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The music of love (New Emotional Story)

The music coming from the club could be heard just few metres away from where Helia stood.  The atmosphere was all choking due to the strong smell of both alcohol and cigarette smoke.  She covered her nose with her left palm trying to meet up with the security guard. The invitation card Benedicta had given her was still stuck in her jeans pocket.  She had a quick glance at her wristwatch to ensure she was right on time.  Yes she was.
"Your face doesn't look familiar. Are you some new girl here? " He asked just as she showed the card.
"I am no new girl here.  I am just here on invitation. Will you let me in or not?" She asked impatiently.  The guard teased her silently and opened the door wide.  Though she couldn't make out what he had said due to how low he had mumbled to himself but she definitely knew it wasn't good. Her hands itched to give him a slap.  She hadn't slapped anyone that week so she doesn't mind slapping him first.  Controlling her anger, she removed her gaze from him toward the club.  The man issue wasn't what was bothering her that moment.  She had other stuffs to think about for crying out loud.
"Hey baby girl.  You made it at last. I almost thought you threw away that card as soon as I turned my back toward you. I am so happy you're coming out if your shell" Benedicta told her with a naughty smile on her face just as she approached her.  She had lifted her glass of champagne to her lips afterwards.
"I don't have time for this and you know it. We both know who I came to see" The young spinster nodded in frustration.
"Mr Blackface isn't here yet.  I spoke to him few minutes ago.  He will be here in an hour" She confessed still sipping her drink.  Helia opened her mouth in shock and banged the counter almost spilling the champagne bottle.
"Benedicta you lied to me! " She barked out at her in annoyance.
"Chill girl.  You don't have to fall the bottle.  I am sorry I lied okay? If I hadn't done that, you wouldn't have showed up early"
"You should not have done  that.  You know well I don't stand places like this"
"I don't need to be reminded on that over and over again.  I only felt you work too much and you needed a little rest.  You need fun girl.  You don't have to drink.  Just hang around "
Hello had already made up her mind not to stay.  Nothing in this world would make her stay one more second there, not even her best friend.  She rose up without saying a word, grabbed her bag and tried heading toward the door but Benedicta caught her hand.
"I know how important that property is to you Helia.  I know how much you'll love to fulfill your mum's last wish. I know how hard you're trying to impress your lawyer just to proof you're responsible but that doesn't stop you from living your life.  Due to this conditions placed on you, you have gotten so boring. You've stopped drinking, partying like old times.  You've stop flirting with men.  That's a miracle I must say because everyone knew you could drink like hell.  You were mostly known as a complete drunk.  Maybe that was why your mum places this conditions on you" Helia nodded at what her friend had said and sat back down.
"My elder brother is after that property.  He won't be of any good use to it if he gets it.  All he would do is squander it and end up back to square one.  He can't even take care of himself talk of handling such a big responsibility.  Since my dad died, my mum has been my only support.  Her hospital has been of great help to me and my brother. She worked and toiled for years just to erect it.  I will just prefer it if I run it myself and try investing in the hospital. The chance of the hospital collapsing is high "
"I understand you friend.  We have been friends for long but I will prefer it more if you patiently wait for the lawyer and have some fun meanwhile your mum didn't place that strict condition on you just to stop you from having fun.  She only wanted you to be more responsible.  Come on, a cool music is playing.  Let's dance" Benedicta said trying to pull her off the chair she sat.  Helia withdrew her hands immediately.
"No.  Not at all.  I will rather watch you dance " She replied trying to send her off.
"Seriously?! You are boring" She nagged before rushing off to join the others. Helia heaved a sigh of relief as soon as the lady was gone.  She was certainly something else. She stared at her watch and grumbled realizing there was forty five more minutes to go.  Was she just going to sit at a place while such time elapsed? As she chose to take a thorough inspection of this uncomfortable environment, Her eyes fell on a handsome figure who gambled with some wild guys at the corner of the bar smiling the whole time.  She got a little confused seeing him and stared on having a feeling she had seen him somewhere before. But where? She tried recalling but couldn't.  He threw his last card and laugh maniacally as he hit  the jackpot.  The other gamblers gave him a despised stare.  They nagged under their breaths and reluctantly released the money.  His friends came from no where and drew him closely for a group hug singing songs of victory.  Their voices went higher and higher disrupting the peace of the club.  Helia watched with a frown wondering if they were the only one in the club.  They had no respect at all.  One of the guy's friends rudely snatched the money from him greedily but he didn't react negatively.  Prostitutes lingered round them with their usual seductive look greedily eyeing the bundle of money they had.  The boys grabbed hold of one not thinking twice having in mind to spent the night with them. The one who had won sneaked out from their mist and approached the counter where Helia sat trying to get away from the prostitutes. He signalled for the bar man and ordered a bottle of rum. She got surprised wondering why on earth he would want to drink something that hot.  How was he even going to drink that? If he doesn't end up leaving for his home using his head and not legs,  she would surely ban all rums. Watching him gulp down his third glass, she heard him bulge out loud making her irritated. His eyes was blood shot and his breath stunk. Shook her head at his stupidity and checked her wristwatch one more time praying her lawyer comes in a zip.
"Why are you watching me? " He asked her just as she grumbles realizing she still had twenty more minute to go.  She threw him a stern look and ignored him.
"O! Boy" he exclaimed. "Please bar man get her a shot.  I'll pay" He ordered for bar man taking a sip of his rum. She turned back to him startled.
"Who? " she wanted to know hoping he wasn't referring to her.
"The lady beside you " he joked letting out a laugh.  She frowned. "Which other lady is here aside you? Even if there is a lady here aside you, I would prefer ordering you a drink and not her" He sounded so friendly to her. She didn't like that at all.
"I don't drink.  Sorry" She refused the offer politely. The barman brought the drink anyway and placed it before her.  She gave him a cold stare and pushed it off rudely.
"Come on Benedicta,  where are you? " she said in her mind feeling restless now.
"You are one strange lady.  Other ladies come to club to drink an waste away time but you come here to act holy.  You should be an actress" He drained down his fifth glass at this statement.  "But it's alright.  I deal with indoors ladies like you.  You should know well how many ladies I have come across.  I know them all pretty well.  Both the crafty, wise,  naive, boring. Come on,  I know ways to handle each and everyone of them. You aren't an exception dear" She rolled her eyes without interest. The guy seemed to be a parrot.  He had no shame to say all those things about himself. He was not the guy she wanted to meet anyway.  "Anyway, you seem to be a fun girl. I am very sure you'll make my night.  How many shots can you take tonight? I am sure you can't take up to ten.  Girls are so lazy when it comes to stuffs like this "
"You are silly.  Who do you think I am anyway? A boredom?  I can even take fifteen shots right in front of you.  I am very good at drinking " She finally showed her true colors with a boastful stare.  He opened his eyes wide and smirked.
"Let's make it twenty.  If you win,  you'll get twenty dollars" She laughed at his offer.
"I don't need your money and you can't tempt me either cause I don't drink anymore. I don't also make stupid bets" She snapped at him and stared at her watch wondering what the hell was happening to her.  She had almost given in for crying out loud. "There is fifteen more minutes to go"
He lets out a giggle and mumbled something under his breath which sounded like an insult to her. She got annoyed at this.
"What did you just say? " she asked harshly.
"What did you think I said loser?," She twisted her nose and gave in finally.
"Alright.  I accept your challenge.  I will drink seven shots only because I don't want to get drunk. My lawyer will be here soon" He nodded at her terms.
" Fine but the last shot will be decided by me. No one ever ends this game with a happily ever after" She smirked and asked for a vodka. It was brought toward her immediately. Her eyes rolled back and her heart beat skipped. She was having a second thought about this but her mind was being stubborn. She knew she could do this. It had been a long time since she had last ordered a bottle of alcohol and she had also given up drinking. Drinking this now would be like going back to square one.  She sighed and calmed herself knowing she would drink responsibly.  She will try as much as possible not to get drunk.  She poured out the first glass and threw him a smile before gulping it down.  Her throat seemed to have rejected it at first.  She coughed out loudly but tried not giving up.  She turned toward her best friend and caught sight of her swirling round and round a pole. She went ahead and took the second,  then the third, then the fourth.  As soon as she took the fifth,  her head got drowsy.  She got worried and thought of stopping but this strange young man annoying stare prevented her. She knew she couldn't give up. She got a grip of herself and took the fifth and sixth. The guy smiled and poured out some of his hot rum in a tumbler urging her to drink it all.
"You don't mind having some of my hot whisky do you? " he had asked pushing it toward her. Her eyes were already shutting and her vision git blurry.  Her head was spinning.  She began seeing things that weren't even real. Grabbing hold of the tumbler with shaky hands,  she tried gulping it down her throat but someone grabbed it from her immediately coming to her rescue.
"Helia,  what have you done? Don't you realize what you have caused now? You can lose your inheritance due to this stupid mistake of yours. The lawyer will be here any minute"
"I am not drunk.  Let me have the last shot and win.  Please " she pleaded trying to grab hold of the glass cup but Benedicta spilled it contents purposely.
"you have ruined yourself.  We have to get you out of here before he comes. We can't let him see you like this" she suggested helping her up  but the lady was so dead drunk to stand properly that she'd slumped before they moved an inch.
She wasn't really sure of how she felt that next morning but she'd feel her hand banging so hard as if someone was trying to escape from her skull.  She let out a cry of pain and sat up opening her eyes slowly.  Looking round her,  she caught sight of her room furniture all round her. The room looked so familiar.  Her family portrait was hung on for wall adjacent to the bed. Her memory got clearer now.  She was actually in her own room.  Slipping her legs in her slippers, she walked down the stairs and caught sight of Benedicta setting the table for breakfast.
