Friday, February 8, 2019

wrong turn of life

When she said the guy was her brother, I quickly removed my hand from her waist but was surprised when she held my hand and took it back to the previous position. She told me not to worry.
Timileyin: Are you afraid?
Me: Yes, I don’t want trouble for my self.
Timileyin:I said don’t worry is he not my broda I’ll handle it.
Me:**♥ was beating faster than normal** okay baby.
Agatha: Did I just hear you say baby.
Timileyin: Yes now what’s your business their or are you jealous.
With the way this girl is behaving, its obvious that she’s a spoilt brat. I was afraid cos I don’t know what his reaction will be but I was assured not to worry. Now Timileyin’s broda is already with us and I was shocked with what I heard.
Timileyin’s broda(Wale): ooh is this the boy you have been telling us about. He said this and afterwards shook hands with me. it was then I was relieved that I’m safe. During our conversation, Agatha witnessed it all. I could not bear the embarrassment any so I maneuvered my way by opting to go home as time was already few mins to 6pm. Then her broda allowed me to go. I got home that day at about 15 mins to 8pm. I was thinking and reflecting on how tomorrow is going to be shaped. As I was still thinking, I just sharply remembered what Wale said i.e Timileyin’s broda that ‘is this the boy you have been telling US about’ that statement really gave me concern that I had a mixed and impossible feelings. I asked myself that.
‘is it that this girl have already told her parents about me?’
‘or could she be planning something 4 me ❓’
‘but she claim to love me so she can’t harm me’
‘or did she know that I was making a move to woo someone else❓’ I asked my self a lot rhetorical questions that can’t be answered because the manner which Wale her brother as she claimed earlier said that ‘US’ was too intense as if they have been planning on how to kidnap me. but I later told my self that I’ve done nothing wrong so I should be rest assured that I’m safe for now.
ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß ß
The night was very fast as I was unable to sleep early due to what happened earlier that day. Now its Friday. though I don’t have any plans to go to her house again since the earlier encounter with the guy she claimed to be her broda. But it was obvious that she will force me today because we usually close 3 hours earlier on Fridays. I have already made up my mind not to go with her no matter how she try to force me. It was that day that I believe that walls have ears and not only the walls, including the road cos that matter was trending in the class that day that as some people will even come and meet me to ask me what her broda said but I’ll just tactically change the topic but some of them won’t give up. they would ask questions like.
‘You met broda wale yday what did he say ❓’
‘ broda wale no dey take nonsense ooo beta stay off his sister’
‘Guy I pity you, maybe he was in a good mood yday that’s why you ain’t in the hospital by now’
On hearing stuffs like this I was getting more afraid so I decided to make some findings on my own, so I asked some people about Wale and why everyone is afraid of him. one guy told me that Broda Wale graduated last year. I was shocked that he was even my classmate.
The guy went on by telling me how Wale almost killed one teacher because Timileyin reported to him that the teacher is wooing her. On hearing this,it was as if they activated auto-heat as I began to sweat profusely with fear of Wale in my mind, but he didn’t appear that dangerous to me as he even shook hands with me and also told me to take care of his sister very well. 70% of my body was afraid of the next meeting with Wale while the remaining 30% is as good as dead. I couldn’t concentrate well in school but no teacher noticed despite the fact that my seat is at the front. After the school had closed, Timileyin came to persuade me again inviting me to her house so I accepted the offer. I don’t know what came over me that made me accept without hesitation despite all the pressure.
On getting to their house, I was happy because of one thing.
In getting to their house i noticed that there was no one ‘cos she opened the door with a key she brought out of her her bag. The building was a nice bungalow with a fence which was under construction as at then. She then ushered me in and we went inside together she offered me sit which I accepted. so she went to her room to change her cloth during this period I took my time to scan the whole room. it is a well furnished house and I know that it would definitely have more than 5 rooms. Soon she came out now she had already changed her school uniform to a house wear. it was a skimpy gown which struggles to reach her knee. I was amazed at he rate of how the gown was tight but its non of my business. This girl look extremely beautiful and I couldn’t help myself but to stare at this beautiful young lady standing before me alone in this big house a lot of things ran thru my mind both positive and negative I was lost in thought only to be brought back to life when she called my name.
