Friday, February 15, 2019

how i became poor (episode 1)

my name is celine am 12yrs old and am going 2 meet my mom in “queens hospital” its one of d biggest in town and my mom works there, cool, right? but no my mom works there as a cleaner. she got d job 3yrs ago wen dad died in a robbery scene and died as d brave soldier he is. well dads family were 4gotten by d force after he was accused of an illegal stuff. well dats a story 4 another day. i saw my mom cleaning. “goodafter mom” “celine wat are u doing here?” “well u 4got 2 drop d keys dats y am here” “oh my! am so sorry 4 d stress” “its nothing mom” “wait here let me get d keys, ok?” “ok” she left while i stare at her; she ve really been our pillar ever since dad died.i miss dad so much,he was my best friend but i luv mom too i was waiting 4 mom 2 come so i could leave cos the smell of hospitals irritate me. “yuk! i hate hospitals it stinks” “yea, me too” someone said behind me, who responded 2 my complain? can u guess who? well we would find out cos dis day marks a journey 4 me
yea, me too” i turned and saw him looking splendid and he looks lyk one of those rich kids too.”hi am richard attends prestige academy,u?” “am celine davis attends monabata” “phew! sounds lyk a public school, u poor ryt?” “dnt insult me” “no, am not just want us 2 be friends” “wow! dats cool” “richard! ve been looking 4 u” “mom meet my new friend” “friend? wat ve i been telling u abt class?” “mingle with people my class but mom its not all abt class its abt d heart. i feel free with her mom” “shut up, now listen u scumbag didnt ur mom teach u 2 stay away 4rm people with class?” “dat not fair ma” “celine wat happened” “oh so u are her mom? now tell ur puppy 2 stay away 4rm my cub” “yes ma” “wat? mom? excuse me ma, d fact we are poor dnt make us less humans so u dnt ve 2 insult my mom and i” “so u also didnt teach her good curtsy? 4 dat u her fired!! i cnt take insults 4rm anyone not alone lowlifes lyk u” wat? i didnt hear d last word but did she say fired? shes d boss? but did i do any thing wrong? *
“pls ma dnt do dis to us” “mom u cnt just fire her 4 no reason” “shutup son and go 2 d office” “pls ma ve mercy on my mom and i am very sorry” “woman take urself and ur rascal out of my hospital” “pls ma, if u fire me my family will die of hunger” “do u think i care? wont it be better if u parasites just die and let we d rich breath fresh air” guys dats it cnt take it anymore “excuse me mrs class, we being poor dnt make us less humans so dnt sound lyk God u bre not him” “shut up celine” “no mom, d fact dat we are poor dnt mean anyone can mess with our pride. we will live ok with or without dis job so mrs class swallow ur job and keep it 2 urself but mark dis day and knw dat d rich and poor ve one fate in common which is death. mom lets go” “wat? how dare u?” “the rich behaves lyk God but no they are not” i left with my mom and i knw mrs class is really shocked. u guys dnt ve 2 blame me 4 wat i said 2 her but she started first. i abused her but she disrespected my family pride and i wont let dat 
“u are a driver?” “yes” “wen did d country start recruiting female drivers” “i dnt knw sir. so where are we heading” “royal blues hotel and heres d key” we entered and drove off, the ride was peaceful until his girlfriend starts blabbing. “wow! mark 2day was great i never believed i meet those prominent pple ever in my ever” “well with money everything happens and everything will be as u want it” “dats y i luv u mark” bla bla and they started kissing and almost making out in my present and i forcely pulled d brake. “do u want 2 kill us” “pls can u be patient we are almost @ d hotel” “wats ur own” “ma u were distracting my driving” “just shut up and drive @least we are paying u” “am not interested in driving u again just pay me 4 d one i did” “no way if u dnt want 2 drive us u can just leave” ehn i came out drew him out and flipped him down and took his wallet. “wow dis is cool cash” “give me my wallet a-----e” “my pay is 20 but i will just take 10 jerk” “i will sue u in an american court”
wat? y mom” “i need u 2 stop d nonchalant behaviour of urs” “mom wat behaviour” “gambling son gambling” “but i dnt do dat @least i ve my own company. y would i gamble” “dat is 4 u 2 answer but dnt deny d fact” “mom its a lie” “really? so wat can u say abt d fight yesterday” “mom? u are spying on me” “deny” “ok, its true but i gamble cos i need money for my company 2 be stable” “then ask me 4 it” “no mom i dnt want 2 depend on u just lyk hw mark depends on dad” “but am ur mother” “i knw mom but dnt get me a driver and guard” “badnews son, ur driver is waiting outside” “mom” “and am not changing my mind so go get ur stuff” i left my mom and went upstairs. *celine pov* i received an alert 2 come inside. “gudday ma” “yes, lyk i said i want u 2 guard my son and most importantly be my watch dog. drive him 2 office and also 2 d restaurant but not a gambling office” “yes ma” “and ur name should be AJI 3” “yes ma” “go and wait outside” i was waiting outside and then i saw him come out and was surprised
i was surprised 2 see him cos he is a grown man. hw would i spy on a grown man its his life well dats d issue with d rich. “u re d new driver ryt” “yes sir” “go home i dnt need ur service” “am sorry sir, ur mom is my boss and i do all she says” “so u wanna prove stubborn” “am just doing my job” “then welcome 2 hell” “its my pleasure” we hopped in “where are we heading” “Ray west but stop by d restaurant 4 my breakfast” “yes sir” we stopped @ a restaurant. “dnt follow me” “but i ve 2” “shut up and stay” he went in and i followed him, he sat down and stared at me. “i thought i told u 2 stay” “am doing my job sir” “and dat is driving” “and also bodyguarding” “wat? a bodyguard? a woman lyk u should go 4 different job lyk modelling” “am not any woman and u ve 2 order something now, waiter” “wat do u want pls” “just coffee” he drank his coffee and we left, on our way 2 office he told me 2 stop @ mujab. “but dat is a gambling station sir” “just take me there” “i ve orders sir” he brings out a gun 
“wat a gun” “take me there or die” “i will, just put d gun away” “now move” we left and stopped @ munjab. “just stay here inside there is wild” “my job is 2 protect u” “y r u so stubborn” “am doing my job” “and wats ur name” “aji 3” “wat? is dat a name” “dats my name 4 now” “i want u 2 stay here, ok” he went in and after sometime i traced him to d gambling table and he seems 2 b having a tough tym winning. “boss” “wat r u doing here” “i want 2 help u so we can get out of here before ur mom finds out and kick our butt” “just shut up” dis guy is so annoying but ve got 2 save myself and its by helping him. i gave him signs abt d cards but i think is trying 2 prove i too knw but i left him and after struggjing and saw no way of winning he gave me d are u sure look and i gave him d go ahead and he did as i said and luckily he won. “yes i did it” “congrats boss but dnt 4get my share” “tanks aji 3” arrgh! y would she change my name? my boss opponent was angry and brought out a knife and there was blood 

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