"You weren't well so I decided to make you something to eat" She explained knowing she would ask anyway.
"It's okay.  My head is hurting so terribly and I feel so much pain all over.  What happened? " she asked sitting one of of the dining chairs massaging her temple.
"You got drunk yesterday night" Her eyes lit with surprise.
"What? "
"And unfortunately you lost it. Sorry Helia. It's over now" Her friend had informed her in a low tone with her words mixed with emotions.  Helia felt tears flow down her eyes and she sat slowly on the staircase
"No! This can't be"

A young woman in her fifties drove into a compound which was surrounded by a small afforestation cutting it from other homes.  The area was cold and silent. Only the sound of her engine could be heard that late afternoon. As soon as she alighted, she walked into her building and dropped her car keys.
"Hello mum.  You came early today" Her son has said jogging down the stairs.
"Yeah!  I have to leave for Lara's baby shower and as well as check on Helia.  Is she upstairs? " He hissed.
"That's the last place she will be.  She is out clubbing with her friends, getting high and smooching men.  That's what she loves. I also think she is hanging out with that Jamaican guy... "
"You just shut up!  I beg you just shut up! " His mother urges with an angry look.  Sweat sprinkled down her forehead.  Why Helia again? What is she needs from her?  Drowning in her sorrow, she eyed her phone which was already ringing non stop.
"Hello" she greeted with a dull tone.
"Hi Miss Kim. Actually the baby shower has almost began. Where are you? " She asked impatiently.
"I am on my way. Sorry" she apologized politely.
"No need to apologize.  I just wanted to ensure everything is fine"
"Everything is alright" The line went dead.  Dropping it in her bag,  she felt her head ache and her brain vibrate.  She sat with her eyes tightly shut trying to calm herself down.  She felt just as if her head was about to explode that moment. She felt herself half dead already.  The pain she felt was unbearable.
"Mum are you okay? " Chris asked with concern.
"Yes. Yes.  I am fine"

"Helia, how many more bottles will you drink? You're gonna go crazy you know " Benedicta warned feeling worried for her.
"Come on girl,  let me drink.  That's the only thing I get to do anyway" she explained opening another bottle of China.
"Hold on! Isn't that Sterlyn with Deborah? " Her second friend Maddy had asked staring at a tall young you grinding a lady.  Helia frowned at their sight and chose to ignore.
"Yes it's them. We have both broken up anyway since he refused to but a condom " She explained.
"O! That's lame. Why will you break up with such a handsome guy just because he refused to get a condom? " Maddy asked with shock.
"You see how stupid you are Maddy.  He wanted to get me pregnant lady. You think I am that naive? "
"I know you aren't naive but why will you dump a guy as handsome as he is? Don't you know how many ladies are yearning to have him? "
"That's one of the reasons I hate him. I don't want a lady's guy" She took a sip of her drink. "I am actually thinking of taking a break from men. I don't want a guy in my life right now. I am not ready to fall sick. If I fall in love with a guy and try all I can to keep him, I might end up getting myself in trouble or have you forgotten Florencia who got Aids just because she refused to stay away from that tout?"
"No I haven't.  I am sure she has learnt her lesson" Helia nodded.
"Yeah she had but unfortunately the hard way" She replied pouring out her drink again. .
"About your mother,  I thought she wanted you to spend time learning more about her business.  Why do you spend all your time clubbing rather than helping her? She entrusted this responsibility to you" Helia hissed.
"That's shit. I am not ready to take over anyone's business.  I am not even interested in running anyone's business.  I want my own business.  I want my own company. That fascinates me more"
"The hospital is your mum's hard work. She has been running for years"
"Yes I know but can't Chris do it? He is a guy anyway and men do it better.  I am not interested in running any business for now.  I want to just party man!!!! I want to be free like a bird! I want to have fun and feel useful to myself.  I prefer it this way"
"Helia... "
"O! Please drop this topic already.  If you want me to do this then I will but after five years time or more.  She can handle the business by herself for now not that she will die tomorrow" She told her friend stubbornly before catching sight of a wealthy looking guy approaching her.  She smirked and pecked him lightly on the cheek before walking off with him.  Benedicta and Maddy watched on.
There was a huge bang on the living room door just as the family settled down for dinner.  Mrs Kim weakly asked her son to start his meal and approached the door. She had been taking her medications and eating on diet as instructed to her by the doctor but her health was getting no better. She felt herself die slowly everyday.  She knew her end was near that was why she did all she could to bring the family together and ensure all would be fine when she's gone but Helia kept making things difficult for her.  She wasn't even sure if to call her prodigal son responsible.  Her two matured children showed no sign of responsibility at all or interest in whatever she does.  This baffled her a lot.  Since she discovered she had cancer. She tried introducing Helia to her employees and had also tried making her realize how important it was for her to run her hospital when she was gone but how wrong she was. The young lady can't do it.  She had no interest at all. Anyway back to the door, she slid it open and there was the spilt brat drunk as usual waving at her like child with a big grin.
"Good evening mommy.  I am back home" She announced her arrival still looking unnecessarily happy.
"Helia! " Her mum roared out causing her heart to leap a bit.  "Where have you been? "
"Well I... I... I... went to hang out with my friends and...and... and....afterwards... I... I... I...came home and... and... and... my mum won't let me in"
"I am so disappointed in you.  I don't blame you anyway.  I blame myself.  I gave you just too much freedom. My mum warned me against pampering you two but I never listened.  I trusted my kids so much. I never knew I would be the cause of your ruin"
"Huh... Mum,  I understand what you mean but you shouldn't see me as an irresponsible person. That's not right at all.  I am very responsible mother.  Very responsible.  Really" They both exchanged a long stare.  Chris threw into his mouth a peanut  before rushing upstairs tired of the family drama.
"Alright.  Let me agree with the fact that you're responsible.  Tomorrow my administrator will be coming to show you some few things. No partying. No getting drunk.  Nothing except work" Her mum instructed.
"O! Come on mother.  I don't want to work.  I don't want to... " she declined walking with a wobbly pace into the house.
"You will definitely realize the relevance of this soon dear.  I promise"
The next day stacked with a lots of files, Helia was instructed by the administrator to make out the amount of bills owed by the hospital for the government according to the memorandum.  Due to her intelligence she got it easily but her heart wasn't actually in the work.  She wasn't even paying full attention.  While hallowing in self pity, she got a message from Benedicta telling her the rich guy she had made out with the previous had come around asking for her.  This baffled her.
"Helia I will like you to go through this files.  The hospital have been in debt for years and we have contacted these few banks for some loan just to cover up the debt.  We have successfully paid part of it but not all. According to these documents, you should be able to know who we're in debt with and those we aren't so as not to be cheated later in future by fraudsters" Her mum explained.  Helia only nodded.
"Yeah I understand but i will prefer you keep it.  I don't want them" she confessed lazily.
"I can't keep them Helia.  These should... "
"Why do you keep arguing mum? You're acting as if you will die tomorrow.  Don't worry,  handle the business for now.  All will be fine" She said rudely to her mum before picking up her cellphone.  "I am going out with Benedicta today "
She turned toward her mum and day her acting a little bit strange.  Blood began oozing out of her nose.  This got her nervous.
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once upon a time (episode one)

There once a time, when true beauty used to be on the inside, but the arrival of the slay Queen’s propanded a new theory. The magic behind real beauty.
My name is Ayo, and these are my experience with the slay queen’s. During my university days, I was neither a good, non a bad dude. I will say, am both, but I enjoyed being the bad boy. I have a good heart, but that doesn’t make me good. Its make me the baddest person you could ever think of.
My first year at school, make me understand how life really is. At that very point, I began making plans for my future. Everyone is born with a talent. I got so many, but I have a very unique one that’s not always common. I have two eye. The right sees the real things everyone else see. But the left see things which could be very scary. Things beyond the spirits world.
When I was ten, my parent took me to a church. But Before I was ten, I do see things with my both eyes . it came to some time, my parent were afraid of me,so I was taken to a church. Some prayers were made and I lost the vision. Everything became normal. I began seeing things as normal people does.
On my 20th birthday, the vision returned, but only the left eye, the right sees normal. I was in my 2nd year when this happened. No one believes me, even when I show them what I see, they still don’t. They say seeing is believing, how can they believe what they didn’t see? So I live my crazy life all alone.
I have friends, close friends, friends with benefit and best friend. Everyone needs a friend, its part of life.
Agatha was my best friend, a female, as crazy as I am, but she’s good. My male friends are the craziest. Mayor an accounting student, Ben a political scientists and Ope, a phycologists , he claims to have a master mind. Claiming he read minds . who is deceiving who?
Am not a book worm, neither am I a guru. But I understand things, I was not the best in my department, let me say,I do leave 2 or 3 marks behind for the best student. Who cares about the 2nd best anyway. And besides I hate popularity, when you are the first, everyone get to know you. And I love it being silent.
Her name is joy, the best in my department, you should know the battalion of dudes that will be after her, not only in my department but in others too.
My department was dominated with slay queen’s, if you Google search for the biggest girls in campus,its will redirect you to my department. Beautiful creatures with extra ordinary beauty, you can’t say who is ugly, No one is, unless you take them on a swimming.
I lived in a self-contained apartment in school. Mostly on Saturday, my friends will come over to my place to play PS, its always interesting spelling each others name with the numbers of score . we don’t have girlfriends, we are all play boys,specialized on p---y f-----g . its a burden having a girlfriend, we have fuckers not girlfriend. Non of us is ready to Fall in love. We are all in the same tariff, f--k boys.
