Saturday, February 16, 2019

how miracle fell in love(love is blind)

My name is miracle am called Mimi by many
Am not pretty u know not that am ugly am just me
Am average
In school I don’t have friends my only companion is Lizzy.. We go to school together do almost everything together including excreting don’t laugh alone
Am from a family of 4 my dad mum bro and me
Yes I love my family we are happy
I didn’t tell u my age right am not telling you don’t bother am a not a virgin if only my mum knows am not from the constant preaching.. Oh well am sorry mama
Back to the present I need Fred to notice me he is the new guy in my neighborhood. In my class too. Yes I just broke up with Collins he sucks such a loser..story for another day.. I think am in love but I wish he just sees me like I am..
I have never jogged before but I have been doing it like 2 weeks just to gain his attention no he doesn’t
Out I go I think she’s not coming out today please God wake her.. is she sleeping should I throw a stone at her window which one in particular is her own
Here she comes…
Good morning Fred
Eeemmm morning.. how did she even know my name?
I kept my face straight I didn’t want her to feel like am soft..
You are In my class right welcome to the neighborhood hope u like this place.. I overheard ur dad telling my dad the part of the country u lived b4 was cold but here is hot right?
I just looked at her I kept my face straight.. I like the way she keeps her lips I feel like grabbing her and kissing. What if she slaps me.?
Miracle part
This dude is mean look at the way he looks at me like am stupid.
Jeez I forgot to brush now he will tag me with a bad breath. OMG
Here comes the b---h….Lydia
She’s a pain in my a-s..she thinks because she has that super body she can take whatever she want.. She stole my boyfriend Collins now she’s coming for Fred. Why is he even smiling sheepishly at her.?
Good morning Fred
Good morning Lydia
Aww I like ur sneakers u smell so nice
Her hands on his chest and arbs then she grabbed him and whisper some thing into his ears.
Bye Mimi he said.
.for the first time he said my name it sounds so sweet
He followed Lydia jogging as they held hands smiling with Lydia making faces at me loser
From then I was determined to have Fred to myself am gonna prove to them am not a loser Hi girlfriend …Lizzy I told you to stop showing up like a ghost..
Why that face you lost to Lydia again right?
You love him? Oh my baby girl is in love
Can you just stop all I need now is a good bath and sex
Yeah I didn’t tell u I love sex whenever am stressed out I f--k that’s just me and I know you all are surprised sometimes me and Lizzy do f--k each other we suck chew bite our p---y like a lesbian thing but I love dicks too..
Come on babe let’s go home
We got home had our bath together in bathroom Lizzy was so hot kissing my neck down to my a-s all my body was on fire she knows my the right button to press to turn me on turn fingers in my p---y and lips over my n-----s so hot
Ouch girlfriend u are killing me mmmh oh yeah just like that she increased her speed when it feels like about to c-m she stop.. Kissing me on the lips down to my p---y she started tongue f-----g me I want holding her head tight pressing it hard on my k---y like am gonna suffocate her till I finally came
Then I heard my name Mimi are u OK?
That’s my mum she might have heard my scream
Am OK mummy Lizzy ran a very hot bath for me that’s why I shouted it all good
OK baby am on my way out you and Lizzy food is in the kitchen
Be safe you hear
OK mum
We came out after eating we decided to take a nap
By the time we woke up it was 5 pm
We had a birthday party to attend so we decided to prepare.. We both settle for bum short and crop tops I never had a date for the party Lizzy boyfriend Eddie was already at my door step by 6 horning like a psychopath. And my dad came out telling him I heard him already that’s why I love my dad.. You be wandering how I will wear my bum short showing my cheek a-s passing him..
Hi dad we are heading for Mr Williams daughters birthday party I won’t be late.
I like ur dress it’s fine.. Thank you dad
I had to wear a dress on it same with Lizzy..
We got into the car and Lizzy and Eddie kissed each other am sure my dad saw
Off we went…
Here we are finally
Wow massive turn up everywhere lively.. I was happy I came around.. Drinks pls.. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I know my limit.. Everything was going fine till I saw her b---h she is here guess who is with her my Fred my very own Fred..
I felt like breaking her head that very moment but I held myslf..look at the way she held him to her self like a possessive witch.
Do u wanna dance wow I turned this is the most handsome dude I have ever since he was way more cute than Fred.
I stood there looking at him for what seems like ages like a dummy .. He cleared his throat are u OK
Am sorry am fine.. Sure why not let’s dance.. He hold me close to him self I inhaled all him sweet scent. The he whispered into my ears I am melody Williams. brother to the celebrant… If you don’t look closely you will think he kissed me .
Knowing melody was so much fun I can see Lizzy winking at me.. Looking at the the other side is Lydia her face looks like a serpent ready to spit its vermon I don’t care u can have Fred I like willing to date him. Fred has this kind of look on his face like he is jealous or angry but why
The party was going smoothly till I felt tipsy and pressed so I told melody to escort me to the rest room..
Getting to the restroom so many moaning from each door finally I got to the last one thank God it’s empty so I just entered..
Fred’s part
Mimi can’t be with that dude who the hell does he think he is? Where is she I was keeping a close eyes on her now.. Where did she go to.?
Lizzy hands all over me now down to my trousers
I just wanted to say B---h get u filty hands off my d--k.. I gently excused myself straight to the restroom room.. At the extreme end I saw melody
What is he doing here hope he is not with my Mimi?
I will kill him I swear.. Immediately Mimi can out she hold melody and their face was just an inch far from each other I can see melody d--k growing in his trouser.. Boom Mimi kissed him. He didn’t hesitate at all carry her up and drop her on the base of the toilet mirror.. The kiss was so intense..mimi stop and told him to stop but melody won’t he started forcing her that he was so hot
Mimi;s part
I think am drunk. Melody stop he wont. He was already hurting my wrist I was bleeding already blc of his nails Mimi’s part cont
Nobody was paying attention to us some where having 3some.. All where busy f-----g.. I prayed someone should save me an angel should come before this monster rapes me. Really all that guilters are not gold..
Fred parts
I watched melody was struggling with Mimi I wanted to help but she kissed him first why is she complain
Immediately she started screaming someone should help her.. I knew I needed to do something. I took the wooden chair behind the door and rush towards him I hit him hard and punched him several on the stomach he couldn’t get up when he tried getting up again I kicked him below his d--k.. immediately I carried Mimi I love the way she Cling to my shirt like I was some kind of superman. ..
Carring her outside it wasn’t hard for me to locate Lizzy and Eddie I told them am driving her home she said she’s coming too but I told her not to worry I don’t wanna stop her fun.. I have finally gotten a space to a talk to her and be with her alone..
Lydia came there and ask Fred how could he ignore her.. That he is even going home and driving me home.. I felt like giving Lydia 1 hard punch to her face but I couldn’t because I want to be a gentleman in Mimi’s front..I just told her to leave me alone only my tone was enough to Scare her away.
Mimi’s part
I was enjoying everything all I have ever wanted is here holding him so close to myself..inhaling all his beautiful scent.. I wanted to make faces at Lydia too

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