Thursday, December 6, 2018

the independent househelp of olayemi the rich king

I stood on the park desperately waiting to meet my beloved Esi, but there was no sign of her.
I felt like cursing the dark sky that might have prevented my Esi from coming to see me, I felt like gripping the cold air that was blowing around me, I felt like screaming at the wicked mosquitoes that were biting me in my pain and disappointment.
Esi where are you? Please come and talk to me. Wherever you are, please hear my heart call. Come out Esi, please come. I thought with my heart full of pain and anxiety.
I waited for two hours without any sign of my Esi. Just when I decided to walk away, I felt someone hugging me from my back.
What a relief!
What kept you so long beautiful? You almost broke my heart. I whispered sadly.
I waited for a minute, but there was no response.
She still held me tight without a word.
Come on dear, talk to me, what kept you so long? I asked.
She still held me tight without any response.
Just then, I saw someone standing in the darkness spying on us.
Who is that? Why are you staring at my sweetheart and I as if you’ve never seen human beings before? I yelled.
Immediately I landed with my words, I saw the person walking towards us.
Meshac, so what I’ve been hearing is true right? After swerving my parents this night to come and see you, you are here hugging and cuddling another woman. It was Esi.
Blood of Jesus! Who is this person behind me? I screamed and quickly pushed the person off.
Abena, you again? So you are the one who has been hugging me all these minutes without uttering a word right? How dare you? Who gave you that effrontery to touch me? I yelled on top of my voice.
Meshac, tell me you didn’t enjoy my hug. Tell me you didn’t feel anything running down your spine.
Why are you behaving as if Esi is more of a woman than me? Why? Abena yelled back.
Yes Abena, Esi is more of a woman than you!
Esi will never force herself on a man! Esi is descent and is well mannered. I responded harshly.
Thanks for the insults Meshac, I much appreciate.
I never knew I am not mannered, I never knew I am less woman. Abena broke down in tears.
Instantly, I regretted my words.
I hated to see women cry. I hated to cause anyone pain.
I was torn between consoling her and walking out on her with my Esi.
I watched their faces confusedly without knowing what to do nor say.
Just then, Esi broke the silence.
Meshac, this is your mess, clean it. She stated unhappily and walked away.
Esi please come back! I’m sorry, please don’t walk out on me. I pleaded.
Minutes after Esi walked away, Abena still sat on the floor in tears.
I slowly walked up to her and held her onto her feet.
Abena, please forgive me, I never meant to insult you, but you know very well that I love Esi and I can’t cheat on her. I’m begging you to please understand that and stop stalking me. I whispered softly.
Abena intensified her cry on hearing my words.
I felt bad for being the cause of her pain.
I hugged her so tight in consolation.
Meshac, please don’t hurt my feelings.
You and I know the number of guys in this village who are yearning to have me, yet I turn them down because of you. Abena finally broke her silence.
What can Esi offer you that I can’t?
Look at me Meshac, I have big buttocks, I have big thighs and legs, my b-----s are cute. Above all, I can cook, farm, wash and clean. What else do you need in a woman? She bragged.
Abena, I know you have all these, but my heart beats for Esi. Just understand this and let me go. I responded.
I will not leave you until you promise to sleep with me.
Just promise. She insisted.
I will think about it Abena. Go home, it’s late. I responded.
Before I knew it, she locked her lip against mine and kissed me passionately.
I gently pushed her off and walked out on her unhappily.
Meshac stay focused! Why would you fall for Abena’s actions? Be strong Meshac. I thought as I headed back to the house.
Meshac stay focused! Why would you fall for Abena’s actions? Be strong Meshac. I thought as I headed back to the house.
I tossed on my bed throughout the night.
I can’t afford to loose Esi but Abena doesn’t seem to understand this. She is bent on sleeping with me at all cost. What do I do?
Early in the morning, I woke up and went to my friend Mensa’s house.
What is chasing you this early morning Meshac? You’ve never visited this early before. He welcomed.
Charlie I’m in a mess!
Can you imagine Abena forcefully kissed me last night? I asked unhappily.
Wow! That’s my guy!
Bro, you don’t mean it! Hot cake Abena kissed you? How much did you pay her? Mensa exclaimed happily.
Mensa, there is nothing to be happy about.
You and I know Abena is not my type of woman. I’ve always wanted to be with Esi. I responded.
Meshac, you are a man, and you must behave as such.
I know you love Esi, but my question is, what does she have to offer? Nothing!
Abena on the other hand is beautiful, her father is a teacher who is rich and her mother owns the biggest provisions shop in this village. Think through this and let’s make our daily meal from her pocket. Mensa advised.
Mensa, I can’t believe you want me to date Abena because of a daily meal. We are talking about love and you are busily talking about food. I responded unhappily.
I’m talking about food because you are jobless.
I am talking about food because you’ve lost your parents and your uncles have seized your parents properties.
Meshac, I am talking about food because, love cannot be enjoyed on an empty stomach. Mensa responded.
Mensa, I wish I could forgo the love I have for Esi and heed to your advice, but unfortunately I can’t.
I am an orphan, but fortunately, I do this kayayo job on market days to gather some coins into my pocket.
I can work to cater for myself, so why should I fall into a woman’s trap because of her money? I asked.
Meshac, are you aware you are a handsome guy? Are you aware, this kayayo job you just talked about doesn’t fit you?
Look at you! You are fortunate your parents catered for you to a senior high School level, instead of thinking of how to enroll yourself in a university, you are hear thinking about some love that wouldn’t yield any fruit.
My brother, the only advice I can give you is to consider Abena’s proposal. I believe with her financial support, you can enroll yourself in the university. Mensa advised.
Minutes through our conversation, I heard a knock on Mensa’s door.
He quickly stood up and attended to the person.
Good morning Mensa, please I’m looking for Meshac. It was Esi.
Why are you looking for Meshac in my house instead of his? Mensa harshly asked.
Come on Mensa, I know he is your b---m friend and he comes here almost all the time.

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