Saturday, February 2, 2019

inside the classroom (episode 1)

Inside the classroom, a suppose corper dressed in red gown and beautiful red heels, before the students who are all on white and blue uniform.
“Victor, bring the scripts. to my desk” she ordered.
“Am not your class prefect” he shrug.
“Ooh…sorry” she apologise.
“Ma’am, am bringing my beautiful self with the scripts”
“Angela, who told you, that you are beautiful? ”
“Hahaha” the class roared with lauugter.
“Your mother? ” he continued.
The class went frenzy with laughter.
Under a mango tree, three girls settle under the shade to avoid the rays of the sunlight while chatting happily with each other.
“What does he feel like?” Benita asked.
“A governor, minister, demigod” Angela cut in mockingly.
“I really hate that boy”
“Joy, you say!?” Benita & Angela chorused.
“You heard me” she rolled her eyes.
The wall painted with yellow and shelves attached with the wall which carry files, a table that carries pile of files, two men settled on the chairs while two is left empty.
“Sir, one of my student has grown wings” Peter complained.
“And who is that?” Looking surprised.
“Is the Senior prefect” he continued.
“You mean Victor” finding a reason to doubt his instincts.
“No other person” he breath.
“That boy again” he hit the table with his fist which made a thud sound.
“I need to report him to his father” he picked up his phone and click his phonebook then scroll to a contact saved with Papa Victor
“Hello” he said into the line.
“Ugly wait for me!” He shouted while walking hastly to meet her.
“My name is not Ugly” she sighed.
“Wait joor! I am too tired. ” ignoring her last statement.
“Victor, am not waiting for you, period” she rolled her eyes.
“Am not begging you” he slowed his footsteps whistling.
“Walk na, am waiting for you” she plead.
“I think say you wan form” he said then quicken his footsteps, they both step out of the school compound through the black giant gate, with City School boldly written on it.
The door of a cleanly arranged flat knob turned while a man step in, at 40s he looks strong and admirable, smartly dressed with European office attires, black Italian suite.
“Mama Victor ooh…” he shouted from the sitting room.
“What has he done this time?” A voice called out from the kitchen that is some metres away from the sitting room.
“Ever since, your son took after you…” cut off.
“Our son” she cut in.
“Woman your son” he glare at her.
“My phone has known no peace” he complained.
“Where is that son of yours?” he Charged towards the hallway that seperate three rooms, one by the and two at the left.
“He is not back from school” she shouted after him, Madam Esther left the sitting room to the kitchen, to continue what she was doing.
A cleanly and perfect decorated sitting room, stinking of wealth.
“Mom, I don’t like that slum’s school” resting her head on her mother’s lap.
“Ada, you are in SSS3 already” caressing her hair.
“Your dad registered you in that school” she breath.
“For your WAEC sake” she concluded with enthusiasm.
“But….” cut off.
“No but young lady” froggy’s voice cut in.
Chief Emeka’s room 2:48pm, he busy himself with daily newspaper and a glass of juice by the side of the chair, the door opened presenting a student with blue trouser and a white long sleeves.
“Noon, dad” he greeted.
“Victor, come back here” he ordered.
“You are back early, today” he grumble.
“What do you expect? ”
“You should be at work”
Abigail resting on the bed using her phone to chat, a face pop in looking directly to her bedroom through the window.
“Pssst! Ugly” with low tone.
“Vic, you again” she groan.
“Bail me out”
“Were you caught having sex?” He shake his head.
“Is she pregnant?”
“The oldman again” he sighed.
“Am not helping you this time” she chuckled.
“You will”
“I will not”
“Am coming inside”
“No, no, no, am coming” he left the window, she jerk off from the bed heading to the door.

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