” ay, you gonna rape me one day with the way you are bleeping girls up and down” my best friend Agatha will say sometimes. Well that’s the least thing I would do, rape a lady ,let alone my best friend. Have seen her naked countless of time, and my mamber never trigger. Its because of the way I put her, nothing in her can arouse my kongi . its all a matter of the mind.
Every play dudes know how important clubbing is, its hardly a time that, I won’t be found clubbing, and there is where I get to meet the 21st century slay Queen’s. They called themselves the slay queen’s, some are called the slay mama’s. They are characterized with a lot of attribute, heavy makes up, extraordinary packages, mountainous a-s and boobs, non stop everlasting chin gum, latest mobile, lastet cloth,latest shoes and designers, that’s what they are made of. They deals with high class dudes, not low keys.
My major aim,at every clubs is just to have fun and drink, and if am opportune to come across any girl, then the night will be great .
We were clubbing at a popular club house on a Friday night, I,Ben,mayor and Ope were all having some drinks when this ‘buttacious’ girl rode pass beside us , she fixed her gaze on me,but mine was on her reverberating butt.
” what the hell?, could this butt be real on something is being added” I soliloquizes loudly.
I later caught her starring at me non stop, she will give me a sexy inviting smile whenever my eye came in contact with hers .
” I think she’s into you” Mayor said. ” I would suggest you go meet her” Ope added. Very well then, I stand up and head towards her.
” hello pretty, I caught you starring at me” I said will a seduceive tune.
” no I wasn’t looking at you, I’m looking at the guy behind you, he is so cute ” she said without even looking at me.
I was speechless, I didn’t see it coming, I followed her gaze and I see that she was looking at the monkey-like creature who was sitting at the next table from the one, my guys are .
When I saw him,I couldn’t help myself from laughing.
” you mean that monkey ? ” I said pointing my fingers at his direction .
” you called that handsome dude a monkey, don’t be daft , you are no match for him” she retorted.
That got me amused as I take another look at him, that was when I realized something, looking at him with my left eye. He is more like a monkey, but with my right eyes, he is a very handsome person.
” hey look at me, he is not good for you ” I said trying to draw her attention.
” really? Watch me ” she said,then she head to him. I watched as she speak silently into his ear and they both walked hand to hand away from the club. I returned back to my friends, and they were all like ” ay, how far, wetin happened ” .
” someone will get f--k by a monkey tonight ” I said. They didn’t understand me cos I sound weird.
The drinking continues, we were at the edge of getting drunk when a slim girl clad on a tight gown erupted from no where and dragged me up.
” can I have this dance” she said while trying to drag me to the dance floor, I looked at my friends and they all gave me go ahead look. Before I knew it, am already on the dance fall, she dance so well, she began rocking her a-s on my d--k, which slowly gain momentum by every twists.
” can I buy you a drink ” I said when I realized the visibility of my d--k.
“Sure you can” she said.
I brought her a drink and we get talking.
” you dance so well” I said focusing my eye on her.
“Yeah thanks, you dance quite good too just that, you lost control of your d--k ” she said with a naughty smile. I laughed cos she got me.
“I’m Ayo” I said stretching my hand forward.
“Sera” she replied, receiving the hand shake.
” its quite noisey here,you don’t mind if we go to some quite place, perhaps my place ” I said. She look at me for a moment, then she nodded.
” sure, whatever you say” she said.
I know the night is going to be an interesting one for me, no for us both. I signalled to my friends showing that am leaving and the signalled back saying that they are still fishing, well my own net as caught a fish already.
We arrived at my place in less than 5 minutes. I offered her a cold drinks from my mini freezer and she collected it . I head to the bathroom to have a cool shower ,leaving her behind in the room, no sooner had I stepped in the shower that she joined in with me. I wasn’t expecting to see her, but its seems the battle has began.
I quickly take a quick survey of her naked body . her b-----s are quite okay for her stature, and her butt were moderately big. She grabbed my d--k interrupting the eyes survey am doing . and slowly like a wounded Bear, she knelt before me and entwined my d--k into her mouth. I let out a gasp, she was so f-----g good at it . perhaps she attended a special class for blow job.
After sucking my erected for some time, she swallowed my two balls in her mouth. Licking it up and down like a lolly pop. I admitted she’s talented. I removed my d--k from her mouth before she drain me dead while standing. I carried her up and balanced my mouth on her b----t. I reciprocated the damages she done on my two balls on her b-----s. I press, squeeze, fumble, bite and suck the hell out of her b----t . she directed my head underneath after she realized the harms have impacted on her boobs. I guess we have advanced into another section. I gave her the head she had ever receive from a guy. I placed my tongue in between her p---y lips and began doing what I know Best. At this point, she began screaming uncontrollable.
( guys wey dey lick p---y dey try ooo)
Her screaming refused to ceased, and I also refused to stop what am doing. Suddenly, just like a super woman ,she pushed me on the floor and climbed swiftly on my erected rod. The feeling was great, I felt my d--k in her warm tonton. “Wao” I said as she began riding me like a horse. She was taking in my long 11 inches d--k all at a time. I wonder how deep her p---y will be . i wouldn’t want my hand to be idle, so I engaged them both on her b-----s.
“Let go into the room” I said to her after I realized her potentials . I carried her up and laid her on the bed, spreading her leg as wide as it can. Then I penetrated slowly into her tonton, I engulfed all my d--k into her honey pot,them I began rotating my hips like the nine planets. And swiftly without notice, I gain momentum. My f-----g rate will be equivalent to 240 km of a speeding car speedometer. She hung tightly on me and began shouting “sweet Jesus!, oh my God!!” . I wonder what Jesus and God have to do with what we are having.
I turned her over and positioned her for the unbeatable doggy style. And once again I entered her tonton from behind. Her a-s and my laps began making some pleasant laps sounds . that’s one thing I love about doggy. Its always making the laps sound. I f--k her till p---y run dry, why will her p---y be dry,when am just getting started. I applied olive oil on her p---y and the f-----g continues.
( abeg no apply greez oil ooo abi na engine oil. Abeg Na p---y no be engine or machine)
After a lot of hard banged I cummed . but that was just the first half, am still going for the 2nd half , extra time and even penalty, cos it’s a knockout match .
Monday the following week, immediately after the day lecture, I was in the relaxation center relaxing my brain, when I Agatha my best friend punched me playfully from behind.
” hi friend, how was your weekend? ” she said as she sit on my legs .
” awesome, how was yours?” I asked.
” I went on a date, but it was a washout ” she said throwing her eyes off me.
” what happened? He didn’t show up or what goes wrong? I asked curiously.
” I paid the godamn bills!!! The son of a b---h ran away” she shouted .
I was laughing controllably, when Ope arrived with the university magazine.
” hey lover birds. ” he said, trowing the magazine at me.
” any latest news?” I asked, feeling too lazy to read the magazine.
” check for yourself ” he said while helping himself with a coca-cola drinks.
I took a look at the magazine front page and a news was written there saying
I checked the picture countless of time,to be sure of what am thinking. But Ope interrupted my thought along the way.
” don’t stare too much dude, its her. The ‘buttacious’ girl you met at the club on Friday night . thank your star she choose to follow the handsome dude, you would have been in the police station answering some questions by now”.
I was mute, I knew who she went with, I warned her but she wouldn’t listen.
” why so silent dude” Ope said.
” if you will ever see her again, it will be her dead ” I didn’t know when those words escaped from my mouth .
“Ayo!!” Agatha shouted. ” why being pessimistic? ”
The both of them stared at me, as if am a phyco patient.
” dude, don’t tell me you’ve been drinking today” Ope said.
I looked at them both, how I wish they could understand me, but they just can’t.
” am just saying what I feel, but let just forget about it , am going home, catch you guys later ” I said then I made to leave.
” can I ask your best friend out” Ope cried ,after me.
” of cos, just don’t let her pay the bills or else—you are a dead man” I screamed back.
Tuesday happens to be the following day, mostly on Tuesday, I do have a 6am lecture. But unfortunately, I woke up at exactly 6:15. Due to some meres I had during the night .
” am finished today, 5 units course, Aye mi” I said as I hurriedly prepare myself for the lecture.
I got to the lecture room around 6:30.
Mr’s Oni, a very strict lecturer ,that wouldn’t mind adding an extra year to your university year. If you arrived late for her lecture.
The lecture has already taken off when I entered.
” why are you just coming by this time?” She asked immediately I stepped into the lecture room. I know am in for it. I’m not very good at lying, mostly I prefer saying the truth. I was about saying rubbish when joy, the glass guru speak up for me.
” he was at the health center ma, he helped my roommate who was sick to the school health center, I left him there for this class. But he said he will only leave after he confirm that the sick girl is okay. I think that’s the reason for his lateness ma” she said.
I stood there looking at how she beautifully make up the lies. And why will she have to do that. Someone have never spoken to before.
” you can go and have your seat” Mrs oni said .
Immediately after the lecture, I was sitting silently alone , thinking of how to thank joy for what she did. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked back only to see joy standing behind me.
” I saved your a-s today, you owe me one” she said and she made to move.
” you should I least let me say the words” I said after her.
She looked at me with a puzzled face.
” thank you” I said.
” keep your thanks, I don’t need it”
(Aye mi)
I watched her, as she walk briskly away from me.
” why am I receiving, stuffs like this from ladies” i muttered.
” hey ! The Samaritan boy, why are you talking to my lady”
I looked at the direction the voice came from. I saw a huge guy, david, accompanied with two of his friends Franklin and tomide. Everyone knows them for their pugnacious act.
