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Continuation of chidis story(episode 2)

"It wasn't so bad. Your lips are really soft.
And you have beautiful eyes" I smirked. I
was really loving this. This girl was so cute
Shut up Noah! Get out of here now before
she Calls the police!. My mind screamed.
Thanks beautiful mind.
"Thanks for the care" She removeed her
hands and stared at me. "But I'll be going
now to avoid trouble" I walked carefully
towards the door to avoid falling again.
"Make sure to visit the clinic to re dress the
wound" She called out, following me to the
I looked down at her, she was really short,
barely reaching my shoulder. "Oh! And
thanks for the kiss anyway"
I smiled when she blushed, her cheeks
turning to a deep shade of red.
I closed the door behind me and released
the breath I've been holding.
What the actual fuck!
Get a grip on yourself Noah. You're never
going to see her again!
I wiped my face, avoiding the injured side
and walked away from the building.
It was dark outside. I glanced at my watch
and it read 2am . I might as well go home
and catch some sleep.
My head pounded seriously. I had school
tomorrow or today whatever. I haven't even
done my homework. Fuck my life!
I got home in a few minutes.
"Hey Noah" my next door neighbor came
out of his room when he heard need
opening the door..
"Hey" I smiled at him. Even though it was
"You got an email" He handed me a small
envelope with my name in it. And my school
Opening the door, I went inside and sat on
the bed. Then proceeded to read it.
What did I do to our school again?
If it was about the broken windows, it
wasn't me!
"Mr and Mrs Bricks. This is to inform you that
because of your son Noah Bricks bad
attitude, inability to focus, skipping classes,
poor grades, failure to do homework,
coming late to school, and pranking
teachers. He would to transferred to a more
What the hell?
I continued reading.
"WEST HIGH SCHOOL, would be happy to
accommodate your son, and discipline him
very well. I promise you, you'll see good
changes in him after his last year there.
Yours sincerely, the principal. East High
I was transferred? I was fucking transferred
to West High School. The school of nerds
and weirdos.
Ugh! Who was I going to play pranks with.
My life was screwed.
I was injured, not only that I was
transferred to another school.
I fell to the bed. "I might as well not for the
homework from yesterday. Fuck my life!"
I closed my eyes, but the memory of the kiss
I shared with the hazel eyes girl played in
my mind.
Hey guys, Oh God! I'm really enjoying this
story. Noah is such a funny character. He's
injured, and he woke up to Anna's house.
And the kiss, lols. Now he's back home and
he's been transferred to another school
because of how bad attitudes.
"I told you to mix the sodium chloride with
the hydrochloric acid, but you didn't listen.
Now Mrs Williams is going to fry our heads
in chemistry class tomorrow. Simple
instructions Clary, simple instructions." I said
to my best friend who I was currently
talking with on the phone.
"I wanted to but those stupid cheerleaders
thought it would be a nice time to put their
make up all over my desk. I swear I'll kill
them tomorrow" Clary shouted. "Those
"Stop blaming people for your mistakes Clair,
we just have to be in school early tomorrow
and do the project and submit it with the
others before Mrs Williams arrives"
"Yeah yea! Chemistry is so boring I don't
know why you like it. If we weren't
graduating next year I would have declined
being your lab partner, so I can sneak out
and check out the guys in swimming class."I
rolled my eyes, Clary and guys..
"Whatever, I'm almost home, I just came
back from the hospital" I said, putting my
purse into my bag.
After spending five hours at the hospital, I
was tired as hell. You'll be probably thinking
how can a high school student work in a
hospital. Well one, I was incredibly smart,
like really brilliant. And Two, my aunt worked
there so sometimes she needed my help
with some of the patients. So I worked there
, not performing surgeries and all other
complex things but doing most of the
nurses job, you get my point.
"Talk to you later. Good night" Clary yawned.