Timileyin: Enny!! what are you looking at?. I just smiled and said
Me:nothing. You can’t even offer me some thing to drink for the first time I’m visiting your house, that’s very bad you know. …I don’t know where the courage came from …
Timileyin: I’m sorry love I forgot, so what do you care for.
Me: ***love, me love*** Water will be okay for today maybe when I come some other time I will need more than water.
Timileyin: Okay dear gimme 1 second.. she dashed out for the kitchen and soon she came out with a glass of water.
Me: hope I’m safe this 1 that you are smiling this your wicked smile.
Timileyin: sure you are safe with me why will I want to harm you. She drank out of the water and handed the glass to me I drank with happiness. we were gisting abt school for close to 15 minutes and I could notice the level of comfort in her as if she was living alone so I was disturbed I decided to ask her some few questions abt her parents
Me: what if your mom or your Dad comes in and see me, don’t you think I’m in trouble.. after my statement, all she could do was to laugh that I began to feel uncomfortable with her so I asked why she was laughing.
Timileyin: so you are afraid, are you not a man❓
Me: Of course I’m a man but before your parents, I’m a boy so they deserve respect.
Timileyin: Don’t worry they are not coming back till late in the night… on hearing this, i was relieved and said to myself. ‘no wonder she spoil like this’
when it was some mins past three I told her I’ll like to go now. it was as if she was waiting for me to say that.
Timileyin: Please don’t go I want you to stay now just stay like one hour again now please. she pleaded as she left her seat to come join me. I objected that I must start going as I stood up and she led me to the door. She was behind me but when I almost reach the door, she overtook me and stand in a position behind the door preventing me to pass through thus revealing her wonderful shape to me one more time I couldn’t help but stare and I was brought back to life with a word that was capturing and sound as a surprise to me as I didn’t expect it from her. she said
Timileyin: Tell me you don’t like what you are seeing! if you don’t like it then I’ll stop disturbing you.
Me:**after staring for abt 5 secs more**Of course I like it but….
Timileyin: Shhhhh *placing her index finger on my lips indicating that I should keep quiet*…. She moved her head closer to mine and before I could say Jack Robinson our lips were interlocked and was involved in an intimate kiss and hot romance. which lasted for about 3 mins when I realized what I was doing I quickly stood up and told her this wasn’t right.
Me: Stop this is not the way things are done let me start going. I carried my bag and as I got to the door I discovered that the door is locked then I turn back only to see her swinging the key with the ring in her middle finger which I interpreted as ‘bleep me and get the key’.
Me: please Timi if you truly love me as you claimed just gimme this key and let me go my way.
Timileyin: no way until I have what I want.
Me: **surprised** what did you want from me?. She came closer to me and whispered into my ?
Timileyin: don’t pretend boy, you know what I want.
Me:okay but there’s no condom what If you get pregnant.
Timileyin: Are you d one to be pregnant or me, so leave that to me. After she said this she pulled my head closer and we continued our kissing session.Then I started by pressing her b—-t together and I could notice that she was not wearing any bra soon I moved down to her b–m and she was not putting on pants also I knew she was ready 4 dis then I decided to raise her gown up so that I can get a perfect smooching. As I was still raising her gown, our mouths were still interlocked so i managed to bring out one of her b—-t out from the gown and started sucking so this went on 4 about 7 mins when I decided to take it to the next level As I was about to insert my d**k inside her kittycat I was resisted and I was shocked that is it not the same girl that wants me to bleep her.
Me: Baby what’s the matter.
Timileyin: I’m a virgin so thread slowly.
Me: **shocked** okay baby I’ll try.
I went on with my smooching and soon I was about to insert my 8 inch inside her kittycat. I noticed that it is too tight so I remembered that I had my Vaseline in my bag so I went for it. I rubbed it on my d--k and rubbed some on her kittycat also, it was then I was able to penetrate and we continued our session for about 20 mins, when I was about to c-m, I wanted to pull out but I remembered that I wanted to punish her, and immediately, I thought again that this is not the best way to go abt it so I pulled out and I c-m on her a-s as we were on a d—-e mission. She screamed in pain and pleasure but I used one of the chair’s pillow to hold her mouth so as to avoid attraction. There was no doubt that she enjoyed the s-x session. she gave me tissue to clean up. As I was still cleaning myself suddenly I heard
ko ko ko. It was a knock on the door. I was afraid as the both of us were still naked.
