Thursday, December 6, 2018

the trademark with no permission(fun)

Guy abeg, no vex, am sorry were the things i didnt want to hear, finanly here comes Spartacus Vengeance Season 3 the original, we got into the fight but he was kinda reluntant, i guess thats what happens when one is guilty of a crime, i kept using the broken bottles to stab his head, while he threw punches at me, as i tried swarving and fighting back in return, he was carrying the Afro haircut, one fresh dark looking dude like that, but not so fresh anymore as he was bleeding from his head all over, his shirt was already getn absorbed with his blood, but the bouncers were too late, i had already made a statement, the fight was intercepted and then we were dragged outside, i was still in fury guess i wanted more, my friends and his were already holding us, they had succeeded in taking the bottles off my hands, ‘Baby its ok pls, Chizzy told me still crying, i was stained with blood too, but lucky me it wasnt mine, my friends had to drag me away, my Partying for the day has been tuanted, i told my friends they could go back in, i asked my gf if i could take her home, Samuel another big boy a classmate that came to thesame party, offered to take us in his ride his mum bought him that year during his 22nd birthday, we drove off, droped Chizzy at the front of her gate, i told her to take care, then Samuel took me home, i was quiet cos the anger was still there. I told him thanks, he said he would holla back at me. I went inside, straight to my room, had a cold bath while the thoughts of the whole incident blew my mind and i was like ‘Kenny did you really do that’?
That night i didnt sleep,12.30 on the dot my fone was ringing, i gave her a customised tone so i already new who it was, i picked up,’Hello Baby how are you, am fine and you? I replied. I hadnt even known the anormity of what i have done, there was nothing she didnt tell me and nothing she didnt ask, Baby so you love me this much that you ll do a thing as crazy as dat four me, she asked, that incident changed the perspective of our relationship,it sky rocketed it to a whole new level, the love and respect she had for me had increased increased, she had already called her roomates giving them download of the gist, i finaly asked what made that guy slap her?
She started narrating, Honey as i went down trying to get some more crocker fish, this guy came to me, trying to start up a conversation, i ignored him like i wasnt hearing anyone talking, he said i was beautiful and that he wanted my number, i told him my bf is upstairs that i came with him, she continued…maybe he felt i was bluffing or something, as i was leaving, he grabbed me by the hand and drew me back, then i asked him if he was high or something angrily, the next thing he said was that i was silly to be forming for him,ugly thing like me, i asked her Realy? She said yes and continued her story, i told him it was his sisters @ home he was refering to, the next thing he said i am a bittcch that i wasnt his type, ”and Baby you know i hate dat word(bittcch)”, she said, yea i know i replied, so what happened next i asked rushingly, Honey i got even angrier and slaped him and that was when he gave me a dirtier slap that took my feets off the ground, so that drew lots of attention,till my superman came,she concluded. I understood better, but yet still felt i did justice, ‘next time the guy go know say babes wey em see for places like that nah another guy like am carry am come’ i said jokingly while we laughed about it. Baby we need to see tomorow, i have something special for you, she said softly and sweetly, and what is it i asked, its a surprise she said. I agreed not knowing i was in for a shocker, after the long conversation that lasted till 4.30am, please keep my surprise package well for me i said, you bet i will she replied, Kenny i love you soooomuch,she drew the ‘somuch’ in the statement to make me know she realy did, same here Angel i responded, we exchanged pleasanteries den we called it quit for the night, i went to bed looking forward to the new day, what is this surprise package?, i was reasoning as i dozed off.
My fone wont stop ringing, most of my friends i hooked up with just kept calling, same issue, if twitter were active then, i would have been the number one trend and would have the highest followers, cos what happened the day before realy spread like an inferno, ”guy nah wah for you o, i swear i dey respect you”, evryone kept saying thesame thing on the fone, i was given a location where to hangout with them, this time just the guys alone. I showered, but as i was dressing up, that customised tone on my phone rang out loud, (nah my Swthrt, Chizzy), i picked up, ”hello Baby meet me at the usually place”, she said, ”ok, are you there already” i asked, ”on my way there, i ll be there in 5mins”, she replied, ”i ll join you soon” i replied back.
