Thursday, December 6, 2018

my stingy rich uncle(short story)

my uncle is a rich man but very stingy, so one day I went to his house and met his absence, so I decided to check up on him here. Esi responded calmly.
Esi or whatever you call yourself, are you aware Meshac is an orphan who needs help? Are you aware he needs a family unlike yours, that will accept him like their own? Why can’t you leave him alone to find that family? Mensa asked.
Mensa, it isn’t my fault that my father dislikes Meshac. I don’t care about what my father thinks about him, what matters is the love I have for him. Esi responded.
Esi, love isn’t enough! What is love without food? What is love without a family backing? My little advise is to leave Meshac alone to find the right person.
Now if you don’t mind, I will like to get back into the room, I was in the middle of something. Mensa responded and banged the door on her.
Mensa, that was uncalled for! Why did you talk to her that way? I asked unhappily.
Meshac, it’s about time you take your destiny into your hands. It’s about time you associate yourself with the right people.
How many times haven’t Esi’s father warned you to break up with her daughter? How possible is it for you to marry someone whose father is against you?
Meshac, I am telling you today that, if you don’t break up with Esi, I will disown you as my friend. Mensa threatened with seriousness.
Just then, his door opened and we saw someone standing at the entrance watching us.
To be continued…
Episode 3
Just then, his door opened and we saw someone standing at the entrance watching us.
Hello Abena, to what do I owe this visit? Mensa welcomed happily.
I’m here to see Meshac. I went to his house and met his absence so I decided to trace him here. She also responded.
Is that the reason why you opened the door without knocking? Was that the right thing to do? I asked unhappily.
Chill Meshac, this is my house and I am not for once worried that Abena bumped into us, so I don’t see why you should complain. Mensa cut in.
Anyway come and have a seat beautiful lady. Mensa offered.
Meshac, I’m going to the lorry park to check on a customer who brought his car to my shop for servicing, I will be back in an hour’s time. Please make yourself useful to this beautiful damsel sitting beside you. Mensa advised smartly and walked out.
Meshac, I’m sorry for bumping into you guys, please forgive me. Abena apologised softly.
Abena, why are you after me this morning? How may I help you? I asked.
I’m here to take the response to my proposal. She responded bluntly.
If I may ask, how beneficial will you be to me in case I accept your proposal? I asked.
Meshac my love, I promise to give you anything you want in this life.
Food, clothes, shoes, money, just name them. She responded.
I’ve heard you Abena, but for now, I am in a relationship with Esi, and you must give me time to sought things out with her before I accept your proposal fully. I responded.
That is no problem at all dear, I am patiently waiting. She responded.
Anyway, have this 50cedis from me. Just use it to buy few items for yourself. She offered.
I was dumbfounded!
What? 50cedis is too much Abena. Even my weekly kayayo job doesn’t earn me this amount of money. I responded.
That is to tell you that, very soon, you will migrate from poverty to riches.
Don’t forget that, my father is a teacher, and my mother owns the biggest shop in this village where the surrounding villages buy their items from.
My mother makes 500 cedis sales and more, every other day, so I can solve all your problems for you. She boastfully responded.
This is marvelous Abena, but why don’t you go to school rather than gallivanting around this village? I asked.
School? School is meant for those who have no hope. It is meant for people who have no idea of what their destiny entails.
Like I just told you, my mother owns the biggest shop and that is enough asset to rely my destiny on. She responded smartly.
I’ve heard you Abena, thanks for the visit and your money. You must get going now, I will see you some other time. I responded.
Days passed and I kept avoiding Esi.
Anytime she comes into my house, I lock myself up in the room to send the signal that I am not at home.
I did this to pave way for Abena in my life.
I must enroll in the university and I need money from Abena to do that.
Esi has nothing to offer me really. I thought.
One hot afternoon, Abena visited me.
Whiles lying on the bed happily conversing, Esi bumped into us.
Oh Meshac! What have I done to deserve this from you? Why are you breaking my heart? Why? She asked almost in tears.
Esi, please go home, I will come and see you later. I responded shamefully.
You will not go and see her anywhere! It is about time you let her know the truth! Let her know that you no longer need her in your life. Go ahead and tell her Meshac! Abena yelled.
Who are you to come between my fiance and I? Abena, you know you can’t compete with me over anything! Meshac never loves you! He might be doing this for a reason, but deep down in his heart, I occupy all the space! Esi angrily responded.
If you care to know, Meshac broke my virginity, and I broke his. That is enough reason to bind us together forever! Esi continuously screamed on top of her voice.
Stop it the two of you! What has come over you? This is my life and I decide whom to spend it with. I yelled back.
This is your life Meshac, but in case you have forgotten, I was the one who fed you till this time when your parents passed on. I was the shoulder that carried you in your times of distress.
My father quarrel with me almost everyday for sneaking out to see you. And above all these, I gave you my virginity to satisfy your libido. What else do you want me to do for you? Tell me!!! Esi narrated in tears.
I couldn’t utter a word. I was so speechless.
Meshac, why are you standing there like a robot?
Let Esi know that I also gave you my virginity last night.
Let her know that the shirts and shoes you’ve been wearing these days are from my pocket.
Let her know that, this new television and radio set in this room is from me. Go ahead and tell her. Abena cut in.
My head began to spin. These two ladies have suffered for me, and I don’t know what to tell them.
Meshac, I know you are confused. I know whatever you are doing has a reason best known to you, but please, choose between Abena and I. Esi responded calmly.
Instantly I felt hazy.
Whom should I choose? Somebody help me. I soliloquised.

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