Thursday, December 6, 2018

share and win fun stroy(16+)

I opened the door to my apartment
and gazed inside. It seemed as if there
was a never ending darkness. I
stepped inside and shut the door,
locking it behind me. I jumped when I
heard someone approaching me. I
knelt down and gave my dog a huge
“Hey Naomi, you miss me?” I said.
She licked my face, and I took it as a
yes. I stood back up and set my bag
and keys on the counter. I turned on
the bright kitchen light and walked over
to the pantry. I took out the heavy bag
of dog food and filled Naomi’s bowl,
then replaced her other bowl with fresh
After she started eating, I grabbed my
bag and went upstairs to my room. I
opened the door and walked over to
my bed. I dumped my bag on my bed
and took off my boots. I was
exhausted. Working seven hours at a
bar each night gets tiring- especially
when you’re a waitress. I always have
to deal with drunks hitting on me,
thinking they’d actually have a chance.
I looked over at my bedside table and
stared at pictures of Justin and me.
God, I missed him. He’s in London for
two years for school. He’d only been
gone five months, but it’s felt like ten
I walked into my bathroom and turned
on the shower. I smelled like musty
alcohol, and I desperately needed a
shower. I stripped out of my white
shirt and black shorts and stepped into
the hot, steamy water. I washed my
hair and body, and once I was satisfied
I smelled good, I got out. I walked out
of the bathroom and found Naomi
lying on my bed, chewing on her bone.
I got dressed in my pink tank top and
flannel shorts then sat on the bed
beside her. I looked at the clock and
was surprised to see it was almost
four in the morning.
“Well, looks like I’m going to have to
pull an all night study session, Naomi.
Are you up to it?” I asked her, stroking
her soft, gentle fur. She looked up
from her bone and barked in reply.
“Okay, let’s do this.”
I opened my bag and pulled out my
college algebra textbook and notebook.
I put them on the other side of the bed
and pulled out my English and biology
textbooks. I set them next to my
algebra book and stood up. I’m going
to need some coffee if I’m going to get
all of this done.
I walked down stairs to the kitchen and
turned on the coffee maker. I got down
my huge coffee cup then waited for
the coffee to be made. When the coffee
maker dinged, I poured the hot, black
liquid into my cup. I ran back upstairs,
coffee in hand. I was ready to study.
After an hour of studying and taking
notes, I jumped and almost spilled my
coffee when the doorbell rang. Naomi
picked her head up and silently
“Down girl,” I said, patting her back. I
stood up and motioned her to follow
me. “Come on.”
We both walked down the stairs and
quietly tip toed to the front door. I
looked through the peep hole and
didn’t see anyone. Naomi growled
beside me, warning me of possible
“It’s okay, it’s probably just some
stupid prank,” I said, unlocking the
door. I opened it and poked my head
out, looking down the walk way. It was
deadly silent. The lights on the
concrete ceiling were flickering on and
off, and there was a cool breeze
blowing. The air smelled of old pine
wood. I looked out over the metal
railing and gazed at the fountain in the
court yard. The moon light was
reflecting off the dribbling water,
making it shine silver. I shivered, trying
to shake that feeling of being watched
I was about to pull my head back
inside, but something on the cold
ground caught my eye. I fumbled for
the light switch next to the door to turn
on the outside light and looked down
to see what it was. I gasped and stood
there, frozen.
A single red rose was lying on the
welcome mat to my house. There was
a red satin ribbon tied around it. No…
this couldn’t be happening. Is this
some sick joke? Ricky was dead. He
was never coming back.
I pulled my head back inside and
slammed the door. I locked it and
turned off the outside light. Putting my
back to the door, I slid down to the
ground, comforted by Naomi. I glanced
at her scar that Ricky had given to her.
It was over a year ago, but the mark
would always be there.
I remember stabbing him, listening to
him whisper his last few words after
he fell to the floor.
