Sunday, February 3, 2019

i was made a king after being a slave for 6years

I opened my eyes to behold a new day, the sun has not yet raised so it was easy to tell that it was still very early in the morning, I looked out of the window that was just opposite my bed without moving, wasn’t ready to get up just yet, well that has been my routine for the pass four years that my father died, ever since I was a child I would wake up so early just to go with him to check his traps sometimes he took me along when ever the place is close by while other times he refuse saying he was going deep down into the forest, even after he was gone I still find myself waking up early at each passing day because waking up early was already used to me.
The sky was becoming clearer that also brighten up my room giving way to see how tidy my room is which consists of a mattress that is lay on the floor facing the window which is covered with a curtain and the door by my head side also covered with a curtain, my bags which we normally call Ghana must go four of them place at the ending of the bed very close to the window, a ceiling fan and a blue carpet which goes with the wall, it’s a small room but comfortable for me.
I was still waiting for the sun to fully rise while my mind went to the activities I had to take care of that morning trying to arrange the chores in my head because today being Saturday I have a lot to take care of , I rose up immediately as soon as the sun had fully risen putting on my clothes I left my room, I passed my mother’s room which was just close to my room heading to the backyard, I didn’t want to disturb my mother because I knew she will still be sleeping, I don’t need to described my house because it’s just a commonly villages house that has four rooms, a sitting room, a kitchen that is built at the backyard, then at the left side is the bathroom, there was enough space in the compound so most of the empty space we turned it into a farm.
I took some water with a small bowl from one of the water drum that was placed just close to the kitchen, using the water to wash my face, hands and feet, there wasn’t need to take my bath that morning as I had lot of house chores that needed to be done, I gently place the bowl back at it spot and I picked up my bucket and my wrapper that was hanging on the rope and headed to the public borehole.
Amucha is recognized as one of the peaceful community in Imo state, with good roads, standard education, steady lights and water and Of course good security, enriched with a lot of natural resources and cultural heritage, for this purpose both the rich and the poor acknowledge Amucha as a home to stay or visit making my village one of the richest in all of igbo land that you will mistake it for a little city, with constant borehole you don’t have to worry about having clean water.
I met Chiamaka few meters away from my house waiting for me, she was also holding a bucket and a small cloth, she looks beautiful in her blue dress, Chiamaka is what they call your black is so beautiful, she was not too tall but okey for a girl her age. Chiamaka and i are age mates, she is dark in complexion while am very fair in complexion, she is taller then I am because an average in height, but we both have same shape in fact we are both beautiful, as I approach her she let out a warm smile.
CHIAMAKA: Good morning Amarachi.
AMARACHI: Good morning, how was your night.
CHIAMAKA: my night was not bad, I won’t bother to ask about yours because I know it was good.
Both of us laugh it off.
AMARACHI: let’s us be going, you know I want us to quickly get there on time so we could also leave there on time before Ada and her bodyguards comes ohhh.
When I said bodyguards I meant her two serpents that are with her as a form of friends Oluchi and Ugoma.
CHIAMAKA: you are right, you know that girl is trouble.
We quickly set on our way not wanting to waste another time standing there, I was really avoiding Ada because she was trouble to me, Ada was a girl around my age I guess, she was one of the people that makes my life miserable in Amucha village, she is the only daughter of a very powerful chief and I heard that he is also good friend to the king (i don’t know his name) so that always gives her the power to do what she want, well to me obviously, I wasn’t scared of her but I was just trying to stay out of trouble since she is classed as one.
We arrived at the borehole on time thanks to God there was less people there, it got to our turn and we quickly fetch our water, helping each other we put the bucket on our heads and headed on our way, I thanked God that I passed this morning without facing Ada but my appreciation didn’t have the time to get to heaven because Ada decided to show her face, she and her two devils Oluchi and Ugoma walk majestically directly to us, I guess they have already seen us.
CHIAMAKA: ( in a whisper) talk of the she devil and her serpents.
I let out a loud sigh I already knew today is going to be another episode of war.
Just as I thought, the moment they came close to us they blocked our path, I and chiamaka glare at each other giving ourselves knowing looks, we tried to move to the other open space but yet again we were blocked by them, chiamaka was the first to voice out as I had nothing to say.
CHIAMAKA: what is all this, what do you want from us this time.
They stared at themselves and just as I expected they burst into laughter, I and chiamaka just looked at them waiting for them to finish with what ever that is amusing them.
ADA : oh please please please, what could we need from people like you, please give us some credit.
CHIAMAKA : if you need nothing from us then why are you blocking our path.
OLUCHI : who is blocking your path, oh you want us to give way for you when you should be the one that should run into the bush and hide your face when you see us passing.
UGOMA : tell them, maybe they don’t know that dogs and kings don’t eat in the same table.
CHIAMAKA: oh we should run into the bush for you as what.
