Friday, February 8, 2019

my best friend is a witch

“My first day in C.H.S was partly fun and
boring, the teachers only came into the
class to
introduced themselves and their subjects,
day was fun because I was doing the
answers to
the teacher’s questions and that had made
more popular and known by the teacher.
The bell
was rang for closing time, I picked up my
polythene bag and hurried to the bus stop, I
entered the bus only to find out that I was
next to the give I mistakenly decanted her
earlier that day…
“Hello scholar.” She greeted smiling.
“Hi.” I replied faking a smile.
“Where are you heading to?” She asked as
moved closer to me.
“Home, of course.” I replied feeling
“Oh, I am also going home. But where are
living?” She asked smiling.
“Starlab Road.” I replied smiling.
“Oh! I also live there.” She replied
“Really?” I asked in disbelief.
“Yes..”She replied gladly.
“Make una pay your money, no change o, I
you before you enter o.” The conductor
announced with some kind of gruff and
voice which I guess is due to smoking.
“Can I pay your transport fare?” I asked
“Sure, it’s your duty.” She replied jovially.
“My duty?” I asked confusingly.
“Just pay.” She replied as she hit my
and I paid the transport fare of the both of
“Scholar, can I know you more than this?”
requested with a humorless impression
on her face.
“Sure.. but can I request for two things from
you?” I questioned smiling.
“Okay, hope it is something I gave give?”
replied showing some kind of puerile
and movements.
“Dirty mind.” I thought as I gave out a
“Can you please stop addressing me as
‘scholar’?” I requested facing her.
“No…” She replied laughing.
“But why, it is something you have and you
grant me.” I riposted immediately.
“Because you are indeed a scholar, don’t
know those girls in the class are already
you?” She replied looking eyes in eyes with
“Oh God!” I exclaimed unhappily.
“You second request?” She asked smiling.
“I’m sorry for what ha…” I tried to beg but
restrained me from coming down with my
“Sssshhh… forget that please.” She paused.
could notice the change in her mood
“What’s wrong?” I asked astonishingly.
“Nothing (smile)… can I know you more?”
replied as she gave out a wonderful smile.
“Okay… (clear throat), I am Olamilekan
Jeff…” I
paused unwillingly.
“Oh, so you’re my father’s namesake.” She
“I am Jeff Cynthia.” She replied smiling.
“Oh! Nice knowing that.” I replied jollily.
“You welcome.” She paused.
“Less I forget, what about your friend? He is
in the bus, or he is not living…” Cynthia
pragmatic but I barged into her statement.
“We live in the same street; he is even my
neighbor…” I paused.
“But why is he not here?” Cynthia asked
“He has to branch at his mother’s shop,
that means there is no Lunch for him this
afternoon. I suppose to wait for him but he
is a
kind of a lethargic guy, beside, he has a
crush for
a girl around that vicinity, I guess he is
will have to stay with his mother till evening
because of his crush.” I concluded and I
see that Cynthia is really engrossed by my
“Okay, that’s not bad; it is just that I hate
guy at first sight.” She blasted showing
kind of disgusting face.
“Then you have to hate me too.” I darned.
“No o… okay I will like him later.” She
“This girl is funny o, you will like someone
I replied smiling.
“What about your girlfriend or let me put it
plural form, ‘your girlfriends’?” She asked
“Hmmm… hmmm.” A commuter mewed.
“Weldone o.” The commuter sitting next to
greeted in parable.
“Oga, una no tell me say person we don
two love bird for this bus…” The Conductor
uttered jokingly.
“Audu, can you please shut that gutter you
call a
mouth, leave them alone. Don’t you know
was how met my wife inside a bus, so
can happen they are now big boy and girl.”
driver cautioned Audu but the whole bus
rented with laughter at the concluding part
the driver’s statement.
I was speechless and dumbstruck, I looked
Cynthia; our eyes collided, she smile and
look at
another direction.
“Driver, I am dropping at the last bus-stop.”
broadcasted loudly.
We got to the last bus-stop and we all
from the bus, I look around the vicinity and
seems there is light.
“Cynthia, I have to go now, it seems there is
light.” I uttered facing Cynthia.
“Okay, where is your house?” Cynthia
“You can’t know my house it is a bit far and
it is
really hard to portray.” I replied faking a
“Okay, no problem, since you don’t want me
know your house.” Cynthia replied with a
“Not like that, it is just that…” I tried to
but she barged in.
“Yeeee! I’m finish today, my uncle.” She
expressed serenely.
