Thursday, December 6, 2018

a rugged campus guy called micheal

I woke up from sleep looking around the place, it was kinda strange, how did i get here ? When did i get here? What happened to me ? I was asking these questions to no one in particular, it then began to dawn on me that i might have slump but what happened that made me slump as i was still thinking just then a lady in white long shirt walk into the room that i was , i guess she might be a doctor but then she ask me some few question about me, which i told her, i was still very confused when it started getting memory of what happened, i have been in the command of my unit on a mission to carry out an offensive across the enemy line but it seems that the mission was abortive cause we were place under order not to engage but to withdraw back. On our way to withdraw, we were ambush which led to a hot gun fight. I watch my team falling apart one by one and finally i lost consciousness that was all i could remember only to wake up only to see myself in a strange room. Hmmm thats very weird.
Just then , a group of armed men came into the room , they were five in number. Two stood at the door while two stood beside me as if to hold me down if i make any f-----g move and the one who looks like their leader sat opposite me looking at me and shaking head at the same time.
“listen and listen well captain jackson, there is no escape for you and there is no hope that your government or army will ever come to rescue you from here cause all your team were wipe out and they might think that you didn’t make it as well, so all we need now is for you to corporate with us and give us answers to what ever questions that you are ask but if you refuse am afraid you will be subjected to torture and inhumane treatment. Hope you gat my point captain?”
“yea sure i gat you alright man , so what the question and corporation all about?”
“you’ll give us all the information we’ll ask for”
“information? What information are you talking about?”
“we’ll need information concerning your military defense strenght and its capabilities , and weakness as well.”
“why? And for what?”
“you see captain, you ask question very much unlike other military officers of your calibre, thats why i like you, you see this is war, and in war, victory is needed by all means even if it entails killing for it to be achieved, hope you gat my point?”
“yea, i gat your point but am sorry i can’t help you out”
“oh…really? I bet you’ll change your mind later”
“no i wouldn’t”
“then i’ll advice you to think about it”
“forget it man, i wouldn’t tell you anything at all, so go to hell!”
“oh i can see that you’re refusing to corporate but don’t worry, i promise you that tomorow you will be the one to beg”

with these last words, i watch him leave the room. It now really dawn on me that i was really capture and held hostage to give out information
I was in the leaving room watching the evening news when suddenly the phone rang, i beckon on our first son name Jack to pick it up, he went to pick it up only to return back telling me to change the tv channel to channel 96, i did with much curiousity to know whats going on. After changing i could see images of soldiers being carried into ambulances, when suddenly the reporter’s voice brought me back to sanity, from the news i learnt that my husband’s team fail and every one on the team was shot only few survived but my husband was missing, and the colonel incharge of the mission was busy writting my husband off that he is death, no it can’t be, my husband can’t be death, no he can’t die just like that , not after all the promises he made to me that he will return back alive. I just stormed into the room pick up my car keys and and storm out of the house. My destination was to the barracks where he serve.
I was d--n angry with the general for what happened, how could he give order for a mission to be carried out but when the mission was nearly at the apex he called it off, now look at the f-----g d--n s--t he has caused. A whole unit wiped out even the captain missing , who knows if he is death or alive and is being held hostage? No one could tell. I was still standing there when a sergeant came to notify me about captain Jackson wife’s presence, i just took a deep breath, this was it, what am i going to tell the poor woman? How will i even explain things to her? Just then i summoned courage to see her. On arrival to the guest room, once she saw me she just grab my shirt collar and when the four soldiers that work as my securities came to hold her what this woman did made me nearly wet my body. She turn around like a trained combatant soldier facing each soldier and one by one they were all on the floor rolling in pains,she finally beat them all up and advance toward me in a flash she has grip my throat and hit me against the wall, it was painful, i felt like crying but i have to maintain my manliness. Soon i found my voice begging her to please take it easy on me for i am an old man, it seems the effect of my plea weight on her , she released me from her tight grip.
once i arrived the barracks , thanks goodness that am popular cause i was a captain’s wife ,i found it easy to get pass security easily, so i was showed the guest room, i requested to see the colonel, in less than five minutes he was in the room alongsides his security guards, with anger boiling in me i just grab the collar of his shirt just then his guards came to hold me down, i became infaturiated , thanks to all the combats self defence training my husband teached me, i advanced towards them and unleashed the monster in me on them, within five minutes they were shouting in pains. I left them and went back to the colonel and grip him harder this time around, push him to the wall when he started begging and soon i had soft spot on him and released him.
“so colonel is it true?”
i backed out with a bariton voice which shocked him, and he dropped down his face to the floor, deciding either to drop the bomb shell or not,
After picking the call and telling my mum to change channel, i watched her reaction, i wasn’t a kid any more so i knew that something was up her sleeve but i should just let her pour out her first anger after she’ll be able to control herself. Soon she storm into their bedroom and pick her car keys went to the garage opened the door gat in and sped off. I am seventeen but one who doesn’t know me better will mistake me for a twenty year old. My immediate sibling named Amanda was 15. And my mum was pregnant with her third child. Three months to be precise, three months pregnancy , before our dad embarked on this mission promising us to return back. After mum storm out, i know that she was going to meet the colonel in the barracks, so i quickly ran to my motorcycle calling Amanda along but she wasn’t responding so i have to run back inside only to meet her crying
i tried consoling her and at the same time persuade her to come along
“come on Amanda whats making you cry, stop it dad is not dead, lets go to the barracks”
but her responds infaturiated me
“jack am not crying for dad, am crying for my boyfriend”
“Amanda what about your boyfriend?”
“He just broke up with me”
“come on amanda, you can always get another boyfriend but can never always get your dad, dad is missing we need to help in the search”
“dad is dead can’t you guys get it? Get the hell out of my presence.”
i was infaturiated the more and felt like walking up to her and strangling her to death with my bare hands, we were here talking about dad and she was there crying for her b-----d boyfriend, i was angry very d--n angry but manage to hide it from showing
“amanda did you just ask me to get out?”
“yes , what the hell are you still waiting for?”
“okay then suit yourself”
i replied her and storm out of her room banging the door so hard that it sent down the furniture on the walls of her room crashing down. From that very hour, i develop hatred for my sister amanda, she’s a b---h, what daughter with her right sense of thinking will choose a b-----d over her dad? Our dad was out there , i knew, something inside me was telling me that my dad was alive out there waiting for help. And if any body refuse to help i’ll do it myself. But i need help, yea just then my fantastic four image flashed into my head. Yea, they are my crew. The four of us on the crew include me, a captain’s son, bill a scientific researcher’s son, then my crush evelyn a computer analyst who work in the barracks and lastly bill’s girlfriend Rose a bright geographer and the daughter of a doctor. I smiled to myself, yea my crew was complete but first i need to alert them. I hope onto my motorcycle start and ignite the engine and speed off to the barracks but not to see my mum or the colonel but to see evelyn cause we gat lot of work to do.
Amanda can riot in hell with her boyfriend for all i care, my dad’s safety is my top priority now

