Saturday, February 16, 2019

the honour is not met for me

If someone told me that am going to be an O’level holder, I’ll curse the person. During my days in secondary school my dream then was to be a medical doctor but where am I today,nobody to determine.
When am still a kid, I also heard that father’s is the pillar of the house, I didn’t understand till I lost my father. The day I lost my father, was the day my dream of becoming a medical doctor was lost. My dad was dead in my secondary school so life became hard for me and my brothers and my mum. My mother started carrying us along with her petty trade business she was running. My elder brother was withdrawn from school to look for work so that he can help train me and our junior ones.
On Sunday morning, my mom called out on me and my senior brother to the sitting room for a brief word of encouragement.
Mom: since i lost your father in ghastly motor accident, I find it hard to feed you and you juniors ones. Please my son, I want you to follow my brother to Benue state to learn trade. I believe he will settle you well so that you will help to train others.
**The name of my senior brother is Kelvin. He is tall and black in complexion. During the period we lost our father, he is in ss2 while am in jss3. He normally tells me on how he will become a doctor when he finished school. The world is wicked I can’t believe that his dream just shattered like that. When the desirable is not available,the available becomes desirable. ***
Kelvin: mom I know how you feel, don’t worry I will do my best and make sure that I make it in life.
Here comes Monday morning as he was preparing to travel, he called me in the sitting room
Kelvin: chisom did you know why I called you here
Me : no
Kelvin: I just want you to take good care of mama when am gone. Make sure you obey her and never cause her pain. Work hard to pass your waec. I will be traveling to Benue state this morning. After saying that he bent down and wept.
Me: bros stop crying. I promise to take good care of mama. Won’t disappoint you and I will also try my best to make my waec.
**i consoled him and thereafter, I and my mom saw him off. **
To be continued
When my mum and I saw him off, I started feeling lonely due to my brother was so dearly to me. He is more than a brother. We went back to the house.
Living with my mum without my senior brother was not easy for me then. When I go to school, after dismissal, I ran quickly to the house and took my lunch and find my way to the market where my mum runs her petty business and starts helping her. I took the place of my elder brother, I didn’t even have chance of myself. There are some of the things I do which I later put to an end. After the term in the school, I couldn’t continue in the school again because the school fees of the school is too much which my mother can’t afford. I was withdrawn from the private school and I’ve to continue my secondary school in government school.
I got registered in the school, the first day I went to school, I couldn’t find the classroom of SS1 so I was stranded. I stood there for almost 10mins before one pretty damsel came outside to ease herself. I just allowed her to attend to her problem first. As she came out from the toilet, I stopped her.
Me: Hello.. Good morning
Girl: good morning
Me: my name is Chisom, am a new comer, I just got registered today and am lost.
Girl: lost!
Me : yes,,, I couldn’t fine the classroom of SS1. Please can you help me?
Girl: sure! Why not. Am also in SS1 .. Follow me
Me: sorry to ask,,,, what’s your name?
Girl : my name is mary.
Mary was such a beautiful girl that every guy will desire to have as a girlfriend.
She turned and I followed her from behind, busy admiring her endowment. She is endowed with big mass destruction and point boob. Chisos I exclaimed, I can’t believe that my pr**k will misbehave just peeping a glance of Mary’s endowment.
To say that her waist is figure 8 is understatement because her mass destruction pass that attribute.
When we get to the ss1 block
Mary : chiso, welcome to ss1 class.
Me: thank you dear
Mary : you are welcome.
I went inside the class room with her, she pointed at an empty space chair which I took no time to occupy.
Not less than 2min, one tall lady walked in. She is fair in complexion, Good looking and well packaged. She is wearing pink top and black skirt that exposed her laps.
She introduce her self as Mrs Betty and will be taking us on biology.
Class is like we have a new comer in our midst, the whole class echoed yess
She ordered me to introduce myself
Me:am chisom, with a shivering voice
Mrs Betty : laughed out loud, why are you shivering?
Me: MA, am not
Mrs betty: how old are you and also your state of origin.
Hmmmm, why did this woman wanted to know my age. Is it part of her teaching or what?
Me: am 15yrs and am from Anambra state.
Mrs Betty : OK, my good boy. Why is he sitting alone or don’t you guys like him?
Class: noooo
Mrs Betty : then one of the girls should sit beside him…..
