Thursday, December 6, 2018

the alert that change my life

I received a call I was extraordinarily happy to the extent that I don’t know what to do next I was just standing in the middle of the house thinking of the next step but my brain was blank. Immediately I took my car keys and headed to the hospital Aunty Funke had described and when I got there I was as surprised to meet Lanre’s car at. the parking lot. But I ignored it and went straight into the hospital and I was also surprised to see that Timi was the nurse at the reception.
Timi; Congratulations Mr Enny.
I couldn’t say anything and she directed me to the ward Agatha was and I could see in her(timi) face that she was sad about the fact that I chose Agatha over her. But it was non of my business as at then, the only thing on my mind is to see my lovely wife and kid. I got into the ward and as expected I met Lanre, Bisi, my MUM and also Aunty Funke alongside my wife carrying our baby boy and she was delighted at my presence then she handed the baby over to me and I gladly carried him. All this while I didn’t say a word to any of my siblings even my MUM. Twas only aunty Funke I thanked for calling.
Agatha; Baby!
Me; You don’t have to stress just have a lil rest then we can do the talking later.
Aunty Funke; The doctor wants to see you.
Me; okay no problem.
As I was about leaving Aunty Funke stood up to accompany me to the doctor’s office and I agreed. On our way to the doctor’s office,
Aunty Funke; This is not the best way to go about it..
Me; what are you talking about?
Aunty Funke; The way you treat your mom and siblings.
Me; ooh that it’s nothing to worry about I just want them to have a taste of it, I’ve forgiven them long ago.
Aunty Funke; Really! okay then no problem.
We got to the doctor’s office and he gave us the bill which I cleared immediately and some other prescriptions which we also got them in the hospital. And my wife was discharged later in the evening. Lanre opted to go pick her up which I agreed.
Weeks later after the child’s dedication day I personally organised a meeting within the house which consist of (my MUM, Lanre, Bisi, Agatha, Aunty Funke and of course me).
Me; The reason I call for this gathering is to inform Everyone that I personally had gone over the misunderstanding that has existed within this Family and it’s obvious that everyone also is over it and now I plead with you all to forgive and forget all my misdeed as I’ve forgiven y’all.
Immediately I said this, my MUM broke down in tears and immediately, I made to console her.
Me; Mum it’s okay you don’t have to cry.
Mum; My son this is tears of Joy.
Lanre and Bisi were sober even if they are not crying out, they are crying within and Agatha alongside Aunty Funke were smiling.
Agatha; Baby I’m proud of you.
We all hugged each other.
Few weeks later I appointed Lanre to head some branches of the company and Bisi also went back to school. A week After Bisi’s departure, Mum died. Her last words; in my next world I’ll learn not to discriminate. I waited for this moment to die a better person who left behind a home that is happy and peaceful.
Quietly turning the knob, I pushed the door
open, peeking into her room. She was asleep
on her bed, breathing quietly. I watched her
chest rise and fall to the rhythm of her
breathing. Stepping into the room, I quietly
walked over to her. She looked so beautiful,
even as she slept.
I jumped when I heard a low growl from the
foot of the bed. One of the dogs by her feet
was watching me cautiously, slightly
showing their teeth. I glared at it, and then
returned my gaze to Sophie.
My fingers brushed her forehead and traced
it down to her chin. Her skin was flawless,
and it was all mine. My fingers softly
combed her soft, light brown hair. I held my
breath when she stirred, turning over to her
side with her back facing me. I brushed the
hair from her shoulder off, letting it fall
behind her back. The dog growled at me
again, but I ignored it.
I stepped away from her when she made a
soft moan, and then turned around, blinking
sleep out of her eyes. When she saw it was
me, all of the sleep left her eyes and she
scooted away.
“What do you want?” she demanded,
hugging her stomach with one arm.
“I was just checking on you,” I said, sitting
on the side of the bed. She yawned and ran
her fingers through her hair.
“Great, you’ve checked on me. Now leave.”
“No,” I replied.
“Yes, now get out.”
I grabbed her wrist and pulled her harshly to
me, making her face his my chest hard. I
heard her gasp sharply in pain, and her arm
was at her side again. “No, I won’t get out.”
The dogs were up and growling at me. Their
hackles were raised and their teeth were
showing. Sophie was pushing against my
chest, trying to get away. I held her wrist
tightly, knowing it would leave a bruise.
“I’m sorry, please let go,” she begged as she
stopped pushing.
I bent down and kissed her forehead. She
flinched, but stayed where she was. “Good
girl.” I released my grip on her arm, letting
her back up to the headboard. She rubbed
her wrist, holding it to her chest. I instantly
regretted what I did. I moved closer to her,
but she scooted away.
Sighing, I got up and walked towards the
door. “I’m sorry,” I whispered, walking out
the door. I closed it behind me- remembering
to lock it- then walked down stairs into the
living room. It was quiet and cold, despite
the scorching heat outside. I carefully sat on
the beige sofa and turn on the TV.
I sat there for a few hours, blankly staring
at the television screen, deep in thought. I
knew how I was going to get Sophie to
Colorado next week, but I also knew she
wasn’t going to go willingly. She’ll soon
understand that there isn’t a way out of
this. She would be with me in the cabin, and
this time, I would make sure it was forever.

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