“I looked at the direction she was looking
and I
saw a hefty man in armless and a three-
jean, he was walking towards us.
“Go!” Cynthia barked.
“No I’m not leaving, let me greet him?” I
“No… just go, I know what I’m saying, please
leave.” She begged wailing.
“Cynthia!” I exclaimed surprisingly when I
that she is in tears.
“Cynthia, what are you doing here?”
uncle barked with a heavy and deep voice.
“G..oo..d a..f.f..f….” She stammered looking
“What are you doing here?” He roared. I
staggered backward on hearing his loud
“Good afternoon sir.” I greeted kneeling
“How’re you?” Cynthia’s uncle responded
“I’m fine sir.” I responded smiling.
“What’re you doing here with her?” He asked
facing me.
“Sir, she’s my classmate and we boarded a
together, we just alight from the bus and I
about taking my leave when she told me
you’re coming here…” I responded boldly and
“Thank you, Cynthia meet me at home.” Her
uncle commanded and left.
“Okay sir.” Cynthia replied smiling.
“Ola… you really save me today, I own you a
thanks, let me take my leave before he
his mind.” Cynthia concluded and took to
heel eastwardly.
Cynthia seems to be bad at first sight but
she is
indeed a friend. She is funny, jovial, lively
vivacious. She is very beautiful and pretty;
prettiest in my class, she is a gem, a rare
gem of
its kind. She is light in complexion, she has
rounded face and pointed nose, and her big
eyebrow is something to be talk about, they
her face a beautiful and attractive look.
“Ola! Ola!!” A faint, velvet voice called from
behind. I turned back only to find out the
was A faint, velvet voice called from
behind. I turned back only to find out the caller
was Anita.
“Anita!” I called surprisingly from a distance.
“Ola, I have been running after you for a while,
you don’t even notice I was trailing you.” She
explained heaving a heavy sigh of relief.
“I’m so sorry about that, so what up?” I
apologized and also bring up a discussion.
“I’m fine, you?” She questioned smiling.
“Good, how was school today?” I requested
returning the smile.
“Boring and dreary…” She paused, moisturizing
her cracked lips… “Ola, my joy knew no bound,
word can’t express how appreciative and
thankful I am to you. If not for you, I doubt I will
pass my WAEC exam, and you also prepare me
well for my entrance examination desp…” She
expressed happily but with a teary eye, I barged
into her words and restrained her from
concluding her statement.
“All thanks belong to God, Anita. I know God
doesn’t do something without a reason but I
think it is my duty to help you academically,
beside you are also helping me indirectly
because it was proclaimed that ‘anyone helping
other is indirectly helping himself or herself’ so, I
see no reason why you should thank me, we are
friend and what’re we friends for if I can’t help
you.” I riposted smiling.
“Ola! You always amaze me, you’re truly one in a
million, you’re such a darling and you are unique.
Thank you for being my friend and thank you for
always been there for me.” Anita spoke softly as
she moved closer to me, I moved an inch
backward but she held me by my hand and gave
me a hug. I was shocked at first but on feeling
that her chest on mine, I was lost in thought. I
closed my eye slowly and I left this world for the
world of imagination.
The sun was shining to her glory and the breeze
from the ocean could be felt on the body, the
nature was dearly beautiful and inviting. I could
see Anita and myself playing soothingly at the
Suddenly, an earsplitting voice could be heard
from a distance. ‘What’s going on there?’ Behold
it was my mother, she questioned surprisingly in
an alarming tone, she couldn’t believe her eyes.
Her alarming and disquieting voice brought me
back from the world of imagination. I swiftly
disengage myself from Anita like a greased
lightning. I felt cold instantly, I was shivering and
shaking at a spot, I was motionless and
speechless. I don’t know how my brain knew
that I am in the midst of trouble that it
summoned the sweat gland to discharge as
much sweat as it can, my school uniform was
shook with sweat.
“My God, Ola…” Mama uttered in agape.
“Good afternoon ma.” Anita and I greeted in
“What’s good about the afternoon? Tell me,
what’s good about this afternoon. You’re here at
hugging each other at your age…” Mama blasted
“Mama, is not like that…” I tried to defend but I
was restrained by two thunderous and deafening
slaps from my mother {you know those kind of
slap that when received one will be seeing
stars}. I held my cheeks in pain.