I arrived the barracks on time, getting pass security wasn’t a big deal cause my dad was an army captain a commando at that and this made my family very famous and popular in the barracks.. We come into the barracks when ever we like without anyone raising an eye brow.
I Got into the computer apartment went into block 4D were evelyn works as a senior computer analyst. It wasn’t long before i located her.
“hello evelyn”
“hi Jack, what are you doing here?”
“its something very seriouse,”
“about your dad?”
“yeah, how did you manage to know?”
“i read it on the news, am very sorry,”
“its okay evelyn thanks but am after a quest to fine my dad”
“like i knew, come on , take a look at this”
i moved closer taking a good look at the computer screen before us.
“whats all those i can’t understand it”
“you see that area shaded blue, thats the area where your father’s unit was ambushed, and this red line here tracks his movement. Your dad was with the military tracker so i guess it might still be with him. What we need now is a geographer who can track and encrypt the tracking code for us. So i guess it time we bring……”
“yea, but alongside bill, we need the fantastic four to be complete in order to achieve success in this mission.”
“yea, you are right , you can make the call”
evelyn : dials bill speaks into the receiver almost immediately “bill please report to the barracks in my block now”
dials Rose, ringing but not answer after like about five time of calling she finally did pick the call “Rose report to the barracks in my office in less than five minutes from now” cuts the call “jack they’re on their way now”
“thanks evelyn”
d--n!!! Why is this girl so adamant to listen to me, i can’t really bear it, i’ve given her some calls but she refuse picking up the phone. I just drop the phone and was still contemplating what to do when my phone rang, yes its she let me just pick it up and listen to what she has to say. I pick up the phone almost immediately as it began to ring
“hey bill come the barracks now in my office”
the voice said with finality and ended the call. Hmmm i then knew that it was evelyn, why is she asking me to come to her office by this hour. I check the wall clock and it was tickling 8:00pm. I knew that it was an emergency so i just grab my back pack and went to the garage refill my motorcycle petrol tank ignite the engine and took off to the barracks.
Why can’t this boy let me be, i caught him red handed kissing another girl and he is here telling me that it was an accident. Soon he stopped calling but after like five minutes, the phone ringtone came back to life, i ignored it but the caller wouldn’t let me be. On the fift time i decided to pick the call and listen to what he has to say again. Once i pick the call evelyn’s bariton voice broke in almost immediately
“come to the barracks right now and meet me in my office.”

the phone line went dead completely, d--n she didn’t even let me say a word. Like someone under spell i just walk up to my car in the lot, ignite the engine and zoom off to the barracks , who knows what lays ahead, only time will tell.
Wow evelyn is such a genius, just take a look just after five minutes of making the call , both bill and rose came nearly at the same time. Bill entered followed by rose. But i notice something, immediately rose entered and say bill, her facial expression changed to shock and anger all in one. While bill on the other hand appeared rumorseful as if he was caught committing a crime red handed. I turn to look at evelyn who also notice the change of the atmosphere in office, but she managed to murmur a welcome to both lovers. I could see that rose was visibly angry. So i chip in to cool her down, cause bill did brief me about what happened a day before.
“come on rose, this is not the right time to play your lover angry mode activated here, there is an emergency on the desk and we need to act fast”
“excuse us, we’ll be right back”
evelyn notified me as both she and rose left the office leaving me and bill alone. I turn to look at bill , saw what looks like nemesis on his face, i then fake an evil smile.
AS soon as i entered the office behold my rose was there and i was very much ashame to speak cause i knew that am a cheater. But looks like jack knew what was going on and manage to say some few words which did bring down the tension. Soon rose and evelyn left the office after evelyn notified us about their exist. Pheew i breath down in relief wow that was really close. Just then i took a look at jack only to see an evil smile playing along the corner of his lips, i became very much ashame and darted away my face.
“colonel please don’t fail me please i count on you very much. You are my last hope in finding my husband”
“don’t worry maam, your husband’s safety will be my top priority untill we fine him, no one in this barrack including myself shall rest”
“thank you colonel, am sorry for what i did earlier”
“its okay maam, any woman in your shoes will probably do the same, i understand it well. Your husband is such a lucky chip to have you as a wife”
“thanks alot colonel, i guess i should be on my way now”
“okay maam, i guess i should be in the conference room by now, thanks for your visit”
maria left the guest room to the parking lot were she entered her vehicle and drove off.

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