I smiled before replying to his absurd question.
” are you that daft? Can’t you just for once use that brain of yours ” I said.
I can see his friends trying to make an attack but he quickly stopped them.
” not now guys, be calm. And besides he wouldn’t pass his boundaries, let go, am not in mood for trouble today ” he said and they both disappeared from my view.
” morons ” I cursed .
Around 2pm in the afternoon, i was gisting my friends about the narrow escaped I had in the morning, when a new Toyota corolla, parked in front of us. We are went silent as we await the owner to exit from the car. The car was titled, so we couldn’t see the inside.
A fair beautiful lady,came out of the car, she was moderately tall, with perfect set of Boobs and butt.sincerely speaking she’s outstanding.
” excuse me please, can you show my the way to the science faculty ” she said in the sweetest way that could make a guy stumble over.
We all sat there admiring her beauty with our mouth wide opened.
” sure , its not far from here. Just take the first turning by the left. Then you are where you are” I said with a smile.
” oh thank you” she said and she made to move. I looked at my friends and they gave me the go ahead signal, whispering silently into my ear.
” ayo, see fresh fish. What are you waiting for, common go get her” Ben said.
She was about entering her car when I stopped her.
” sorry ,you wouldn’t mind if I quickly have some minutes with you. No problem if you are in a hurry ” I said , trying to be a gentleman.
” hope no problem ?” She asked.
” not that i know of… I’m Ayo” I said politely.
” Ayokemi ” she replied.
“Wao, now we have one thing in common ” i said trying to cast my charms on her.
” perhaps ” she blench
” I wouldn’t want to ask this,but I wouldn’t want to delay you any further ” I said looking into her eyes.
She looked at me with an expression of “What?”
” you are exceptionally beautiful, This might not be the first time you are hearing this from a dude.but believe me, you are beautiful. I–i will want to be a friend of yours. I love being seen with beauty, can I have your mobile number please? ” I asked.
” and why will I give you my number? ” she asked looking kneeling at me.
“Cos i want to see you again” I said.
” hmmm, okay then, you can have it, just don’t freak out when you see me again ” she said.
I collected her digit and she zoomed off.
” guys another p---y on the list ooo” I said happily to my friends.
” baba ooo. I trust you na” mayor said.
” guys we go see later na, I get lecture for 2:30 later things na” I said, then I departed from then.
I entered the lecture room minding my own business, I wouldn’t want to be late again. Have heard enough of the Samaritan name.
I waited patiently for the lecturer to come in ,but the unexpected happened. Ayokemi came in instead.
” hello students, my name is Miss Akindele Ayokemi, and I will be taking you , this course from now on. Your formal lecturer is out of country, so I will be your new lecturer, can you introduce yourself to me one by one .
I sat down quietly, staring straightly at her. I couldn’t think straight, I just fixed my eyes on her. Thinking about the unthinkable. I was brought back to life, by the person sitting next to me.
” hey dude, its your turn to introduce yourself ”
“Do I still need that” I muttered silently.
I can see everyone looking at me, I wonder why they won’t just face the front and mind their businesses.
I stood up to say my name when David and his friend interrupted my speech.
” The Samaritan boy” they barked.
The room echoed with tremendous laughs. I felt embarrassed, cos I was more like a laughing stock.
And finally, I felt there’s no need for me to say my name.
” bamboos ” I cursed.
At the end of the lecture , I was appointed as the new course Rep, by Ayokemi. She mentioned me closer,and requested my help with her books. I packed her books and I followed her behind. And once in an oscillation, my eye will met with her jingling butt. Sincerely speaking, the butt are great.
” why are you called the Samaritan boy” she asked suprisely .
” never mind the old fools, they refused to learn. ” I muttered .
She smiled as she entered her supposed office.
” Miss Ayokemi, I think you will need my help here, this place is in a huge mess ” I said while surveying my eyes around.
” I think I know the reason why you are Called the Samaritan boy” she said with a smile.
” you know?” I asked curiously.
” yea… Never mind, I really appreciate it, it’s nice of you ” she said.
I fetched for a broom and a piece of rag alongside with a bowl of water , and I set to work. Her eyes were on me as I worked professionally like a drycleaner. A lot of questions were running through my mind, but I couldn’t ask. Perhaps am a little bit scared. When I first met her, she was a fish and now she’s my lecturer. She looks too young to be a lecturer, if she will be older than I, it will be with two or three years.
I broke the silence when I couldn’t hold it anymore.
” it’s seems, you are new here and also in this town” I said with a borrowed confidence. And its seems,she’s been expecting a conversation from me, but have been foolishly silent.
” yea, how do you know ” she asked with a glimpse of joy.
” we’ve met, even before you became my lecturer ” I said jokily.
” I got you surprised right? ” she said as she smiled at me.
” yea, I almost–I freaked out, I hope that won’t affect our friendship ” I quickly take my eyes away after finishing the statement. I expected an answer but non came, I guessed am pushing too hard.
” you wouldn’t mind if I show you around the town and school, perhaps we will get to know each other better ” I said, pushing more harder .
” I wouldn’t say no” she answered.
And that was the greatest reply, I certainly need from her.
” I will give you a call” I said as I exit from the office room.
” this will be great” I thought loudly.
I walked back into the lecture to pick my things, but I found my bag gone.
” are this guys playing pranks with me ” I soliloquized .
” which guys ?” I heard a female voice behind me and I quickly recognized the voice.
” Agatha are you with my bag?” I asked without turning my back.
” who could have taken your bag if not me, or what have you been up to?” I turned to see her placing my bag on her head. I laughed at her appearance, cos she look more like a petty trader .
” come, I will tell you all about it when we get home” I said as I drag her out with me.
Evening arrived sooner than I thought, after eating the delicious spaghetti Agatha prepared for me, I lied on the bed for a quick nap, but its turned out to be a long sleep, I woke up around 7pm in the evening.
I saw a note written by Agatha for me, calling me a sleeping bull. I guessed she left, after she realized the kind of sleep am engaged with.
I helped myself with the remaining spaghetti left in the pot. Mama thought me how to Cook, but I failed miserably. Even to Cook ordinary rice is a problem for me. The day hunger forced me to prepare a concoction rice. Believe me, it was a burnt offering.
I was enjoying the spaghetti am eating and at the same time chatting with some fish on WhatsApp. I remembered I collected Ayokemi number earlier in the day, I wasted no time in running a call to her.
Me: hello?
Ayokemi: hello ay.
Me: (surprise) how did you know its me.
Ayokemi: I have true caller, and beside I knew you will call.
Me: oh. How was your day ma?
Ayokemi: stressful.
Me: stressful?
Ayokemi: yea kind of, where I moved in… I did some cleaning and arrangement.
Me: oh, you could have inform me.
Ayokemi: you called late.
Me: am sorry, I never knew.
Ayokemi: thanks for today anyway.
Me: its nothing ma, around which area are you ma?
Ayokemi: G.R.A
Me: just as I thought.
Ayokemi: you wouldn’t think otherwise.
Me: can you still go out tonight ma?
Ayokemi: I would love to, but am tired.
Me: Another day I guess?
Ayokemi: yea.
Me: have a happy night rest ma.
Ayokemi: and you too.
The door opened and my friends bounced in. I can tell from their dressing that they are up to somewhere. Probably an occasion or party.
” Ay baba, na here you dey?”
” No na togo.where are you guys up to, dressed like a president escorts ” I asked curiously.
They first pounced on the spaghetti am eating. At least they still got few spoons left to fight for.
” Ay, you cooked this?” Mayor asked suprisely after he discovered the sweetness of the food.
” hell will lose if it’s me, my bestie did ” I said.
” I thought as much, oya go change your cloth fast, fast, we got a party to attend” Ope said.
I didn’t plan going anyway, but staying at home doing absolutely nothing will absolutely be boring.
In less than 2 minute,Am all done, and we all head out.its quite unfortunate that non of us have a ride. Well, we thanked God for the Geo–leg.
We board a bike which conveyed us to the party. At the entrance, we were stopped by the security officials.
” where are your partners ?” One of them threw the question at us.
” partners? ” we echoed together.
” you guys must have a female partner before you can enter in here, that’s the gate entry password”
That came as a surprise to all of us. We stood there looking like Zombies.
” so should we all turn and go back?” I asked the demoralised dudes.
” I would suggest we stay here and fish” Ben suggested.
We agreed to the suggestion and we all positioned ourselves like a high way Police men.
Seconds turned minutes, minutes turned to hours . not a single fish come our path. We are at the edge of giving up when we sighted the slay Queen’s . They were like the children of Israelite crossing the red sea. I tried counting them with my eye, but I lost counting. They were all moving like a herds of cattle, dressed in black.
” who is in for threesomes?” I asked.
” foursomes are better ” Ope replied.
” fivesomes ain’t bad” mayor quickly added.
” I will go for sixsomes” Ben completed.
We all laughed at Ben when he said sixsomes.
” death is calling on you bro” Ope let out loudly.
” can’t wait to eat your burial Akara” I added .
” whatever, see you guys in the building, am off to fishing ” Ben said and he moved away from us.
He approached the ladies and we followed behind. We are some feets to catching up, when the unexpected happened. We heard a gun shot. Immediately, we stopped on our track. With our very eyes, we saw as fish turned into predators. We thought they are slay Queen’s, of cos they are. But slay queens with loaded AK 47. Running was far too an option cos they are very close to us. Right there in front of us, the security men were shot dead. They all advanced inside leaving two behind to watch the door.
