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the local champion of adayama(village story)

I was shocked to the bone and not just the bone but to the marrow too, my heart even fly from my chest to my heart, I fall back instantly and started shifting back slowly.
They walk in like the ghost they are.
Adanna: what, not happy to see me?
Adaeze: I think he is too happy to admit.
Me: ad a a ad ada ada adanna (I stammered).
they walk in and close the door behind them, they sit in bed and continue watching me.
Adanna: when you cool your temper down then we can talk.
I still remain on the floor looking at the them as if I don’t know them before, I move backward and relax my back on the wall and them I summoned courage and ask.
Me: what are you doing here?
Adanna: what do you think?
Me: to kill me?
Adanna: no no no death will be too quick for you, I wont kill you because I still love you, the only person I will kill is Mercy, I heard she traveled to Edo state,
Adaeze: that will even be easier right Mummy.
Adanna: of course we have more friends there than here sweetheart.
I know I can’t escape this no matter how I plan to do it, for her to return I know my life is over and am ready to surrender my life to her since there is nothing I can do but what I can’t take is the fact that mercy is involve.
I knelt down and move to her with tears on my eyes.
Me: please adanna take my life and leave mercy out of it, I beg you with all my heart I will do anything you ask without second thought please I beg you (I continue begging her and also holding her hands, am not afraid anymore because I know am going to die)
Adanna: am not going to kill her sweetie because I can’t, I visit her before coming here.
Adaeze: really mother?
Adanna: yes, the god she serve is really protecting her that’s why we wont near her.
Adaeze: so how are we going to kill her?
Adanna: we won’t kill her, he will.
Me: what?
as i shout what Adanna pushed me to the floor and lie ontop me she open my mouth wide and blow a heavy breeze inside my body, I started feeling some kind of energy in me, she got up from my body and then I started rolling on the floor as if something is walking on my body.
Adaeze: mother what did you do.
Adanna: I just confessed him, that’s how he will kill his lover.
Adaeze: if you confess him how you resurrect your lover?
Adanna: when she kill her lover my spirit will leave him.
I stop rolling and stood up, I bend before her and said.
“command me Mistress”..

Episode two
I dont know what am doing but i know something inside me or something
possessed me and there is nothing i can do, it was like my head is not
mine anymore but someone else own, oh yeah am right am not in
control of myself anymore Adanna now controls me.
I wokeup the following morning and started preparing to travel to Edo
state to meet Mercy, i dont know why am going there but i know it
something bad, Adanna said i will kill Mercy with my own hand because
she cant kill her because of her God, if she believe her God is
stronger than her own then why wont she repent?
I arrange my things that morning and walk out, i sat in front of my
room and started thinking.
My neighnbour Joshua came and asked.
Joshua: ah ah this one u sit down here this early morning hope all is well?
Me: yeah all is well.
Josh: so wetin you they do here this early morning?
Me: thinking.
Josh: thinking about what?
Me: about my life.
Josh: haaa somebody die?
Me: not yet but people go die.
Josh: wetin they worry you this morning self, you drink sleep last night abi?
Me: you want know wetin they worry me?
Josh: you nor well na me you they open eye for?
Me: me no well? just wait.
I left him there and went inside his own room.
Josh: hey weti you they find for my room? Come out now.
I look at the back of the door and saw a big cuttlass, i took it and as i
want to open the door to come out, i saw his hand at the door trying
to open it too, i raise the cuttlass up and cut his hand, he shouted
loudly and ran back, i open the door and started pursueing him with
the cuttlass.
Josh: he has run mad oh, he has run mad oh, make una help.
everybody came out and started watching the guys chase after me to hold me
from slaughtering Joshua, i still pursue him with his hand bringing out
blood, i even cut off three of his fingers and still chasing after him
to finish him completely, he ran outside to main road and i continue
chasing him with my hands still raised up to cut his head off, the
guys caught up with me and as they want to catch me i wave the
cuttlass at them and started chasing all of them, they all ran to
different direction until the soldier man came out from his room, he
came to me and as i raise the cuttlass up to cut his head, he hold my
hands like magnet and hit me on my head, i fell down and faint.
I saw myself in a hospital bed with plasters all over my body, i tried
to move my hand but i cant, i look at my hand and saw handcuff.
Okay what i did was out of this world, Joshua is my best friend and we
love each others like brothers, you dont think i will purposely want
to kill him do you?
Oh well me myself dont know but am feeling tasting like i want to kill
everybody around me, am i now a serial killer or what?
I thought she said i will kill only Mercy? I can see everything
happening but i cant stop it, it like been remote.
I relaxed in the bed since i dont know what else to do or where i am,
all i know is that am in a hospital bed probably in aba and i know am
in a serious trouble for cutting my neigbhour’s hand, i will probably
face charges, but how come am injured on my head and body because i
wasnt beaten up at all as far i can remember.
Some guys came in with uniforms, they discuss somethings before they
remove the handcuff from the bed and took me up, they chain my hands
together and start pushing me out of the building, they dont even care
about the injury on my body, they suppose petting me self not been
hard on me, i came out of a big building and in front of me i saw a
police van with other guys surrounding it holding cuttlass and all,
they tried to collobi the police men so that they will take me but
when the police men crack their gun they shift back immediately, they
pushed me to their van and force me inside, as they drove off the
people started throwing stones at us, we came out into main Aba /
Owerri road, going to park side, before getting to UBA bank after that
cathedral, a van came from nowhere to hit our van, we carry head go
scatter Rhema University building with heavy injuries, even the car
throway me inside the Rhema building, i was bleeding and i cant even
move, some guys came down from the van with cuttlass and guns, they
wore masked with black shirt, they left the officers and came to me, one
of them hold me my leg and started drawing me on the ground, they took
me to their car and drove off