“I love you, Sophie…” he said. I didn’t
think I would ever get the image out of
my head. I watched them carry his
body out of my room. Was he really
not dead? No, he’s dead. He has to be
dead. There’s no possible way he
could have survived.
I shook my head and stood up. I need
to stop doubting myself, or I’ll really
believe he’s back. I walked back up to
my room and returned to studying
Let’s go for a walk,” I said,
hooking the leash onto her
collar. I grabbed the coffee cup
from last night and walked
down stairs with Naomi. I
glanced around at the living
room. The beige sofa was
against the wall, across from
the plasma screen sitting on the
black T.V. stand. I looked at the
pictures on the wall of Justin
and me, my family, Naomi, and
our friends.
I saw one of Zoey, and stared at
it for a long time. God, I missed
her almost as much as I
missed Justin. I remember her
saying she wanted to go to
Australia for school with her
boyfriend Jeremy. I watched her
getting on the plane a year ago,
and I haven’t seen her since. All
I’ve seen were pictures she’s
sent me. She seemed happy, so
I was happy for her.
I put the coffee cup in the sink
and walked over to the door.
Unlocking and opening it, Naomi
and I walked outside into the
bright sunshine. The air outside
was cold and breezy. I locked
the door behind me and led
Naomi down the concrete
hallway and down the two
flights of stairs. We walked
through the courtyard, and I saw
the apartment building’s
manager, Ms. Hattie, watering
some flowers. I waved to her
and continued to walk out to the
“You want to go to Starbucks,
Naomi?” I asked her. She looked
up at me and wagged her tail.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
Scott, the manager of
Starbucks, knew me and Naomi.
He would always give me
discounts on coffee, and always
knew what I wanted. At first, I
thought he had a bit of a crush
on me. Later did I find out, he
was married and had two kids.
I’d babysat them a few times,
and met his wife, Debbie. She
was beautiful, and they made a
perfect couple.
When we finally got to
Starbucks, I went in with Naomi
and was instantly greeted by
one of the workers, Hannah. She
was still in high school, and
we’d talked a few times before.
She’d memorized what I got
each time, like Scott did.
“Hey Sophie, hey Naomi,” she
said, smiling. She was cleaning
a coffee machine and trying to
get a costumer their coffee at
the same time.
“Hey Hannah. Is Scott here
today?” I asked, approaching the
“Yeah, he’s in the back,” she
told me, handing the costumer
his coffee. “Scott, Sophie is
A few seconds later, the kitchen
door swung open. Scott came
walking out of the kitchen and
went around the counter to
come and hug me.
“Hey Sophie!”
“Hi Scott,” I said, returning his
hug. Scott noticed Naomi and
reached down to pet her. She
returned the greeting with a lick
to his cheek. Scott stood back
up and looked at me.
“I haven’t seen you here in a
while, Soph. How’s school
going?” he asked, walking back
behind the counter.
“School is going really good,
actually. I’m keeping up with the
rent and bills and such. I don’t
have classes for another few
hours, so I thought I’d stop in
and say hi,” I said, looking over
the glass desert display.
“That’s always good. You want
your regular?” he asked me.
When I reached into my bag for
my wallet, he stopped me and
added, “It’s on the house.”
I smiled up at him. “Sure.”
He got my vanilla latte and
handed it to me over the
“Thanks, Scott,” I said, sipping
the coffee.
“Anytime,” he replied. “So, how’s
your mom?”
I smiled and looked at him. He
gave me a questioning look and
asked, “What?”
I laughed softly then whispered,
“She’s pregnant.”
His smiled and continued to
wipe off the counter. “Tell her I
said congratulations!”
“Will do, Scott,” I said, glancing
at my watch. “Hey, I actually
have to go. Classes are starting
soon and I need to run a few
errands before I get to school.
Thanks for the coffee,” I added.
“Anytime, Soph! Come back and
see us soon, okay? Jenna and
Tommy want to see you again,”
he told me. Jenna and Tommy
were his two kids. They were
still in elementary school and
they seemed to adore Naomi
and me.