As I was still going angrily, I stopped to look back and to my greatest surprise,she didn’t even move from where she was standing and she was laughing at me. I expected her to at least show some sympathy or even beg me instead she was still laughing. ‘Chai which kind thing I go put myself?’ I said within myself as I decide not to stop. Fortunately for me I found a good Samaritan who was willing to help me for free after about 36 mins of trekking. I got home that Friday and I was relieved as I didn’t meet my Parent and my siblings said they also did not meet both of them. then I was relieved that they will be no interrogation today cos I got home some mins to 6pm.
I went to the kitchen straight to eat because I was famished. As I was eating my phone started ringing, so I went for it and I found out that it was an unknown number so I picked it.
Me: Hello, pls who am I speaking with
Caller: Hi Enny, how re you today?
Me:I’m fine. pls who am I speaking with?
Caller: Its Bolanle
Me: How far Bolanle, how did you get my number. I can’t remember giving you my number.
Bolanle:So you are not happy that I called you okay no problem I won’t call you again. **hang up**
Me: hello!!!. I was thinking of how this girl would have gotten my number and simultaneously thinking of what she said that am I not happy that she called. of course I am happy but I need to know what’s behind this her behavior
‘is this girl trying to make advances’
‘of course I like her’
‘but will she accept me after knowing about Timi and I’
‘but she’s stepping on my toes’. I was lost on thought I just slept off.
When I woke up it was past 11pm then I knew even if I try to woo her now she won’t accept because I ought to have called her immediately after she hang up on me. So I made up my mind to call her. grr grr her ✆ was ringing I just crossed my mind that she might have slept off or probably won’t pick up since it’s obvious that she’s angry with the way I spoke with her.
I continue dialing until the 8 ring then she picked up.
Me: hello love
Bolanle: who is your love, better find your love go front (ko koshi danu) **hang up**… I checked if it was a wrong number I called but it was not so I decided to call again and this time she wasn’t picking. to the extent that she switched off the phone at about the 6th ring. I had feelings of what happened earlier that day BTW me and Timi and now Bolanle i finally got my mind off both of them as is at appears more complicated.
Now its morning and when I checked my phone i saw 7 missed calls and 2 messages the missed calls was from a strange number and one of the msg is from Bolanle. and the other from the same number that called me. I decided to check Bolanle’s own first b4 going further to check the unknown number.
As I decided to check Bolanle’s msg, I saw the shocker of life. Content of the msg
**mr lover boy, I didn’t k is you were this wicked, if not I wouldn’t have called you. This msg is not necessary as this will be the last time you should be hearing from me bcos I will have nothing to do with you from hence forth. And don’t think I don’t know what happened BTW you and your babe yesterday so that’s why you were not happy that I called. Anyways, nice meeting you.. Don’t bother yourself by replying cos I won’t read it. Thanks for your cooperation.**
The whole message meant nothing to me, but they were two things that caught my attention during the reading session which were ‘this will be the last time you should be hearing from me’ what does she mean by that?
did she know she’s going to die?
a lot of rhetorical questions came thru my mind.
And the second and most captivating of it was the statement she made that
‘ don’t think I don’t know what happened BTW you and your babe yesterday’. I was scared that she already knew that I had s-x with Timi in her house.
‘I’m finished’ I said to my self knowing the gratitude at which the story was going to be viral if it eventually get across to the school. and immediately I started to imagine how the fame I acquired within a short period will die immediately as many of them won’t be happy or willing to associate themselves with me especially the girls. so I got my self thinking again
‘how did she know abt what transpired BTW Timi and I’
‘could it be that Timi told her about it’ I already concluded that I will so deal with Timi if this story ever get to the school. And I should also find way to beg Bolanle not to tell anyone else about it.
‘How am I going to get to her now since she already told me not to reply that she won’t pick or read NY msg’ just then I remembered that my phone was a dual Sim so I decides that I would call her later in the day to beg her not to tell anybody abt anything she knew regarding to yesterday’s issue. After I had decided on how to go about that case I almost forgot that they were two Message. So I decided to read the one from the unknown number. Message content
** of course I enjoyed it and I hope you did also….** it was obvious that this was from Timi. message continues
**…..My love, I know you are still angry with me abt yday. but if you decide not to reply my message within two hours, I’ll be forced to tell Bolanle everything, and not only Bolanle and some other of my friends**
What!! in hearing this, I checked the time the message was sent and it was around 12:10 am, by then u was already asleep.