The usual place was Clef Guest House, Okokomaiko, Igbo-elerin area, i use to hang out there with her, we chilled there most times during breaks, we could lodge there like three/four days, and our parents wont know we ve been in Lagos, have mad fun till we decide to go to our respective homes.
”Make i chill with my babe, my guys can wait”, i said to myself. I dressed up and dashed off to Clef Guest house, she had already paid for a room, she was just sitting at the reception waiting for me.
I got there, met her at the reception, I sat and took two big stout while she took two bottles of Gordons Spark, believe me we werent just drinking for fun, we were preparing for the battle ahead, i carried my remaining drink, dragged her by the hand, she was through with hers, and off we dashed to the room.
We got to the room, and i popped up the question, ”where’ s my surprise package?”, ”Shhhhhhh!” Puting a finger on my lips, ”Baby you blew my mind yesterday, till i die, it will remain the happiest day of my life”, she said emotionally as tears rolled down her chick, i needed no soothsayer to tell me it was tears of Joy, i held her close told her i could do anything for her, she rushed my lips, we kissed a while, she paused and pointed her hand towards the table saying, that’s your surprise, i went close wanting to know what it was. Mteeeew, two packs of Supreme ice cream was in a white Mr Biggs nylon, “is this it?”, I asked her 2 b sure, ”you ll see how the surprise will turn out, this is just a tool for the surprise” she replied.
She undressed me and i undressed her, it was our style, i do her job and she does mine, we entered the shower, i bathed her and she bathed me, as we got back to the room, she layed me in a position she wanted, opened a pack of Supreme ice cream, and said, ”i want to do this to you that even when you grow old and remember me, you ll remember this and never forget my name and face”. She poured the ice cream all over me, she took her time and made sure it went all over my body from head to toes, she licked the icrecream from my skin slowly, sweetly and gently from head to toes, she poured some more on my dikkk, from the tip down, fixed her mouth on the tip down, ‘headd of life’, the coldness on it tickled my whole body, i could’nt help it, for the 1st time i heared myself moan like a man, up and down her mouth kept flipping, after a while she stopped, i love this game, this girl must have been watching alot of movies recently i said in my mind, i layed her down, Opened the ice cream, its our style my turn to do mine, i poured the ice cream all over her, licked it off her skin, nicely, slowly, and gently, she was moaning, i opened her legs and spread it wide, poured the cold ice cream from her navel, watched it as they rolled down to her pu$Xy, i poured some more on it, fixed my mouth on her c--t and s----d it just the way i would have s----d an icecream, she moaned aloud like never before, words of Ken you are the best came out her mouth, she was so wet that i felt it around my jaw as i kept suckkking,my corkkk was so strong that i could pot a ball with it if wer used for a snooker game at that moment, i fixed it inside,and flip flap up and down i went, my fingers were caressin her femalecore, while another hand was massaging her boobbbs, as i inter-change it with my mouth, as i was thrusting, she had come twice already, i turned her sideways, inserted my dikkk from the back, kept thrusting, while my hand caressed her boobbs, i felt her wetness dripping on my laps,i had goten the best sex ever, i felt the electricity in my brain, before i knew it i had come, i turned her facing me, held her tight,a s her legs were glued to my waist, like bees to honey, ”kenny i love somuch she whispered, love you more Angel i replied, we both smiled at eachother, how was my surprise for you? She asked, best surprise i ve ever had, dont think anything ll ever beat this, u are the best i replied, thanks Baby she said.
‘Sex of life’ was just the right word to describe it, weeks and months, the thoughts of it lingered in my head. At 200level i had realy entangled myself with the wrong friends, joined the cue of hemp smokers, i became bolder as time went by, the fear i use to have as a little boy about my Dad had left me. Two weeks after the incident at Rannel Hotel, my close friends in school had gotten the gist, how bad things fly i dont know, friends that called me on fone then had a special name for me, James Bond, Commander, Bruce Lee, the list was endless. On this day i got into an arguement with my Dad, i did something he didnt like, instead of talking to me like am grown now, he was scolding and yelling, gone are those days of my fears, i spoke back, out of anger and left the house just to calm my nerves, but where i was going i had no idea. As i was walking aimlessly with no direction, my fone rang, i picked it up, Ken howfar where you dey? It was Augustine,a friend in my hood, i dey area i replied, come meet me for Ajilo Hotel for that iyano sashi side, he dey happen for here, he added. I stoped the nearest bike and before i could say Jack i was at Ajilo. As i entered i dailed his number, guy where una dey i just enter i said, he waved his hand from where he was, it was a full table when i got close, i knew the guys he was with, we are friends from thesame hood, as i got close, the way they hailed me drew attention from different angles, i already understand, my story was still trending.