We were all trembling from head to toe, although they didn’t seem to have our time, but I know they got us in mind. Any silly move and we are all dead .
We heard a distant gun shot, followed by some huge screaming. Probably from some terrified ladies. My heart began racing fast, we had no idea of what’s happening and the fear of getting shot by some bloody slay mama’s paralyzed the four of us.
Alot of things began running through my mind, perhaps we could talk to the two ladies outside, maybe they could let us go. Perhaps I should try another way. After thinking for some time, I summoned up courage then speak softly to Ben, but loud enough for the ladies to hear.
” Ben, do you still planed having a sixsomes with these ladies? ” I asked, fixing my eyes on the two ladies, I observed their reaction when they heard my voice. Its quite unexplainable.
” are you kidding me?, this is no time to joke, I would give up anything just to have my a-s safe.” Ben replied.
Just as he finished the statement, the door was opened and the rest of the ladies bounced out.
” Why are these guys still alive ?” Says the one whom I supposed to be the leader .
” they are just bunch of fools, imagine one of them thinking about having sixsomes” one of the ladies retorted.
“Fools indeed, let’s go” she commanded and takes the lead, while others followed behind.
After they’ve vanished from our sight, we took to our kneels. Have never have a close call like that in my life, i ran like a hen being chased by a c--k. I got home, locked myself in, and began saying some prayers. Ben and the rest must also have find their way to their respective abode. They ran as if they are in for a temple run.
No one have idea about what happened in the building, but whatever it is, I know it’s not a good one.
The following day, I couldn’t go out for lecture, probably still terrified by the blood thirsty incidence. I locked myself in, switched off my mobiles and hide beneath a blanket. Cowardice isn’t for the brave, but I lost the braveness when am a foot away from death. I heard numerous knocks on my door, but I wouldn’t open. Who knows if the devil is still after us.
I heard another knock on my door, but I remained silent.
” ay I know you are in there, open this door now before I break it down.” That came from Agatha.I know her capability, if I delay any seconds, she might break the door down. I least, if I can’t trust anyone, I got to trust my Beastie. I opened the door and she entered.
” what’s the problem? Are you sick? Why locking yourself in?” She threw the questions immediately she stepped in. I don’t fancy lies, so I told her everything even if I want to lie to someone, it wouldn’t be her, she will easily detect that am lying. So saying the truth is all I got.
” its okay baby boo, I heard about it also, the news is everywhere. I thanked God that you are alive, that’s what really matters, what about your friends, have you hear from them?” She asked.
” no, but they will be fine. ” I replied.
I felt some slight pains in my stomach, I knew its Mr hunger way of saying ” hello dude, no food yet?”.
Thanked God Agatha is around, I begged het to prepare me a breakfast. After a lot of excuses, she agreed.
The following day at school, I was heading to the library when am being summoned up by Ayokemi. I changed my direction and head to her office.
” you weren’t in school yesterday, I searched all over for you and your lines are also off.” She asked.
An electric of joy ran through my veins, if that is coming out from her,that means she cares. I stood there, smiling at her, not knowing what to say. I can’t possibly tell her the truth and am having bad lucks with lies .
” I was… Something came up and… I…its gone. You look great today ma’am. ” I said trying to evade her questions. And I think that works, cos I caught her with a blushing smile. One thing I discovered about ladies, if you appreciate them, they will appreciate it. Derived from some laws in physics.
” can I take you out tonight ma’am ” I asked with charming voice.
” if its fine by your girlfriends, then I will be waiting for you by 6pm” she replied.
” funny, see you at 6 ma’am. ” I said then i head for the exile. I bumped into joy(the class guru) on my way out. Accidentally and unintentionally, my hand pressed her b----t, she had no bra on, so i was able to feel, the texture and the succulent softness of her b----t.
” wao!!!” I exclaimed. She wore a surprise angry face, hissed then pushed her way through me.
“Am sorry, emmm… nice b----t ” I said immediately after her. I think that got her more suprise. I can see her burning with anger.
” son of a b---h ” she cursed .
I wouldn’t want to hear another so I turned and find my way out.
I met with Ope and Agatha at the relaxation center. I guessed he’s still trying his luck with her.
” am I interrupting a date?” I asked jokily.
” you just did” Ope replied rapidly.
We laughed then I sat in between them.
” Ayo I think its high time we start believing you ” Ope said.
I looked at the both of them with uncertainty. Wondering about what may bring about the statement.
” A news reached me today, which I later confirmed by myself to be true… A body was found in the wood. A dead body, I will say… Its came just as you predicted… She was found dead in the Forest today by a hunter.” Ope said with his head bent down.
” the question in answer is that, how did you know she’s going to die?” Agatha asked.
I looked at the two of them, thinking of what to tell them. Am not sure if they will believe me and am not ready to risk saying it out.
” am I being interrogated or what?” I asked with a little anger.
” calm bro its not what you think, ain’t we friends?” Ope said calmly.
” am sorry ay, its not just your first time saying something like this, its wired and am worried”. She said.
I took my time before answering them, have been living my crazy life all alone, I didn’t know how it’s feels to share one of my greatest secret with them.
” I do see things, far beyond the human world. Not everyone out there are human. Some are creatures from the underworld. When I was a child, I lived in their world. Some are very powerful, some are friendly, some are evil, some are victims, some are casualties… The girl whose body was found in the wood, She was lured by a creature , a creature of the wild Forest. I know she won’t survive it…no one has”.
I watched as they both listen with their mouth opened in disbelieve.
” its okay if you don’t believe me” I said then I made to move.
” sincerely speaking, I believe you. If you are lying, I would have known ” Agatha said.
I observed as Ope survey his eyes around.
” so do you see anything now?” He asked. I didn’t answer him, but after a lot of persuasion from both of them, I opened up.
” right here in front of us…is a dead man”
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the honour is not met for me

If someone told me that am going to be an O’level holder, I’ll curse the person. During my days in secondary school my dream then was to be a medical doctor but where am I today,nobody to determine.
When am still a kid, I also heard that father’s is the pillar of the house, I didn’t understand till I lost my father. The day I lost my father, was the day my dream of becoming a medical doctor was lost. My dad was dead in my secondary school so life became hard for me and my brothers and my mum. My mother started carrying us along with her petty trade business she was running. My elder brother was withdrawn from school to look for work so that he can help train me and our junior ones.
On Sunday morning, my mom called out on me and my senior brother to the sitting room for a brief word of encouragement.
Mom: since i lost your father in ghastly motor accident, I find it hard to feed you and you juniors ones. Please my son, I want you to follow my brother to Benue state to learn trade. I believe he will settle you well so that you will help to train others.
**The name of my senior brother is Kelvin. He is tall and black in complexion. During the period we lost our father, he is in ss2 while am in jss3. He normally tells me on how he will become a doctor when he finished school. The world is wicked I can’t believe that his dream just shattered like that. When the desirable is not available,the available becomes desirable. ***
Kelvin: mom I know how you feel, don’t worry I will do my best and make sure that I make it in life.
Here comes Monday morning as he was preparing to travel, he called me in the sitting room
Kelvin: chisom did you know why I called you here
Me : no
Kelvin: I just want you to take good care of mama when am gone. Make sure you obey her and never cause her pain. Work hard to pass your waec. I will be traveling to Benue state this morning. After saying that he bent down and wept.
Me: bros stop crying. I promise to take good care of mama. Won’t disappoint you and I will also try my best to make my waec.
**i consoled him and thereafter, I and my mom saw him off. **
To be continued
When my mum and I saw him off, I started feeling lonely due to my brother was so dearly to me. He is more than a brother. We went back to the house.
Living with my mum without my senior brother was not easy for me then. When I go to school, after dismissal, I ran quickly to the house and took my lunch and find my way to the market where my mum runs her petty business and starts helping her. I took the place of my elder brother, I didn’t even have chance of myself. There are some of the things I do which I later put to an end. After the term in the school, I couldn’t continue in the school again because the school fees of the school is too much which my mother can’t afford. I was withdrawn from the private school and I’ve to continue my secondary school in government school.
I got registered in the school, the first day I went to school, I couldn’t find the classroom of SS1 so I was stranded. I stood there for almost 10mins before one pretty damsel came outside to ease herself. I just allowed her to attend to her problem first. As she came out from the toilet, I stopped her.
Me: Hello.. Good morning
Girl: good morning
Me: my name is Chisom, am a new comer, I just got registered today and am lost.
Girl: lost!
Me : yes,,, I couldn’t fine the classroom of SS1. Please can you help me?
Girl: sure! Why not. Am also in SS1 .. Follow me
Me: sorry to ask,,,, what’s your name?
Girl : my name is mary.
Mary was such a beautiful girl that every guy will desire to have as a girlfriend.
She turned and I followed her from behind, busy admiring her endowment. She is endowed with big mass destruction and point boob. Chisos I exclaimed, I can’t believe that my pr**k will misbehave just peeping a glance of Mary’s endowment.
To say that her waist is figure 8 is understatement because her mass destruction pass that attribute.
When we get to the ss1 block
Mary : chiso, welcome to ss1 class.
Me: thank you dear
Mary : you are welcome.
I went inside the class room with her, she pointed at an empty space chair which I took no time to occupy.
Not less than 2min, one tall lady walked in. She is fair in complexion, Good looking and well packaged. She is wearing pink top and black skirt that exposed her laps.
She introduce her self as Mrs Betty and will be taking us on biology.
Class is like we have a new comer in our midst, the whole class echoed yess
She ordered me to introduce myself
Me:am chisom, with a shivering voice
Mrs Betty : laughed out loud, why are you shivering?