‘how will this girl send me message as at that time’
‘where did they get my number’
‘chai mo to Ku(I don die)’
‘which face I go carry go school on Monday’
‘how will pple see me,especially girls, all way don block’..
‘come to think of it how can she tell her frnds that we had s-x’
‘This girl no dey shame sef’
‘There must be way’.. I was lost in thought when Timi called. I was afraid that what is it that she wants to tell me, perhaps I already know so no need to hear it from her again. She called about 4 times before I was able to pick. so I composed my self and form a sleeping voice as if I just woke up.
Timi:Hello my love
Me:*sleepy voice* I’m fine how are you dear?
Timi: Did you receive my message?
Me:What message I’m just waking up now its even your call that woke me up.**see me wey I dey para 4 dis gal yday**
Timi: sorry anyways but its too late I’ll call you some other time. *hang up*
‘too late’. what is too late?. I decided to check the time Bolanle sent her message and it was around some mins to 3am. I was dumbfounded. I just fell back to bed and started crying that I’ve been doomed. Could it be that they did not sleep thru out the night.
‘How will I look at Bolanle and some other people she claimed already know abt what happened. BTW us’
‘How can this girl be dis stupid’.
‘or is there something that she’ll gain after all her madness’. I don’t know she was driving to gain but I keep thinking asking my self rhetorical questions that can’t be answered. I could not eat well that morning that our house help(aunty Funke) noticed it. so after the meal she came to my room to check me and ask me what happened. Aunty funke is always a person I could confide in as she usually giv me hints on how to woo girls that will make them fall immediately.
Aunty Funke: Enny Enny this 1 that you are looking dull, who Colet your babe this time.
Me:No b about babe jare I no just feel fine.
*it’s obvious that she didn’t buy the lie*
Aunty Funke:Mummy’s pet not feeling fine and you did not tell her. okay lemme inform her!
Me: no need I’ll be fine
Aunty Funke: OK. so tell me the truth. What happened to you. cos I know you very well it’s abt some girls or something like that.
Me: I’m fine nothing I’ll be fine
Aunty Funke: okay no problem. lemme just go and tell her that you are not feeling fine.
Me: Aunty Funke nooow don’t tell her pls.
Aunty Funke: okay tell me what happened or else I’ll tell her.
Me:okay its about that Timi that I used to tell you about
Aunty Funke: you and this your new babe nawa ooo. so what is it this time.
Me: Aunty promise me that you’ll not tell mummy
Aunty Funke: if it’s something worth telling her I will tell her ooo.
On hearing this, I was getting more afraid.
Me:please don’t tell her.
I pleaded for abt 3mins b4 agreed that she won’t tell mummy.
Me: **narrated the whole story to her and the text messages I received** Aunty Funke am I not dead.
All aunty Funke could do was to laugh. I was shocked to see her laughing.
Me: why are you laughing now
Aunty Funke: so you can fear like this. chai nawa 4 you. but the Enny wey I know no dey fear anything.
Me:This one is different please stop laughing now and help me out.
Aunty Funke: You are just afraid, she can’t tell anybody that you had s-x with her not even her closest frnd. so stop disturbing yourself.
Me: do you mean it?
Aunty Funke: yes of course I mean it 100%.
Me: but this girl is a spoilt brat so nothing has value before her .
AuFunke: No matter how a girl is spoilt, she can never tell her frnd that she lost her virginity to you. so just be rest assured that she didn’t tell anybody, she just don’t want you to ignore her bcos of what she did by seizing you TP fare.
Aunty Funke encouraged me and told me not to worry that if I continue to worry,that She’ll tell mummy everything I just told her. I still pleaded another round again begging her not tell Mummy.
I thought of what she just told me that Timi can’t tell anybody abt yday saga.
‘Is Aunty Funke saying the truth’
‘But Timi is heartless she don’t care abt any repercussions’
‘I hope she didn’t tell anybody or better still she didn’t tell anyone except Bolanle b4 Monday’
‘I also hope Bolanle did not tell anyone’.. I did not enjoy my weekend as usual as all I did was to think abt the situation again and again.
Now its Monday I didn’t feel like going to school as mum and Dad had left early. so I wanted to take that opportunity to remain at home but theain obstacle here is at home ready to leak my secret out to mum and Dad if I did not go to school. So I had no choice than to go.

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