Thursday, December 6, 2018

i turned 18 the day my mum died(emotional)

At 18 i had already grown into a spoilt boy, i was an only son and was pampered like an egg, at that age i had already watched Indecency movies that would last me a life time, but still have’nt had my 1st sex, smoking cigerate followed and then beer came in, my dad n mum both go to work early and come back late, my Dad is a Businessman and my Mum owned a Supermarket, i was still asking my 1st love out and Chizzy hadnt said yes,have been asking her out since i was 16, and now at 18 the yes had’nt come, she was just scared cos she was 15 then and was still a novice that hadnt even gotten her 1st kiss. Always wondering what my 1st sex would be like, an icing on the cake Esther came into the scene, she stayed not to far from my Mum’s supermarket. I often go hang out at my mum’s shop and sometimes help her sell. When ever Esther saw me she called me her African Prince, the song was reigning like no one has sang a song in Nigeria at that period, she kept doing that wenever she saw me, so i started calling her my African Queen too. One thing led to another we became close, we wrote our Waec Exams then,we attended different secondary schools. she fell in love asked me out,i said yes, even without having feelings 4 her. I was still striving for my 1st sex, so why should i say no.
Six months into the relationship, we stiil have’nt had sex, she comes to my house, and all we kept doing was kisses and caresses, i just find myself refusing her.
On June 24th 2004, this faithful day history was about to be made, she came to my house with her face frowned, i knew something was wrong. As she sat down the next thing Esther said was ”Ken, do you love me?”, ”Why the question i asked?” , ”its six months now and you ve not had sex with me or do i disgust you?” She asked, ”please dont sound like that i replied”, ”you must sleep with me orelse your parents will meet me here today”, she said, you could see the seriousness in her face. I laughed went to my room, not knowing she was right behind me, standing at the entrance, i took my pijamas off, tied my towel, as i turned to enter my bathroom, she rushed then grabed my dikkk holding it together with the towel,”sumtin wey get mind of em own” it rose so hard standing like a Lion steering at his prey eyeball to eyeball, i held her and was pushing her straight to the sitting room, instead she dragged me to the opposite room not far away, it was my parents room so it was always locked if they were’nt around, i pushed the knob down(just to check if it was locked), all of a sudden it sprang open ”that’s awkward i told myself, JEZ! So they thought they locked it, i said, i draged her in, she was looking at everywhere with surprise, ”this room is spacious and beautiful”, she said, ”its my parents room what do you expect”, i replied, my dikck still standing strong like Olomo rock, i pushed her on the bed, you want sex shey, ”bad gurl u want 2 see my bad side?” I asked, ”i doubt if you are bad” she replied, ”make i clear your doubt” i said.
I pulled her top and bra off, drew her skirt up, she was wearing a low waist sexy blue pant, i tore it off her waist out of desperation, my middle finger went into her wet Well, and my finger was going to and fro, while my mouth was doing damage sucking one of her boobbs,and the other hand squeezing the other boobbs, she was moaning,”awww you are bad? ‘please i need you inside me, she said, she was so wet, i slotted my dikk in2 her wet cunnt, and was riding her like a horse, i was very fast with my t----t, if Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world,he wouldnt beat me on a 100 metres sex race at that moment,he ll be shocked dat his world record was mere a fluke,i was d--n fast,my hands were doing damages,1 was on her bosoms,the other was rubing her was my 1st so it was the normal ontop stlye, i was the capt on the ship, i finally came inside her after, 12 to 15mins, Ken you are bad you ve done this before, she confidently said,i swear its my 1st and what a bad way to start, on my parents matrimonial bed, can you imagine, i replied. You go bad gaan be that, said she, the adventure has just begun i replied,she packed her clothes, i arranged the room, made sure it was neat just as i met it, we closed the door and headed to my room, she droped our her clothes, i hung on to my towel and we headed for the bathroom.
before i could say a thing she gave me a dirty slap, i begged her to leave Esther alone, i invited her so lemme claim the blame, she removed her hand from her top, i brought out her hidden footwear under one of the cushons, gave it to her and she left, your Dad ll hear this, she said angrily and left, i ran to my room, dressed up, rushing to her shop, as i was on my way i kept calling mumcy, she would’nt pick, i got there started begging, she agreed not to tell my Dad, with relieve i pecked and thanked her,’ my Dad wey be James Bond, one disciplinarian like that wey no get Joy’,he was a very strict man. I was already sexually active in the sex Labour market, we still hanged out in a friends place, away from home and have sex,time went on i had improved in my sex skills,pulling new stunts.
2007 i was already in Delsu, 21 studying music,200level, Chizzy had said yes a year before, she was now a full woman, at 18 studying Eco in Madonna. There was this thing me and my friends did since we left Secondary school, we held a get together Party every year, so the one for 2007 wasnt an exception.
I loved Chizzy somuch that she inspires me to write poems and songs, to the extent i sent her two love messages everyday for a full year non-stop the previous year. The deal day came, 27th of December,the Venue was Rannel Hotels along Agbara road. Its a show off party to know who’s doing well amongst us, so we came with our finest chicks ‘whoelse i wan go with if no be Chizzy?.
We all sat at the VIP section upstairs, our corner was full of drinks already, competition everyone was ordering, as we joked, tissed and talked about old times, Baby i want to get something downstairs my babe whispered in my ears, i was so into the gist with my friends, i just nodded my head,so she left.
Five minutes later, we noticed everyone downstairs standing up from thier seats, wetin dey happen sef Efe asked(a frnd at our table). Everyone stood up we ran to a side looking like a Balcony, peeped downstairs, it was the gathering of people, as i looked down in d midst of the crowd from the top view where we were,a guy was in the middle of the crowd and a girl was sitting on the ground, her head down like she was in pain or crying. Jes! Nah my babe o,we all rushed down, i was pressing through the crowd like the determined woman in the Bible with the issue of Blood who pressed hard through a crowd to touch the helm of Jesus’s garment, i was aiming for the front row, finaly i got there and as she saw me the cry increased, the next thing that came out of my mouth was ‘Baby what happened? He slapped me, she cried out in reply, with one of her hand pointing towards the Guy at the middle with the other hand holding one side of her chick, i didnt even ask the guy or wanted to know what led to the slap, as everybody watched, i ran out of the crowd to the nearest table, grabbed two bottles of star with half drink in them, broke the two, one each on each hand, the sound of the broken bottle created awareness, every paved way, the road was clear like the Appian way, even if it was Spartacus himself, he would’nt have bested me in a fight at this moment, my eyes were red while my body was numb,i was raging with fury, even if u go beat me at least i will die trying, Babe wey take 2yrs and 6months before she said yes, those were what ran through my mind as i raced down to confront the Slapper with my broken bottles

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