Me: MA, am not
Mrs betty: how old are you and also your state of origin.
Hmmmm, why did this woman wanted to know my age. Is it part of her teaching or what?
Me: am 15yrs and am from Anambra state.
Mrs Betty : OK, my good boy. Why is he sitting alone or don’t you guys like him?
Class: noooo
Mrs Betty : then one of the girls should sit beside him…..
I was surprise when I saw one beautiful damsel walking majestically with her books in her hand towards me.I swear that there is a lot of fun here.
I was surprise when I saw one beautiful damsel walking majestically with her books in her hand towards me. When she came closer to me with a flirting smile and sat beside me.
Mrs Betty : chisom, from now onwards she will be your seat mate. Do you understand?
ME: yes ma
Mrs Betty : her name is Vivian and both of you on no circumstances chance seat. And if you do otherwise, both of you will experience my bad side she said that and left.
Vivian : good morning dear” she greeted putting up a blithe smile. It was nice and appreciating, seeing a girl Beautiful as she is, greeted me in such manner full of humility. That alone makes me to like her more.
ME: good morning I replied, as I stretched out my hand expecting a handshake from her which she obliged.
VIVIAN: Am Vivian Eze and you?
Wow!!! What a nice name, but I guess you already know my name” I replied her smiling and she nodded.
As we are chatting and laughing, I noticed some guys slightly coughing and some murmuring within themselves. But i don’t care because even if the whole word is against me because of her, I won’t shake or shiver because her beauty alone worth sacrificing for.
Let me dish in little about her.
She is a tall lady with pointed nose like Kim Kardashian, massive boob like Nick Minaj and huge a-s like mercy Johnson and to wrap it all she is fair in complexion,in as much as we barely know each other. If you are mistaken you will think Vivian and I have known each other for years because of the way we flowed with each other easily.
Vivian: so chisom, tell me more about yourself.
Me: what did you wish to know about me. Just ask and I will answer you sincerely.
Vivian : I want to know everything about you
Me: OK, am chisom by name and you can also call me Murphy. I’m 15yrsof age and I still live with my parents.
We both laughed out loudly.
Vivian : still laughing. Well I know that you still live with your parents or do you plan on living alone?. Am Vivian which you already know and you can also call me blossom. Am also 15years of age.
*** we both laughed considering we are of the same age.
Vivian: wait oooo, why are you feeling shy? I can sense that through your attitude.
ME: shy for what?. **See this girl ooo, she chop witch how did she know that am a shy type. ** Seriously am a shy type but don’t want to admit it just wanna form James Bond.
Vivian: but I noticed it in your eyes. You behaves as if you don’t have sister or are you the only child?
ME: hmmmm, am not the only child of my parent oooo.
Vivian: that reminds me, how many are you in your family?
Me: we are five in number,two boys and three girls
Vivian: wow!! We are five in numbers too. Two boys and three girls but am the last born.
Still on our discussion when the school bell rang for break.
I was about going to the canteen when she halted me with her word
Vivian:chisom are just leaving me behind while you enjoy your lunch alone.
I was dumb founded, don’t even know to say. The issue is that I don’t have enough cash with me to treat her for lunch.
Vivian: see you Mr shy…… She laughed.
Common let’s go she said while holding my hands. My shyness increased and she noticed it and whispered into my ear better behave yourself or you will disgrace yourself.. I could notice some dude both senior and junior laughing at us, while others are busy murmuring. Being a shy type, I can’t stand this anymore so I withdrew my hands from hers immediately while some laughed even more.
The school canteen is very large to compare with my previous school and was filled with many seats like stadium. Well decorated with 2 flat Screen Samsung and very big refrigerator were you can take water to drink.
I and Vivian looked for a vacant table to occupy and devour what we got for break. I order for more snacks and a soft drink, when the woman brought what I ordered, I dip hand into my pocket to pay her, when Vivian said that she will pay, that I should not bother myself with the payment
ME: thanks alot Vivian.
Vivian: don’t mention my prince. What are friends for.
Prince indeed, we barely know each other and all this romantic word are coming out from your mouth..
Still chatting and as well devouring what we got for lunch when I heard a female voice behind me saying” excuse me please.
I turned in anticipation of who owns that lovely voice, and behold Mary standing upright like a model before me staring at Vivian with a fake smile, while a faint flush suffused her features.
Mary: can we see please referring to me..
I looked at Vivian and she signalled me with her left eye to follow her and know what she is up-to .
I turned to face Mary, were are we suppose to to talk, here or? I asked facing down to avoid eye contact with her, cos she is too charming, am afraid that I may lost in ecstasy.
Mary: let’s talk at the back of biology lab.
Hmmmmmm, back of biology lab., what is her plan now, I asked within myself
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trouble and fight part 1

Inside Victor’s room his mother rested her body on the wall looking at her sleeping son, she look at the clock then walk over to the bed to wake up her son “wake up, you wan go school late?”she said tapping his body repeatedly “mama, I no dey go school again”he said with sleepy voice and rested his head on his pillow “chi mooo”his mother start crying sorely “ah!ah!mama, I go go na, go do breakfast my go baf”he said to calm his mother down which it works his mother left his room he rush to the door and lock it “person nofit get peace”he slum on the bed. The village of Oshigba have only one source of water which is the river many have tried to bring another source of water but met death end a typical example is the late Chief Oduma, 5pm the village town crier voice is heard in the dark night challenging the quiet Village of Oshigba from a distance of a man standing with his white horse wearing a native attire with redcap which classify him as a noble birth and a title holder “anybody that sees somebody going to the stream in the night should report to the youths of the village”the town crier voice.
the same title man is seen walking on the main road that connect with the roads to the stream and primary school of Oshigba village while Victor walk pass him without honoring his presence “bia!you cannot greet your elder anymore, useless boy”the elder said to Victor who acted like someone who is deaf “so the remuor that late Oduma’s son is useless is true”he thought for a while then walk away.
“I will teach that useless boy a lesson!”he exclaimed then climb his white horse and paddle away, a compound with 4 leg stick roof with zinc kitchen a woman is seen cooking “mama Ogechi!”a man’s voice called her “my husband, you are welcome”she greeted but her husband is in a hurry he demande for Ogechi which her wife called her out of the small block house “what is the name of late Oduma’s son”Chief Ade ask his daughter which his daughter told him his name is Victor, he climb his white horse direct it to the exit of the compound “papa Ogechi, are you not going to eat?”his wife called out “let me see Chief Marshal”his husband replied her.
inside the compound of Victor’s as early as 6am in the morning 15youths are seen singing the popular war song “iwuliwo iwo x4”jumping and charging towards the house with sticks and matchets in the compound.
Victor’s mother emerge from the house standing in the main entrance surprise by the choatic visit “youth of Oshigba, on what ground a widow like me owe this visit?”she said, the messenger of the Ancient tree step forward from the midst of the youths with venom look red clothings tied round his fore head and wrist “woman!where is your son?”he said with authoritative voice suddenly Victor emerge from the room with just a short mindless of the people around him, he did his morning ritual by stretching his bones and yawn “catch him”the messenger ordered three of the youths charge towards him before he could realize himself he try to run but stop by grab at the wrist and waist then his two legs left the surface of Earth “mama!”he called out to his mother screaming loud his mother run to save her son but is prevented by two youths while the others drag Victor out of the compound her struggle to get pass them was futile she fall to the ground crying “my husband where are you?the good Lord I serve where are you?”she lamented.
Under the Ancient tree four men are seen under the tree the Chief priest at the middle while chief Marshal and Ade at his right hand facing directly to Chief Emeka voices of the youth is heard from the distance approaching the Ancient tree, they appear at the premises forcing Victor to move “taaarh!how dare you bring that cursed child under the foot stool of the Ancient Tree”the Chief Priest rebuke them not to move any step further or they will taste the leaf of curse, he walk through the middle of the Chiefs not without giving Chief Ade a warning look then walk away, Victor was freed he look back to see Chief Ade bitting his finger he nodded and left, “Chief Ade!do you see him walking to the stream?”Chief Emeka ask looking directly at him “no, but I saw him in biamula road”Chief Ade answered which made Chief Marshal and Emeka shake their heads and walk away leaving Chief Ade behind, 8pm in Chief Ade’s compound in the veradah Ogechi hold a bible putting on her sandals “mama, am going to the church ooh”she called out to her mother who is watching television inside the sitting room “is late ooh,”she complained that she have already promise her friend that she wont miss it “return early ooh”her mother adviced she agreed and left the compound, inside Victor’s room he has been sleeping suddenly wake up and put on his trouser and white t shirt in a hurry like someone who has an appointment to catch.
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how miracle fell in love(love is blind)

My name is miracle am called Mimi by many
Am not pretty u know not that am ugly am just me
Am average
In school I don’t have friends my only companion is Lizzy.. We go to school together do almost everything together including excreting don’t laugh alone
Am from a family of 4 my dad mum bro and me
Yes I love my family we are happy
I didn’t tell u my age right am not telling you don’t bother am a not a virgin if only my mum knows am not from the constant preaching.. Oh well am sorry mama
Back to the present I need Fred to notice me he is the new guy in my neighborhood. In my class too. Yes I just broke up with Collins he sucks such a loser..story for another day.. I think am in love but I wish he just sees me like I am..
I have never jogged before but I have been doing it like 2 weeks just to gain his attention no he doesn’t
Out I go I think she’s not coming out today please God wake her.. is she sleeping should I throw a stone at her window which one in particular is her own
Here she comes…
Good morning Fred
Eeemmm morning.. how did she even know my name?
