Thursday, December 6, 2018

the innocent poor girl who was accused(touching)

I was still sleeping when I heard the door slammed hard as though it was aimed at waking me but the reaction I met on Timi’s face interpreted that it was a mistake.
She walked in with a tray containing a teacup and a covered stuff in a saucer.
Good morning dear Timi greeted as she dropped the tray containing tea and a toasted bread
Me: wow BOB!
Timi: meaning
Me: Breakfast On Bed. That’s thoughtful of you.
After she dropped the stuffs and went out I began to wonder why she did this, I expect her to be the last to wake up but it was the other way round.
It’s normal to receive breakfast on bed but in this situation, its not normal that’s the more reason it came to me as a surprise.
After some minutes, the door was opened and it was a different story, This Time, it was Aunty Funke that came in. This was unusual of Aunty Funke to come into my room at this time except sometimes when my attention is needed. But her aim seem different this time.
So I greeted ‘good morning’
and she replied ‘I’m fine darling’
‘when did Darling start in this issue now’ I cursed within.
I just forced myself to let out a smile so as to make her feel accepted.
Me: Is Daddy still around?
Aunty Funke: what do you expect daddy to be doing at home by this time of the day Monday for that matter.
It was then I realised that the time was almost 11am.
Me: sh.t I slept almost half of the day
Aunty Funke: Don’t worry I just came to inform you that the food is ready. So get up and go brush your teeth before coming to join us at the dining.
Me: okay gimme some mins.
Aunty Funke: Yes dearie.
I went in the bathroom and started thinking of vow my life will be from onwards and I could not do any meaningful thing than to sit on the already closed closet thinking if my life when Someone I presume to be Timi knocked the door to the room, so I quickly tied my towel round my waist only to open the door to see Agatha standing before me.
Me: What are you doing here?
Agatha: Do I need an invitation to come to my boyfriend’s house again
Me: who is your boyfriend? please leave my house now, how did you even get in here.
I never wished to say all these but frustration forced me to. I have learn to love Agatha by the months but Timi’s problem and many more had made me forgot it was the same Agatha I loved some months back.
We were still Arguing when Timi came in.
I could see the surprise in both Ladies face.
Agatha: So its because of her you changed suddenly.
And she left immediately. I thought I was free until Timi came up again.
Timi: So you are bleeping her also and you still see each other often that’s nice.
Timi left angrily to where I don’t know and I followed her immediately so as to plead bit all my effort seem futile.
Now in the room, Enny was seen reminiscing on the days encounter.
‘I love Agatha she’s special she was the one I truly loved before Timi overwhelmed me with her over forwardness and p—y’ I thought to myself until a voice said loudly into my head
‘Its your choice to make. follow your heart or go astray’
This I couldn’t not interpret on my own.
I was still pondering on the issue when Timi together with Aunty Funke barged into the room.
Me: What’s the….
I was not allowed to finish my sentence.
Timi: What is what?, so you still have the mind to be seeing that b---h.
Me: keep shut Agatha is not a b---h. and please if you don’t have any meaningful to say please leave or better still I leave for you guys. All these while Aunty Funke didn’t say anything and from the look in her face, I could tell she’s disappointed. I stood up and left the room leaving both of them behind. ‘I didn’t love any if them but they took over me because I was naive if it comes to making decision especially in women matter,maybe because I was too young to handle such cases.
Enny was seen playing with a young boy and a girl actually they were his children from Timi and Aunty Funke respectively.
Timi had left for her parents house A year after she had given birth to a baby boy named Tobi.
But since Aunty Funke had nowhere to go, Enny’s Parent find it necessary for them to help Aunty Funke further her Education to the tertiary institution and trust me she’s been doing well.
Enny’s siblings were flown abroad to further their education while Enny who was the most intelligent child in the family had remained in Nigeria. Attending the Yaba polytechnic.
He and Agatha lost contact after she relocated to her uncle’s place in Ogun state and this is where The Title ALWAYS READY emerged.
As the first child and only Son that Enny was, he deserved the best but despite being the most intelligent and brilliant, his father lost interest in him After the pregnancy saga but Enny never stop putting up his best.
Enny was now almost 21 years but His appearance seem younger like a boy of 16 or even lesser.
Enny was playing with his children when the phone rang.
Enny’s side of The Story Continued.
‘Who owns this strange number’ I said to myself.
I picked the call and remained silent for about three secs before I voiced out
Caller: hi! how’re you doing.
I was fighting hard to recognise the voice and finally I did
Me: Agatha! is that you
Caller: yes its me.
As I was about to say something, the network interrupted the call and it cuts off. immediately I tried the number severally but it won’t go then I gave up trying after what seem like the 50th trial.
I was happy to at least hear from the person I really loved after almost a year without contact and to be sincere I never let a day passed by without thinking of Agatha. Ever since she left I found out that most girls are less attractive let’s just say I find it irritating mingling with females thou some of them showed interest in me maybe because I was one of the best in my department.
This sudden call from Agatha again got me depressed that I find it difficult to get myself for the whole week and there’s no day I won’t try the number but it won’t go thru.
Tobi: Daddy you are not happy.
immediately I heard this I jumped because I didn’t know when Tobi came in so I tried hard to smile and I told him to go and rest that I was just thinking of what to buy for him if I’m coming back tomorrow. Trust children immediately he heard that he started listing a lot of things which I paid less attention to but at least I was relieved of thinking a bit.
It was some mins past 8 in the evening when my phone rang and it was Agatha, This time I was extremely happy that after a week she called again and I hoped the network won’t interrupt again.
I picked it.
Me:Hello my love.
caller: Oooh so you are the one that impregnated my daughter. I caught you redhanded and the Police is coming for you straight away.
Me: What!
I looked at the number and discovered that it was not Agatha it was my course mate Anna.
‘What have I gotten myself into why didn’t I look well before picking up’ I said to myself while I was thinking of how to escape then I thought of my children.
Though I didn’t love their mothers but at least they are my blood and I can die for any of them.
So I remained and start thinking of how to defend myself since I’m innocent.

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