“Meet me at home.” Mama finalized as she
angrily leaves for home. I ran after her and she
succeeded in forcing into the house. There, I
received the beating of my life. I couldn’t eat
that afternoon. Even if I am to eat, who will give
me the food? I was also force to sleep with a
rumbling stomach. I could feel the worms in my
stomach wrestling each other for the leftover
particles in my stomach. They was like ‘bro, this
is unfair o, since morning we no see anything
from you’
I wake up earlier than before; 4:20am. I say my
prayer and take my bath. Mama was sleeping. I
polish my sandal with water and I wore my
uniform. By 6:00am, I am ready for school, I left
my room for Mama’s room, I wake her up and
she responded, I greet her but she replied half-
“Mama, I am so sorry for yesterday. Anita is just
my friend, we are just friend and nothing more.
Mama, I hope you can forgive me.” I paused with
teary eyes.
“Ola, I understand your stands. I know Anita very
well, she is a very good girl and she love
learning. She may not be academically upright
but she is morally brilliant. Ola, I am just doing
my duty as a mother, if I did not correct you
yesterday, you may feel you are doing the right
thing, you’re no more a kid, you’re a teenager
and I am very sure you must be noticing some
changes in yourself, including your feelings and
behaviors. You will find it really hard not to love
girls. You will love you do things your friend and
age mate are doing. You will love to have a
girlfriend and feel on-top of the world. You will
love you to be more neat and efficient to arouse
and attract girls. But all this are of no gain or
benefit, everything is with time and I know you
know about the adage that says ‘do the right
thing at the right time’. Please, my dear, don’t let
my effort be in vain. I understand everything
yesterday but please caution yourself, and don’t
fall a victim of love like I do.” Mama explained
and finalized. She embraced me.
“Let me warm your food for you.” She said
I rushed the delicious rice and fish stew, I picked
up my bag and I remembered the money the
principal gave me yesterday, I gave the money to
Mama and I explained how I got the money. By
7:00, I left the house for the bus-stop, but on
getting to the bus-stop, I saw what really
amused and surprised me I left the house for the bus-stop, but on getting
to the bus-stop, I saw what really amused and
surprised me.
I saw Anita and Cynthia talking, chatting and
“Oh! My God… so they know each other.” I
exclaimed opening my mouth in agape, but was
forced to close by a flying insect that want to
make my mouth its rest point.
I thought for a while and I conclude to hide so
that they can go or separate before I leave. I
was about turning when I heard Daniel calling
“Ola… nawa for you, you can’t even call your
friend that you’re ready for school.” Daniel said
in Pidgin English.
“Which kind intrudant be this naw.” I thought
angrily but faking a smile.
“No mind me jare, u no say if I come to your
place, you may still be eating or doing something
and I won’t want to leave you, I will have to wait
but it is quite unfortunate that I can’t be a
perpetual late-comer like you.” I replied in pidgin
but concluded in English and jokingly.
“Daniel, look at that witch with my girlfriend.”
Daniel uttered pointing at Cynthia and Anita.
“Girlfriend?” I asked in disbelief.
“Not like that, I love Anita wholeheartedly but
she seems not to like me, she doesn’t even like
talking with me…” Daniel paused reading my
seriousness but he was surprised because I
heaved a heavy sigh of relief which he interpret
as something else.
“Are you dating Anita?” Daniel asked
“You’re not serious… Anita is just my friend and
you know that.” I defended but not sincerely.
“But why did you heave when I said that I am not
dating her?” Daniel questioned distrustfully.
“emm… I don’t pray she fall in the hand of player
like you; you know Anita is my best friend.” I lied
faking a smile.
The truth is that, I really love Anita but I don’t
know how to tell her, I am not courageous with
that but I am also beginning to have feelings for
Cynthia. Cynthia is prettier than Anita in
appearance but I love both of them. Now the
equation is totally unbalance because I guess
Anita and Cynthia are friend and I sense they
both have feelings for me. Hope I am not in the
midst of trouble?
“Okay… I accept you lies o, but please if you
have feelings for Anita, please, keep it to yourself
because I can’t afford to lose that damsel to
anyone not even you. I must date that girl.”
Daniel replied and cautioned faking a smile to
cover his moody face.
“You’re not serious.” I replied trying to be
“Let wait for a minute, that witch (pointing to
Cynthia) is entering that bus, and I can’t be in
the same bus with her.” Daniel uttered showing
her hatred for Cynthia.
“She is friendly and lively, she just appeared to
be bad at first. We entered the same bus
yesterday even we sat next to ourselves; we talk
on a lot of things…” I tried to defend but Daniel
barged in.
“I sense love things o, be dating Cynthia and
leave my Anita alone…” Daniel uttered laughing
but unfinished.