We were still carrying our bucket of water and it was already telling on me, if not for the bucket of water I wouldn’t have said a word to them.
AMARACHI: Ada please I don’t have time for your trouble today, we can do this some other day but not today, as you can see there are heavy bucket of water on our heads, so please let us pass next time we will run into the bush when we see you.
I said as calmly as I can but instead I got another round of laughter, this was becoming frustrating.
ADA : oh the bucket is heavy and it’s on her head let us help her with that.
She said in a mockery sound talking to Oluchi and Ugoma, before I could put out of what she meant by that she pushed the bucket from my head and it fell causing some water to pour and me, and immediately they burst into another round of laughter, I couldn’t tell what I felt that minutes because I so wanted to strangle her to death, I looked at chiamaka who was looking so surprise.
CHIAMAKA: (shouting) why will you do that.
ADA: you better watch that tongue of yours before I also help you with your bucket.
AMARACHI: Ada, Ada, Ada how many times did I call you, Ada don’t push me, don’t push me.
ADA: and if I do what will you do, obviously nothing, the list you can do is to go running to your stupid mother.
I was shocked and angry at the same time, how dare she talk to my mother like that.
AMARACHI: my mother.
I looked at chiamaka who had already dropped her bucket of water, the anger that I was trying to control gave way, I send a resounding slap on her face, she looked shocked holding her cheek in which the slap has landed.
ADA: you slapped me.
AMARACHI: that is what you get for opening that your gutter mouth to talk to my mother like that.
Oluchi raised her hand to slap me but I saw that coming as I moved back dodging the slap, almost immediately Ada rushed into me and we started another episode of war.
I was a good fighter, not even four girls can withstand me, some say I fight with evil powers as I had the strength of a man yet I wonder why will anyone wants to cross my path knowing fully well that thay will be defeated. As always I and chiamaka sent them running promising hell as they use to, I and chiamaka was breathing heavily challenging them to come for more, our clothes were a little bit stained but can’t say the same for them as we used the wet sand my water has fallen upon to paint them, we looked for our slippers, I would have loved to go back to the borehole to fetch another bucket of water but the force in which the bucket fell broke caused it to break, nevertheless I still picked it up, I helped chiamaka with hers and we went our way raining curses on them.
My mother was in the kitchen when I walked in, I greeted her placing the bucket angrily on the ground, she got up from the stool she was sitting on looking worried.
NNEKA : Amarachi, what is it, you didn’t fetch the water again.
AMARACHI: is it not Ada and her gangs.
NNEKA : Don’t tell you you got into another fight.
AMARACHI: it was them na, look ( picking the broken bucket from the ground and showing it to her) at what they did to my bucket, they broke it.
NNEKA: what is all this, why won’t this people let I and my daughter live in peace.( sign heavily) it’s okay don’t worry.
AMARACHI: I want to go inside and change so I can take another bucket to go and fetch water.
NNEKA : no no don’t worry, just go change and come to do other things, you will fetch water tomorrow, there is enough for us today.
AMARACHI : ok mama.
NNEKA: give me that (taking the bucket from my hand) go inside.
I smile at her and she did same, my mother always find a way to calm my anger well that’s why she is called my mother.
The day went by very fast and before we could know it evening came, we had just finished eating our dinner, I was in my room reading an interested story called The Abominable Act written by Joy Osamudiamen when I heard my mother voice calling my name, I quickly placed the book on my bed and rush out to answer her, she was in the sitting room with a bible on her hands which shows she has been going through the word of God like she always does, don’t get me wrong I am a strong believer but not just like my mother.
AMARACHI: mama you called me.
NNEKA: yes I did, please sit down.
I sat down opposite her, I knew I was in for her lectures but don’t really know what this is all about, I watched her as she placed her bible on top of the center table, she clear her throat before opening her mouth to speak.
NNEKA: do you know the meaning of your name.
AMARACHI: yes mama
NNEKA: good now if you know the meaning of your name you will not be concerned over what people do or say to you, do you know that.
AMARACHI: I think I do.
I was trying hard to understand where she was heading to but just couldn’t, for all I know I wasn’t bother about what others do or say to me well I do feel bad most times but today was not part of those days not even what happened today killed my happiness.
AMARACHI: mama, I don’t understand, do I look sad or hurt to you.
NNEKA : I know you don’t, Amarachi I will not ask you to explain to me what happened this morning because I already knows who is at fault.
AMARACHI : mama I know that you are not happy about the fight that happened between I and Ada this morning but you know me mama, if not for the fact that she disrespected you I would have held my peace, but I just needed to teach her a lesson not to involve my mother in any of our misunderstanding ever again.
This made my mother laugh, I didn’t think it was funny any way I joined her.
NNEKA: right from the first day I set my eyes on you I knew you were a strong warrior, if you weren’t you couldn’t have survived in your mother’s womb for five whole days without nothing, but still I want you to always learn how to tolerate okey, no matter what the case may be, now promise me that you will not involve yourself in fighting again.
I looked at my mother uncertain of what to say, how could she tell me to promise her, she knows I don’t break my promises.
NNEKA: Amarachi, promise me.
AMARACHI: okey, I promise.

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