Jason Heineken and this is my sister Jameel
and Ade my brother” Zeus said and she was
speechless “But Dr. Jason’s son is in Abu Dhabi”
“That was 5years ago; I have been in the country
for 5years now and I have taken my time to plan
our the killing of everyone associated with my
father’s murder” he said “I knew it” she said loudly
“What” “When I went through the video again I
then noticed that everyone there was dead except
two persons” “I have a list of all the men present
there and the last person on the list is the
president of Nigeria” “But what about Saheed
Ganiu, the minister of information” she asked “He
was not on the list” Zeus said “He was on the
video and he supported the killing” she said “Then
he must be killed” “Ade do a quick research on
Saheed Ganiu” Zeus said and ade left “Where’s the
Video” Zeus asked “I’ll send you a copy” she said
“How many copies do you have” Zeus asked “10” ‘I
want you to make more” “And who’s paying” she
asked “I will” “Ok how many” she asked “Countless
numbers” he said “why do you need so much?”
she asked “I have plans” he said “take her to her
home; I will keep in contact with you” Zeus said
and they left “Zeus I have something about
Saheed” “He lives in Abuja, he’s the present
Minister of Information and looks like he’s a friend
to the president” “Prepare a profile about him
immediately, Hades will take care of him”

Two days later… As Luke drove to the gate of Zeus’s compound he saw 7 articulated
Lorries parked outside the compound, he drove into the compound and parked his car then
went into the house where he met Zeus discussing with two men, he walked to Zeus and
Zeus introduced him to the men and told him that they were hired to drive those trucks into
town and that he had also hired some ladies who would go into town with them to
distribute the items in the lorries. And after some time they left and Luke asked Zeus what
was in the trucks “The seven lorries are carrying different items like bags, phones, bags of
rice, electronics, kitchen utensils. Toys and drinks” “It’s a good thing to give out like this”
“Yes and we need the people in our favor so as to bring down the present government” “I
smell revolution” Luke said “Your sense of smell is fully active” “I have waited for the
moment when someone rise up against this corrupt thieves and stand against the
plutocratic government and bring real change to the people” “That time is now Luke… that
time is now” Zeus said smiling… Two Days Later… As Luke arrived at Zeus’s house Ade
informed him that Zeus was out to meet some persons to discuss creating a political party
“So what are up to?” Luke asked Ade “Nothing much, am just doing studies” “Come on give
yourself a break and do something else; go have fun” “There is no time for fun and besides I
have more information on Saheed Ganiu” “Tell me” Luke said “He has a Swiss account” Ade
said “Good, how much is in it?” “Approximately 400 million dollars” “God damn” “Guess
what?” “What” “I can hack into the account and get the money” Ade said “Good, so do it” “I
can’t from Nigeria unless I go to Switzerland” “That’s not a problem?” Luke said “Yes, so
I’m leaving for Switzerland tomorrow” “Good, does Zeus know?” “Yeah” “Alright, I need a
drink” Luke said standing up and walked to the wine bar “I’ll be right back, let me round up
something in my room” Ade said and went upstairs Luke sat by the bar and after about
5mins Jameel came down “Luke?” she called out and he was a little bit startled at the
sound of her voice, he then turned to look at her “Jameel” he said and smiled as he
dropped the glass on the table; she then walked to him and sat on a stool facing him “How
are you?” she asked as she looked into his eyes with a little smile “i… I am fine” he couldn’t
hold his gaze “What’s the problem?” she asked “Nothing” he replied and raised his head
“You have been avoiding me for weeks now” “Nah” “We used to chat online but now you
hardly come online and you even ignore my messages, when you come here you try your
best as to avoid me” “Jameel please… you know why” he said “No I don’t” she said
immediately “I don’t want Zeus to find out about this and besides we have been very busy
lately doing thing together” “Things that are more important than your feelings” she asked
and he was silent for 3secs “My feelings for you are very much important but so are other
matters” he explained “I see” she said as she looked away “Please Jameel don’t put words
into my mouth” Luke said “Everyone has the right to love, you better start realizing that
before somebody else takes what belongs to you” she said and stood up and walked away
“Jameel?” he called but walked away It then dawned on him that she was almost out of his
life and he felt bad about it; he couldn’t stay anymore so he left…

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