I kept my face straight I didn’t want her to feel like am soft..
You are In my class right welcome to the neighborhood hope u like this place.. I overheard ur dad telling my dad the part of the country u lived b4 was cold but here is hot right?
I just looked at her I kept my face straight.. I like the way she keeps her lips I feel like grabbing her and kissing. What if she slaps me.?
Miracle part
This dude is mean look at the way he looks at me like am stupid.
Jeez I forgot to brush now he will tag me with a bad breath. OMG
Here comes the b---h….Lydia
She’s a pain in my a-s..she thinks because she has that super body she can take whatever she want.. She stole my boyfriend Collins now she’s coming for Fred. Why is he even smiling sheepishly at her.?
Good morning Fred
Good morning Lydia
Aww I like ur sneakers u smell so nice
Her hands on his chest and arbs then she grabbed him and whisper some thing into his ears.
Bye Mimi he said.
.for the first time he said my name it sounds so sweet
He followed Lydia jogging as they held hands smiling with Lydia making faces at me loser
From then I was determined to have Fred to myself am gonna prove to them am not a loser Hi girlfriend …Lizzy I told you to stop showing up like a ghost..
Why that face you lost to Lydia again right?
You love him? Oh my baby girl is in love
Can you just stop all I need now is a good bath and sex
Yeah I didn’t tell u I love sex whenever am stressed out I f--k that’s just me and I know you all are surprised sometimes me and Lizzy do f--k each other we suck chew bite our p---y like a lesbian thing but I love dicks too..
Come on babe let’s go home
We got home had our bath together in bathroom Lizzy was so hot kissing my neck down to my a-s all my body was on fire she knows my the right button to press to turn me on turn fingers in my p---y and lips over my n-----s so hot
Ouch girlfriend u are killing me mmmh oh yeah just like that she increased her speed when it feels like about to c-m she stop.. Kissing me on the lips down to my p---y she started tongue f-----g me I want holding her head tight pressing it hard on my k---y like am gonna suffocate her till I finally came
Then I heard my name Mimi are u OK?
That’s my mum she might have heard my scream
Am OK mummy Lizzy ran a very hot bath for me that’s why I shouted it all good
OK baby am on my way out you and Lizzy food is in the kitchen
Be safe you hear
OK mum
We came out after eating we decided to take a nap
By the time we woke up it was 5 pm
We had a birthday party to attend so we decided to prepare.. We both settle for bum short and crop tops I never had a date for the party Lizzy boyfriend Eddie was already at my door step by 6 horning like a psychopath. And my dad came out telling him I heard him already that’s why I love my dad.. You be wandering how I will wear my bum short showing my cheek a-s passing him..
Hi dad we are heading for Mr Williams daughters birthday party I won’t be late.
I like ur dress it’s fine.. Thank you dad
I had to wear a dress on it same with Lizzy..
We got into the car and Lizzy and Eddie kissed each other am sure my dad saw
Off we went…
Here we are finally
Wow massive turn up everywhere lively.. I was happy I came around.. Drinks pls.. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I know my limit.. Everything was going fine till I saw her b---h she is here guess who is with her my Fred my very own Fred..
I felt like breaking her head that very moment but I held myslf..look at the way she held him to her self like a possessive witch.
Do u wanna dance wow I turned this is the most handsome dude I have ever since he was way more cute than Fred.
I stood there looking at him for what seems like ages like a dummy .. He cleared his throat are u OK
Am sorry am fine.. Sure why not let’s dance.. He hold me close to him self I inhaled all him sweet scent. The he whispered into my ears I am melody Williams. brother to the celebrant… If you don’t look closely you will think he kissed me .
Knowing melody was so much fun I can see Lizzy winking at me.. Looking at the the other side is Lydia her face looks like a serpent ready to spit its vermon I don’t care u can have Fred I like willing to date him. Fred has this kind of look on his face like he is jealous or angry but why
The party was going smoothly till I felt tipsy and pressed so I told melody to escort me to the rest room..
Getting to the restroom so many moaning from each door finally I got to the last one thank God it’s empty so I just entered..
Fred’s part
Mimi can’t be with that dude who the hell does he think he is? Where is she I was keeping a close eyes on her now.. Where did she go to.?
Lizzy hands all over me now down to my trousers
I just wanted to say B---h get u filty hands off my d--k.. I gently excused myself straight to the restroom room.. At the extreme end I saw melody
What is he doing here hope he is not with my Mimi?
I will kill him I swear.. Immediately Mimi can out she hold melody and their face was just an inch far from each other I can see melody d--k growing in his trouser.. Boom Mimi kissed him. He didn’t hesitate at all carry her up and drop her on the base of the toilet mirror.. The kiss was so intense..mimi stop and told him to stop but melody won’t he started forcing her that he was so hot
Mimi;s part
I think am drunk. Melody stop he wont. He was already hurting my wrist I was bleeding already blc of his nails Mimi’s part cont
Nobody was paying attention to us some where having 3some.. All where busy f-----g.. I prayed someone should save me an angel should come before this monster rapes me. Really all that guilters are not gold..
Fred parts
I watched melody was struggling with Mimi I wanted to help but she kissed him first why is she complain
Immediately she started screaming someone should help her.. I knew I needed to do something. I took the wooden chair behind the door and rush towards him I hit him hard and punched him several on the stomach he couldn’t get up when he tried getting up again I kicked him below his d--k.. immediately I carried Mimi I love the way she Cling to my shirt like I was some kind of superman. ..
Carring her outside it wasn’t hard for me to locate Lizzy and Eddie I told them am driving her home she said she’s coming too but I told her not to worry I don’t wanna stop her fun.. I have finally gotten a space to a talk to her and be with her alone..
Lydia came there and ask Fred how could he ignore her.. That he is even going home and driving me home.. I felt like giving Lydia 1 hard punch to her face but I couldn’t because I want to be a gentleman in Mimi’s front..I just told her to leave me alone only my tone was enough to Scare her away.
Mimi’s part
I was enjoying everything all I have ever wanted is here holding him so close to myself..inhaling all his beautiful scent.. I wanted to make faces at Lydia too
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Friday, February 15, 2019

the school head of my school

chronicles of the ancient dynasty of the
Sassanidae, who reigned for about four
hundred years, from Persia to the borders
of China, beyond the great river Ganges
itself, we read the praises of one of the
kings of this race, who was said to be the
best monarch of his time. His subjects
loved him, and his neighbors feared him,
and when he died he left his kingdom in
a more prosperous and powerful
condition than any king had done before
The two sons who survived him loved
each other tenderly, and it was a real
grief to the elder, Schahriar, that the laws
of the empire forbade him to share his
dominions with his brother Schahzeman.
Indeed, after ten years, during which this
state of things had not ceased to trouble
him, Schahriar cut off the country of
Great Tartary from the Persian Empire
and made his brother king.
Now the Sultan Schahriar had a wife
whom he loved more than all the world,
and his greatest happiness was to
surround her with splendour, and to give
her the finest dresses and the most
beautiful jewels. It was therefore with the
deepest shame and sorrow that he
accidentally discovered, after several
years, that she had deceived him
completely, and her whole conduct
turned out to have been so bad, that he
felt himself obliged to carry out the law
of the land, and order the grand-vizir to
put her to death. The blow was so heavy
that his mind almost gave way, and he
declared that he was quite sure that at
bottom all women were as wicked as the
sultana, if you could only find them out,
and that the fewer the world contained
the better. So every evening he married a
fresh wife and had her strangled the
following morning before the grand-vizir,
whose duty it was to provide these
unhappy brides for the Sultan. The poor
man fulfilled his task with reluctance, but
there was no escape, and every day saw a
girl married and a wife dead.
This behaviour caused the greatest horror
in the town, where nothing was heard
but cries and lamentations. In one house
was a father weeping for the loss of his
daughter, in another perhaps a mother
trembling for the fate of her child; and
instead of the blessings that had formerly
been heaped on the Sultan’s head, the air
was now full of curses.
The grand-vizir himself was the father of
two daughters, of whom the elder was
called Scheherazade, and the younger
Dinarzade. Dinarzade had no particular
gifts to distinguish her from other girls,
but her sister was clever and courageous
in the highest degree. Her father had
given her the best masters in philosophy,
medicine, history and the fine arts, and
besides all this, her beauty excelled that
of any girl in the kingdom of Persia.
One day, when the grand-vizir was
talking to his eldest daughter, who was
his delight and pride, Scheherazade said
to him, “Father, I have a favour to ask of
you. Will you grant it to me?”
“I can refuse you nothing,” replied he,
“that is just and reasonable.”
“Then listen,” said Scheherazade. “I am
determined to stop this barbarous
practice of the Sultan’s, and to deliver
the girls and mothers from the awful fate
that hangs over them.”
“It would be an excellent thing to do,”
returned the grand-vizir, “but how do
you propose to accomplish it?”
“My father,” answered Scheherazade, “it
is you who have to provide the Sultan
daily with a fresh wife, and I implore you,
by all the affection you bear me, to allow
the honour to fall upon me.”
“Have you lost your senses?” cried the
grand-vizir, starting back in horror.
“What has put such a thing into your
head? You ought to know by this time
what it means to be the sultan’s bride!”
“Yes, my father, I know it well,” replied
she, “and I am not afraid to think of it. If
I fail, my death will be a glorious one,
and if I succeed I shall have done a great
service to my country.”
“It is of no use,” said the grand-vizir, “I
shall never consent. If the Sultan was to
order me to plunge a dagger in your
heart, I should have to obey. What a task
for a father! Ah, if you do not fear death,
fear at any rate the anguish you would
cause me.”