I left the house at about seven, we where gisting, tissing, drinking, before i knew it, it was quater to 10pm, by 10’0 clock they would have locked the gate, and i had never gotten home late before, i jumped up bided dem goodbye, they all had an Okpo(ashawo) each, so sure thing they ll be spending the nite there.
I got outside and geting a bike was tough, i finaly did but before i got home it was about twenty past ten. I knocked at the gate calling Ibrahim the gate man to open it for me, and just as he did, my parents came out, my Uncle Sunny was around then, he was my Dad’s immediate younger brother. Go back from wherever you are coming, came a loud voice, it was that of my Dad’s, i was still coming close as i heard my mum pleading on my behalf, my James Bond Dad kept yelling, as mumcy was still trying to calm him down, my Uncle picked it up to, he was yelling and walking towards my direction, who do you fink you are,insulting as he was coming close. I was expecting him to help me beg my Dad then maybe scold me later, not do that in front of them and make them feel they didnt give me a good upbringing, but as he did, it made my Dad’s shouting increase, i was already pissed and my highness had vanished into thing air, as he came towards me(my Uncle), trying to force me to go back, the next thing was an asorted slap, everewhere was quiet like a grave yard, WTF! my uncle was holding his chick, i didnt even know when my hand got to his face, it was so fast just in a speed of light.
I positioned myself in a way he could see my fist set and ready, am sure i would have fought him if he had made the move, my James Bond Dad just walked back into the house quiely, i had given him more than he expected that night, my Uncle was quiet as well, i still stood where i was, my mum came to me and draged me by the hand, we entered the house straight to my room, she asked me what was wrong with me, lashed at me and left my room angrily. I had one goal, ”this place sucks, nah school sure pass” i said to myself. After i had calmed down, i thought about my new performance that night, i knew i really went out of line, i went searching for him in the rooms and apologised, he was quiet, didnt say a word to me, but the deed had been done, as i went back to my room, i started thinking about how my other family members ll feel when they hear about it ” my cousins, Aunties, other Uncles ”, the kind of person they would see me as, cos i had broken a family record and made history in a bad way.
Weeks later i got my things together,i was set to go back to School, Abraka here i come again. In my 100 level, i stayed with some of my cousins, two girls both in 300level,” Juliet and Mary”, they stayed in a room self-con around grammer school area after campus 2, Angels lodge. I was the easy going type so making friends was’nt hard. After a semester i became conversant with the people around, i knew who was a cultist and who wasnt. ”na Abk so no be new thing”.
I was a good pianist, i could play anything circular music on the piano but wasnt familiar with interpreting a staff, but the circular thing gave me a distinction amongst others in my department, meaning i had an hedge, so it made me friends from 400 down to my level, both guys n girls, but i still had to learn the staff thing, if not my passing the Grand Piano course wont be a sure thing.
I had this friend i had just met in my level, Raphael by name, he knew perfectly well how to read the staff even before he got his admission, same way i have been playing circular in church before i was admitted too. We struck a deal, he teaches me staff and i teach him circular. We made an arrangement to practice all night in school. ”we call it ”Awoko”. For music students then, we did our rehearsals at campus 2, but attended our lectures at campus 3 in Ekrejeta.
That faithful night, i tried calling Raphael but it wasnt going through, i knew his house, so i decided to go there, it was 9.45 already, my house wasnt far from campus two, his house was at the bush end of my area, i gathered all i needed and took the risk of checking him at home. I took a short cut, a bush path, not knowing what was waiting ahead for me, my heart kept beating as i was alone in the dark, before i knew it, i had run into a midst of like 20 guys all in black and black, with something like a red ribbon tied to their heads, i took a step with the attempt to run, i clearly heard the cockkk of a gun ” If u move ” said a voice loudly from the dark.

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