"Sleep now so we can wake up early
tomorrow, no watching of 'The Kissing
Booth'" I laughed. That was our favorite
movie. Clary just watched it because Noah
Flyyn was cute that's all.
"No promises, nighty"
I placed my phone into my bag and
continued my walk down the lonely street.
My apartment was just down the road. I
used to live there with my aunt but since
she was so busy at the hospital, they gave
her an apartment just above it so they could
reach her quickly.
So now I lived alone, but she usually came
visiting during the weekends. She was my
bone, my mom, dad, sister and friend. She
was the only one I had left. My parents died
in a plane crash when I was two, I hardly
even remember them if not for pictures.
Taking a deep breathe and placing my bag
over my left shoulder, I heard a groan.
I stopped in my tracks, straining my hearing
to pick up the sound again. I heard it louder
this time, it was like someone was in pain,
the groaning was louder, then a cough, and
I turned to my right to see the source of the
A dark figure rested on the wall just beside
a store. It looked liked a guy and I drew
Stay away from strangers, my mind
But my helping instincts screamed louder,
drawing me to the person.
"Fuckers! Think it's nice running into my
car!" The voice said, confirming my thoughts
that it was a male.
"Hello" I whispered, hoping for him to hear
The person's head jerked up and the first
thing I saw was blood, a lot of it running
down his face. From his temple, passing
down beside green eyes, then s small nose
and finally resting beside his lips. Very pink
"Stay away from me!" He said, groaning in
pain as he pushed himself away from the
wall, walking away.
"Wait!" I called out, chasing after him.
He didn't reply, just continued walking.
"You're bleeding!"
"I know that! Now fuck off!"
He didn't get very far, he fell to the ground,
clutching his head in pain. I ran over to him.
"Should I call the police?"
His eyes snapped open. "Fuck! No!"
"Ok then , I can help you, stay still" I said,
pulling out my little nurse kit from my bag.
"Ugh! Can't you people just mind your
fucking business?"
"My house it just a few seconds from here,
let me help you" I struggled to pick him up,
dragging him to his feet. He forced himself
up and held until me .
"Ugh! It hurts so much! I can hardly feel
"That's because you're having a mild
concussion, hold on to me"
"I really don't need your help"
"Ok, I might as well just drop you here on
the roadside, bleeding then you'll die!" He
was really heavy, I thought, getting into the
lobby of my apartment.
Thank God I lived downstairs.
I dragged him, his eyes were falling
shut."Keep your eyes open guy"
"I'm tired" He mumbled almost slipping from
my hold.
I fished out my keys from my pocket and
opend the door.
Why was I even helping out a mere
stranger? He could be a serial killer for God's
Ugh! I hate being kind sometimes.
I managed to drop him on my bed and he
groaned in pain. His eyes opening and
closing again, as if to fight sleep.
He finally gave in to the unconsciousness,
eyes falling shut.
I picked up my kits and started to work on
his injury. He seemed to have been involved
in a car accident, because there were pieces
of glass shards in the wound. Even his arms
were bleeding
I stopped to admire his face, he was
devastatingly handsome, like a prince out of
a historical novel, except with a bad boy
streak to it.
After about an hour of cleaning him up, I
decided to check the pockets of the
Maybe I'll find an ID or something before I
called the police.
Fishing out a card from his front pocket, I
saw a library card.
Name: Noah Bricks .
High school student.
Age: 19
Noah Bricks? Why did that name sounds
Wait! I knew him! He was a racer, and one
of the members of the bad gangs in our
neighborhood. He was all over the news and
police were gunning for him.
Oh No!.
What have I done!
Bringing a bad boy to my home!!
Hello, so the first chapter is up and you've
been Introduced to a very important
character of the story. Anna, a good student,
with little medical skills. Well she decides to
help someone who happens to be a
criminal, since illegal racing was an offense.
Noah Bricks. What's going to happen next?
What happens when Noah wakes up in the
house of a stranger?
From the Author of "Eve" and "His Guardian"

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