Thursday, December 6, 2018

the new literature teacher(adventure)

I gasped, taking a step back. I wasn’t the
one? What did that mean, exactly? I watched
as he slowly stepped away from me and out
of the bathroom. I walked to the doorway
and peeked out into the bedroom. Ricky
wasn’t anywhere in sight. Where did he go?
My whole body tensed, wondering what he
was going to do.
I stepped into the bedroom and stood there,
looking around. I finally walked across the
room and opened the bedroom door, peering
out into the dark hallway. I listened, but
couldn’t hear anything. Stepping out into
the hallway, I walked down until I was in the
living room. Ricky was in the kitchen,
leaning against the counter with his head in
his hands. I stood in the middle of the living
room, staring at him.
“Why?” I asked him.
“Because I loved you.”
“No, you didn’t.”
“Yes, I did. But now I know you’re not the
“So you don’t love me anymore?”
“No.” His voice was filled with regret and
anger. “I don’t know. How can I love
someone who doesn’t love me back?”
“How can you expect me to love you when
you did all of that horrible stuff? You killed
all of those innocent girls.”
His head snapped up and he glared at me.
“Don’t talk about them. They faked their
love. I had no choice.”
“Yes, you did,” I replied calmly. “Why didn’t
you kill me when I told you I didn’t love
you?” I need to know why. I desperately
needed to know.
“I wanted to.”
My blood ran cold. “You did?” I whispered.
“I want to.”
“What?” My voice became frantic. He wants
to? “So you say you love me, and then say
you want to kill me?”
“You’re not the one, Sophie,” he said, turning
away from me. He reached onto of the
fridge and pulled a knife off of it. I gasped
and took a step back, watching him take the
cover off. He looked at me. His face was
streaked with tears. I knew he didn’t want
to, it was obvious enough. But something
told me he felt like he had to.
“You don’t want to do this,” I said, stepping
away from him.
“Yes I do.” His voice was no longer filled
with sadness. Instead it was replaced with
hatred and guilt. “You’ve made it clear that
you are not the one.”
He stepped closer to me and held the knife
at his side. He stared at me, then started
closing the distance. I ran around the couch,
trying to get away from him. He watched
me run down the hall, following slowly
behind me. I turned into one of the first
rooms I saw, opening the door and shutting
it behind me. I locked the door and turned
around. The room was full of boxes, stacked
up to the ceiling. I jumped when I heard the
knob shake, then the sound of the knife
piercing the wood. He was stabbing the
I began looking through the boxes, pulling
them down and searching for a weapon.
Most of them were full of clothes, all
different sizes. And all for girls. I ignored it
and kept searching. I eventually got to a box
that was heavier than all of the others; it
was in the corner of the room, away from
all of the others. I opened it and gazed
inside, gasping.
There was a photo album labeled Sophie. I
carefully picked it up and opened it. Inside
were pictures of me, taken without my
knowing. Some were of me and my friends,
and others were just of me. There was one
that caught my eye immediately, shocking
me. It was a picture of me outside of the
movie theater, laughing with my old friends.
I jumped when I heard some of the wood
split. I was running out of time. I closed the
photo album and gazed back into the box.
There was small knife at the bottom of the
box, covered in dry blood. Other stuff was in
the box, like my old hair brush, and one of
my old bottles of lip gloss. A shiver went
down my spine. He collected my stuff. And
he kept the knife he had used to stab
Naomi and Darius with. And tried to kill me
with. I didn’t want to pick it up, but I knew I
had no choice.
I picked it up and spun around just as Ricky
broke through the door. He walked in the
room, knife by his side, eyes cold and
emotionless. I pointed the old knife at him,
and he froze, surprise flickering in his eyes.
But it only lasted for a moment. He
continued crossing the room slowly, and I
held the knife higher.
“I don’t want to hurt you, Ricky. Don’t come
any closer,” I said. My hands were
trembling, making it hard for me to hold
onto the knife. He stopped a few feet away
from me, then held up his free hand,
slapping the knife out of my hands. The
knife flew across the room, behind some
boxes. I quickly dove for it, but Ricky
tackled me and pinned me to the floor. I
struggled, but knew it was no use. He was
too heavy. He twisted me around so I was
facing him. I stared up into his eyes, but
never cried. He placed the knife to my neck,
but hesitated.
“Don’t do this,” I begged. He stared down at
me, guilt showing in his eyes.
“I’m sorry, Sophie. I love you, but you will
never understand. You don’t love me,” he
said. A tear escaped his eye and fell onto
my cheek. I took my chance and brought my
knee up in between his legs. He grunted and
fell sideways, losing his grip on the knife. I
grabbed it before he could and backed away
from him, holding it up in defense. He
recovered quickly and came at me, his eyes
crazed and full of longing.
“Ricky don’t, please!” I cried. But he came at
me, giving me no choice. I moved forward,
plunging the knife into his chest. He didn’t
give up though.
“No, we will die together!” he choked out,
grabbing my neck and squeezing.
“No, we won’t!” I winced, pulling the knife
out and stabbing him again. He kept his
hold on my neck, so I stabbed him again. He
spit blood out of his mouth, making the
warm liquid spray all over my face. I
stabbed him again, and again, and again,
