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The story of chidi and his family(episode 1)

Running out of my apartment and outside
the building, I made my way to school. It
was 6:00am now. It was still early but
considering I had to be in school early
enough to finish mine and Clary's project,
the one she abandoned yesterday.
Grabbing out my phone from my bag, I
decided to call her. "Hey, where are you?" I
I heard some groaning, ruffling and finally a
thud. "U..hey.." She yawned.
"Where the hell are you Clary? I'm on my way
to school, please tell me you're not still
"I'm sorry, I watched"The Kissing Booth'
again" She chocked on a cough.
My anger surfaced as I scoffed.
I was outside on my own in the lonely street
on my way to school. Alone!
"You better get your scwany ass to school in
five minutes!" I shouted at my phone before
cutting the line and screaming at no one in
I started my walk to school, and I shivered at
the cold. The air was cold and a small fog
played along the walkway. I hugged myself
tighter. School wasn't too far from here. I'll
be there soon.
But I couldn't stop the shiver of fear that
went through my spine. It was still a little
dark and the streets were lonely. Not a soul
I walked faster, passing an alley when I
heard someone talking.
Move along, Anna!
But I didn't listen to my subconscious as I
walked backwards and rested on a wall,
peeping at the sound of the voice. I saw two
men. One was on the floor looking beaten
up, his lips busted, a deep gash on his head
and a swollen eye. The other man was
standing above him holding a gun to his
head, smirking. I couldn't see his whole face
but the side of it
"I'm..I'm .go .going to pay you soon. Please
spare my life" The man on the floor begged,
almost at the point of tears.
And I felt sad. A grown up man almost old
enough to be the father of the man
standing above him begging? Begging for
his life?
"You said three weeks, Daniel, and I gave
you four weeks. I need my money now" The
man standing said, with a deep, loud voice
that made me almost wet my pants.
What was going on?
Anna get out of here now!
No! I have to see what would happen
"I kn..know, just give me. Give me a few
more days" The injured man chocked out,
pleading with his eyes.
"No, Daniel. You know what happens to
people who owe me and refuse to pay. Your
time is up!" The man Standing said, followed
by a loud bang.
I gasped loudly before covering my mouth
with my hands. Oh GOD!!..
He killed him! Oh my God!!!
The man's body went limp and his neck
hung lifelessly. The man standing placed his
gun behind me and turned towards me.
I ducked back in fear, and heard footsteps
coming towards me..
Oh my God! He was coming here!
I started to walk away quietly so he
wouldn't hear then saw a bin and ducked
behind it .
The footsteps increased and I silently prayed
for the killer not to see me..
See what Clary has caused if she had done
this project I wouldn't be out here hiding
from a killer.
A real killer. I though all these existed in
The footsteps stopped beside the bin and I
dared to take a look through the broken
Standing beside the bin with black hair
tossed backwards, a little pang of it covering
his forehead. Pointed nose, small lips a little
dark from smoking. Latge muscles covered
in tattoos. He was putting on a sleeveless
top and a black jeans. The gun peeking out
of his pockets.
Was the one and only Drew Goodman.
You'll all be wondering if Drew was good.
But no! He was far from it. He was the worst
nightmare of everyone in this town. He was
the ruler of the biggest and deadliest gang
here The Snakes and Ladders. They were
famous for their drug dealing, prostitution,
kidnapping and even killings. Their famous
tattoo was a drawing of a red snake on a
black ladder. That was their logo.
The police were even scared of them, not
wanting to step on their territory, they
pretended as if nothing bad ever happened.
And even if you called them that your place
was getting robbed, they didn't answer
claiming that their line was bad. But
everyone knew they were just scared cats.
And their leader Drew, was Standing right
here! Beside me!
I saw him pick out a cigarette from his
pockets, lit it and placed it between his
teeth. Then continued walking.
After waiting for a few more minutes to
make sure he was gone, I stepped out of
the bin and ran as far as my legs could carry
me back home. I didn't want to encounter
any more gang members.
I valued my life too much. I locked my door,
checked if I loved it, opened it and locked it
My legs shook, my heart raced and I
breathed very quickly. I saw Drew! I saw
him kill someone! I swear someone die! The
man was begging, he was in pains and
Drew killed him without blinking an eye!
That was the first time i ever saw someone
die and I never wanted to see it agsin!. It
was terrifying. Oh God! I was freaking out.
And the worst part was that Drew almost
saw me. What if he did? No doubt he would
have killed me considering I was a witness
to his crime. The thought of him putting a
gun to my head sent cold ice rushing
through my spine.
I was never ever going to school that early
No matter what! I thought before falling to
the ground, fainting.
Hey guys. So chapter three is here and we've
all been introduced to another character
Drew. What does he have to do with this
story? And poor Anna she met him and
witnessed one of his many killings. And she
was so scared she fainted when she got
home. And Noah we still haven't heard from
him and the school he was transferred to.
Waking up with a terrible headache, an
aching arm and a stomach pain is one thing.
Waking up with a terrible headache, an
aching arm and a stomach pain in
someone's house is another thing. But
waking up with a terrible headache, an
aching arm, a stomach pain, in someone's
else's house and a beautiful brown eyed girl
staring at your face is a whole different
kettle of fish.
"Who the fuck are you? And how the hell did
I get here? I checked, grabbing my head as I
sat up.
I felt a Bandage over my head and my arm
ached at the pressure.
"Don't you remember?" She smiled at me,
taking my arm away from my head. "I saw
you bleeding across the road and helped
you, i know a lot about medicals so, yeah.
You were in a really bad situation"
Then it all came rushing back to my head.
After school I went home, drank, then went
racing. Ugh! That stupid Ryder must have hit
me again. The bastard! Always trying to win
"Thanks, but I have to get going now" who
knows she may call the police on me. And
the last thing I need is some idiots gunning
after me Again!
"What? No. I have to look after you, in case
the stitches open up" She pushed me back
slightly to the bed.
Uhm. Excuse you. "It's my head, if I want the
stitches to open it's none of your goddam
business" I said , getting up again.
But as soon as my feet touches the ground, I
fell backwards. "Fuck!"it felt like a thousand
people were beating drums in my head. I
shut my eyes in pain and relaxed a little.
"Sorry" She whispered. I glared at her.
"What did you do to me?"
"Me?" She asked, placing her hands in her
"Yes, you could have drugged me so you
could rape me!"
"Oh my God! So this is what I get for
skipping chemistry class! I helped you ass
hat. I could have easily handed your ass to
the police, Noah Bricks!"
Wait what?
How the hell did she know my name?
"What did you just call me?" I said, getting
up again, glaring holes into her head.
"U.uhm...Noah?" She stuttered, getting up
slowly from the chair she sat on. "I'm sorry, I
might have taken your library card from
your front pocket just to know who you
were, I know you're a racer and a member
of the bad gangs around here, I'm really
sorry. Please don't kill me!" She said all at
Kill you?
Me? Part of the bad gangs?
There are really bad rumors about me
around here.
"Ok, weirdo, first of all I'm not part of any
gangs around here, and second of all I have
to leave like right now!".
"No! Wait" She tried pushing me back to the
bed, grabbing my arm. And then I slipped,
crashing on the bed with her on top of me.
Her lips locked with mine. Her eyes stared
deep into my eyes. They were hazel I
thought not brown. And dammit she was
gorgeous, a straight nose and those soft lips
on mine.
"Oh God! I'm really sorry! Oh my God!" She
got up freaking out, and wiping her lips. "I
didn't know, I'm so sorry, oh Gosh! This is
so embarrassing" she buried her face into
her palm.

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