“Once again, my father,” said
Scheherazade, “will you grant me what I
“What, are you still so obstinate?”
exclaimed the grand-vizir. “Why are you
so resolved upon your own ruin?”
But the maiden absolutely refused to
attend to her father’s words, and at
length, in despair, the grand-vizir was
obliged to give way, and went sadly to
the palace to tell the Sultan that the
following evening he would bring him
The Sultan received this news with the
greatest astonishment.
“How have you made up your mind,” he
asked, “to sacrifice your own daughter to
“Sire,” answered the grand-vizir, “it is
her own wish. Even the sad fate that
awaits her could not hold her back.”
“Let there be no mistake, vizir,” said the
Sultan. “Remember you will have to take
her life yourself. If you refuse, I swear
that your head shall pay forfeit.”
“Sire,” returned the vizir. “Whatever the
cost, I will obey you. Though a father, I
am also your subject.” So the Sultan told
the grand-vizir he might bring his
daughter as soon as he liked.
The vizir took back this news to
Scheherazade, who received it as if it had
been the most pleasant thing in the
world. She thanked her father warmly for
yielding to her wishes, and, seeing him
still bowed down with grief, told him that
she hoped he would never repent having
allowed her to marry the Sultan. Then
she went to prepare herself for the
marriage, and begged that her sister
Dinarzade should be sent for to speak to
When they were alone, Scheherazade
addressed her thus:
“My dear sister; I want your help in a
very important affair. My father is going
to take me to the palace to celebrate my
marriage with the Sultan. When his
Highness receives me, I shall beg him, as
a last favour, to let you sleep in our
chamber, so that I may have your
company during the last night I am alive.
If, as I hope, he grants me my wish, be
sure that you wake me an hour before
the dawn, and speak to me in these
words: “My sister, if you are not asleep, I
beg you, before the sun rises, to tell me
one of your charming stories.” Then I
shall begin, and I hope by this means to
deliver the people from the terror that
reigns over them.” Dinarzade replied that
she would do with pleasure what her
sister wished.
When the usual hour arrived the grand-
vizir conducted Scheherazade to the
palace, and left her alone with the Sultan,
who bade her raise her veil and was
amazed at her beauty. But seeing her eyes
full of tears, he asked what was the
matter. “Sire,” replied Scheherazade, “I
have a sister who loves me as tenderly as
I love her. Grant me the favour of
allowing her to sleep this night in the
same room, as it is the last we shall be
together.” Schahriar consented to
Scheherazade’s petition and Dinarzade
was sent for.
An hour before daybreak Dinarzade
awoke, and exclaimed, as she had
promised, “My dear sister, if you are not
asleep, tell me I pray you, before the sun
rises, one of your charming stories. It is
the last time that I shall have the
pleasure of hearing you.”
Scheherazade did not answer her sister,
but turned to the Sultan. “Will your
highness permit me to do as my sister
asks?” said she.
“Willingly,” he answered. So
Scheherazade began.
 The merchant and the Genie)
Sire, there was once upon a time a
merchant who possessed great wealth, in
land and merchandise, as well as in ready
money. He was obliged from time to time
to take journeys to arrange his affairs.
One day, having to go a long way from
home, he mounted his horse, taking with
him a small wallet in which he had put a
few biscuits and dates, because he had to
pass through the desert where no food
was to be got. He arrived without any
mishap, and, having finished his business,
set out on his return. On the fourth day of
his journey, the heat of the sun being
very great, he turned out of his road to
rest under some trees. He found at the
foot of a large walnut-tree a fountain of
clear and running water. He dismounted,
fastened his horse to a branch of the tree,
and sat by the fountain, after having
taken from his wallet some of his dates
and biscuits. When he had finished this
frugal mean he washed his face and
hands in the fountain.
When he was thus employed he saw an
enormous Genie, white with rage, coming
towards him, with a scimitar in his hand.
“Arise,” he cried in a terrible voice, “and
let me kill you as you have killed my
As he uttered these words he gave a
frightful yell. The merchant, quite as
much terrified at the hideous face of the
monster as at his words, answered him
tremblingly, “Alas, good sir, what can I
have done to you to deserve death?”
“I shall kill you,” repeated the Genie, “as
you have killed my son.”
“But,” said the merchant, “How can I
have killed your son? I do not know him,
and I have never even seen him.”
“When you arrived here did you not sit
down on the ground?” asked the Genie,
“and did you not take some dates from
your wallet, and whilst eating them did
not you throw the stones about?”
“Yes,” said the merchant, “I certainly did
“Then,” said the Genie, “I tell you you
have killed my son, for whilst you were
throwing about the stones, my son passed
by, and one of them struck him in the
eye and killed him. So I shall kill you.”
“Ah, sir, forgive me!” cried the merchant.
“I will have no mercy on you,” answered
the Genie.
“But I killed your son quite
unintentionally, so I implore you to spare
my life.”
“No,” said the Genie, “I shall kill you as
you killed my son,” and so saying, he
seized the merchant by the arm, threw
him on the ground, and lifted his sabre to
cut off his head.
The merchant, protesting his innocence,
bewailed his wife and children, and tried
pitifully to avert his fate. The Genie, with
his raised scimitar, waited till he had
finished, bit was not in the least touched.
Scheherazade, at this point, seeing that it
was day, and knowing that the Sultan
always rose very early to attend the
council, stopped speaking.
“Indeed, sister,” said Dinarzade, “this is a
wonderful story.”
“The rest is still more wonderful,” replied
Scheherazade, “and you would say so, if
the sultan would allow me to live another
day, and would give me leave to tell it to
you the next night.”
Schahriar, who had been listening to
Scheherazade with pleasure, said to
himself, “I will wait till to-morrow; I can
always have her killed when I have heard
the end of her story.”
All this time the grand-vizir was in a
terrible state of anxiety. But he was much
delighted when he saw the Sultan enter
the council-chamber without giving the
terrible command that he was expecting.
The next morning, before the day broke,
Dinarzade said to her sister, “Dear sister,
if you are awake I pray you to go on with
your story.”
The Sultan did not wait for Scheherazade
to ask his leave. “Finish,” said he, “the
story of the Genie and the merchant. I am
curious to hear the end.”
So Scheherazade went on with the story.
This happened every morning. The
Sultana told a story, and the Sultan let
her live to finish it.
When the merchant saw that the Genie
was determined to cut off his head, he
said: “One word more, I entreat you.
Grant me a little delay; just a short time
to go home and bid my wife and children
farewell, and to make my will. When I
have done this I will come back here, and
you shall kill me.”
“But,” said the Genie, “if I grant you the
delay you ask, I am afraid that you will
not come back.”
“I give you my word of honour,”
answered the merchant, “that I will come
back without fail.”
“How long do you require?” asked the
“I ask you for a year’s grace,” replied the
merchant. “I promise you that to-morrow
twelvemonth, I shall be waiting under
these trees to give myself up to you.”
On this the Genie left him near the
fountain and disappeared.
The merchant, having recovered from his
fright, mounted his horse and went on his
When he arrived home his wife and
children received him with the greatest
joy. But instead of embracing them he
began to weep so bitterly that they soon
guessed that something terrible was the
“Tell us, I pray you,” said his wife, “what
has happened.”
“Alas!” answered her husband, “I have
only a year to live.”
Then he told them what had passed
between him and the Genie, and how he
had given his word to return at the end
of a year to be killed. When they heard
this sad news they were in despair, and
wept much.
The next day the merchant began to
settle his affairs, and first of all to pay his
debts. He gave presents to his friends,
and large alms to the poor. He set his
slaves at liberty, and provided for his
wife and children. The year soon passed
away, and he was obliged to depart.
When he tried to say good-bye he was
quite overcome with grief, and with
difficulty tore himself away. At length he
reached the place where he had first seen
the Genie, on the very day that he had
appointed. He dismounted, and sat down
at the edge of the fountain, where he
awaited the Genie in terrible suspense.
Whilst he was thus waiting an old man
leading a hind came towards him. They
greeted one another, and then the old
man said to him, “May I ask, brother,
what brought you to this desert place,
where there are so many evil genii
about? To see these beautiful trees one
would imagine it was inhabited, but it is
a dangerous place to stop long in.”
The merchant told the old man why he
was obliged to come there. He listened in
“This is a most marvelous affair. I should
like to be a witness of your interview
with the Genie.” So saying he sat down
by the merchant.
While they were talking another old man
came up, followed by two black dogs. He
greeted them, and asked what they were
doing in this place. The old man who was
leading the hind told him the adventure
of the merchant and the Genie. The
second old man had not sooner heard the
story than he, too, decided to stay there
to see what would happen. He sat down
by the others, and was talking, when a
third old man arrived. He asked why the
merchant who was with them looked so
sad. They told him the story, and he also
resolved to see what would pass between
the Genie and the merchant, so waited
with the rest
  1. They soon saw in the distance a thick
smoke, like a cloud of dust. This smoke
came nearer and nearer, and then, all at
once, it vanished, and they saw the
Genie, who, without speaking to them,
approached the merchant, sword in
hand, and, taking him by the arm, said,
“Get up and let me kill you as you killed
my son.”
The merchant and the three old men
began to weep and groan.
Then the old man leading the hind threw
himself at the monster’s feet and said, “O
Prince of the Genii, I beg of you to stay
your fury and to listen to me. I am going
to tell you my story and that of the hind I
have with me, and if you find it more
marvellous than that of the merchant
whom you are about to kill, I hope that
you will do away with a third part of his
The Genie considered some time, and
then he said, “Very well, I agree to this.”
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