Sunday, February 3, 2019

the fateful night it all started

Forgetting about someone you love is never easy, but with time, patience and a few intelligent coping strategies, you can emerge a happy, satisfied person once again.
It had been two days when Stevie broke up with Bianca. To say he was hurt is an understatement. He was broken into tiny little pieces that were not invisible. Not even a glue could mend his broken heart. He was so deeply in love with Bianca. Yes, It was a long distance relationship but like everyday he used to call her. Communication counted the most at his side. Never spent a day without talking to her. His father knocked on the door and Stevie had been sitting on the bed staring at Bianca’s picture with a vodka in his other hand. He got up, wiped his tears and opened the door.
“Son!” He gave him a hug.
“Dad! She betrayed me. I gave her my heart and asked nothing more and nothing less than that she don’t break it. My love and trust were all that I had given to her sealed with honesty. Was I not good enough for her? Was it the long distance? I used to call her dad everyday before I retire to my bed,” he sniffed.
His father broke the hug and looked into his eyes.
“Don’t you know that man don’t cry?” His father grinned.
“Shall I tell you something?” He went to sit on the bed with his father and continued, “I have only recently discovered,” He replied, not attempting to hid the tears rolling down his face and not the least bit ashamed of them. “Boys don’t cry but real men do.”
“My poor son,” he patted his back. “You see the heartbreak of a break-up isn’t permanent . We know it doesn’t feel like that it feels like you will never be whole again. That you can never be happy without them. But it’s not true son.”
“Am I going to move on dad?”
“You will move on. You just need time and a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) towards yourself. The best ways to leave behind the painful memories literally leave them behind. New sights, sounds and experiences stimulate the senses, making the pain of a break-up seem distant and unimportant. You won’t be driven to tears looking at the coffee maker you used to share each morning, that’s an example for you,” he explained.
They say, ‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage’. He was happy with her but she broke each and every promise they made together. Left him believing that, promises are indeed meant to be broken. Also being in love is like existing on another plane. When you are truly and deeply in love with someone, it’s as if there is no one else in the whole world other than the two of you. How ever there are many times, when we just don’t want to accent that we are falling madly, deeply and truly in love with this person. That’s exactly what Stevie felt. He had a fragile heart, not weak but when he loved someone. He would love that person deeply and unconditionally.
“Guess you right dad..but I am still sh..”
“You now drinking,” he cut him short after seeing two bottles of vodka on the floor.
“Soothing dad. Calming my nerves down.”
“Eeew, you stink. Go and take a bath. I will ask Adela to make you some breakfast.”
“Who is Adela?”
“New maid. Your mum was worried about you,” he said getting up to his feet.
“I will go bath and see her later.”
He went to the bathroom. The hot water of the shower did little to ease his worries. With nothing on his body he emerged from the bathroom to his room. Since the bathroom was next to his room. It was a mansion with so many bathrooms. Each room had it’s own bathroom. He stood in his room, naked. She yanked the door open and her eyes landed on his naked, muscular body. She dropped the wastebasket on the floor as her gaze roved over his body before finally meeting his eyes. She swallowed hard in an attempt to calm her racing heartbeat.
“Don’t you know how to knock?!” he shouted.
As he raised his brows in question a flutter of nerves took flight in her stomach.
“I I I am so so sorry, sir. I didn’t know this was your room,” she looked aside.
“Get out!”
Startled, frightened by his voice, she banged her head on the door.
She couldn’t open the door. It was as if it got locked the moment it shut.
“I can’t open the door,”her eyes on the door not wanting to look at his body once more.
He walked to her still naked. Behind her she heard intake of breath and closed her eyes. Kept them close for about what ten minutes. He bumped into her while getting out of the room. She opened her eyes. Had she been lost inside her own thoughts and payed little attention on what was going on around her. Maybe she had froze in place. She quickly walked downstairs and boom their eyes met once again as he sat with his faming having their breakfast. She stared at him while stepping down. He winked and she stumbled and fell on the floor hitting her head really hard.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“How long had I been unconscious?”
