Friday, February 8, 2019

nightfall and dawn of a sad family

Wow you are looking hot.”Ness yelled happily, as she caught Sophia coming down the stairs. Gina gave her a big smile that said that-is-my-girl.
Sophia ignored her mom’s knowing look, and she hugged her friends happily, after jumping around for a few minutes, they all calmed.
“Bae you are looking hot. I’ll say it again.” Ness said as she took in, the leopard pattern halter dress and gold heels, her friend paired the daring dress with small earrings and she showed off her punk haircut.
“Lets go jare.” she said, after catwalking around the room. She loved the dress, it was one of a kind, it hid her defects and balanced her shape. Her mom got it on her twentieth birthday when she was complaining about her body.
To anyone she had the perfect hourglass figure and she knew that it was a knock out.
They left the house chatting expectantly about their outing and the service programme they were going to.
They left in Gina’s car to the club, anticipating the best night of their lives.
They arrived at the club, it was brimming with ladies, the news was everywhere and even the parking lot was filled. Everyone wanted a glimpse of the artist or maybe a handshake, it wouldn’t hurt if a hug would be thrown in.
It looked like it was an exclusive ladies night, some guys followed their girlfriends in order to prevent them from falling further from them after seeing the artist in reality.
As they queued, Sophia heard a guy whisper to his friend, that he was missing a major La liga match all because of his girl.
She giggled and sighed, she loved the attention, she thrived on it. Her long legs were catching stared here and there and she was sure that with her friends, this was going to be fun.
The bouncers were twice the normal numbers and size, there were reporters and cameras flashing. An impromptu red carpet all for one person.
At this Sophia got pissed off, as much as she vyed for attention, this was too much. Her legs ached and she couldn’t wait to get a nice chilled glass off rich wine.
She ignored her friends who were still engrossed with the camera and went in.
One look from the bouncer told her, he definitely liked what he saw. He passed her in and she entered the high class club. She thought it was meant for places like VI, why Bariga?
She took in swirling lights, expensive club chairs and the dancehall was like a scene from a movie. She went to the bar and ordered her drink, the man gave her a look of approval and served her.
She was sipping her drinks and gauging the crowd. The place was fully air conditioned or else, it would be uncomfortable as people were already dancing.
She eyed her drink, this was delicious, it was soothing and then she stood like a predator. She had watched her friends go cougar and hunt. She knew every skill, but because of her darling boyfriend she couldn’t use them.
She sat on an overstuffed settee,
she sighted her friends already dancing like crazy. She raised her glass as they came towards her.
“Babe, I heard he is here.” Ness said exasperatedly, as she sat next to her and ordered a drink from the waiter.
“I sincerely don’t care. I came here to relax all this fuss over one man. Please how many albums has he released. All these gra gra. I’m here to enjoy myself. I can’t kill myself.” she said, as she danced to the new song the dj played.
Guys were moving everywhere, trying to get weekend flings. She threw a menacing stare, she wasn’t a club girl.
Her friends shrugged and left to dance, soon the dj announced that the artist dugbsy boy was in the house.
She hissed and continued looking around, she felt the oozing sensuality jumping from the stage.
When you lean on my shoulder, I feel like a superheroine
When you call me Mother, my heart melt like wax
You are my pride, Son
You complete my world
You’re a true extension of myself both in looks and in deeds
I may not have the world riches to give
But surely, you already have my love, my heart and my life
You will have the peace and love that only a mother could give.
The comfort only my arms could give
I will give you a reason to appreciate my existence
To the world, I must say…
I love you, Son.
* * * * * *
She knew the voice was fake, auto tuning and the rest of the magic the music producer often did. To her he was lip singing.
She sighed, then she caught sight of Funke and her ex, Gabriel’s eyes widened as he took her image in and Funke was terrified especially when Ness came in with the son of the IG of police, holding her waist.
She ignored them, no use crying over spilt milk. It was time to move on.
She felt sad, the guys here were not her crowd. She felt so uncomfortable, the music was just refined stink to her, promises that were bound to fail. She sighed here friends were singing and dancing while she began to mope.
The song track title was so common, as if there were no more titles or names again.
Everything except for her drink was sour. Stupid ex and stupid best friend, they can both rot in hell. She decided to take something stronger.
“A cosmos please.” she said, as she sat on the bar stool. She took the drink after ordering a couple more she felt the effect. Ha! Although she didn’t drink much, but her stamina was surprising.
She licked her lips, enjoying the tingling taste. “I’ll take the snap for ladies.” she said politely.
“And I’ll pay for another drink then.” she heard a clear baritone voice near her.
She snorted and eyed him, although she was drunk she knew cocky when she saw it. She sipped the drink and sighed.
“What do you want?” she asked, alcohol giving her the boldness to ask as she crossed her legs and eyed him.
“I want you.” he said nonchalantly.
Sophia scoffed and stood balancing herself like a graceful ballerina.
“Excuse me, even under this and drugs. I wouldn’t allow you.” she said angrily.
At that moment, Funke came by and exchanged pleasantries with the guy hitting on her.
“Tart, how dare you?” she cried out, as she lunged at her.
She had almost gotten rid of her blouse when they called security and she was dragged out.
She sat outside on the floor, it was cold and her friends were probably engrossed there was no one to help her.
She turned as someone tapped her, it was the man who had offered her a drink, he motioned for her to stand and she followed him.
She refused to enter, when he took her to his car.
“Where are you taking me to?” she asked as he gestured to her.
“You know you are drunk and you just attacked someone.” he said, the voice was vaguely familiar.
“Do I care, she stole my boyfriend.” she said angrily.
“From your expression, I thought you were over him.” he said, as he stood beside her.
She eyed him,his cologne was very seducing. She moved away, before she spoke.
“Yes, but who was she to butt in, she…” she suddenly burst into tears all the insecurities she buried deep down began to resurrect.
“Stop crying, no one is worth your tears.” he said, as he held her in his arms.
“I think I’m ugly, that was why he left me.” she said sobbing, as she began the narration of her dating history to a total stranger whom she didn’t know but she felt relaxed as he patted her hair.
“Sorry about that, I’ve my story to tell and my legs are aching so why don’t we drive around in the car.” he said, as he urged her in.
Sophia felt guilty the guy was nice enough to hear her sob story, why didn’t she do the same. She entered reluctantly and waited until he entered the car.
Nothing prepared her for his story, she felt so sorry for him, that she didn’t realize they were making out.
She was jolted out of her state, when she felt his hands under her dress.
“Stop, please I’ve not done this before.” she said as she pulled away.
“Okay, sorry I got carried away.” he withdrew sadly, he scratched his neck and sighed.
Sophia was scared, this was not her she didn’t know what she wanted, maybe she should…no, she couldn’t sleep with an ordinary guy who had a good sob story.
But her alcohol induced thoughts got the better of her. She would never see him again anyway, what did she have to lose. Who would want her anyway with her oversized hips, well she could just seize the moment and go with it.
She looked at him, as she licked her upper lips nervously.
“Okay, then would you like to be my first.” she asked timidly. The guy’s eyes widened in the darkness.

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