I was surprise when I saw one beautiful damsel walking majestically with her books in her hand towards me.I swear that there is a lot of fun here.
I was surprise when I saw one beautiful damsel walking majestically with her books in her hand towards me. When she came closer to me with a flirting smile and sat beside me.
Mrs Betty : chisom, from now onwards she will be your seat mate. Do you understand?
ME: yes ma
Mrs Betty : her name is Vivian and both of you on no circumstances chance seat. And if you do otherwise, both of you will experience my bad side she said that and left.
Vivian : good morning dear” she greeted putting up a blithe smile. It was nice and appreciating, seeing a girl Beautiful as she is, greeted me in such manner full of humility. That alone makes me to like her more.
ME: good morning I replied, as I stretched out my hand expecting a handshake from her which she obliged.
VIVIAN: Am Vivian Eze and you?
Wow!!! What a nice name, but I guess you already know my name” I replied her smiling and she nodded.
As we are chatting and laughing, I noticed some guys slightly coughing and some murmuring within themselves. But i don’t care because even if the whole word is against me because of her, I won’t shake or shiver because her beauty alone worth sacrificing for.
Let me dish in little about her.
She is a tall lady with pointed nose like Kim Kardashian, massive boob like Nick Minaj and huge a-s like mercy Johnson and to wrap it all she is fair in complexion,in as much as we barely know each other. If you are mistaken you will think Vivian and I have known each other for years because of the way we flowed with each other easily.
Vivian: so chisom, tell me more about yourself.
Me: what did you wish to know about me. Just ask and I will answer you sincerely.
Vivian : I want to know everything about you
Me: OK, am chisom by name and you can also call me Murphy. I’m 15yrsof age and I still live with my parents.
We both laughed out loudly.
Vivian : still laughing. Well I know that you still live with your parents or do you plan on living alone?. Am Vivian which you already know and you can also call me blossom. Am also 15years of age.
*** we both laughed considering we are of the same age.
Vivian: wait oooo, why are you feeling shy? I can sense that through your attitude.
ME: shy for what?. **See this girl ooo, she chop witch how did she know that am a shy type. ** Seriously am a shy type but don’t want to admit it just wanna form James Bond.
Vivian: but I noticed it in your eyes. You behaves as if you don’t have sister or are you the only child?
ME: hmmmm, am not the only child of my parent oooo.
Vivian: that reminds me, how many are you in your family?
Me: we are five in number,two boys and three girls
Vivian: wow!! We are five in numbers too. Two boys and three girls but am the last born.
Still on our discussion when the school bell rang for break.
I was about going to the canteen when she halted me with her word
Vivian:chisom are just leaving me behind while you enjoy your lunch alone.
I was dumb founded, don’t even know to say. The issue is that I don’t have enough cash with me to treat her for lunch.
Vivian: see you Mr shy…… She laughed.
Common let’s go she said while holding my hands. My shyness increased and she noticed it and whispered into my ear better behave yourself or you will disgrace yourself.. I could notice some dude both senior and junior laughing at us, while others are busy murmuring. Being a shy type, I can’t stand this anymore so I withdrew my hands from hers immediately while some laughed even more.
The school canteen is very large to compare with my previous school and was filled with many seats like stadium. Well decorated with 2 flat Screen Samsung and very big refrigerator were you can take water to drink.
I and Vivian looked for a vacant table to occupy and devour what we got for break. I order for more snacks and a soft drink, when the woman brought what I ordered, I dip hand into my pocket to pay her, when Vivian said that she will pay, that I should not bother myself with the payment
ME: thanks alot Vivian.
Vivian: don’t mention my prince. What are friends for.
Prince indeed, we barely know each other and all this romantic word are coming out from your mouth..
Still chatting and as well devouring what we got for lunch when I heard a female voice behind me saying” excuse me please.
I turned in anticipation of who owns that lovely voice, and behold Mary standing upright like a model before me staring at Vivian with a fake smile, while a faint flush suffused her features.
Mary: can we see please referring to me..
I looked at Vivian and she signalled me with her left eye to follow her and know what she is up-to .
I turned to face Mary, were are we suppose to to talk, here or? I asked facing down to avoid eye contact with her, cos she is too charming, am afraid that I may lost in ecstasy.
Mary: let’s talk at the back of biology lab.
Hmmmmmm, back of biology lab., what is her plan now, I asked within myself

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