I smiled at him. “Alright, Scott.
“Bye, Sophie,” he said as I
walked out the door. I walked
out into the bright sunshine,
shivering as the cold breeze
blew through the air. Walking
down the sidewalk, I sipped my
coffee and looked around the
street. There were joggers and
dog walkers, people opening up
shops, and some other people
getting on a bus. I glanced up at
the sky, watching the clouds
hide the bright sun. Passing a
bookshop, I looked over into the
window and gazed at the books
on display. I looked closer when
I saw a familiar reflection in the
When I realized who I saw, I
almost dropped my coffee. I
whipped around and looked
around frantically. Naomi, who
was by my side, looked up at
me and started whimpering.
When I didn’t see him, I pat
Naomi on her head and hastily
walked down the sidewalk to
my apartment complex.
I didn’t see him. I know I didn’t
see him. It’s all in my head.
He’s dead, Sophie, he’s dead. I
continued to repeat that over
and over in my head until
Naomi and I were safely inside
my apartment. Sighing, I locked
the door, then unhooked the
leash from Naomi’s collar.
Looking at the clock, I realized I
only had an hour left to get to
my classes. I finished my coffee
then ran upstairs to grab my
bag. When I came back
downstairs, Naomi was lounged
out on the couch.
“I’ll see you tonight, Naomi.
Bye,” I said, patting her head. I
grabbed my keys and walked
out the door.
I watched her walk out of the
coffee shop. A To Go coffee cup
was in her hands, and she
would drink out of it every
minute or so. She walked along
her German shepherd, Naomi. I
noticed the long scar along her
side. It was fully healed, but
there would always be a bright
pink mark down the side of her.
God, I had missed her. I hadn’t
seen her in almost a year. But I
finally tracked her down and
found out where she lived,
where she went to school,
where she worked… It was nice
to have control again.
I wondered if she’d forgotten
about me over the course of a
year. No, of course she hadn’t.
She loves me, just like I love
My fingers felt over the scar on
my abdomen. The scar she had
given me over a year ago. I
learned to forgive her.
Forgiveness was a big step
when you wanted to trust
someone again.
I followed her on the opposite
side of the street, watching her
gaze at things she saw in the
display windows as she passed
shops. She’d stopped at one
particular shop and gazed in the
window. It was a used book
shop. She gazed into it and I
saw her face through the
reflection of the window.
She was beautiful as ever. She
was growing out her dark brown
hair, which was now down to
the middle of her back. She
looked closer into the window,
and then got a horrified
expression on her face. Then I
realized she must’ve felt me
watching her. I quickly ran into
the nearest store I could, so she
wouldn’t see me.
That store just happened to be
a flower shop. I inhaled the
aroma of all the flowers around
me. I was greeted by a kind old
woman, who looked to be in her
sixties. I smiled at her.
“Good morning,” I said, taking
glances back at Sophie.
“Good morning, dear. Is there
anything I could help you with?”
she asked, smiling.
I watched as Sophie looked
around wildly, and then
continued to walk down the
sidewalk, turning a corner into
her apartment complex. I looked
back at the woman.
“Yes. I was wondering if you had
any jasmine flowers here,” I
asked, casually walking up to
the counter.
“Yes, we do. Something for the
special lady?” she asked,
winking at me, chuckling softly.
“Yes, actually. She loves
jasmines. I’m hoping to surprise
her,” I said, thinking of the
perfect story to tell this old
woman. “See, she doesn’t know
I’m back in town, and I wanted
to get her something nice.”
She clapped her hands together
once and smiled brightly at me.
“Well, then she’s going to get a
big surprise when she sees
what you got for her. I have the
perfect idea,” she said. She
motioned me to follow her.
“Come to the back with me.”
I followed her to the back, only
half listening to what she was
going to do for me. I was
mainly focused on Sophie. I was
finally going to get to see her
soon… to hold her in my arms.
“Don’t you worry, Sophie,” I
whispered to myself. “I’ll be with
you soon.”

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