“Two hours,” he replied smilingly.
A great personality, confidence and a positive attitude are just some of the things men find attractive in a woman..just saying.
Looking at the beauty in her eyes, a glow that shines like the sunrise. Her smile open up the cloudy skies, her laughter delighted butterflies. She was confident, femine had a good sense of humour. She didn’t need to be a rocket scientist, but was able to hold a conversation outside of the tabloids. Her beauty was from within. Her beauty was a bonus. She depended on God not man, full of determination.
She stood at the sink for hours using every sponge, brush and rag she could find. It took elbow grease to get the layers of grime off of her dishes. It was around 11am when he walked in the kitchen hands in his pocket. She had her eyes focused on the dishes and didn’t hear his footsteps. He stood behind her so close.
“There was once a woman in this house when I was a little boy who washed her dishes everyday,” His voice was sweet.
Her breath caught in her throat and nerves swarmed over her as he got hold of her hand taking the sponge from her hand. He continued,
“She washed her dishes after breakfast, lunch and after dinner. Day after day, meal after meal.”
She stood next to him, watching how his hand moved while he did the dishes. His gaze locked with hers and a sizzle of something undefinable zipped between them. She blinked, long natural lashes breaking the connection. He smiled.
“The woman washed dishes sparkling clean,” He took the liquid sunlight and a small dish towel and went to the kitchen table. “She dried them carefully put them away so they would be ready for next meal.”
“No need to help me sir. I think you have done enough,” she spoke softly.
“If you knew how to wash the dishes in silence then I wouldn’t be hear helping you,” he teased and laughed softly.
She smiled, shyness making her look up from under her lashes as heat infused her cheeks.
“I am sorry about that I will improve.”
“You were making a lot of noise. I had to come and tell you before the Boss Lady came in first. My work is done here. I have to go out.”
“Thank you, sir. I am sorry about what happened earlier this morning.”
“What happened?”
Acting as if he didn’t know what had happened. Did he want her to say it? That she saw his muscular body and now was too shy to look him into his eyes. She just smiled placing her hand on her cheek.
“You have got something on your cheek.”
He stepped closer to her, stroked his fingers down her cheek, lifting her chin and wiped. The air seemed alive with something she had never experienced before.
“Just some liquid soup.”
Unable to keep her eyes off him, she watched as he walked out of the kitchen. She almost let out a sigh of relief as he closed the door. She kept staring at the door.
“Adela!” she called out and she didn’t respond.
Where was Adela? Caught up in her own thoughts, got lost in her own inner world. Absent from the real world, busy day dreaming. She took a glass of water and poured water on her face. Widely opened her eyes attempting to run away but her legs wouldn’t let her.
“I have been calling you for minutes now. You started your job today and I think I made a mistake to let you take your mother’s place,” She clicked her tongue.
“I am sorry Madam. I was j..”
“Shut up! Get back to work!” She said raising her voice.
She walked out of the kitchen and entered her bedroom. His husband lay on the bed reading his newspaper.
“Where is your son?” She asked sitting on the bed.
“He went out,” He replied his eyes focused on the newspaper.
“Is he alright? We hardly talked this morning.”
“He is,” He turned another page, glanced at the picture then quickly slammed the newspaper shut. “Dammit!”
“Whats wrong?”
He didn’t answer the question but handed the newspaper to her.
“Page 4.”
She opened on Page 4. After checking it out, she threw the newspaper on the floor.
“This is going to destroy him. Now that he is the Minister’s son. They announce his wedding on the newspaper. What are we going to do?”
“I have no idea. I am still worried about him. He is not coping very well. That girl broke his heart into million pieces. He is pretending to be fine but deep down he is not okay,” he said
“I am going to take a bath,” she walked out on him.
He drove his car to the nearest restaurant. He needed to get some fresh air, think things through. He entered the restaurant and BOOM!. Couples of the moment sat on the table, laughing, having fun.
You are not exactly the best version of yourself after a break-up. You are crying all the time. It’s a strange to put on bottoms of the non-sweatpoint variety. You may even be tempted to send a 2am ‘I want you back’ text. This are desperate and running into your ex is the last thing you want to happen. Anyway so what happened is that Stevie just walked to their table and boy the look he gave them. He was angry.

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