until his grip on my loosened. He fell
backwards and onto the wooden ground. But
I didn’t stop stabbing him. I pulled the knife
out and plunged it back into him over and
over again, not paying attention to what
was going on around me. I finally stopped
when I heard him whisper my name,
freezing as I was about to stab him again. I
looked at his face, and he looked back.
Blood was trickling out of his mouth and his
eyes glistened with tears.
“I will always love you, my beautiful Sophie,”
he whispered faintly. I widened my eyes as
he brought his hand up to meet my cheek,
but he never made it even halfway. His
hand dropped to the ground, splashing into
the dark-red pool of blood surrounding his
body. I didn’t even notice I was crying until
the tears fell onto him. I watched as his
chest finally stopped rising and falling, and
he closed his eyes with a faint sigh. I cried
onto his chest, still holding the knife in my
hands. My clothes and face were covered in
his blood.
“I’m so sorry,” I whispered. Even after all
that he did to me, I felt a part of me die
inside. I wouldn’t miss him, but I knew I
would never forget him. I didn’t even notice
when the flashlight traveled over our bodies.
I heard food steps echoing throughout the
“I’ve got her!” a man yelled. He ran over to
me and put his gun behind him, then helped
me up. He tried to calm me down as he led
me out of the room. Others passed me and
went into the room, and I stopped, turning
around. I watched as they checked Ricky’s
pulse, confirming he was dead.
“I had to,” I whispered to no one. The man
turned me away, but I refused to go with
him. I kept staring at Ricky, feeling like a
part of me had died. But I knew I had to kill
him. I knew he wanted me to kill him. He
loved me, and I believed that much. He truly
loved me, and I realized at that moment, I
had begun to care for him. I turned away
from the officer and walked back into the
room. I kneeled down beside Ricky, ignoring
the stares and warning from the men
surrounding me. I lowered my head and
placed my hand gently on his cheek. Tears
fell onto his face, and I closed my eyes,
lowered my head and bringing my lips to
his. Despite everything that happened, I
knew he deserved this much.
“I’m sorry,” I whispered to him. I knew he
couldn’t hear me. He was gone. And never
coming back. I finally let the officer lead me
out of the room and out of the cabin. He
guided me over to the ambulance for the
paramedics to look at me. I stared blankly
at nothing as they checked me over. They
wrapped me in a blanket and left me sitting
in the back, my feet dangling a few inches
above the ground. Everything went by in a
blur, until I saw a familiar face come into
Darius ran up to me, giving me a big hug
and kissing the top of my head. He pulled
away and looked at me, resting his hands
on my shoulders. “Are you okay?”
“I’m okay,” I smiled weakly at him. “It’s
good to see you.”
He laughed a little, smiling back. “You’re
I looked over Darius’s shoulder to see my
mom run behind him and give me a huge
hug. Darius backed up and let her hug me. I
hugged her back, letting her cry on my
“How’d you guys know I was here?” I
wondered. I knew I called the police and told
them where I would probably be, but I didn’t
know they would inform my mom and
“They called me,” Darius spoke up.
“Oh,” was all I said. I looked back at the
cabin and watched some people carry out a
body. I knew it was Ricky. I began to cry all
over again. “I’m sorry, Ricky.”
My mother and Darius both hugged me,
trying to calm me down. I shook them off
and hopped out of the ambulance, racing
past them. I stood a few feet away from the
people carrying Ricky’s body away and into
a truck. I wanted to look at him one last
time, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to
handle it. Darius came up behind me and
rubbed my shoulders, guiding me back to
the ambulance.
“Sophie, it’s all over now.”
Something about Darius’s words soothed
me, and I knew I could believe him. But was
this really over? Something told me this
would never be over.
I felt the sharp pain over and over as she
stabbed me repeatedly. I didn’t try and stop
her. I knew this had to come sooner or later.
She knew I loved her. I finally let the tears
escape my eyes and flow down my face. The
blood was trickling out of my mouth, and I
could barely speak.
“Sophie,” I whispered. She froze, then
starred at me, her eyes widening. Her face
was wet with tears.
“I will always love you, my beautiful Sophie,”
I whispered softly. I tried to bring my hand
up to touch her one last time, but didn’t
have the strength. I let my hand fall again
and give a sigh, closing my eyes. I don’t
regret anything. I loved Sophie with all of
my heart. I believed she would miss me,
even after all I did. I heard her muffled sobs
as she put her head to my chest.
I love you, Sophia Anderson. And I will never
forget you. You are my everything, and always
will be. Never forget me after I die. I want you
to remember my love for you, and how I would
have never killed you. I only did this because I
knew it was time for me to go. But I knew only
you could do it. Only you could kill me. And
that’s okay. Just remember that I will always
love you. Hopefully we will see each other
soon. Never forget me, my love. My beautiful
I let my breathing slow, and I finally gave
into the darkness that slowly crept up on
me. I pictured her smile one last time. I
would die peacefully knowing she would be
okay. My beautiful Sophia.

Again, I cried while writing this. I never
wanted Ricky to die, but I knew it would
always have to come to this. sorry to
all of you Ricky lovers.

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