episode four
I dont know where they are taking me to because am blindfolded but all
the same i know i wont survive it at all.
What i did to Joshua was wrong but he dont have injure innocent police men just
to get back at me, if he like he kill me because i know my life is already
over since the day i saw Adanna again.
Adanna was my lover, we met in a mysterious way and she vanish in a
mysterious way and now mysteriously she has appear again, we loved each other
until she plan to chain me forever so that we both wont die, so that we will
forever be as husband and wife, but all her plan was thrown away when
Mercy my first love defeated her in Lords chosen headquarter in Aba, i
thought it was the end but i never knew i planted a seed inside her.
Adaeze our daughter used me to resurrect her mother and now her mother
want to use me to resurrect her lost husband because we are blood, i
dont know who to turn to and even self the Mercy my savior is not here
and even she too is not safe because i will kill her anytime we meet,
who will help me from this bondage?
Will i be able to overcome?
What will happen to Mercy?
What will happen to my soul?
What about my loving parents?
What about my school?
obviously there is no hope for me and even though i try to run they
will get me, so it better i let Joshua and his gang kill me than allow
my soul to be used to resurrect another lost soul.
As i wonder in wonderland they stop and they started coming down, they
drag my hand out of the van and started pushing me to where i dont
know, i climb stairs into veranda i dont know though they just direct me
with my hand.
Inside the building they free my face and i discover that am in an
uncompleted buidling with no windows and grass are even growing inside
the building, it looks like an abandon uncompleted buiding, i saw
myself facing three men with heavy cuttlass like that of bakassi, or
maybe they are bakkassi.
They just stand here without uttering any word and me cant run because
they will chop of my head like terrorist.
Me: what do you want?
“we want your head” said Joshua as he walk in majestically with his
hands plastered wearing complete black suit like Capone.
Me: Joshua.
Josh: you know say you nor go commot here alive abi?
Me: abeg na beg i they beg, kill me.
Josh: wetin you talk?
Me: i say kill wetin you they wait for?
Josh: i will kill you after removing you teeths and fingers.
Me: anyhow you want to do it do it faster no time.
They started looking at each other confusely.
Josh: the guy wan die fast fast wetin una they wait for make una tie am
for table and remove his teeths and fingers first.
he told his gangs but they didnt move until he shouted at them.
They took me and tie my hands and legs ontop one big table and then
Joshua brought our plier to ply my mouth.
Josh: in your next word you will never dare Aba boys.
he open my mouth wide as the guys hold me tight, as he put the plier
on my mouth to remove my teeth, the ground started shaking

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