Thursday, December 6, 2018

the lastman still standing story

The ground started shaking and they stop what they were doing and
started looking up and down like people that are lost.
Me: kill me now please.
Josh: whats going on?
Me: shes here.
Josh: who?
I kept quiet and he shouted again “who is here”.
Me: death.
Josh: we are not afraid of anybody or anyone.
they took their cuttlass and stand in front of the door waiting for
whoever is coming to come, i just pity them because i know it over for
them already unless they run.
As the ground continue shaking the environment started changing from
day to night, darkness started covering everywhere like eclipse of the
Before i they know wetin they happen come see as them fly window piam
piam like ghost.
i look at the door and saw her standing there in white robb.
Me: Adaeze.
Ada: so you want to die?
Me: no i dont mean it.
She came closer and started walking around the table with her eyes
turning like snake.
Ada: you smell good.
Me: Adaeze please free me
Ada: free you? After what you did with to my mother?
Me: i did nothing she fed you with lies let me explain better.
Ada: i dont need your explanation but i need something.
Me: take everything but please leave Mercy alone, you can take me if
you want but leave my Mercy alone.
she wasnt even listening as she continue walking aroung me hissing
like snake, she stop moving and then started unzipping my trouser.
Me: what are you doing Adaeze?
Ada: keep quiet if you dont want me mad.
She remove my trouser completely, she pull her pant down and climb the table.
Me: please dont do this am your father.
she didnt listen she just took my dickson and put it in her mouth for
minutes before she direct it inside her p---y and started grinding me.
Me: uhhhhh Ada please.
Ada: stop talking now.
she fvck me very well on the table and i was real angry but i enjoyed
it small a little, she slept on me and tried to kiss me but i refuse,
so she relax back riding me, moving her head like the mermaid she is,
as she was fvcking me i was seeing different things, first she turn to
snake and then scorpion and later Alien, it was like i smoke indian
hemp because my eyes were turning me very well, she continue riding me
for hours till i release inside her and then she scream and face the
Adanna: i told you to watch him not to fvck him.
I manage to turn around and saw Adanna standing on the door folding her hands
We enter road from portharcourt to Benin early evening and everything
went smoothly except blockage by soldier, soldier block us for road
and they look inside the bus finish na only me then say mai come down.
I came down gently and they search me throughly like criminal.
Soldier1: wetin be your name and why blood they your body?
Me: I don’t know.
Soldier2: whaaaat.
Me: i said i dont know my name.
“Tazzarrrrrrr” a heavy slap landed on my face but i didnt even blink.
Soldier1: if i ask you question again u reply me well, what is your name and why blood they your shirt?
Me: i dont know.
People for my bus they beg me to tell am my name na so i just bone
like mr bones.
As he raised his hand and want to slap me again, they called him
“Ahmed whats going there?”.
Soldier1: nothing Sir, this guy is forming stubborn head.
Soldier3: mr man who are you and why blood ?
Me: had accident on my way to port, I forgot my name.
Soldier1: you hear him maybe its amnesia.
The officer came and took my bag, he search it and brought my wallet
out, he saw my voters card and my school ID card, he look at me and
then look at the picture on the card.
“let him go he is a student and Mr man your name is Ozila”.
Soldier1: but Sir.
“i said let him go” he repeated.
Soldier1: okay sir.
He arrange my bag and gave it to me, i walk to my bus and sat down
while the passengers started asking different questions, i just sat
and face front like someone under spell, oh i forgot am under spell
We reach Delta by seven in the evening and along the border before we
enter Edo state we saw men on our front pointing touch and also
wearing black police uniform.
We saw other bus park there also so we followed suit.
Driver: oga good evening.
Guy 1: where una they go this night?
Driver: na Benin oh.
Guy 2: make all of una come now.
(they are like six or seven).
Driver: whaat make we settle am na abeg?
Before we they look again bullet don enter our driver head and then
pandemonium start.
The guys came to the door and open it with force while everybody in
the bus started hiding themselves while some guys are hiding phone
under chairs some ladies are hiding under their pant.
Guy 1: before the count of five make everybody come down or else we go
start shooting, One.
see how everybody rush down like rush hour, i came down last and as i
put leg for ground one of them hit me gun at my back telling me why i
was last to come down, i fell on the ground with others.
They enter inside and search the bus, they took many phones and money
also, then they separate the guys from the girls.
Guy 2: every body pull of your clothes including boys and girls.

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