“Can’t you be serious once?” I asked angrily.
“Don’t you love her?” Daniel asked laughing.
“Love… I know you can’t be serious.” I replied
and I hit Daniel playfully.
“Let go, you girlfriend has left with another bus.”
Daniel riposted laughing.
Daniel and I boarded a bus going to school, the
bus was speeding hazardously at 100km/h, the
commuters were complaining about the driver
recklessness but he turn deaf ear to their nags.
Shortly, the driver parked near a broke-down bus,
the bus Cynthia boarded earlier. The other driver
pleaded with our driver to help to transport some
of his passengers. Luckily, Cynthia was among
those that were able to secure a sit inside our
bus. Unfortunately, she was sitting next to Daniel
at the second role while I was at the third role.
“Good morning Daniel.” Cynthia greeted with
smile all over her face.
“Hold your greeting, greet you guy, he is at your
back.” Daniel replied angrily.
“Daniel… you’re such an irritating guy.” Cynthia
“Na you sabi.” Daniel riposted facing another
side. Cynthia turned backward and greets me. I
answered her greeting earnestly.
“Ola, what’s wrong with you, your eyes are
swollen.” Cynthia observed keenly.
“Daniel, see your life, and you call yourself a
friend, a friend that doesn’t know something
happened to his friend, shame on you.” I blasted
but insincere. I was formulating the lies to give
to Cynthia to cover the truth, just then a lie
bounce into my brain and it happen to be the
best out of all the lies I formulate.
“I was working overnight and I had little sleep.” I
replied smiling.
“I’m very sure you read overnight… scholar.”
Cynthia replied buying my lie.
“If you say so.” I replied laughing.
Shortly, we got to the school around 7:34am.
The assembly has commenced and the National
Anthem had been sung. Daniel, Cynthia and I
were the first three late comers caught by the
gate prefects, we were asked to pick the litters
and garbage round the school premises. It was
Tuesday so late-comers are either beaten by the
disciplinary teacher or they are asked to pick
litters and debris. I disposed the litters I picked
into a dustbin and I carried my bag and left for
the classroom. On getting to the class, I met
Daniel and Cynthia sited in the class, I was
confused because I saw their bag at the gate, I
did the holy trinity, and I mustered some courage
to go into the class. Mrs. Frank Anita {the class
teacher} was already in class calling the daily
register. I greeted her and she asked me why I
came late to the school. I can’t say this is the
exact reason why I came late, it appear to me
that the angels incharge of time deliberately
swift the time faster than before.
The class teacher rains some abuses on me.
“You’re the monitor of this class and you are
coming late to school, what nonsense?” She
barked on top of her voice.
I pleaded with her and she later concurs with my
pleading. She asked me to go to my sit and
prepare the list of noise maker she asked me to
write the day before today, I shiver in fear
because I don’t write list.
“Ma, no one make noise yesterday, so I couldn’t
write any name.” I responded showing some kind
of sorry face.
“Just go and sit down, unserious element… you
can’t last with your post, I will make sure I give
it to a more reliable student” She blasted and I
ran to my sit cautiously.
Shortly, a pretty damsel came into the class, she
was neat in her well-ironed uniform and white
and stainless socks and her glowing-polished
brown sandal. She greeted the class teacher and
she respond to her greeting intently. She jokingly
asked the girl why she came late and the damsel
give excuses that she has been in the school for
a while but she couldn’t locate the class. The
girl smile and her dimple were exposed and a set
of white and well-brushed teeth which I guess
can be an advertisement for Close-up.
“Class…” Mrs. Frank Anita yelled softly so as to
gain the attentions of the students.
“I am using this medium to introduce a new
member of this class to everyone of you. She is
John Princess by name. she came all the way
from Lagos to school in this great school, she
was the best in her school during her junior
classes days, scoring at least eleven distinctions
in her exams of twelve subjects.
“Ehn!” Some students murmured in doubt. And
the whole class was turned into market place
because they doubt the teacher statement.
“Quiet!” The teacher screamed loudly, restoring
the class back to its calmness.
“As I was saying, so I guess she is the most
brilliant student in this class, so respect her and
emulate her… You (pointing to Daniel) stand up
from there and sit with those girls (pointing to
the two girls sitting behind me). Princess go and
join those two at the front sit (pointing to me
and Anita)… you can ask her anything you don’t
know concerning your primary assignment in this
school (wholly directing her statement to me and
Anita but partly the whole class)… see you later
and face your study.” Mrs. Frank elucidated,
commanded and concluded.

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